Get More Traffic increase website traffic 10 Essential Blog Tools For More Website Traffic and Clicks

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10 Essential Blog Tools For More Website Traffic and Clicks

Here are 10 essential blogging tools to help you find content. Ideas grow a stronger brand and get more traffic by improving your click-through rate. So the first tool that i have for you is called the brand name generator by web hosting geeks. So if you’re struggling for a blog name or business name, this is going to help you. It will help you find relevant dot com domains.

You can change that to a dot code. Uk excuse me dot c a and dot a. U. You can also decide where to place the keywords, so you can put it at the beginning of the domain in the middle or at the end, and you can also change the domain and length, so you can limit it to 15 characters to 10 characters.

5. Characters. 20 25. 30., and it does a little bit more than that too.

So, let’s put in some relevant keywords, i might type something like digital marketing. It’S going to be a very competitive key phrase, so most domains and brand names will have gone. That’S fine! But let’s click generate and now it’s going to go through a whole bunch of different options and check this out. If there is one that you particularly like click on it and then it’s going to pop up with this little window, and it’s going to tell you if the dot com is available and also if the twitter handle is available and if it looks good and you Want to buy that domain name.

They’Ve got some handy buttons here which are probably affiliate links. So once you have your brand name figured out it’s time to start thinking about generating some content ideas so for this we’re going to use So that’s s double o v, l e dot com and it’s going to search multiple platforms. All at once.

So it’s going to look at google. It’S going to search amazon, yahoo, bing, youtube,, ebay, a whole heap of these! So let’s search for digital marketing. It’S going to bring back tons of ideas and because, because of the way, it’s mining the data, you know that all of these keyword, ideas and topic ideas are popular.

So here’s how i recommend that you use a tool like this so start with a seed keyword. Such as digital marketing look at what it brings back, so, let’s say digital marketing specialist could be a good one to go so add that in to the search field, it’s gonna move things around and look at how it’s changed things. So now we have digital marketing, specialist, plus long tail keywords and the one that i’m most interested in is, of course, youtube. So here it’s giving me plenty of ideas to make videos about so digital marketing specialist interview that could be one to target digital marketing, specialist duties and responsibilities or salary or interview, questions or job description. Let’S drill down into this a little bit more and get some more content, ideas and long tail key phrases.

So, let’s head to answersocrates
Com, i absolutely love this website because not only can we put in our target keywords, but we can change which country we want to target. So if i’m only interested in united states traffic, it shows me what keywords are of particular interest to that country. So, let’s go with some seed keywords, so let’s start again with digital marketing and let’s see what it brings back so straight away. It’S give me what five topic ideas in the form of questions questions target a specific type of traffic. I recommend, if you can, if you can target questions as your long tail keywords absolutely go ahead and do that then it’s going to show us the google trends.

So digital marketing is down 9 this month, which is fair enough. We see things bounce up and down all the time, but check this out. We have 111 questions that people who are interested in digital marketing are asking right now look at all this, so you can create content for each one of these, and you know that there is an audience waiting to consume. It listen. I know the power of using questions.

I mean i’m a member of semrush. I pay every month to use that premium tool, plus i’m an affiliate of semrush and that generates lots of questions. But this website does it for free and okay you’re not going to get the same level of volume, but man you don’t need it. Look at this 111 questions. So if you don’t want to pay for semrush when it comes to uncovering questions, you can’t really go wrong.

With answer. Socrates check this out. It’S going to give you hundreds more long, tail keyword, ideas so sticking with generating content, ideas and finding long tail keywords. Let’S use the idea generator from, so let’s go with digital marketing and then click and it’s it’s generated quite an interesting headline.

So why everyone is obsessed with digital marketing: it’s not too bad! Then we can hit see another title to refresh it. So we can keep going until we get a headline that we feel is relevant and something that that we can create content on. So it’s a pretty fun headline generation tool and sticking with headlines. Let’S start analyzing headlines: this is the headline analyzer from the advanced marketing institute, so this is going to assess the emotional value of your headlines.

