Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 6 Tips For Higher Converting Videos on YouTube – Increase Traffic Leads and Sales | Marissa Romero

6 Tips For Higher Converting Videos on YouTube – Increase Traffic Leads and Sales | Marissa Romero

So essentially, the idea with this video is to walk away with all these types of . You can start using today to make your videos better to make your video more effective in to attract the audience you want. So the first thing is, of course, is with your intro: you have to make it a super, exciting intro, whether that’s paragliding off of a mountain or you know, being inside a waterfall or you know, dancing in front of the camera or one of those types of Things something crazy cool to get your audience’s attention. No, no I’m kidding, I’m kidding, you don’t have to do any of those things, but if you could do that, it would help. So that brings me to tip number one, and actually it does have to do with the introductions, and that is having a more exciting and enticing intro.

Now one of the things you must do, especially if you’re making this video for YouTube, is to make sure within the first. You know 10 seconds saying the keywords of your introduction. So that way, your audience has clarity of what exactly they will be watching within the first 10 seconds. So maybe you have a barbecue channel or you’re, making barbecue videos for video and you’re talking about recipes. So you want to make sure like hi.

You know. I’M Joseph today I’ll be talking about the six recipes. You know easy to do that, take less than 10 minutes on the grill, whatever it is, make sure you say it loud and clear in the introduction, so people want to stay and decide to watch the rest of your video. The other cool thing with intros is that, yes, this is where you have the opportunity to attract and bring in your audience and make sure they’re intrigued enough and interested enough to stay and want to watch the rest of your video so check out this introduction. I did about three months ago for an email, video.

I want you to imagine just for a second working for two hours a day on your balcony right near the beach typing up a simple email, sending it to your list of subscribers. Maybe you have a cup of coffee in hand who knows, as you can see, I told a little mini story within the first 30 seconds of the video and people loved it. As you can see, it only got one dislike now. Watch all of you guys are gonna go dislike that video, but no people were really filling that intro and it had.

You know not a whole lot to do with email marketing, but it told the story it enticed the visitor to stay and watch the rest of that video because it was in a cool hammock. I was talking about sending an email and making money automatically like an ATM machine, so you guys get the point. Another example – I was with my friend and fellow youtubers, Sam from wife and far he was doing this epic, epic, video on you, know the wim HOF method of being in a cool environment and make sure you’re breathing when it’s freezing outside or if you’re submerged into Cold water check out his intro so guys. The point is: make sure your intros are very specific, powerful, maybe entertaining to give your visitor and the people viewing your video a reason to stay and watch the duration of your video. So let’s go back inside the house and we’ll talk about the other whatever at five or six that I have for you guys today.

So the second tip I have for you guys for making higher converting videos is to use b-roll. Now what is Bureau Bureau? Is a scene of the video that you are not filming and that they cannot see you directly live and you talking in the camera? That was a horrible definition, but I’ll show you what I mean. So if I wanted to describe to you guys my process and stuff of making a youtube video, I would collect some BTS or behind-the-scenes footage like this of me recording a YouTube video.

So this you guys is called b-roll. It’S I’m talking and narrating, but there is another scene on the camera that you are seeing so that you can visually display or demonstrate a point or like, for example, if I’m describing my digital Nomad travels in Thailand, I’m gonna show b-roll like this of my Experiences in Thailand, it’s way more powerful than just me, describing something. Instead, I want to show you guys what actually happened by bringing back some scenes and showing it to you on the display. The other thing that’s really cool, and you can use this as well for behind the scenes or a trip. You know something that took maybe a little longer and that is lapsus.

You can use time lapses as b-roll. Those are really cool like, for example, I’m describing you know when we drove in the mountains and meta-gene, and we went to go on a tour as I’m describing driving I’ll show a time-lapse of the drive up the mountain that just adds another effect so that people Could be like, oh that’s, super cool like they feel like they went on their journey with you up to the mountains in managing. Does that make sense? Alright? So my third tip I have for you guys for higher converting videos is to use graphics now.

This could be pop ups of intro logo animations. This could be lower thirds. This could be buttons. This could be an image of your course cover like this. Of course, I used to have in the past.

This could be, you know, even screen shares to demonstrate a point on the computer and, if you guys, don’t have access to graphics and icons right now. What you could do is go to icon, finder, calm and there’s plenty of different free graphics on there, where you could use they’re, simple, they’re transparent. You could start using them on your videos today. It really does make the video look more professional and take it up. A level it helps you level up as a content creator trying to get your message across on the video.

The fourth tip I have for you guys, is to use music now. Music is really cool, it adds kind of a lively flavor and it even kind of sets the mood if you’re doing some type of you know, travel video or something like that. You can incorporate the type of music you heard in a different country. It makes sure the music you are using is copyright free. I actually used a called artists I owe, and that is a whole library of copyright, free music.

So I’ll give you guys an example of an intro I had on my youtube channel. You guys could hear that music in that intro [ Music ]. So now you guys kind of understand how that song and the images and videos that were portrayed in that you know fifteenth second gap poured you know kind of exciting, got you kind of amped up to see what was next after that video. I love that intro. I’M in the process of making a new one, but you guys get the idea with how music will enhance your videos tremendously, alright, so the fifth tip I have for you guys for enhancing your videos and making them high converting is the cutting and editing.

This is very important. It may sound obvious or maybe not, but when I started to edit my videos and edit them more carefully where I would take up my um and my pauses and you know when I was just thinking about stuff and I’m like dang. I forgot what else to say like that’s not attractive, nobody wants to wait for you guys to go through your thinking process. On camera, I mean people’s patient levels are very low. For example, when I see a video, that’s 1819 minutes or longer, usually I’m like okay, I’m not going to watch this whole thing, because your time is valuable and the viewers time is valuable.

So you want to make sure you don’t have any gaps that are annoying any long, pauses or, let’s say maybe you’re demonstrating something on your computer screen and you open up a and it’s the wrong . You definitely want to crop that mistake out and don’t show it on your video, alright guys so comment below. If you have incorporated any of these already or which of these is one of your favorite and that you’ll implement into your videos like coming up. Next, let me know in the comments what you guys think of these tips so far, all right, and so the sixth tip I have for you guys – is to give away something this could be in the form of a lead, magnet or, let’s say, for example, you’re A Video Editor and you have different templates or custom. You know things that you’ve created for your videos.

Maybe you could give that away to your audience for other video editors, that kids see it useful, so something that you can give to your audience. You know, preferably what would be really cool is to you know, capture their name and email in one of your funnels, and so that way you could potentially sell them another service or product later, but the idea is to give away. You know value in your video, but to also give away something a little extra in the form of you know: a free, ebook, free, pdf, free mini-course, whatever it is, that way, your audience will be dedicated right from the jump and right from the first time they See your rockin video so think about these six tips whenever you are creating your next video for video marketing for your YouTube channel, video is very powerful guys keep going with video because it is literally the best way to get organic and a dedicated audience. It’S how I’ve been able to build a six-figure business within one year’s time frame and for those of you guys who are interested in working with me and my group coaching and getting some one-on-one interaction with me. Make sure you check out my eight-week coaching program and see if it is a fit for you see if you’re interested in applying for it all right guys?

I hope this video was helpful. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it or got value, be sure to join the family, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. My name is: Marissa. Have a great day see you on the next video

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