Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 1.02 Million Hits: How to Increase Website Traffic with this Generator

1.02 Million Hits: How to Increase Website Traffic with this Generator

Hey guys, I’ve got another source of , so this is going to help you to get more visitors for free. So if you want to increase your traffic, you are absolutely in the right place. So, let’s go to similar wherever let’s check out this traffic source, so you can decide for yourself if this is right for your , so this platform that we’re looking at today was founded in 2009. So it’s been around quite a long time now. So it’s got a lot of authority.

It’S got a huge user base that you can put your content in front of for free, so the global rank is pretty high. It’S forty, nine thousand the country rank is sixteen thousand for United States. That’S pretty impressive! If we have a look at traffic overview here, we can see it’s getting over a million unique visitors a month consistently. There’S drops down nine hundred and sixty thousand unique visitors, then back up to over a million and then to a million.

So there you can see. We are consistently getting a lot of traffic on this , so it looks like the the total visits per month is just over 1 million unique visitors. Let’S have a look at where this traffic is coming from so 52 % from the United States, 7 % from the good ol UK 3 % from France, 3 % from Czech Republic and 3 % from Switzerland. That’S pretty good, profitable traffic. Let’S have a look at the traffic sources, so 94 percent from direct referrals well, one percent one percent from search one percent from social; okay.

Let’S go down to that search so that one percent of search is organic. Okay. How do you feel about this website? It looks pretty good in my book shall we go confirm things in rank to traffic, so there you can see over the last six months of last year. No sorry, two years, it’s gotten yeah consistently over a million unique visitors a month peaking at one to nine.

Was that million a month and then yeah. It’S pretty consistent, it’s up and down a little bit, but it’s always up pretty much around the million mark and then over the last six months. You can see that it dips a little bit in the last few months, but, generally speaking, it’s a pretty high traffic website. So what do you think? Shall we go check it out?

It’S cold news, blur com so for the people listening it on the listening on the podcast, that’s n e WS, you, and if you think this looks a little bit familiar, it is because we covered it quite a long time ago, but we only touched on It very briefly and in in the time that has passed, I’ve played around with it and I found a few more things that we can do with it. So that’s why I’m suggesting it today. So if you’re happy with the stats – and you think that it is the right website for your – let’s go ahead and sign up. So I’m gon na go with user name of profit, copilot password, I’m gon na.

Let that generate for me you create account. Okay, so now it says, welcome to News blur step, one of for so much time and so little to do strike that reverse it. Okay, let’s get started now. It says: let’s get some sites to read okay, so we can go through different topics here, I’m gon na go with the one that is most closely related to my knee, which is gon na, be mmm Science and Technology. I think let’s choose that next step connect with friends, I’m not going to to bother doing that, so I’m gon na click skip this step.

Now it’s one step four of four that was pretty easy, keep up to date with news blur and then it’s asking me to subscribe to. I assume that’s going to be the founder or the the the website itself. Let’S subscribe to both and be a good community member, so you’re ready to go hope you enjoy news blur all done. Okay, so the first thing that immediately leaps out us is this news: blur is a paid service and relies on premium subscribers. Please upgrade your accounts premium.

Trust me. If you don’t want to upgrade to premium, don’t you don’t have to to do to use this platform? If you want to get more from the platform, then absolutely go ahead, I mean we can add. I think it’s sixty four websites to this platform for free. Okay, if you want to add unlimited, then you have to upgrade and there’s a few things that we can’t really do so if we click on here, it says this is a premium feature.

That’S that’s actually not a premium, that’s good! So that won’t all cite stories. That’S framing feature, read stories, that’s free! So there’s a couple of things that we’d have to pay for, but you absolutely don’t need to do that. So let’s go back home.

Let’S go to the main dashboard, so what I want you to do now it is. We want to get a backlink from this platform straightaway before we do anything else. We are going to add our website to the platform, so it automatically pulls every post we make in to this channel, and then that is added to News blur comm. So other people can read our content. It’S really cool.

It’S really useful. Okay, the first thing that you want to do it’s on the right hand, side we’ve got a list of preferences. Followers, blurt, blog profile, click that now you can choose your your Gravatar. So choose! I’M gon na choose that, so it’s got my face there we can add location website.

This is what we want so put in a link to your website here, make sure you’ve got the HTTP bit at the step, I’m just going to add profit copilot comm, I’m actually going to add a link to the free traffic methods. I’Ve got available. If you do want sources, I’m talking like unlimited, I mean it’s crazy. You just go see it go to profit, co-pilot, comm, slash traffic grab that make sure that your profile is public, so we can index in index this in search engines and that will that will count as a backlink so save profile. There.

You go easy stuff, then, if you want to mess around with the the actual color of your profile, you can do that click blur blog there. I’M happy with all that. So let’s go back to the dashboard so now you’ve added a backlink to your website. From this one, pretty good now, let’s scroll down here so here you can see their actual stats, so you can see how many people are using this today. So this is actual users.

People signed up. This is premium users, so they they pay to use this today. Over 5000 of them have used this standard users, freebie seekers, 5000 of them so combined it’s well over 10,000 comes it, I would say nearly 11,000 there and then feeds fetched we’re. Gon na add a feed from your website over 6 million fetched and then past day by hour, a million over a million half a million and a half sites loaded huge, ok. This is what I want to show you so here right at the bomb.

We’Ve got search sites and people, so here we can types site, name or address, or username or email. What I’m going to ask you to do this cell up people use a website? Think of your niche. So for me, it’s , so I’m gon na type in – and here it’s retrieving all the sites based in that topic in that niche and there we can add this to our reader. We can go check out the website and it shows you actual stats.

The subscriber numbers for these websites, so this one top spot, has got 900 subscribers just on this platform long. So here you can see, look marketed pilgrim they’ve got over 400. Subscribers, so imagine imagine the possibilities here. You can use this to grow an audience organically and these people are going to be really engaged with your content and your message. So that sounds good right.

It looks like a pretty decent source. So how do you add your website here? Well, if we stay right down at the bottom here, I want you to click on that. Little plus sign click that and now we we can choose top level or we can create a new folder. So maybe you want to create different folders for different niches, maybe or you you can just add your sites at the top level.

So what I’m gon na do is type in my website. Https profit, copilot, comm, ad site, oops, huh, okay, this is good to know. It says this address does not point to an RSS feed or web site okay. So if you’re using a wordpress blog, you put four slash feed, that’s it and it’s not recognizing it. I’Ve spelt the actual payment or website wrong.

Let’S try again there we go providing. You know the address of your website, and you spell it correctly. This should work for you. Oh there, you can see it’s pulled in loads of articles pretty much every article of Avro. Recently and there it’s displaying or all my articles and to inside this reader, and then it’s also searchable too so this means people searching this platform will be able to find this content and it allows people to share it.

So look at this. It invites people to email. The story train this story, so you can tell the platform what you like what you don’t like. You can save this story. You can share it.

So if we click that we can have a comment before sharing it with other people, so this is a really nice way to get organic traffic to your website for free, but it’s not the only way to do it. I’Ve already mentioned: if you go to profit, copilot com, such traffic, you will get unlimited traffic sources. It’S a complete strategy that you have to check out and it won’t cost you a penny either. So if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel to hit that little notification bell, so you never miss an update for me. I will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.


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