Get More Traffic increase website traffic 12,000,000 Visitors: Get Traffic to your Website

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12,000,000 Visitors: Get Traffic to your Website

Today’s traffic source is mashable and it gets a massive 12 million visits every month. So today i’m going to show you how to increase your chance of driving traffic, and i know it is an enormous, but it is possible to get featured on here. If you strike the right tone, which i will explain how to do in a second, so the global rank is seven thousand. It’S an amazingly popular website country rank 2000 united states traffic overview. It consistently gets over 10 million visits every month.

We can see that it even hits almost 15 in recent months and combined that comes to an average of 12 000 visits a month. Take a look at this because the traffic by country is 49 united states. It’S crazy high, then united kingdom followed in second place with six percent, then canada with five percent india with three percent and australia with two. So all things considered, this is pretty lucrative traffic to send to your website. In addition to that, you’re also going to get enormous seo benefit.

If you manage to get published – and i will give you the best possible chance of doing that today – so traffic sources, you can see that really search engine traffic is is really dominating things 66. We’Ll see how much of that is organic in a second, so it comes in at 99: organic traffic, it’s pretty good for you, then social media. How is it faring on social media? Well, eleven percent in all – and most of that comes from facebook with 37, followed by reddit, twitter, pinterest and linkedin. So this is the website.

It’S, you’re, probably already familiar with it to some degree, and it is a general news site. It does have a bit of a tendency to lean towards startups and apps and technology, but it’s such a massive site. It really does cover a whole heap of different niches. I mean take a look at the navbar, so we have this drop down menu.

Here we have entertainment and a couple of different sections inside the entertainment portion of the website. Then we have culture, we can even drill down into things like parenting and memes and celebrities. Then the tech section is slightly bigger because it does tend to feature a lot of tech related content, so it focuses on business, apps, gadgets, reviews, mobile and lots of how-to content. This is important for you, because chances are you’re involved in information marketing, which means creating educational content, and much of that is going to be how to content so bear that in mind for later on. Then we have science, we have social good.

We have activism, we’ve got different sections here and then we have this amplify section if we go check that out, so that could be an opportunity for you if it’s relevant, so we also have a shop section and an a more section. So this is really going to be your first port of call if you want to get published on the platform. However, before you actually dive in and start contributing submissions and posting content and all that good stuff. What i want you to do – and this is very important – i want you to go to one of these sections that uh that is relevant to your niche. So, for example, if you, if you’re, creating how-to content and let’s say, let’s suppose, you’re creating content on how to manage apps on your phone go to this article, we can also go to the search bar and we can search for relevant content.

So search for something relevant to your niche, and then i want you to take a good look at the content that is similar or at least relates to your niche. And i want you to try and and come up with some something that is modeled on what already exists on the website, because if we know that a specific type of content written in a a certain way performs well, then it makes sense that they will be More inclined to accept our contribution to so honestly just take the time to explore what already exists. So if i wanted to create a piece about marketing, i’d search for marketing related content, then i would get ultra specific about the type of marketing that i wanted to write about. So, instead of relying on this list, i would head over to the topics section and now drill down into a sub niche. For example, if i wanted to write about content marketing i’d see if it’s listed here and yep there, it is so there’s 45 stories about content marketing compared to almost 300 for social media marketing.

So that tells me there. There might be an opportunity here to publish more content about content marketing, so i would have a look at what exists under this topic and some of this content is fairly old, so some of it might be outdated to be fair when it comes to most uh Content marketing strategies – you know they last for decades, so they don’t really go out of style or fashion they they continue to work. However, we can see that the last piece that was really devoted to content marketing was published in 2017, so this gives us an opportunity to create something fresh and when we pitch the idea, we might want to include this as well to say you know the section Has is neglected, has been neglected, excuse me and i’d like to add something of value to it. So how do you publish well you go to this more menu button thing and then you go to contact. Go down to submit news, click that and now you’re going to get a form if it ever decides to load up there we go now.

You can go ahead and fill in that form. I’Ll walk you through it in a second, but you can also just send an email to news at so to fill in the form put in your name, your email address. Your phone number do actually include your phone number here. Really you want to fill out the entire form, so, if there’s a chance, they’re gonna run your story, the journalist might want to have a follow-up conversation with you to do a little bit more discovery and find out really what what the crux of your story Is because often when we’re so close to a story or or sharing what we have, we don’t see the obvious we’re kind of blind to that.

So journalists know how to uncover that and bring it to the surface. So do include your phone number put in your website. That’S really essential, because if they don’t make contact with you and they just take what you have and run with it well, you know you need to to receive that credit and that traffic and listen the traffic. You can get from mashable is insane, then the topic of submission. Remember we had to look through that topic list.

Well, that’s what you put in here and then you tell them why it’s important you give them the scoop, and this works best. If your piece of news or your your submission hasn’t been featured on a bunch of websites already, so you want to give them something unique, something that you haven’t shared elsewhere and then you leave it a couple of weeks. So don’t worry if you don’t hear anything back for a little while that’s perfectly normal because they receive tons of submissions and most of them are low quality. But if you can provide something of high quality of absolute relevance to their audience by choosing the right topic and sharing the right story, then you’re going to stand out. But it will take a little bit of time for them to get back to you.

Okay and then we have any other notes, so here you would explain why this is a good fit for the mashable audience. So you might want to point out that well, mashable has not published anything similar to this for a year or two, maybe even longer, and you really fight your corner. So you make your case and a good way to to do that is to have supporting evidence. So you you support it right, so what we could do is go to google trends put in the topic. I idea there or whatever you want to talk about and then show them exactly.

How much interest is in that topic, so it makes logical sense for them to feature more of it on their website. So if you have the right angle, you have the right story and your pitch is on point and you’re making a strong case. Then it’s going to be pretty difficult for them to say no, because it all makes logical sense. So, once you’ve got your argument and your story in place, your scoop is all done. Then we need to choose one of these options.

Now i’m gonna suggest that you go with exclusive story. If you have not published it anywhere else on the internet, so you want to give them the exclusive or, if it has been published elsewhere, but it hasn’t received. A great deal of exposure then go with hot tip and, if you’re suggesting something that hasn’t been featured on the website before, perhaps it’s a new topic then go with editorial suggestion and listen. If you don’t succeed the first time, that’s okay, you can come back and you can try again and they’re going to give you 12 tips for getting your startup featured and then 12 things not to do. I recommend you go through both of those, so you are 100 informed on the best way to get featured.

But the important thing to note is with this or any other marketing strategy. You have to be consistent because if you are consistent with your marketing efforts, you can achieve amazing results like matt he’s making millions of dollars online thanks to my training and if you are serious about growing a popular and profitable website, then of course you need more Web traffic, so i will give you the secret traffic methods that i never share anywhere else for free when you go to traffic and i’ll also put a link in the description too. So if you found today’s tutorial useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel too hit that little notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.

Time take care.

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