Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 186% Increase In Organic Traffic Revealed! What Is Better? Google Traffic vs. YouTube Traffic

186% Increase In Organic Traffic Revealed! What Is Better? Google Traffic vs. YouTube Traffic

Hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re gon na get to see behind the scenes of 32 months of content. you’re gon na see my exact analytics you’re gon na understand exactly what I’ve done to create the platform I’m using today and how I’m getting about an 85 87 % increase in . So if you’re new to the channel you’re gon na understand exactly what it takes to drive massive amounts of and to really scale a YouTube channel to the 90,000 plus subscriber mark, if you’ve seen some of my videos like this before in the past, the other Monthly updates, you’re gon na get some really cool insights on a few of the tests that I’ve been running as well. Let’S jump right into the data and get into it. So the first thing is we start on my channel.

Ninety four thousand subscribers at this point. Not bad for still under three years, and then you can see right here. I’Ve done five hundred and six videos. So five hundred and six videos in under three years is the path and this first takeaway is. It takes putting on a lot of great content consistently to create massive results, so here we are inside of the YouTube analytics and I’m coming off of an experience pyramid that was kind of started by Neil Patel.

I went to an event in January where I sat down with Neil Patel and he told me that I needed to be running paid ads to to my videos, which I had been doing so I’m coming off of that I’ve stopped the paid ads. His theory was, you, run, paid ads for 60 days, and then you turn them off for 60 days and your organic growth is higher we’re. Finally, at a point where the data shows what’s actually going on there. So this is why I’ve got a negative 30 % down on my watch time. My average view duration is actually up about 10 % when you’re paying for views.

Your view, duration on average, goes down, and then you can see I’m 37 % down on the number of views, but again that’s because I’m not paying any more. So let’s look at I’m gon na go back to the beginning of this year. I’M gon na do kind of all of 2019 and you can see exactly where I paid right. So this is the literally I learned from Neil Patel on January 6, I told my ad guy immediately, while I was in the hotel that evening to start running so we did a two-month block and then we’ve dropped down. Let me zoom out even farther – and this is where it gets really really interesting, because I am focus on experimenting using my money.

My efforts, my everything to kind of really get an idea of is this something I should recommend to you right, I’m the guinea pig. I put my own $ 5,000 in on paid ads, so you can see. I was in a very consistent channel over the last I’d say, set six months, seven months right here and then my paid Channel. But now, if you notice after the payment, this low right here, which is sitting around, I think 42,000 – is about the low number I’ve seen there compared to these earlier lows. 32,000.

That’S actually like a 30 % increase compared to this last low. I had just before running the paid 36,000 up to 42,000. That’S about a 20 percent increase right 3,600 times to 7,200. Give or take right. We’Re in that range might actually even be more than that, I’m using some napkin math here so right now it’s still early.

I still have a very low data set, which means one or two of my videos and I’ve had a couple of videos pop recently. One or two of the videos can actually skew the data. But honestly, I didn’t see any highs this high or this high or this high in the prior year before so. It kind of looks like Neil Patel might have known what he was talking about and what he was doing about. I want to do one other quick comparison here.

I’M gon na do the last 30 days versus the year before period. So let me set this up I’ll, be right back with you here, so this is another way to analyze. This last 30-day period which I haven’t, been running and either paid traffic in the last 30 days here versus where that was in 2018. So this is a year-over-year comparison, and this removes seasonality. Right month to month, we can have seasonality how we’re getting into summer we’re getting a camping season.

A lot of people take weekends off and don’t watch as much YouTube in the summer compared to winter, when we’re all cold and locked up in the house with cabin fever anyways. You can see clearly here that it’s I mean that’s like a 60 % increase in traffic. Now again, I have I’ve had a video that just put two videos in a row that just did really well they’ve gotten a lot of attention, so so I’d always variables within the data right. But this data set shows clearly the orange line, which was 2018 compared to the blue line. They’Re not touching so two things have changed number one.

