Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 30,000,000 Visitors: Free Traffic Sources

30,000,000 Visitors: Free Traffic Sources

Here are three free traffic sources that have a combined reach of over 30 million visitors a month, so the first that i’ve got for. You today is Let’s check out the similar web stats, so the global rank is 9452 country rank usa.

4815. If we have a look at the traffic overview, it is consistently getting over 7 million a month and okay, it’s, dipped down slightly in the last 30 days or so, but it is still an epic source of traffic if we use it in The right way, so we can see that 47 of the traffic comes from the united states, seven percent from canada, five percent from the uk three from france, three from germany.

So this is very profitable traffic. If you’re running cpm ads adsense, that kind of thing, then you should see an increase in your earnings with all things being equal. So let’s. Have a look at the traffic sources: 65 percent direct 23 from search engines.

One percent from social: let’s, see how much of that search traffic is organic 100. That’s, really good for you, because is loyal traffic, then not much happening from social media, just one and a half percent, but facebook sending 45 followed by twitter, youtube, pocket and linkedin.

So let’s. Go check out flipboard. It says get informed, get inspired stories curated for you, so there are a wide range of niches represented on here. So, for example, well let’s. Go check out these this search field.

Here you can see all the different topics that are currently trending on the platform, but if we go let’s, say check this out, even with a broad term like mark like . Excuse me: we have these sub niches.

These sub areas of , so there’s, a lot of content on here lots of room for you, so you can get featured on here as well. I’ll. Show you how to do that in a second, but first take a look at what type of content performs.

Well so take the time to explore the website make sure that your content is somewhat suited to already exist on the platform that it’s. Not you know way out in left field and completely alien to the audience.

Now you notice some. You will notice some pretty big names on here like ad week, but we also have smaller publications as well. So you don’t have to be a well-known figure in your space to get on this website.

So if it looks good to you, go ahead sign up for a free account. I’m going to log into mine. Now, when you sign up it’s, going to ask you to personalize your feed by choosing three hashtags, then click continue now once you’re all signed up.

If you want to bookmark links and content click, this pen, icon and now you can create a magazine so think about the topics that you create and create a magazine that’s relevant to that. So we might go with email marketing and then give it.

A good description have a think about the relevant keywords, so email marketing content and then we want to make sure that this is public. So everyone can see your magazine, click save and now you can add, links and post comments to that magazine.

So that’s, one way to use it and that magazine will be accessible to the public. So it’s, not hidden behind anything, so that’s. One way to use it, but here is another way, because we have this publisher sign up form so go to flipboard.

com publisher underscore sign up, then give it a publisher name. So i might go with just my name or i could choose one of my brands and once you confirm the email take the time to read all this, i’m, not going to read it out, for you then give your your new magazine a Title so i could go profit, copilot and then maybe say: digital for bloggers, affiliate, marketers and entrepreneurs, click save and now i can add the rss feed.

So how do we find your rss feed? So if you have a wordpress website or a self-hosted wordpress website, then put in your domain name forward. Slash feed just like i’m doing right now, so that you can see my website address forward, slash feed, and that is because my website is run on wordpress.

Then i click save, and now the team will review the submission and then update the publisher status. If it’s accepted flipboard also has a publishing q a section, so they’re, going to give you lots of data and information to use familiarize yourself with the process and what they expect from you.

As a publisher and remember this is free, so the amount of people submitting rss fees is going to be enormous, so only submit your best stuff. So next up is Now this is an app it’s available for android and ios, but we can use the web interface to submit your website.

So if we want to really get a good picture of how many people are using this app well, unfortunately, the information isn’t really publicly available via similar web. However, i do know that at least seven million android users have it installed and the figure is going to be very similar for ios users.

So we can take a quick look at the activity on the play store. So we can see that by category news and magazines in canada it’s very popular. It’s number 178, and if we have a look at the last 30 days, so this is just this month.

We can see that overall activity is pretty high and it looks like it’s decreasing across the month, but that’s normal, because if we have a look at the actual play rank, we can see that it is pretty high.

There you go now when it comes to the ios version. We don’t, have a lot of data to go on. I don’t. Think apple was making that information publicly available to similar web. But trust me this is a powerhouse.

I use this for traffic myself. I know exactly how much traffic you can get from it. It’s, a good platform, so go to news, and then you can go to the publishers, tab and then sign up then fill out the form create your account and you should be good to go.

However, if you run into any problems, go to the yet the get in touch section and send an email to publishers now i think that’s, how i got on there, because, when i signed up, i think there was a problem with the Form so the next one is getpocket.

com, the global rank is 3500 country rank united states 2500, and it consistently gets over 15 million visits every month check this out. It’s, almost hitting 20 million in recent months traffic by country well, 30 from the united states.

That’s; amazing 7 from germany, six percent from japan, four percent from france, four percent from canada. Eighty-Three percent of the traffic is direct, not a lot happening in terms of search or sold or of that search traffic.

How much is organic 99 is organic and of that social traffic 44 from youtube 20 from facebook, 11 from reddit, 11 from twitter and two from linkedin, so the website is and again it’s, another aggregator.

So today we’ve. Really been using news and content aggregators that are looking out for websites just like yours, you know people who feel passionate about a topic and have information that is going to benefit the audiences, the the massive audiences on these platforms.

So you can go ahead and sign in to get pocket. I’ll log into my account, so it’s, really easy to use to add content to your dashboard click, this plus icon. You can save a url there. So if i want to save this of mine or just paste in the url click add, and now it’s, going to retrieve the image and some of the copy and there we go good stuff.

We also have this discover tab. So you’re, going to see some of the latest content that it wants to promote here. So we don’t have much control over this section. But let me show you something pretty interesting, because if we go back to my account, where is it so back on your dashboard scroll down to the footer, where you have this pocket for publishers, section click on that and now you can request access to the publishers.

Dashboard, so click request access. It’s, going to give you some information to read here and then scroll down to new publisher partners. It’s, going to have a link here for you to apply click on that.

Okay, it’s, a few hurdles to jump over so fill in this form, so i might put mick meanie my email address, make it profit I’m, going to leave the subject, as is so. They know what it & #. 39 s in reference to, however, here i’m going to change this slightly, so i’m going to put in my website address, which is profitcopilot.

com. Then i’m, going to put in my name mcmini. Let’s, add my name here, my name and then my affiliation could be editor in chief. It could be ceo, it can be really up to you, whatever you decide, and then we remove that bit and then hit submit.

But the important thing to note with this and every other marketing strategy is that you have to be consistent, because when you are consistent, you can achieve amazing results like matt, who’s, making millions of dollars online thanks to my training, and if you Want to know the secret and you are serious about making money on the internet.

Then, of course, you need more , so i will show you how i got over 30 000 website visitors every day for free when you go to traffic, and if you found today’s tutorial useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe To the channel to hit that little notification bell, so you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.

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