So, let’s put in a very short headline here: it’s going to analyze it and then really we want to be hitting around. I think it’s between 20 and 40 percent, so let’s go with um, learn. No, let’s say how to learn digital marketing. Then click submit for analysis. It’S going to do its thing, so it’s going to judge the emotional value.

If we go down okay, so we’re hitting 40. So that’s really where we want to be so that’s in line with the standards that a professional copywriter will produce. So listen just use this as a general guide. Okay, don’t get too hung up about hitting the right numbers if it feels right to you if it feels right to your audience, go with it. Despite what any of these tools might tell you, and it’s a good idea to run your headline through at least a few different headline?

Analyzers, for example – we’ve got this other one from co schedule. So, let’s put the same headline in what was it? How to learn? Digital marketing and let’s see what that brings back, and here it’s giving it a score. So, according to this, it needs improvement.

But what i like about this tool is, it also gives an seo score, and another interesting point to make is that it shows the competition level. So here we can see that the headline i’ve just put in is 48. It goes it goes right across here, but if we click on one of these green columns, it’s going to show us what the serps look like. So now you know how to analyze your headlines. What, if you want to test a whole bunch of different headlines all at once?

If what, if you need loads of ideas well head over to the seo, presser blog title generator put in a seed keyword here, decide if it’s a generic term, if it’s a brand or product which is good for reviews to be fair. If it’s an event, an industry, if it’s a location, a person’s name or a skill, so i’m going to choose an industry and then i’m going to click, generate titles and check out what it does. It’S immediately brought back, maybe seven or eight, maybe nine different headlines, suggestions and they’re, not too bad. But if i want more, i can just click generate more and hey presto. It’S going to bring back a bunch of other ones, and here it’s it says it’s showing nine out of over a thousand titles or headline suggestions for the digital marketing niche.

Now, what? If that’s not enough? What, if you really want to batch this, so you can map out a full content, calendar well head over to tweak ups and go to the title generator check this out. This is amazing. So if we put in a topic, let’s stick with digital marketing and then click submit, give it a minute or so check this out.

So here we have a massive list of topic ideas all these headline suggestions. So it’s got a list here. Then it’s going to give you the best ones in in its opinion and then how to headlines and look at that. How to learn digital marketing is included there as well questions all these questions that we can create content around, and then we have all these different angles that we can go for snack. What better way to get clicks than to use a bit of snack.

In your headline, it’s proven to work it taps in to that rubber neck element. You couldn’t ask for more headlines now. I’Ve spent a lot of time talking about headlines, because, obviously that is going to increase your click-through rate, but there is another element to your content that will also increase your click-through rate, which is images so i’m going to show you two image sites today, one is Canva.Com and it will allow you to create lots of different designs, so, if you’re promoting on facebook, it’s going to give you a template for a facebook post. If you click that now, you know that the image you make is going to be.

First of all, high impact, so we can just drag one of these images over over to it. We also know it’s the right dimensions. It’S going to look really professional and because it’s a template, we can change every aspect of this. If we want to so we can change the text, we can change the colors, we can change the layout, we can add images and it’s not just facebook they’ve got instagram. They’Ve got twitter, they’ve got everything covered, so all your social media.

So that’s Let me show you another one that i’m using, so this is what i use for my profit, copilot blog and also for my personal blog. Let me show you an example. So here on the profit, copilot blog, you see that we have these kind of these.

These vector images – and i think that’s in keeping with the website so they’re all kind of similar. But if we go to my personal blog, which is you’ll, see that i use a different type of image. So i’m getting all of these images on a website called freepik.
Com now i’m on the premium package, but there are free options available, so you don’t actually have to pay for some of the images, but you do have to give credit.

Otherwise you have to upgrade and let me show you how to use it. It’S really simple. So we can choose all resources or we can choose the specific type of images we want. So if we just want free images, click that then you can choose whether you want vectors or photos or a combo of both. So let’s go with free.

Let’S have vectors and photos and, let’s type in digital marketing, and now we have hundreds of images that we can use for free and if you are serious about growing a popular and profitable website, you of course need more web traffic. So i will show you how i got over 30 000 website visitors every day for free when you go to traffic. I’Ll also put a link in the description too, and if you found today’s tutorial useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel too hit that little notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.

Time take care.

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