Get More Traffic increase website traffic 6 Tips & Tricks for Increasing Your Organic Traffic

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6 Tips & Tricks for Increasing Your Organic Traffic

Want six ways to increase your organic visibility and get more traffic to your site. Of course, you do well stay tuned because i’ve brought in three ninjas from exposure ninja to share some of their seo essentials, whether you’re a seasoned seo professional, a marketing manager, or you’re, just getting to grips with some seo for your own website.

The tips that we’re going to share are pretty firmly in the essentials category. I.E there’s. Nothing particularly advanced about them, but what we wanted to do is cover the basics, because, often with seo the stuff that gets the most traction is when a basic hasn’t been covered. So businesses got completely obsessed by going really in depth with something and they’ve forgotten to handle something which is really low.

Hanging fruit. We like to call it an exposure. Ninja you’ve, probably heard me say that a few times so in this video we’re, going to be sharing some of our seo essentials: basics that you can run through and reassure yourself that they’re all taken Care of the ninjas contributing our retwo goal from the seo department – andy tuxford, who is head of seo and dale davies, who is head of digital strategy? If you want some help increasing the ranking of your website, then don’t forget you can get some free help from us here at exposure ninja.

All you need to do is go to and click. The big button to request your free website and marketing review. When you do this, we will conduct a review of your site and your seo will show you how you can improve your ranking.

We ‘ Ll. Also show you what your competitors are doing to get ranking as well, and we’ll. Give you some tips on how to improve other areas of your digital marketing, like conversion rate, optimization, utilizing paid traffic and social media as well.

It’s completely free of charge. There’s, no catch. All you need to do is go to and click that big button request, your free website and marketing review, and usually within two to three working days.

You will receive a 15 minute video showing you how to implement this stuff on your website. It’s. Awesome so go to to request your free review today. Enjoy the tips tip number one make your website mobile, friendly, so ritu.

Why is it important that people’s? Websites are mobile friendly. Obviously, we know why it’s important, for you know, people actually using mobiles to view websites, but why is this an seo tip, so google prioritizes websites that are mobile friendly over the website, which are not – and this has been confirmed by their 2018 Mobile first algorithm, which clearly said that google will rank those website that as uh mobile friendly and that are responsive and the mobile device usage is increasing rapidly from small purchases to every information search is done on a mobile.

Now, if i look at myself, i am always on my mobile. If i have to buy anything, i’ll go to my mobile. I will never open my laptop, so it will be good for businesses to have a mobile friendly website, because that will make their business seem modern and relevant as well.

One of the kind of objections, or one of the things that people would say in particular markets and i’m thinking – high ticket items or b2b is they would say yeah. But you know when you’re buying a house, you’re still using the laptop, but actually we’re, not seeing that that’s the case and it’s a bit similar with b2b Isn’t it, whilst the majority of traffic might be on desktop for many b2b businesses.

Actually, the proportion of mobile traffic is increasing steadily still uh so, but i would still recommend having websites to be mobile friendly. The reason uh being google ranks your website on the basis if your website opens on all devices correctly.

So if i have a website that is only showing the desktop version, but let’s, say 10 of the traffic is coming from mobile and the website doesn’t open on mobile and the text is small. It’s, not responsive to the screen sizes.

It’s very likely that google will drop the ranking of the website because that’s, been confirmed by the launch of mobile first algorithm, and also google is giving indication by um launching uh new uh platforms like in the page speed Platform as well, google has mentioned that you should do this and this on mobile for mobile.

So there is a clear indication that google is favoring websites that are responsive to different screen sizes. There are lots of little nudges from google aren’t there. Things like when you open page speed insights, the first reading it gives you is the mobile.

Well, historically, it would open and it would give you a desktop store score, whereas now it gives you the mobile score, then you ‘ Ve got to click on another tab to see desktop there’s, a clear message there.

Yes, there’s, a clear message and that’s. How google is communicating with the seos or the marketers that that’s, where your focus should be um and yeah? I agree that some of the businesses still may have more traffic coming from desktop, but or more purchases coming from desktop.

But there is a possibility that the journey of a users still starts from a mobile, for example real estate um. I will never purchase a house on mobile, but i may start my search on mobile so and if the website doesn’t seem uh responsive then i might just leave that business very good point.

So there’s, um kind of there’s, mobile friendly, and then there’s mobile friendly right. How can people make sure that their websites are not just functional on mobile but actually optimized and converting? Well – and you know ticking all of the boxes on mobile – yes, yes, so um there is a google mobile, friendly checker that that is again made by google um.

