Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 3 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast

3 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast


A great way to get lots of , is to comment on other blogs. But the key here is to offer quality content that people actually read because content that complements the original blog and comments that impress people are the ones that will get clicks. You know that will get people to click on your link in your comments. So the days of leaving mass quantities of low quality blog comments are over now. Also, quality comments are what high quality bloggers will approve anyways if they do manually check and make sure that the blog you’re commenting on has a very high readership.

So that’s another key to to the success of blog commenting is that you know you. You comment on blogs that have a very high readership, along with you know, putting in or typing in good quality comments now to see which blogs have high readership uh. You can check out blog directories such as technorati, which is the site i’m on right now or bloggerama. Now. You’D also want to be one of the first people to comment on a , so the sooner you can reply with an awesome comment, the better.

This is because immediate blog comments will always be shown at the top. The new comments are shown on the bottom, and naturally, the comments at the top will get a lot more eyes now. This is why you should join a blogger’s email list and also plug them into an rss reader. So you can be one of the first to comment. You can also set up a google alert uh you just google here and just type in google alerts and basically you put in your specifications of what you want to be notified about, and your email and google will email you every time.

There’S new content on a topic that you requested and you can also just go to google and search by content type and time. So, for example, let’s just go to google just type in weight, loss tips. Let’S say that’s the niche you’re in and you can just go to search and go to any time, and you could see the past hour or past 24 hours and basically the the sites that put out new information and within that time period you could see That and then you could put in comments if those are actually blogs and allow comments. A great way to get lots of is to post on forums the site. I’M on right now is the warrior form, and this form is for internet .

But the thing is, you know you need to help people with their questions and provide quality. Information. Quality is key here. Another key is to post in forum threads that have a lot of activity, because these have lots of posts and lots of views, so there’s greater chance that people are going to see your posts and the more people that see your post more people. That will click on your link in your forum, signature.

You can also post informed threads that you think has the potential to get popular. For example, if it’s on a topic you know it’s hot and you have gut feeling that you know a lot of people are going to be commenting on it. You could be one of the first uh to to post on that thread and, of course, you could even start your own helpful threads okay. So, let’s just uh dive in here. Just to give you an example, let’s just click on the main discussion forum here and, as you can see on this side here, you can see the total views for each thread in here.

Let’S just go for the highest one here right off the bat i see. 389, that’s not bad! So have you ever made money from list building? So if you have internet list and you you market to people that are interested in list building, this is great for you to comment on. As you can see, there’s lots of comments on here and a lot of them even have links to their sites.

A great way to get lots of is to create an ebook or get private label rights to a book and basically submit that book to any one of dozens of websites that give away free, ebooks and inside these books that you’re gonna submit uh You’Re gonna, of course you could insert a link to your now. You can make this only five pages long with a continue reading at this link at the end of your book, or you can even write a long book with your promoted on every page or on the footer. You can maybe offer the first chapter for free and then provide a link to download the remaining chapters that leads to your site. Now. Let me just show you a few sites that offer free ebooks, and these are sites that you can submit your ebooks to so.

The first one here is free, so that’s about free and then dash Another popular one is get free, and another one is e, dash library, dot net and of course, you can just go to google and type in free ebook directories or something like that, and you will find dozens of sites that offer free ebooks and you can Contact them or there should be a way to submit your free ebooks to those sites.


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