Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 301,230 Visitors: 2 Traffic Sources for your Websites

301,230 Visitors: 2 Traffic Sources for your Websites

Here are two traffic sources that get a combined reach of over 300 000 visitors every month and they invite you to network with other entrepreneurs, promote your and sell your products. Today we’re, looking at builder society and startup nation.

Let’s start with startup nation, and we can see the global rank is pretty high. It’s. 171 000 country ranked united states 200. 000. If we have a look at the traffic overview, we can see that it is consistently getting over 100 000 visits every month over the last few months and then in the last two months, or so it has really started to take off.

So now it’s breaking through the 200 000 mark and it’s heading towards quarter of a million views a month. So most of the traffic comes from the united states. Thirty percent eight percent from india, seven percent from the uk.

Four percent from the philippines and three percent from canada, let’s, have a look at the sources. A massive 74 comes from search engines, so that means your content will be indexed by , so that’s, going to create a second source of traffic for you and then 21 direct, not too bad.

Let’s. Have a look at that search, traffic 100 percent is or 100 of it is organic. Excuse me: let’s, check out that social, not much happening in terms of , just one percent, but facebook is sending 44 of that youtube.

41 insta paper interesting to see 14 and then quora not point twenty percent. So let’s. Go check it out. So this is the website. Startupnation.Com lots of interesting resources here. If you’re into entrepreneurship and building a and all that stuff, then you you’re, probably gonna find some pretty interesting content for you, but the part we’re really interested in today is the community.

So head over to that community tab and you will see that it’s, a pretty impressive forum and, on the right hand, side check this out. So we have discussion topics, and here you can see the level of discussions taking part in all of the forums.

So there are over 13 000 discussions currently happening on the platform and you can get more data here. So let’s, say the sub. Why am i calling it a sub? I’m spending too much time on reddit.

The the forum has got 1800 discussions, uh 8 000 comments, and then you can jump into the most recent one there. So let’s. Take a look at that now. I want you to pay pay attention to something.

Excuse me. This looks like quite an old thread. Actually so maybe it’s just been updated recently, but look at this people are leaving links to their websites here. So that means you can too. In this person, adam jones, they’re, leaving three.

So there’s, a few ways to use this. Let’s, go back to the community bits, so you can obviously promote your and promote your website in the form of a signature, but you can also. Where is it let’s, go down to elevator pictures, so here you can promote your business.

Talk about what you, what you’re, offering how you’re doing it! Why you’re, doing it in there! In the elevator pitch section, then, if we go down to, we also have a lobby here, so new member welcome there.

It invites you to talk about yourself, your idea and promote your business and that’s great. So i’m, going to sign into my account. It is a new account just for this purpose and it’s got this cool section here, quick links.

So if you want to dive into this, the discussion put your signature file in front of people. Deliver value, build a reputation, go to unanswered check this out, so there you will be able to dive in to some of the the questions that have not been answered.

So you can deliver value. I want to show you something else. We also have startups created by startup nation community members. If you click on there, that is going to give you another avenue to talk about your business and hopefully promote it and maybe get some traffic and some okay, so that’s.

Startup nation, let’s! Move on to the next builder society, you can see that the global rank is 600 000 country rank united kingdom, which is 200 000, almost 300 000 traffic overview. It gets over 50 000 visits.

It’s, not the biggest traffic source that we’ve ever looked at, but it is so laser targeted. If you want to promote your business, it’s, a pretty good forum. I can see that it consistently gets over 40 000 visits a month and that seems to be pretty much increasing over the last couple of months.

Let’s. Take a look at traffic by country, united kingdom 19, usa, 16 percent, australia, nine percent, denmark, denmark excuse me: nine percent, germany, eight percent, that’s, really profitable traffic to have so.

If you’re running cpm adsense, that kind of thing traffic from this site is going to be fairly lucrative for you. Generally speaking, traffic sources – 80 direct 10 10 from search. So we may as well capitalize on that as well.

Two percent from social media: let’s, have a look at that traffic. How much is organic 100 good stuff, then social traffic, 48 from reddit? That’s? Pretty high isn’t. It then 21 from twitter, 15 from youtube and 15 from facebook.

So let’s, go check it out and, as you can see well it’s right up our street isn’t it, but word of caution. First, you see this section: digital crash course. Well, the content in there is pretty much out of date by now, so it’s, maybe six or seven years old.

So you don ‘ T really want to pay much too much attention to what’s in there. It’s. Uh things have moved on a bit, let’s say, but the rest of the site is pretty cool and they seem to welcome a wide range of entrepreneurs here now, most interestingly, for you, i’m going to guess it’s going to be the marketplace.

If you have a look here, you can see that people are posting their wares and there is a lot of traffic to be had here. For example, this post has had 46 000 views. It’s. Had 194 comments, so there seems to be a lot of writers here.

This kind of reminds me of the old wso forum on warrior form from years ago. Now let me show you something pretty important, because before you start using this forum, you’re. Going to have to do a little bit of work before things open up properly, so i’ve made a brand new account just so i could show you this.

Let me log in if you join this for the first time you’re, going to get this message. It says, as a new member, you can browse the entire forum, but you can only post in the orientation sub form. For now, after making three posts and receiving three likes, you ‘

Ll have free reign to contribute to the rest of the discussions. So let’s, have a look at the orientation sub, so this is where you’re kind of limited to until you build up a little bit of credibility and you become a little bit known.

So what i would recommend you do is dive in get involved in the discussion. Help people out answer their questions. Ask questions you know, use it as a good resource. You’ll, see that people are supporting each other.

Look at this. So this person is at least halfway to being able to use the forum, so i’d, encourage you to to do that. Take the time and then, when you can do that, you can then start exploring the rest of the community.

The important thing to remember with this or any marketing strategy is you have to be consistent, because when you are consistent, you can achieve amazing results like matt. He’s, making millions of dollars online thanks to my training and if you want to know the secret and you are serious about making money on the internet, then of course you need more .

So i will give you the secret traffic methods that i never share anywhere else for free when you go to traffic and i’ll, put a link in the description too. So if you found today’s tutorial useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to this channel too hit that little notification bell.

So you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days. Time take care

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