Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 20 Million Visitors: Secret Website Traffic Source

20 Million Visitors: Secret Website Traffic Source

Here is a source that gets over 20 million visitors every month, but you have probably never heard of it before this platform invites you to join or create niche specific communities that can open up a whole new world of opportunity for you, because well, some niches Are just not well represented on here, so that gives you a chance to really establish yourself as a leader as an authority figure in your field, and this is really important to tap into because the more you get the more money you make.

So if you stay until the end, you’ll see the secret methods that i have used to get over 30 000 visitors every day for free and these methods have allowed my students to create enormous levels of wealth for themselves and for their families and i’ll. Tell you more about that at the end of this , so let’s go to the computer and i’ll show you use this new platform. It’S called band dot! U s and it says where leaders communicate better free yourself from the chaos let band, streamline your group communication so take the time to explore.

The have a look at the features, for example, make sure that it’s right for you and if it is then go ahead, sign up and you will land on a dashboard. That looks something like this. So the two main options here are to create a band or look at the band guide. So it’s going to teach you really in depth use this platform, but just for a quick overview, i’m going to show you two ways to so think of this almost like a search engine. So at the top here we have this search bar now we can type in a niche or a few keywords here.

So let’s go with something like health, and now we can change how we structure this data here. So we can just have a look at at the bands. Bands are groups or we can have a look at the posts. So if we want to jump into a conversation and add value, maybe share some additional resources, then we can go to post. Have a look at what people are saying right now, if we have a look at this one, for example, it’s going to show us that people are talking about someone who has been a little bit sick recently.

So maybe, if you can contribute to this conversation, if you can deliver value, then you can go ahead, join the that band, which has got over 2 000 members and then deliver value to those people. In that conversation, let me show you another way to use this, because if you go to band now, you’re just gonna see the groups that are devoted to that key phrase. So this one here has 255 members now some of these are pretty large. This one has got over a thousand, but it looks to be maybe korean, maybe so that wouldn’t be suitable for me. But there’s no shortage of high traffic groups to join, and if we join just a handful, then we are going to be able to reach an enormous amount of people for free.

So let’s say we want to join this one. For example, it’s really simple just like we saw previously, you click the join this band button. It’S gonna ask you to choose your profile. You can add a new profile if you want. So if you want to enter multiple niches, multiple groups under different niches and have a different character for each one, you’re able to do that.

So if you’re happy with the profile, click join this band and have a look at how people are using it. Because here we can see that someone is just linking out to their or to tick-tock they’re sharing videos and content, so you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website. Not only that, if we have a look at the members section, because we know that all of these people are interested in that key phrase in that niche here we can add them. As friends we can reach out, we can do lead gen, okay, so let me show you another way to use this for traffic jen, because if we go back to the dashboard we can click create band. It’S going to give us a few options so choose which one is relevant for you if you want to build a community go with community.

So let’s say you want to build a community based around. I don’t know, let’s say digital marketing, because i think that digital marketing is underserved on this platform, so that gives you a really good opportunity. So let’s choose a relevant image to go with. Let’S just choose: oops, let’s go with that one for a second okay! Now you have to choose band type, so if it’s private go with private, i don’t recommend that if you, if you’re doing this for traffic jen, make sure that it’s public, so it turns up not only in search engines but any post.

You you publish in your group is going to be available when people search, so that’s going to get you the most traffic and now the digital marketing group that i’ve just made is available and we can set the description and url so make sure that you set This because it’s all beneficial to that search field. So we can say digital marketing group for entrepreneurs and say content creators, affiliate market, marketers and bloggers. Then we set the url, so i’m gonna say well, let’s go with. Let’S see if i can get marketing, because that’s gonna be a pretty powerful one to have, and now i can add videos, i can add images and, most importantly well: let’s click save next, go back and start adding some content to your new group. Now this works the same way in practically every band or group that you join and now we can just add in some relevant content.

So i might want to link out to a youtube video there. It’S already pulled in the image and some copy for me. So now i can just go ahead and post that to my group and if we have a look there, you can see that it’s really easy to post and share content and offers, and whatever you have on this platform. But the thing is, you have to be consistent and when you’re consistent, there is no telling what kind of amazing results you can get like. Matt he’s one of my students who’s making millions of dollars online thanks to my training and if you want to know the secret – and you really are serious about making money, then you’re going to need more .

So i will give you the traffic methods that i never share on youtube or anywhere else. You can get them all completely for free when you go to traffic and i’ll also put a link to that in the description, and if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel to hit that little notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days. Time take care.

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