Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 5 Tips to Increase Your Redbubble Sales

5 Tips to Increase Your Redbubble Sales

Hey guys, julie here from juilliard designs and back today with another print on demand tutorial for , which is another print on demand that artists can use to sell their art online. So today i wanted to share five ways that you can increase your , and these are a couple of things that i’ve recently discovered and i feel like they really contributed to the increase that i’ve seen in the traffic on my page. So, let’s just dive right in so the first thing that i’ve found recently is a way to find trending designs, um and, as you know, making trending designs always going to help you get more , so this little hack that i found is you basically go to ’S website and you can just click right in the search bar and you can see these trending searches comes up, which is pretty interesting, so you’ve got. You know some like businesses, which obviously you shouldn’t create. You know something using kardashian as it’s copyrighted but um.

Let’S see, i don’t even know what strawberry cow is. That sounds pretty cute. Oh, it’s just like this cute little pink cow um. So you know you could make something inspired by that, since it’s trending um and you can also just go in – and you know – go through like every letter of the alphabet and just type it in and you’re gon na see these trending searches come up. So you can literally go through each letter and see what’s trending.

That starts with that letter, and hopefully you can make some designs that are inspired by that and make more for your shop okay. So the second tip i wanted to share is that you should put your store name in the tags now. Why would you want to do that? Well, because um you know, people might just be going to redbubble and searching for your store name or like your instagram name. If you have followers on instagram, then you know people might not just be click like going to your store clicking on the link in your bio and just straight, going to redbubble and searching, or even using google, to search for your name plus redbubble, or something like That so it could actually help people find you um, and maybe it’s something you always think about, and the next tip is actually to put your store link in the description.

So you know, i don’t actually know if this has helped me, but it seems like people are buying. You know multiples of things more um, since i put my store name and link in the description, so i might put something like for more um nature. Photography visit my store, julie, iron photos, dot,, um, and you know you never know, might be helpful. Might not, but you might as well try and it doesn’t take up any real space in your description, um yeah, so the next tip i have is.

Obviously you want to make it look good on all the products and obviously this image probably isn’t high res enough. It’S not even covering this phone case um, so you know it’s just a dummy image for me, but normally i would want the whole product to be covered and have it look really nice and you know, go in and like fix all the products individually, and i Might have a sticker, that’s like a circle instead um. So it looks a lot better. Um yeah: that’s probably not the best way to demonstrate that, but um, i’m just gon na make this private and then i just wanted to demonstrate this next tip the final tip which, after it processes here, you will see. Okay.

So my final tip – and this looks like really terrible to not do this – is to share the product on . So when you finish uploading, you get this little arrow for every product and you can go from there and share on all these different social networks, and i mean you can totally share it on facebook. Twitter tumblr all of these, but the big one for me is to share it to , and then you know, i’ve got a bunch of boards related to my designs and different products and stuff like that and like home, decor self accessories and so i’ll pin um. These designs to after i’ve created them to make sure that they get seen by somebody and um yeah. So that’s pretty much it you guys, that’s my five tips to increase your sales on redbubble.

I hope you found this video helpful and if you want more videos like this, make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe and leave a comment below with any other types of videos. You’D like to see in the future and have a great one.

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