So i’ll. Show you two different ways that you can check: uh, that your website is mobile friendly and that’s. What you should do every time you see your website so um so for to find out. If your website is mobile, friendly or not, we are gonna.

Do two tests. First is um. If you right, click on the website, click on inspect you’ll, see little mobile icon, you click on it and it will change your website to mobile size, how it will look on mobile and to find out if it’s mobile Friendly or not, you will see that in different mobile sizes in different screen sizes text will fit in very well.

It will never run off the edges or the images will fit in automatically and it will give you a clear idea that the website is mobile, friendly and is responsive to different screen sizes, and over here you can just zoom in to see how the text looks.

How the images are looking, so it will fit in very easily to your screen sizes. You’ll, have proper, spacing around the text and proper spacing around the images, just to be sure that, yes, the website is mobile, friendly and the second second test is: this: is a mobile, friendly checker by google.

What you do you just pop in your um url in the tool and then click on test url, and that will tell you if your web page is mobile friendly or not. This is a very quick and easy way to test, so once the test is done, it will show you if the website is mobile, friendly or not, and you can see this green message that’s.

What you hoped for that page is mobile friendly done now. You have the confirmation that the website is mobile friendly. I’m relieved yeah me too. As a seo. Ninja it’s very good to see the websites are mobile, friendly and business owners are following the trend and they are making sure that their website looks modern and elegant.

So if the mobile friendly test throws a warning that says this page isn’t mobile friendly, what in your experience are some of the most common reasons for that page isn’t mobile friendly some of the common reasons.

I would say if you’re using if you’re using cms in cms like wordpress or shopify, there won’t, be any chance that your mobile, that your website is not mobile friendly. It will be mobile friendly. But if you’ve made your website from scratch, or using html or or just on your own.

Without using any built-in cms, there will be a possibility that your website is not mobile, friendly or you haven’t converted into a mobile-friendly website. So the reason will be that the text may be too small that it’s, difficult to read on mobile images.

Aren’t shrinking well enough to fit in mobile sizes, mobile size and and another common issues that i have noticed is um what businesses some businesses, what they do is um. They will have two different versions of website like uh for desktop.

They will have dot and for mobile. They will have This can cause a lot of technical complexities if they are not set properly, because we have to show google that this is one website, whether you open on any mobile any device.

This is a one website. These are not two websites, so i would always recommend avoiding that and just have one domain which is www dot, so um yeah always avoid that to avoid any technical complexity and and yeah.

So the common problems could be your text site size could be too small. It’s difficult to read on mobile and google. Will i mean this tool will throw up errors if the website is not mobile, friendly, uh, yeah text, size images or the menu is not accessible, so those kind of things will shown up as an error.

Cool tip two create solution, focused content. So why should people be creating solution, focused content, uh when people search they they have a problem. When you log on to google, you’re, pretty much looking to for the answer to something like some kind of problem that you have, whether that’s, you can’t get into your house.

You need an emergency locksmith or your washing machine started to smell a bit. You don ‘ T know why that is you’re? Looking for a quick cleaning solution, never had that problem. No, no, no, never! Never! Um yeah! Your customers are doing exactly that when they’re searching the web, they’re.

Looking for a solution, i mean, like you and i don’t log on and search for the news, because you already know the answer to what happens today. You’re, searching because your problem is that you don’t know what happened today.

You don’t know how much tesla the stock price has gone up or you know what happened in the last episode of rupaul’s drag race, or something like that. You want to find out the answer somebody a few years ago.

I know that the people at sem rush uh, i think they have a podcast or um a webinar series about the answer engine or answer engine optimization where people it’s. Essentially, google gives you the answers to everything.

So when thinking about content for your website, you have to think about what are the problems that your customers have um. They’re, not immediately looking for the solution, always there. Maybe it’s generally, like a question before the question.

So before i replace my boiler or looking for somebody to install a new boiler, my first question might be: why is my boiler not working, or why does my boiler uh? Why is the water from my boiler cold, or something like that? So your website should be no solutions and it comes from all the way through the sales funnel so the very beginning of that sales funnel is kind of the informational searches where people are looking for.

The most basic um answer to their problem like before with: why is my boiler running cold, or why does what does this light on the boiler mean? What does it mean they? They’re, not looking for your boiler installation service just yet.

They just want to figure out why they’re. They’re in the problem, the sticky situation they are and then there are latest uh solution based um searches like um boiler, installer or a boiler, installation quote or boiler options, or you know those.

Those kinds of answers also solve our solutions to those problems um, so your content needs to be mapped out against all of the possible queries that your customers have before they get. To that final question of how do i get your service, or how do i get your product? So if someone wants to start identifying what questions their audience are asking, how should they do this and are there any tools that might help them yeah? The first kind of first step i would take is to just think back to the last few customers that you’ve, had, if you’re in a position of having customers already.

