Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 39 Million Visitors: Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website

39 Million Visitors: Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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Hey guys, I found a brand new for you today. This is going to help. You drive organic tyrita traffic to your websites for free. So, let’s check out the stats: let’s go to similar web, so you can see for yourself that the global rank is 1500. The country rank is Brasil 500 and have a look at this.


The traffic overview says that this website gets almost 14 million unique visitors. Every single month look at that 39 million, and here you can see over the last six months – we’ve had 30 million 30 million and then it’s crept up to 35 and then 39, almost 40 million unique visitors. If we have a look at traffic by country, we can see, Brazil is top with the United States, second, Mexico, third, Russia, fourth and Argentina, the last with 3 %. So if we have a look at the , we can see that that 19 percent is direct a whopping. Seventy seven percent is from search traffic, so this is going to be really good for .


If we go down to that search traffic, 99.9 % of that is organic, pretty impressive , let’s go, have a look at rank 2 traffic, so here we can see the last 10 years worth of traffic. It’S a relatively new site. It seems that the domain went active in around 2014 and it has been steadily increasing in traffic and there you can see September October December 2015 hit 1 million unique visitors a month, and it’s just been on this upward trend ever since. So it’s climbed up to 25 million in 2018 dip down a little bit, but it bounced back up to 38 million in of 2019.


It’S decreased a little bit in traffic, but if we look at this trend we can see that it is growing. So it’s peaking. Then drops then grows drops Peaks. This is consistent with content . This is the type of pattern we would expect to see from organic traffic, so there this looks like very natural growth.


Over the last six months, it’s been pretty consistent over 30 million unique visitors a month. So what do you think of this? Do you want to go check it out? I recommend you do so. Let’S go to amino apps calm.


That’S am I no.8. Double P s. Calm amino apps, calm and it’s available on desktop it’s available in the App Store for iOS and it’s available for Android devices as well. I’M going to use the desktop version today so here when we sign up it’s free and easy to sign up and let’s have a look at what the the website actually says.


So it says your interests times infinity. So a me know has authentic mobile communications for whatever you’re into don’t know about you, but I’m kind of into . So maybe we’ll find people who are also interested in , or maybe you you play guitar, you teach people play guitar guess what you’re going to find people or interested in learning. Guitar on this platform say you’re, a photographer guess what, if you’re, going to find your audience on this platform? That’S why I recommending it today.


So it is very niche specific. So here you can see, they’ve got people coming from all over the world. It says you can chat that gives you blogs, favorites polls and more build your own community. This is one of the reasons why I’m recommending it today, so in addition to reaching out and getting targeted traffic melting, your website, building database of leads and all that stuff, you can actually have people coming to your own, dedicated community on this part, so you can Get a following: you can, you can build an audience here and it’s completely free to use. So it says I mean, or creator manager allows anyone to create your community.


So you get custom design features, including your own logo theme background image and more it’s got analytics. That’S what we love to see analytics such an important asset to have world-class curation moderation and promotion , fantastic. So let’s go explore the network, so we’ve got a couple of options here. So we’ve got a search bar here, so we can search for things like marketing or we can go to the explore tab here. You can see bubbling communities so artists, makeup, music, lots of different niches here, guinea pigs, who comics well there’s a lot to get through lots of different communities, a even conspiracy theories.


You know I’ve made made a bit of a killing in the conspiracy industry. It’S all for fun. Well, so we’ve got lots of different options here: lots of different communities – let’s go to profile, so here you can see that my communities, the the communities I’ve joined. If all about writing, I really need to improve my writing. I’M terrible.


So if we could explore communities book road around that page go to account, go to search, let’s go up to marketing, because it’s my main interest really so here you can see. We’Ve got lots of different marketing communities that I could join and I could promote in so here if we were to affiliate marketing click join now and there it’s give me access. I can create a post click that I can add images. I can add a YouTube video. I assume I can add links to it will be pretty silly if you couldn’t, you can add a background image cover image, category lots of cool stuff and that posts your content, your links to relevant communities.


On this platform, we can do lots of different stuff here, so we can create polls. We can do niche research, we can run quizzes. We can use this for data as part of our discovery. Phase of in our marketing plan we can reach out communicate with potential leads so much potential here, but this is just the beginning, and if you really want to grow your website, then you’re gonna need to diversify your . So, for that reason, I’m going to give you lots of traffic methods when you go to profit, copilot, comm, slash traffic grab that it’s completely free, won’t cost.


You penny and if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel to hit that little notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and I will hopefully see you again in a couple of days. Time take care guys.


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