Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 5 Different Types of Blog Posts to Increase Traffic and Conversions

5 Different Types of Blog Posts to Increase Traffic and Conversions

Not every single post has the same purpose, and they all can’t serve all the purposes at once. So it’s kind of hard to have one post, bring us eyo increase your email list, bring you affiliate sales and sell your product.

It’s way too many calls of actions on one post that you’re, confusing the reader and you’re asking too much of them, and then they’re gonna click away. It’s just too much. You want to make sure that your post is focused and it converts to whatever your goal is.

Is it to get an email signup? Is it to get an affiliate sale? Is it to get somebody to share? These? Are the types of smart blog posts? I want you guys to write and plan in your editorial calendar, so in the editorial calendar.

I have suggestions on what to write when but use those as suggestions. The whole key thing of this is to make sure that you’re writing different blog posts, and I’m gonna give you guys examples with different goals, so your pillar post, these are gonna, be the in-depth how-to guides.

These are gonna help. You get SEO . So when somebody goes into Google and say how to do this, you want your blogpost to show up. So how do you get your blog post to show up there’s, multiple things that you have to focus on for SEO, along with a lot of it is long term, so it’s not like right tomorrow.

You’re gonna get traffic from Google, but you want to at least take the things that you have control of write the blogpost correctly so that when the long term, things like getting and getting other people to see you when that comes Into play, you have your blog post is structured correctly.

So what you’re in control of is done so the way to write a good SEO blog post is. I just did a little example here: how to start home schooling all right that’s, kind of something popular people search for it.

How do I start this process of home schooling and if you look at it, who’s, ranking number one for this? The home school mom com right? That’s? Pretty awesome! She’s, ranking right number one! For this term, he clicked through and look on her blog.

You can see she’s very focused on home schooling. The blog is called the home school mom, so she’s very focused on is our topic. She’s. Very niched, and then she has six steps to get started with homeschooling.

Are you new to homeschooling? She know she’s catering to somebody who’s brand-new right, so that’s, why this post is showing up? First in Google search results because it’s very in-depth and we’ll go through this and it’s structured nicely.

So when somebody looks through this blog post, you can see okay, she has a nice table of contents. Here at the top, and then she structures it nicely, so you can read all the information and it’s, not a 500-word blog post.

This is in-depth, like it’s, very in-depth for somebody to take this guide and then what she also does, and with this very smart for SEO kind of in-depth how-to guides, is take this one pillar post and then link to all the other blog Posts on your blog that works with this right, so it’s, a great kind of hub for where you can link to everything else.

That’s in your blog, because if you just continue to write blog post after blog post and you don’t link between them all Google, it’s. Gon na be like well every every blog post. You’re. Writing. Nothing is related.

Nothing shows kind of a cohesive help to your reader, but you can take these SEO blog post, these pillar posts and the link to everything else on your blog and it spreads those SEO juice everywhere. This is such a weird term, and it gives your reader one place to go and find more information.

Look here at the bottom, like all these links that she has two other places on her blog. This is also great if somebody comes to you and asks you about your niche like hey, how do I start a bullet journal or how do I start losing weight after pregnancy? If you have one of these pillar posts, you can just be like hey just go here and from this blog post it links them to everything else on your blog, so this is valuable.

Alright, so make sure you have a couple of these pillar posts. That kind of summarize everything about your niche. It makes it easy for people to find alright, so that’s, a good example. What’s, another one? How did care for orchids, which I also for always pronounce them as orchards? How do I care for orchids, okay, another common thing that people search for you can see what 22,000 searches per month that’s nuts, this guy look at him.

He loves his orchids. I love orchids too. I always kill him alright. So if we go into how to care for orchids, if we go into the top result, you can see it’s from Better Homes and Gardens. So it is a big blog or a big websites that is ranking for this, so you might want to go for something that’s a little bit easier to rank for, but I wanted to show you an example, so it’s.

Going through how to care for orchids how to water them in depth guys, this is not just like a 500-word blog post. If you want these things to rank and do well, you want to help your reader with a one-stop shop for everything how to how to care for Records alright.

So this is the type of pillar post that helps with your SEO rankings again like this is non-stop. It just goes and what’s great about this blog post? It has really nice images, so people like to share the images, and this adds to the social proof behind it.

Alright, so I think we’re on that one, okay. So the next one that we have in our blog plan is a money post. So we’ve covered the pillar, pros money posts. How do you write a post that actually converts to sales? You want to target a key term that people are searching for it where they’re in like a buying mindset, so one I found here, which is pretty cool, just gonna exit, all these extra ones was best standing desks all right.

So pretty really high search volume for best standing desks if you go through and you’re. Looking at okay, who ranks for this. Okay, the best list Apartment Therapy, another big , but you can go for smaller key terms and try to rank for them.

Also, these do great on Pinterest too, and I’m gonna show you a trick that they’re doing with this. So this blog post is focused on affiliate sales right because they’re, showing you what’s, the best standing desks.

They have really good clear, Buy Now buttons where you’re, you’re, not gonna buy it right here from this , but you’re gonna be redirected through their affiliate link to go, buy it on this alright, so again they explain it a little bit.