This is not a new business um and just think back. Okay. What kind of questions did they ask that i may have the answer to or i’ve answered repeatedly like frequently asked questions i would then see.

Can i turn those frequently asked questions into uh, an faq on your website or into multiple pieces of content that would help your your target audience um. If you’re fortunate enough to work in a company with a sales team, speak to the sales team because they’ll frequently come up against these kinds of questions all the time.

But there are tools you can use as well. There’s, one called answer the public um. I believe that’s. Dot com um is really useful for finding out what kinds of questions people ask around certain queries uh.

So if you were to type in border installation, the queries that might come up are how much does boiler installation cost, um or um yeah that probably the first one that comes to mind if i was having a boiler installed anytime soon, um, but there are also Other tools out there there’s.

One called also asked as well, which is by market kander and uh. It takes all. The people also asked questions from google pause them allow for you to download um and it’s kind of like a a a tree of if you click on this question, it’ll open up these extra questions which are related, and You can very quickly find a whole bunch of questions um, which are commonly asked by people related to the questions you may already have.

So, if you have thought about the questions your customers have asked, and you ‘ Ve got a list of 10 type. Those 10 into – and they may give you another 4, 5 10 – that you can turn into content.

Ideas as well tip three create enough content to cover every problem. Your target has without spamming, hundreds of really short pieces so andy. Why is this so important? So if your customers have a problem – and you can solve it – which is the basis of your business – that’s – a potential sale um – you can’t rank for content.

You don’t have so. If you’ve not got content covering that problem, you can’t rank for it. You’re, not going to get that sale, um so creating that content allows you to rank in searches for the people that want your product and they’re, your customers.

So you need to get in front of them and we often talk at exposure ninja about different places that you can put content on your website. So what are some of the places that people might put this kind of um solution or problem solution? Focused content, so blogs can be really useful for that, because if people have got a problem and they’re looking for a solution, they’re, often looking for information, so blogs are really good at communicating information, but you can also you Can also rank with it on other types of content like service pages, you can explain a bit about why the service is beneficial, and that gives them the explanation as to how that service solves their problem and the benefits of getting service pages ranking.

Is they’re, more optimized for converting, which is lets? You get that sale from other people from those people so um? It will vary depending on exactly what the subject is to what the best, what the best position is.

Well, what you need to make sure is whatever angle you choose: it works for your user. It makes sense for the user. It’s in a logical place for the user, don’t cram in um some content about how service a help really helps solve the problem.

On service b’s, page doesn’t make sense. It’s, not useful for the user make sure it works for the user. It’s in a place where the user can easily find it and where they would realistically expect to find that if they were on your site.

So ask yourself if i was a user on my site and i was looking for a resolution to this problem. Where would i look, would i go to the blog? Would i go to the service pages? Would i go to an about page? Would i go where would you go on the site to look for it that’s almost always going to be the best place for you to put it on your site? So i’ve got to ask you for a kind of live example, because the thing that you said there about service pages is so important and it’s.

Also so easy for for listeners to miss one of the kind of problems or objections that people have. If we say you know, you need a good amount of content on, say you’re, an accountant, for example, and you ‘

Ve got a tax accounting paid and we’ll say you need to increase the amount of content on this page and you know they’ll, say: well: it’s really difficult to do that. I don’t want to just write endlessly about you know pointless stuff.

You can actually use this strategy to beef up that page and both improve its seo potential and also improve its conversion potential. So how can someone use this problem solution? Type approach on a page like, for example, a tax accounting page on an accountant’s website and so um.

One way that one common way of using it of way of aware um. Quite a few people use, it is um, so you can use case studies and if you put it sitting on a page and it’s, not a case study page and so, and you’d, want to be quite condensed in that You don’t want, you know, reams and reads of content explaining this case study, but you can use it in case study.

Explain we worked with so and so and we did this for them, and this helped them achieve this. So you there, you’re, explaining what problem they had and how your product or service whatever it may be resolve that problem for them.

You can build it into kind of the benefits. So what benefits does your product was your product or service provide that should be listed out on most places? We’ll have that list out on products and service pages anyway, because it encourages people to buy, but just think about the way you’re.

Writing that make sure, as well as explaining the benefits, is explain what problem it solves as well, because solving a problem is a benefit it’s. It’s. Well, even if that solving a problem is just removing a negative and isn’t, actually a positive in itself still removing that negative is a benefit and people will be looking for that because they’re experiencing that negative and they want To remove it themselves, so all these things so um yeah, the the main ways are explaining through benefits of the product or case the mini case.

