Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 5 Fast Ways to Increase Organic Traffic 📈

5 Fast Ways to Increase Organic Traffic 📈

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In this video, I’m going to show you five ways to increase your organic traffic. Fast tip number one make sure your that you’re, using your target keywords in your page headlines in your page titles, which are behind the scenes and the copy on your page, suggesting that you use keywords in an SEO. Video feels really old school and like such basic advice, but still in the majority of the sites that we’re sent to review, we find ourselves recommending people use the phrases that their customers are searching for in the headlines and in the copy on the page.


If the headlines, your home page, for example, is welcome to exposure ninja think about that for a second one. Do I actually feel welcomed by reading the word, welcome to that’s completely redundant and pointless, and then three it doesn’t tell me anything about who you are what you do why I should buy from you or what I’m supposed to do next.


So more often than not, your main headline should be a descriptive description of. What’S on the page, using your main target keywords tip number: two: stop writing blogs that nobody cares about. I mean, strictly speaking, if the world stopped writing blogs, that no one cares about. Most of the blog posts in the world would disappear overnight, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Your blog can be a rich and profitable source of businesses for your .


How? Well, if you use your blog to actually answer the questions that your customers are searching for, for example, so here I am on on to the public and I’m just gonna look at let’s say my business was all about penguins. Only sticking my query here, it’s gonna show me all of the questions that people have about penguins and then, when it’s loaded, what I can do is are we able to see all those questions say, for example, they’re grouped here, and why so why penguins are Endangered, why penguins are the best? Why penguins of birds, why penguins poop on each other, why do penguins poop on each other will penguins bite how penguins are born, how penguins lay eggs? So if my business is all about penguin, I just wanted to from people who are interested in penguins.


All of these topics will be good order for me to write blog posts about so let’s say I had a business around penguin extinction. The next thing I could do is just type in let’s say I type it on. Google are penguins going to become extinct and what I’m looking for is I’m looking for these related questions, because Google clearly thinks that these related questions are other relevant topics in this cluster. So what I would want to do in my blog post is: I want to answer this main question here in more detail than this article, and then I’d also want to use these sub headlines now. How many penguins are left in the world 2018.


I’D want to. Obviously replace it with this year’s date, but if I answer all of these questions as well, we know that Google is thinking right, that these are all really relevant to that type of search. So that’s going to help me and then at the bottom you’ll see here, searches related to our penguins going to become extinct again. These are also sub headlines that you could use or related blog topics that you can write. Tip number three have different pages on your to target the different services that you offer.


For example, we’re going to do some roleplay right now, so close your eyes become. You can line the floor if you want to. I want you to imagine that you’re in the zoo, when an airplane flies over the penguin enclosure, the penguins look up and they fall over. Someone has to go in and stand those penguins back up again. That is my job.


I am a professional penguin stand up. Er but the other thing that happens in the zoo when the airplane flies over is that the seals who are looking, they turn to look and as they look they roll over on their backs and me them and me, the penguin stander upper I’ve just passed. My seal roller over qualifications, I’m now qualified to go and roll over the seals, so I’ve got my penguin stand up a service and I’ve got my seal roller over a service. Now I would have these on separate pages of my website, because if the zookeeper is looking for someone to roll over the seals, he or she is going to be typing in seal roller over or a related term walrus roller over a seal rotator. And if I’ve got an entire separate page on my site, targeting that service and using those variation keywords, I’ve got a much better chance of ranking for that term than if I just have one services page.


Where I talk about all the different sea mammals that I’m able to correct tip number four is to write more content on your pages and no I’m not talking about filling your pages with mountains of impenetrable, boring three-point, invisible block text that no one’s ever gonna Read I’m talking about making sure your pages answer all of your customers questions. So if my zookeeper client has any questions about my steel roller over a service, I’m gonna answer those questions on that page. That page is gonna, be the most detailed and informative page about rolling seals that anybody has ever read, not that it would take much so I’m gonna answer all the objections somebody might have on using that service. I’M gonna talk about all the variations. I’M gonna give some example case.


Studies, I’m gonna say, say how many seals I can roll over every hour. I’M gonna give situations where the seals might have rolled over. Basically any question you’re gonna have about that service. I’M gonna want on that page. Imagine that your best salesperson is out there talking to a potential customer.


What are the questions that customers gonna have and how much information is that salesperson in a communicate? If we think that the visitor doesn’t need that information? Just because they’re on your website, rather than talking dear salesperson, we’re crazy. If anything, they need more information from the website than the salesperson, because they don’t have that in person. Contact so think about what are the top questions and objections.


People are going to have about doing business with you about each of your different services about even getting in contact with you and let’s make sure that all of those are answered in the copy on their pages. If you do that, you’ll find actually your pages have a really good amount of content on anyway, which is naturally going to include your keywords and your variance so they’re going to be much more likely to rank, but they’ll also keep your visitors engaged longer, because people Spend time reading what’s on the pages now the design people will say yeah, you don’t want to have loads of text, because it’s your images that need to do the talking a picture tells a thousand words, and to that I say you know what tells a thousand Words, a thousand words or 500 if you’re, really good and really concise, but more information on your pages doesn’t have to damage the aesthetic of your site. Is the designers job to make a site look nice with the text that needs to be on that page? It shouldn’t be the other way around your site is a machine first and a beautiful thing. Second, and we need to keep that in mind at all times.


It’S loading still, loading 10115 is to make sure that your site loads quickly people get hung up on loading times and there’s a Google PageSpeed insights, pestis GT metric, there’s all of these different tests and they’ll each give you different scores. Some of these scores bear little resemblance to reality, so the best thing to do is to load your site on different devices, on a mixture of cellular connections and Wi-Fi connections and see what the real world data tells you. We have client sites ranking at the top of Google massive crazy conversion rates. You put them in to the Google PageSpeed insights test and it will give you a score of like 35 on mobile. So technically it’s a disaster, but in reality it performs extremely well.


So don’t get too caught up on the numbers, but the actual load time of the website is important. To have a look in analytics see how long it’s actually taking people to load your site and use these tools, but with caution to make sure that your site is loading quickly if your site doesn’t load quickly enough. The problem is: that’s gonna impact user engagement. So people are going to be leaving and when Google sees them, leaving that’s an indication that your site really is not good quality and all the signs point to Google actually using your website’s loading time as a ranking factor as well. So best make sure it’s nice and snappy.


My 10 second quick tip on load times is, if you’re on a shared host, something like GoDaddy or you know, a cheap hosting package where you’re paying like 10 pounds a month or something contact them say, load speed. Isn’T enough, can you move me to a faster server? Often they will sometimes they’ll just tell you that they have and they won’t do anything at all. But it’s worth asking if you enjoyed this video and you’d like to see more videos from myself and the team here at exposure. Ninja then don’t forget to Like and subscribe to the channel and if audio is more, your thing then check out the exposure.


Ninja , where every week I interview some of the world’s smartest minds, and they take us behind the scenes for a particular strategy that they’re using which is getting great results. So you can find this on iTunes. Stitcher Google Play Store. Spotify, I don’t know all the places that you know and love so check that out in the description below and don’t forget to also follow us on social for more awesome content.


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