They have a really image of the product by now next, one by now, all the different places where you can buy really cool standing desks. All right, I’m very simple and clean, and you feel like you’re, getting the person who wrote this knows what they’re.

Talking about you’re. Reviewing all the standing desks quickly. You’re building or you have trust in this article because they’re, reviewing multiple different standing desks. They give you some tips, they give you more additional resources and then you’re like well great.

Okay, I’m gonna go through and buy it, and then that increases the affiliate sales for that person on this website. Man and ranking number one for best standing desk. They probably make a good penny off this post, all right, so what they did.

Not only are they ranking number one in Google for this post, but they have this really nice pin image, so they just took two of the pin images or two of the images that they have in the blog post. They put them on top of each other and and they made a nice little title in the middle with their website name, and you can pin it to Pinterest so that’s, something that now they’re sharing on Pinterest.

They’re number one on Google and they’re, getting more sales. How cool is that all right, so that’s, an example for you of an affiliate money-making, blog post, all right, let’s. Go to the next one. Oh this one’s, good, alright, guys! So the purpose of the next one on the email post and everybody’s emailed me about what is an email post, an email post is, I probably should have been more clear on that, as opposed to where you’re.

Getting people into your email list right, you’re, trying to increase your conversions to get more people on your list and what’s great about an email post? Is it’s, a freebie that you have so you’re, just kind of explaining the freebie and why it’s, valuable to your reader, how to use it, how it’s gonna make their process Or their problem easier and then at the end you’re like well.

If you want this freebie that you’ve been reading about and searched for and found here, you can. You can download it here at the bottom. So here we have what’s, his mommy’s, name its Caitlin, so Caitlin runs simple mom project and I think she’s, one of my students.

This looks like one of my students. I think we believe so anyway. Caitlin, if you’re watching this, I have a little tip for you and she just published this six days ago, all right. So this is really cute.

It’s, a unicorn mask printable template, so he or she goes through it’s, a template that you can go as a mom. You can print it out and then you can make the little unicorn mask with your daughter, really fun.

Arts and crafts – a really awesome picture, so Caitlin, you’re, doing an awesome job here on pictures. She’s, branding each picture, love that and then people can pin this to Pinterest. But there’s. One really important part missing in this blog post, so she’s, asking her to print the unicorn templates, click on the links below and print okay, and then I click on it and it links me directly to the PDF like Caitlin.

Why don’t you ask people to sign up like this is a great opportunity to get people on your list like hey thanks for reading the blog post. I hope you, like my unicorn, mask template. If you want it just put in your email address here and I’ll, send it to you um.

This would be a really great way to build your email list, so you’re being super generous by just giving it to people, and they can just one click and download it, but Caitlin really put in a subscription box here.

So you grow your email list. This is gonna, be fantastic, and then this is beautiful. This is a beautiful pin image. She’s, taking the images she’s already, using in her blog post. She collages them together, together with a with a nice title, and then she pins that to Pinterest and she has a nice little branding there as well, and then she gets shares on Pinterest.

So already this was published six days ago. It’s, been shared and repented on Pinterest almost 50 times, so it’s. Doing really well, Caitlin, definitely add a subscription box, so people can sign up and you can grow your email list alright.

So hopefully you get this Facebook message or in that Facebook, Facebook life. Hopefully you watch it all right. So next one is guest posts that’s kind of self-explanatory. When you’re, creating a guest post, your blogging or you’re, creating a blog post for somebody else’s blog most of the time you should be guest posting on a blog that’s on the Similar level as yours or greater or like bigger, so that when you guest post there and you get a backlink from them, that shows Google that this bigger blog, this higher authority blog thinks that you’re good enough that they link to you and It rises your ranks in Google, alright, so it gives you Authority, so you want a guest post on blogs within your niche that have higher authority that are bigger than yours.

All right, you, don’t have to do that on day. One you can do that after a month or two of blogging, you have some content on your blog. You have something that people can look at and then you start reaching out and doing guest posts and then lastly, a product posts.

So if you have a product, an e-book, a printable or course, or something that you’re trying to sell through your blog, you want to write a blog post dedicated to bringing awareness to that blog to that to the product.

So I’ll just show you a little example of what I’ve done. I have a course called theme by number. It shows you how I use Divi and right now. I think it’s. Not I think it’s on sale for 33 % off until tomorrow night.

So if you want to get it there’s, a link above, but this is a product post with the sole purpose of bringing awareness to the the product that I have, so it’s, showing somebody okay. Why I like Divi, I’m.

How I use Divi Divi is a theme for your blog drag-and-drop nice blogs, nice layouts, my sales pages that I create in Divi. I can save layouts and then pull them back quickly. A variety of modules there’s, a visual builder, so it’s, a very in-depth blog post on how I use Divi and at the bottom, hey guys.

It’s forever long at the bottom. I have a link to learn about my Divi course called theme by number, so this is a product post. So if you’re ready to launch a product um, you have an e-book or whatnot write, a blog post or a sea blog posts about your product and then at the bottom or somewhere in the the post itself, makes sure you.

Let people know that you have a course or a product and they can click through and learn more about it alright. So I hope that helps explains the different types of smart blog posts. I hope you guys, like the examples.


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