I have more videos now than I did then, so I have that much more channel authority, I’m that much better at optimizing, my videos, I continue to geek out on the process of being a successful, youtuber and driving traffic on YouTube. But second, I am coming off of the heels of running that 60 day worth of traffic. My wife did the same experiment. I’M gon na go check her data to see. If this is a method that I can put my seal of approval on, I might need to go through two cycles of it before actually saying.

Yes, this is something what Neil told me I went and did spent 5 10 grand of my own money running these ads. It does seem to have increased the rate of growth organically because that’s really the goal here. Final note on that. I was over two years in before I ran those ads. I was just reinvesting profits right.

The whole growth of this channel. You can watch all the past ones really was from organic effort of just putting out great videos. So, on that note, I’m gon na go ahead and jump over to the analytics. Maybe a quick note here the view numbers are also up. Year-Over-Year, my likes are up about 50 % year-over-year.

My subscribers are up about 20 % year-over-year so to organic periods, compared with one pay period in between all the metrics are trending up, which is what I like to see now on to my blog traffic. Now me and my blog are there’s a interesting relationship here. So I use YouTube videos as my core content creation method. You need to have a core content creation method. Also, it’s easier for me to rap out this video with you, I’m totally freestyling off the hip.

I just got my tabs open and I’m just going with a nominee notes, so my DNA, my personality type, it’s easier for me to make videos than it is to sit down and write long-form great blog posts. With that said, my wife is great. At writing. Blog post and she started all of her growth through just , so the key that I want to communicate to you is do what comes naturally to you first and find ways to syndicate your content to the other platforms I have paid, I’ve been paying. I have a content team, I spent probably 25 – maybe thirty thousand dollars in taking the content I’m putting out through this YouTube channel in turning it into blog posts.

Okay, so that’s how much I value this traffic method, because that written content is what gets picked up by Google. That’S where most, if not all, of this traffic is coming from. So I’m investing aggressively in a process to get my video content into the written blog, and it’s been about two years. We’Ve really been working and trying to dial this in for two years, maybe just under it could be like a year nine months here in eight months, but I’m just gon na say it’s around two years, because I’m just kind of using rough numbers. I now have two hundred and fifty blog posts on my blog.

Each one is hyper optimized, it’s focus on a specific keyword phrase right, I’m doing all the SEO stuff that I teach in my other videos. So what I’m wanting to point out here again is the flat-out volume of blog posts, if that’s a hundred and twenty five blog posts per year on average, that I’m doing that’s somewhere around ten blog posts per month, that my team is publishing on my behalf, because Again, you need to be a consistent publisher over long periods of time to start to move the traffic now in the last three months or so so it took almost two years for my traffic to really start to climb. I’Ve invested twenty thousand dollars and then I had to go back and that’s more money to reoptimize all those things we did. So it just proves that it’s a long process, but here’s the cool part ready for it. We’Re gon na do some basic comparisons.

So I’m gon na do a month-over-month comparison. Now month-over-month can include some seasonality, but generally this time of year the seasonality means people are spending a little less time and not more time. Winter people spend a little bit more time on their phones on their devices, etc. Thirty percent increase in traffic month over month, forty-one percent increase in users, twenty percent in pageviews. My other numbers aren’t aren’t right, but these are.

These are small movements in the other numbers, let’s do a year-over-year we’re gon na eliminate seasonality on this. This is where I’m getting into the 87 percent increase, and you can see there was one day back here where they actually cross and from there this line I mean it is just massively going in the right direction. So this is the first place. I want to show you now: what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na go into the actual , because am I just driving all this traffic from YouTube? Am i paying for that?

I don’t pay for any traffic to this. Just so you know, but that’s the question when you see these graphs. This is all of my traffic right, so let’s go in and go down by source and medium and you’re gon na see we’re gon na show you the exact numbers from Google alone. So you can see Google right here: Google organic is up a hundred and eighty six percent year-over-year. I went from getting about eight thousand visits from Google every month last year.

Now I’m getting twenty three thousand visits, my site’s getting over a thousand visits a day. At this point, my list is growing faster than ever. My brand is growing better before everything is working wonders: let’s do the month over month, so you can see real quick if the Google organic traffic increase is also carrying month over month, and you can see I’m a 61 % increase month over month right now. So everything that I’m doing in the SEO optimization world I’ve taught it all on my free videos, my playlist has all of the information a lot of click-through rate, optimization and then I’ve got a new tool. That’S inside of my content and conversion com membership program, where my inner circle members have I’ve, been just going to town with my team on these core optimization pieces, just advanced SEO stuff, it works.

