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4 New Free Website Traffic Sources – Get Free Traffic Fast

Com and register your account after you register your account. You should go into your profile and fill it out the best way that you possibly can making sure to fill out every single thing in your profile. So you need to fill out your description. You need to also fill out your credentials and highlights this is very important to make sure that your answers look credible and the other most important thing that you need to fill out is knows about. So you will see it somewhere here in your right-hand sidebar, and this will then determine what kind of topics will pop up in your feed so that you can answer and get traffic to your website.


As you can see here, I’ve got a bunch of things that I’ve entered as the topics that I personally know about. I’Ve entered topics such as search engine, optimization blogging, YouTube SEO web marketing affiliate marketing for your niche. It could be different. It could be, for example, weight, loss, weight training as you start typing. Those things in you will see the suggested topics coming up and you will only need to do really is just click this and you will follow that topic.


Okay, I’m just going to delete it back now after you’ve entered all of the topics, I recommend having at least ten but enter everything that you can possibly think of that is related to your niche after you do. All of that you need to click done and then, when you come back into your main screen, you will see here at the top. There is an option saying answer and once you click the answer button, you will see a feed with all of the questions that relate to those categories that you’ve just volunteered to answer questions. For so you can scroll the feed and find the questions that are suitable for you, the questions that you don’t want to answer. You can just pass on, for example, here it says what are some challenges facing the SEO industries?


I can simply click pass on that and then I will scroll down until find something that I do want to answer to you we’ll see here. It says why the different SEO show different numbers of okay, so I could now go into this question. Read the question check out the answers that have already been given and then give my own answer so to give an answer I need to do is start typing the answer here and according to Quora rules at the moment, you are allowed to link back to your Website provided that Aransas high quality and the link that you provide actually adds value to the answer. So, to give you an example here, if I had a post on my site that talks about SEO and why they show different numbers of , I could give a nice long answer that properly answers. The question that’s been asked and I can provide a link to my website at the bottom of the sensor, for example, saying something like if you would like to know more, you can read about it here in my blog post.


So here is another example. You can see here there is a question: what is your review of us this year, which is a wordpress plugin, and here is an answer that has been uploaded several times we can see. Well, it’s had one upload and there are links within this answer. There is blog posts, so you can do exactly that to get traffic from Quora onto your website by providing the link inside the answer to maximize your results on Quora. Make sure that your answers are actually helpful.


If your answers get upwards, then Quora will promote your answer on their platform, as well as to their email list. That will mean that your answer will get a lot of views from people opening their emails, as well as from notifications inside the Quora platform. So this was strategy number one traffic. Now, let’s move on to strategy number two viral traffic.


This is one of the things that has been working exceptionally well for me, so I want to share it with you guys as well as you can see here. My new posts get a ton of shares. This recent post has had 150 shares in just a few days without me doing anything, and this one has had 191 shares in a couple of weeks. How does it work? Well, people love sharing stuff on social media.


Anyone who visits my blog likes, the article can click one of these sharing buttons and share this article with their followers on Facebook, Twitter and so on. This gets me free visitors without me having to do anything so, if you’re, currently not using any of the social sharing plugins, then you most likely missing out on a lot of targeted traffic. I also resisted installing a social sharing plugin for a really long time. I’M not entirely sure why I just did not think that it would actually give me any benefit, but it turns out that they work really well and bringing huge spikes of traffic just like what you can see here here is exactly how you can get a lot Of using social sharing plugins, the plug-in that I use on my website is called social warfare. There is a free plan, that’s more than enough for most websites.


If you need some extra features down the road, there is a professional version of it available as well. You simply need to download the plug-in and install it on your website with the free plan. You’Ll be able to get this beautiful, sharing buttons on your website. With a pro plan, you will be able to access some additional features, such as additional designs for the buttons and only displaying social counts. Once the shares has reached a certain minimum threshold, if you want to check out social warfare for yourself, then click the link in the description below now.


