Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 127,000,000 Visitors New Traffic Source

127,000,000 Visitors New Traffic Source

Here is a source that gets 127 million visitors every month. It’s called and it’s made up of thousands of niche communities, but today i want to pay special attention to one of those communities, because it welcomes you to network with other entrepreneurs.

Other product creators share your content and promote your business, so you can make up your own mind about this source. Let’s, go to similar web and validate the levels. Now the global rank is very high.

Indeed, its 300 country rank is united states 200. This is a powerhouse of traffic. If we have a look at the traffic overview, we can see that it is consistently getting over a hundred million views every month and the average is 127 million crazy high traffic by country 34 from the united states as epic levels.

Then japan, seven percent india, four percent uk four percent and canada, four percent crazy traffic levels. Here, if we have a look at the organic traffic, well, 99 is organic. That’s, a really good sign for you, then social media, not a lot coming from social media.

Surprisingly, considering how big this is just no point 34, but most of that comes from youtube, followed pretty closely by facebook, then twitter, linkedin and reddit. So let’s. Go take a look at slack.

This is made up of lots of different channels or communities. You can take a look through. A lot of them are actually through invite the slack community that i’m, going to pay special attention to is called makers kitchen.

I’ll. Show you get an invite in a second but first let’s. Take a quick look at this channel, so go ahead, confirm your email address and then you will get access to this slack channel. Now we’re, going to take a little bit of a deep dive into things in a second because there’s a lot to cover, but i am going to try and make this as brief as possible when you land on just The general channel inside this community well check this out.

There are over 3 000 members just in this section, and we can dig around into the other areas if we want to so. If you’re a coder, if you’re an app builder, then you’re, going to find lots of resources.

You can share what you’re currently working on now i’m, going to assume that not many of you guys are building apps or have coding experience. So i won’t, spend too long on these sections, but i just want to draw your attention to them in case they might be beneficial to you.

So if you are coding, then check out the coding channel there, then we have design and notice something about each of these channels. People are sharing content and it’s, not just about coding or app building there’s, lots of things going on here, lots of different topics available.

So, for example, if you go to the growth kitchen, you ‘ Ll find lots of useful information to help your business grow. You’ll, find mark . You’re, going to find productivity, hacks loads of stuff, so it’s, not just restricted to coders and product builders.

I mean it even gives you an introduction channel so notice how people are using this. They’re. They’re using it to really promote themselves. They’re linking out to their websites. They’re talking about their businesses, so they’re.

Creating awareness check this out katrina lee is just painting their website address fair enough. It welcomes that kind of activity. So you can do it too. So people are promoting their websites. They’re, promoting their products, their social media channels.

I would recommend that if you are involved in affiliate marketing, then use a bridge page that’s, the best way to get affiliate traffic so instead of sending traffic directly to affiliate offers. First, send the traffic from slack to a page that you have control over, and this page sits in between slack and the affiliate offer so link to the affiliate offer from the bridge page that’s.

The ethical way to do it also check this out. We’ve got a jobs kitchen. So if you’re looking for a job or you want to hire someone, this is the place to go so that’s. Really cool you can make some money on here as well, and if you are looking for a job, then i might have something of interest to you in a minute check out launch kitchen.

So if you’re about to launch a new business or a new website, this is the place to promote it. It actively welcomes you to share what you’ve got, and you know you can ask for feedback and get additional help with it.

That kind of thing. Then we have learning kitchen and again we have people sharing their content linking out to their website. So if you create educational content, which let’s face it, you should be doing.

If you want to grow a successful internet business. Then here is the place to promote that. Then we have live kitchen, and this is for sharing live streams and notice up here. This channel alone has over 2 000 members.

In fact, if we go through a lot of these channels, you ‘ Ll, see that there is a lot of activity. A lot of traffic available and one of the most interesting channels here is self kitchen. It’s for people to just really chat openly about whatever is on their mind and share whatever they’re working on right now.

So hopefully you can see that this channel maker’s. Kitchen has enormous potential, not just for coders and programmers and product builders, but practically for anyone who wants to grow an audience on the internet.

Then we have social kitchen, which has over 2 000 members and again people are using this channel to promote what they’re working on. They’re, sharing special offers. They’re sharing their products. Here then, we have writing kitchen and speaking of writers, i actually have a job opportunity, so what i need is someone who can take my videos and then turn them into posts.

Ideally, i want someone who is familiar with my videos, but this is probably ideally suited to someone in the philippines or thailand, because that’s generally, where i hire my staff from it’s, an ongoing position, you’ll, Get a bunch of articles to work on every week.

Obviously you have to have impeccable english skills. You need to be able to demonstrate that in your written english, so spelling grammar all that good stuff has to be on point drop me. An email make a profit, copilot dot com, with some examples of your work.

How much you’d like to be paid? You need to have experience of using . You need to be able to optimize images for the web, so that involves taking screenshots and making sure that the file size is nice and small anyway drop me an email, and we can start the discussions anyway back to slack.

So if you find a channel here that is relevant to you, let’s say you want to introduce yourself go ahead here. You have this message box, so you can type in your introduction message there. You can add a link as well make the anchor text desirable, something that you know the community will want to click so only share stuff that you feel is going to be relevant and, of course, of massive value to the community.

So if you want to get an invite to this head over to, put in your email address and they will send you an invite, the important thing to note with this and every other marketing strategy is to be consistent, because when you are consistent, you can Achieve amazing results like matt: he’s, making millions of dollars online thanks to my training and if you want to know the secret – and you really are serious about making money on the internet, then you need more .

So i will give you the secret traffic methods that i never share anywhere else for free when you go to traffic, and i’ll, put a link in the description too, and if you found today’s useful then give It a thumbs up below subscribe to this channel too hit that little notification bell.

So you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days. Time take care.

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