That’S what I’m trying to show you, but again the the magic secret sauce here is the fact that I put over 250 blog posts up. That’S pretty massive, so I just want to do a fun comparison, real, quick! Let’S go back to a few years out. I’M gon na show you essentially some from when I started publishing videos all together. Okay, so this is the full graph.

I started publishing my first videos back here and you can see. I was literally getting 0. 1 327. You know a handful of visits per day to my website when I started this is when I started really trying to dial, in kind of trying to start to figure out the blog content stuff and here’s where I really started to implement these kind of advanced SEO Techniques to really start to work this and I’m in this massive growth curve right now. How high is this gon na go?

Is it gon na keep going parabolic? I don’t know, I’m gon na write it out as best I can. This is the potential, but again 250 posts have been published in about this time frame. In addition to 506, I think it was videos, that’s 750 plus pieces of the absolute best content. My team and I can come up with that’s what it takes to really grow online.

The cool thing is that traffic I’ve got from Google now is a momentum monster. It will be around for a lifetime. I’M building an asset that will , it’ll drive, leads for years and years and years to come with all of my efforts, I’m putting it today. That’S what I love about organic traffic is the residual results, the compounding results that we get, that pay me for years and years and years and years to come. So that’s my ultimate goal, then.

Finally, we’re here inside of the podcast now I had a little bit down last month, so I’m looking at the numbers here January of this year was 8200. Then it went up to 90 300 in February March, went down to 90 200, but this month it’s the 20th, which means I’m 2/3 of the way through the month, which means we have one third remaining. So I can kind of cut this number in half and say about 4100. More downloads is what I would expect in a month conservatively. We could expect three thousand more downloads in the month, which means I should be crossing the 10,000 download mark again.

This podcast is 100 % hands-off. For me, my virtual assistant goes in takes my videos that have talking-head only we don’t do the screen shares. She removes the mp3 she id3 tags that she puts it up in place. It goes out to the podcast people, so I’ve got thousands and thousands of people each and every month downloading my content, because they can’t always watch a YouTube video they might be on a train. There might be commuting the might be in their car.

They might be at the gym, they might be walking the dog they’re doing something else, and they still want to get my ideas. This is why I’m putting out my content in podcast format, it is not a way, I’m not cannibalizing. My main audience in any way shape or form, I’m just making my content more accessible for all of the learning types right. So I start with my video. That’S the easy thing for me to create, because it’s in my personality, I’m kind of a performer right, then my content gets out in the blog, because there’s a lot of people who prefer reading there’s more Google searches every day than there are YouTube searches.

It’S a bigger search engine and it’s a different format. So I get that my content edited and formatted for the readers of the world, which there are many of them, then I also get it format and tied in to all the podcasts asked because there’s a lot of listeners in our world. So it’s one piece of content that goes out to the three major strategies of people, those three ways that people learn the three kind of learning types within our world. That’S the three filler , real quick note before I let you go. I did videos for one year straight, nothing more than videos before adding on the blogging.

Then I’ve been doing the blogging for about a year before I really added on the podcast. I did not try to do all of it once that would have overwhelmed me. I would have made no progress and I would have burnt out. I went all-in on video production to really get the hang of this to really learn this before adding on the next and then when I had comfort, then I added on the next. So my videos used to take me three four hours a day now they take me 3045 minutes a day.

When I make a video that extra time I began to deploy towards syndicating my content, how did I get that extra time back? I just got better at making videos, I got easier, it got faster, I built processes, I got more comfortable to process less, false, starts, etc, and that’s it that’s the trick to the game. I can put out lots of great content, make sure each piece is optimized and insyndicate. When you get some breathing room, you can do it too. If you have questions get em in the comments.

Thank you for time thumbs up like share. Do what you do. I appreciate you and I’ll see you on the next video Cheers.

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