Let’S talk about strategy number three answer: the public answer: the public is a website that will help you get free. Very targeted long tail search engine traffic. You simply cannot get these keywords using any other keyword, research tool, so keep watching to find out exactly how you can use answer the public to start using enter the public simply type in three words answer the public into Google and click. The first result that comes up here, we are on the answer, the public website and answer the public in a nutshell, is a platform that allows you to collect real questions that people type into Google and convert them into longtail keywords that you can use to get to your websites or blogs, so let me give you an example of how this works by the way. I love this guy he’s really funny.


He gets very frustrated if you don’t actually type stuff in people were in a weight loss niche. I will type in how to lose weight in to enter the public and click get questions. Now it’s going to take a moment or a few moments to collect the keywords for you. So, as you can see now, I’ve got several hundred various longtail keywords which are represented in both the graphical form here at the top, as well as the least form at the bottom, and these are really unique because you will not be able to get these same Questions or these same keywords anywhere else using any other tool, you can only get them using answer the public and they are once again real keywords that people type into Google, for example, will probiotics help to lose weight? Will fasting help to lose weight when to lose weight after giving birth and so on, so they are very hyper targeted questions with problems that people need solutions for alright.


Now let me give you an example of how you can get traffic with this. Let’S just type one of them into Google and see how much exact competition we have. So I’m going to take this one: how to lose weight with Zumba Fitness copy it and then paste it into Google enclosed in quotation marks, so that we can figure out exactly how much that exact competition. The reason Google for this keyword, so we can see that there are only 19 results. This is amazing because for most of these things, when you type them into Google, you get 50 or a hundred thousand websites that are competing.


For that direct phrase. Ok here there are only 19 and this is an actual keyword that people type in on a regular basis into Google. What that means, if you create some high quality content, that’s focused on this keyword: how to lose weight with Zumba Fitness. You are very likely to end up on page one of Google, even if your website has super minimal Authority simply because there is so little competition out there for this keyword, I’m hoping you’re seeing the power of this now, let’s take it to the next level. How do you actually get massive targeted traffic using into the public comm?


Well, you already know that there are hundreds of suggestions here that you can get for your initial. The strategy is to pick out 10 or 20 of these questions, check them out in Google like this, using the quotation marks and verify that there is little competition, so anything under 3000 is great once you’ve got 10 or 20 of these keywords then create one article Which covers each of these questions in 100 to 200 words, so you would take how to lose weight with Zumba fitness and make that one of the headings h1 on your article and then answer that question with 100 to 200 words and then repeat the process. So basically create an article that answers approximately 10 to 20 of these questions in one article you will have this way. You will have an article – that’s 1,000 to 2,000 words in length, which is excellent length for google, and once you publish that your radical is very likely to start pulling in this longtail keyword search traffic from Google, which will be very, very targeted and with very easy To get, and once again you can only do this using enter the public forum, you can’t get this kind of information using any other of the keyword, research , so I’m hoping you’re seeing the potential of this into the public is an amazing tool and you can Get a lot of to your website or blog using it alright. So this was the whole process for how you can use answer the public to get traffic.


Now, let’s move on to strategy number four, which is building your email list? Not building your email list is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make for the first eight years of my business career. I was not building an email list and I really regret it now. You can drive all the traffic you want to your website, but if you’re not capturing it into an email list, you’re not actually growing your customer base and your audience. You have now learned three.


Various techniques – just from this blog for how you can get the traffic onto your website or blog that’s Quora social sharing and enter the public, but once you implement these techniques or any other techniques, 95 % of the people who come to your website will leave without Buying anything – and they will never come back to your website – that’s why you really need to start building a list of those email subscribers once you’ve got an email list, then getting the traffic to your website is as as sending an email to your subscribers. Most of the beginner websites that I see are not collecting email subscribers at all and that’s a huge mistake. So here are a few tips and strategies that you can implement today to start building your email subscriber list using these techniques. Personally, I’ve been adding between 30 and 40 email subscribers every single day, just from my campaign at a blogger website, and I’m going to show you how to do the same in just a second. The first place where you should be inserting an opt-in form is your home page.


As you can see on my caffeinated blogger website, I have two opt-in forms on my home page, one at the top and one at the bottom. Now, the reason why it’s so important to have opt-in pages on your home page is that a large proportion of the people who come to any page on your site will end up checking out your home page just to see what your site is all about. So you do get a lot of referral traffic onto your home page in virtually any niche, with virtually any website that I have personally seen the the opt-in form. That’S laid out this way on the home page. Converts really well, as you can see from my thrive, leads dashboard.


