Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 1 Million Visitors: Get Targeted Website Traffic Fast

1 Million Visitors: Get Targeted Website Traffic Fast

I’m gonna, show you a very good source and how you can use it for free to get targeted visitors fast to your own website. This source generates 1 million 300,000 visits per month and if you wan na grab a good chunk of this , make sure you watch this entire video. So you don’t miss anything and there is a specific way to squeeze the maximum amount of traffic from this resource, and I will teach you in a minute how to do it fast and the traffic source we’re gon na be using today is designhill dot com. This is the fastest growing community and the marketplace that connects thousands of graphic designers with clients who are looking to buy high-quality graphic designs for their business. As you can see, designhill dot com has a high authority score.

That is 57. The domain Authority score is a metric created by moz dot com for rating a website on a scale from 1 to 100, the higher the domain authority of your website, the higher its ranking in Google and the more traffic it gets. Let’S take a quick look at traffic metrics for this website. I’M gon na be using semrush dot com. It’S my favorite research tool that I’ve been using for years to analyze, traffic SEO and competition.

As you can see, designhill dot com generates around 1.2 1.3 million visits. Monthly, it’s deep down a little bit in some time, but it’s growing up now. This is a high quality traffic source.

The average visit duration and bounce rate look good. That means people love the website. They enjoy its content and usability. They come here and stay for a long time. Now, let’s look at traffic by country, the United States take 34 %, almost half a million people visit this website from the United States.

That is awesome, but designhill dot com also generates a good amount of organic traffic. From Google, Yahoo and Bing it also gets thousands of backlinks from hundreds and hundreds referring domains. As you can see, there is a long list of domains referring to designhill dot com, and this is only page one guys. There are 68 other pages to explore and the last thing to draw your attention to. He is paid, search and display.

These numbers show traffic from Google paid, search and display campaigns. That tells me that the owners of this website are very smart marketers who invest money into running Google ads to get high-quality traffic to their website. That’S why your job as smart marketers as well, is to invest your time into getting this high-quality traffic for free and in a few minutes, I’m about to show you how exactly to get it. If you like this video so far guys, please leave your comment and hit that, like button under this video, it will boost my motivation and I will add more videos to this channel and I will also share with you my other traffic methods and strategies. Also, if you wan na save your time and even faster, you may consider subscribing to my weekly traffic sniper list of that I personally snipe for my own projects.

You will also get access to my analytics and instructions on how to get free traffic from these websites in a quick and easy way. I update this list every week with new and opportunities, so you can leverage my work and use those websites to drive free traffic to your own. As you can see, this is an updated edition. Today is December 30. 2019.

So take action, guys download the fresh list of , follow the steps and start driving visitors to your website. You will find the link to my traffic sniper list below this video in the description. Ok now it’s time to from designhill dot com, as I’ve mentioned earlier in this video designhill dot com is a marketplace and the community people come here to sell, buy and trade their design graphics, but they also come here to learn something new and master. Other marketing skills there is an amazing blog, hosted at designhill dot com where people come to read articles and tutorials, and this is the place where you can hijack the traffic from this website. Let’S go back to semrush and check some analytics.

Look at the analytics right here: look! How many pages are indexed by Google, and most of these pages are articles and blog posts at designhill dot com. All these pages get tons of traffic, for example, top social media campaigns. You can learn from it gets more than 11,000 backlinks and 144 referring domains, that’s crazy lets scroll down and you will see how many blog posts here. This is a blog article.

This is another post. This is another one and another one and another one and the list is going on and on and we are only on page one guys and there are four thousand and seven hundred pages. Can you see guys an opportunity for free traffic? Just imagine how much traffic you will get if you submit your article to this blog, and this is an easy process, so the submission process is very easy. Here is how to do it.

So, as you can see, on top, there is a section right for us start with their guidelines. Read their simple rules, follow the steps and then submit a piece of your content. Here you need to put your email and who are you just choose a writer? Then add your subject: line and description choose a topic here. You need to choose, write, write for us, add your article and click Submit.

Also you can use that chat messenger right here. If you have any questions regarding your content and publication process, you can get a reply from their support team, so guys don’t be lazy. After watching this video take action and . If you take action today, you will get better results tomorrow for more . I encourage to use my traffic sniper list click the link in the description download and follow the steps.

It’S quick and simple, and also don’t forget, to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell button for more tutorials and case studies. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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