Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop

5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop

Whoa, this is not my . I’ve been this place. Where am i oh? I recognize this . It’s. Timothy Adams, handmade ology, hello, handmade ologists, since I’m here invading your space. Let me share with you.

Look ways to increase to your NC shop. One offer discount codes don’t just post the discount code in the status update of your social media lame go to If you don’t have photoshop and make a digital coupon.

Those get a lot more attention and will be repend over and over again on Pinterest to join an already viral Pinterest board. Instead of posting your own products on your own board to your own followers over and over again find collab boards on Pinterest, with even more followers post your products there.

Those are more likely to be pinned and repinned over and over again still don’t know where to start. I have a viral Pinterest board from product. It’s called Pinterest mini-mall, totally free and it’s.

For you to add as many products as you like, as long as you put the price in the description, all you have to do is email me and I’ll. Add you to the viral board 3 post, your testimonials and images don’t.

Let those babies just sit wasting away in your shop once again, take it fabulous, testimonial and turn it into an image. Pic monkey is good for this, then post it on your . Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, other four can’t, keep up with all the posting and reposting that you have to do on Twitter and Facebook every day use an RSS feed to do it.

For you, 4 SS graffiti is the perfect Facebook app for that and Twitter feed. Comm is perfect for Twitter, just put in your Etsy feed URL, and you’re good to go. Wait what what is an RSS feed? It’s, just a fancy way of saying your shop in a box.

Every time a product is listed or relisted in your Etsy shop, it magically appears in your Facebook and Twitter feed Wow. The only thing you need to get started both apps is your RSS feed URL! Wait? What how do you get your Etsy shops? Rss feed, URL z, go get the NC shop.

You are around for everyone mom! Thank you. I’ve, made it easy for you copy and paste the Etsy feed URL below and replace the section and caps that says Etsy shop with your own Etsy shop, URL, easy lemon, squeezy, five and last the best of all the game.

Don’t forget to add your product to the handmade ology market, created by your own Timothy, Adam shout out to Tim, I love you. I love the handmade ology market. In fact, I think it’s better than Etsy disclaimer.

I’m, not getting paid to say this. You can list items from your Etsy shop right inside the market. One of the best part is that all of your links are right there on your product description, your Facebook link, your Twitter link, your Pinterest link.

If you have a blog, your blog link and a links Etsy shop links. I’m out of breath. People can even comment on the posts as if they’re, a and even see a map of where the item is created.

How awesome sauce is that it’s like Etsy on certain drugs that I won’t mention here, because I might offend people thanks for letting me invade your blog today. Timothy now for the rest of you, handmade ologist tell me how you get to your Etsy shop.

Don’t forget to spread the awesome sauce peace out yo. How do you get your Etsy shops feed you, our burp? I have a viral Pinterest forward, but those are more likely to be pinned on rubber armor like recycling.

Oh, Oh! What is this? Oh don’t just push more. Why do I keep doing this? I have a vet barber. Am i doing this time? Crazy or because I’m, saying get me pinned over and over again

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