Here are the stats on the conversions from that home page, so the top home page, opt-in, form converts a 3.5 5 % and the bottom part of it converts a 3.3 7 %. If we add those up together because they are the same page view in total. Approximately 7 % of everyone who visits my home page ends up joining my email list.


That’S a really great statistic: when you compare it to a lot of the other types of opt-in, sidebar and so forth. If you’re not currently using an opt-in form on your home page, then I recommend that you definitely do it. This kind of front page opt-in format, works in any niche. My blog is in the blogging and traffic niche, but the same format works absolutely the same in weight, loss niche in health, niche relationships, niche any niche that you can possibly think of. The second type of opt-in form that I see a lot of people not using and that actually works really really well is the dedicated squeeze page similar to what you can see on the screen here, so here I’m offering a free traffic course to anyone who wants To sign up to it and the way that I drive traffic to it is from variety of different sources.


So basically, I linked to this page from nearly all of my blog posts, at least a couple of times, and that drives a lot of traffic from all of these blog posts and from the various other onto this squeeze page. I will show you an example. Here is an example of a blog post. You can see that at the bottom here I am linking to this free course. The wedding that I’m using is sign up for my free Pinterest traffic course here and a lot of people that click on here will land onto the squeeze page, where they’re able to sign up to the free traffic course.


I’M here inside the thrive leads dashboard and, as you can see, my conversions currently see that fifty one point three seven percent and using this squeeze page, I’ve added one thousand seven hundred and forty-one leads so far since I last reset stats. The third type of opt-in form that you can use is sidebar opt-in, but with a twist let me show you what I mean, so you most likely have seen or possibly are yourself using a sidebar opt-in which is similar to this. What I’m offering here on the right-hand side, free traffic course 1000 visitors? The problem with most of these sidebar opt-ins is that once a user Scrolls past them, it’s gone out of their sight, never to come back again. So this is not very good for your list.


Building so the little hack that I recommend you implement if you’re not using it yet is to make that opt-in sticky. So, as you can see, I’ve got my opt-in form here again in the sidebar, but as the user continue scrolling down the blog post, this second form actually ends up being sticky. That means that if they continue scrolling down the post, that sidebar will always be in their face, at least on the desktop. To do this, I use a plug-in called q2 w3 fixed widget, which is a free plugin, which you can download from the website.


Once you installed and activated the q2 w3 fixed widget, it will add this little option here to your sidebar widgets called fixed widget. All you then need to do is take this text widget check box for the widget that you would like to be fixed and it will then stick in the sidebar and not actually drop the screen, as the user is scrolling down the screen once you implement this And the sidebar becomes sticky you’re very likely to get more opt-ins to your email list than if you were not using this fixed sidebar widget. So how does it convert I’m here inside? My thrive leads dashboard once again and, as you can see, my Pinterest traffic course, which is my sidebar widget, converts at one point, 92 %, which is quite good compared to the times when I was not using this fixed sidebar widget, I was getting less than 1 % conversions, so this has effectively enabled me to double my opt-in rate. Just by using this q2 w3 fixed widget opt-in.


Using all of these tips, you should now be well on your way to building your own email subscriber list in case you’re curious. What plug-in I’m using on my website to build my subscriber list, as well as to run all of the analytics for lead collection? It’S called thrive leads. I love that plug-in. I use it myself on all of my websites and if you want to check it out, then you can click the link in the description below this blog.


Ok, so there it is. These are four of my favorite strategies that you can start using today to start getting more free traffic to your website or blog. If you enjoyed this content and you’d like to get more similar blogs in the future, about getting traffic blogging and making money online then make sure to subscribe to the Caffeinated Blogger channel right now. Just click the button below this blog don’t forget to click the little bell: notification icon to get real-time updates. As soon as I upload.


My next blog, if you want access to my free online marketing course, then click the link in the description below. Thank you. So much for watching comment below. Let me know what you think and I will see in the next blog


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