Studies are the most common ways: it’s done. So what is mailchimp doing so well on this page that you’re showing us so what they’re doing here, so you can see on this page. They’ve built all this content together into a help section.

You can see in the url it’s, help, so this page in itself, isn’t doing so much, but it demonstrates because it shows you all these pages that they ‘ Ve got all linked through that all providing these benefits and problems that their audience their potential customers might be having and how mailchimp helps with that and how it can improve these things forms they’ve got popular guides and tutorials uh helped by topics.

So you ‘ Ve got all these different topics. You can see there’s. Absolutely loads of them get help from an expert for the questions and all these then go through to further sections. So this is obviously they ‘

Ve spent a lot of time building all this content and it’s a huge piece, but this really shows you just covering every possible objection or benefit or problem, or they can help with or solve or how they can help you.

It’s, just a huge amount of content. Now most businesses, aren’t, going to need this much content, but so this show really really demonstrates how it can be used effectively because they ‘ Ve built it into this huge massive section, which is a huge authority builder for them as well, so they ‘

Ve got all this information that’s, all really useful to their customers, which makes their site more attractive to things like google, which helps them rank better, as well as picking up all the searches for people with problems where this content answers.

That problem, and as as i’m looking through these um help topics, you might think oh yeah, but basically for those that aren’t aren’t watching this that are listening to it. It’s, a it’s, essentially the help section on mailchimp and they’ve, broken it down by different topic categories.

So we’ve got help about accounts, help about audiences help about automation, so different functionality and admin of the mailchimp platform. But really this isn’t just a help desk for mailchimp. Is it because i’m, seeing things like how to reach your audience during covert 19.

, so that’s? Actually uh? They’re, casting a fairly wide net there and that’s, something that anybody might be interested in whether or not they’re. Working with on the mailchimp platform, then they ‘

Ve also got a separate audience, which is people that are searching for a crm system or an email marketing system that has particular functionality. So, for example, uh google remarketing ad integration, so they’ve, got some posts about the functionality and how it works.

With these different platforms, and that would target the sort of phrases that people are looking for, a solution with particular characteristics or integrations, and then they’ve got the third audience, which is people who are using the platform who they want.

To give an answer to so they’re, not contacting mailchimp help, so it’s really, like you say they’re, just kind of sharing every possible problem that people would have with mailchimp or about email, marketing and just Trying to get as much out there as possible it’s, really comprehensive yeah.

So it’s really wide reaching covers loads, and by doing that, that means that they can appear for a lot of searches which it means they’re, getting their their site in search, results in front of a lot of potential customers.

So andy, what do people need to do first to get started with this? Okay, so the first thing you need to do to get started there with this is determine what you need to be writing about, which can seem a bit of a daunting task, but there’s loads of different angles.

You can take to start building all this up, so you need to just essentially create yourself a really massive list of potential content angles. Um. You can do that through brainstorming, so brainstorming works.

You know your business, you’re, going to know how it helps people look at competitors, see what they’re. Doing. Look at some of your competitors. Look at some of the top ranked sites for the core search terms that you want to appear for their rank top for a reason.

Um consider are there any questions that you regularly get asked from customers. Do you have a um, a live chat, feature or a customer support line? What kind of questions are they getting? Can you answer that in content on the site um, another useful resources are directly in google search, search for your core keyword and then look through the search results and look at the people also ask section and the related searches section, because they’ll.

Give you lots of content the people that searching for that? What that core keyword are also searching for, and you’ll, find a lot of question type keywords in there, which you can then start building content around once you ‘

Ve got your list. You then just need to prioritize it into okay. What’s, the most important? What’s, going to what’s, going to have the biggest and best benefit for my business? Getting this up and then just start working through it tip 4, find your page 2 content and improve it to move it onto the first page of google.

Okay. So it seems pretty obvious why people would want to get page two content onto page one. But why should this be a top focus for them? Why not just focus on creating new content or focusing in other areas? Instead, why should we be actually looking at the stuff that’s, not doing so well and putting more time and energy into that normally, because putting time and energy into creating new content can take a long time there’s, a research Phase and then the writing itself, and then there’s, checking against what other people are doing as well.

Am i going to have the most comprehensive piece uh, whereas with content you already have it’s already there and pretty much just needs to be given a shine and a buff, and is you know more likely to go up in in ranking sooner, Especially as it’s going to have some form of um, you know uh equity.

Already. If i’m having been in the search engine for a period of time, you know google loves fresh content, but it also likes content. That’s, that’s been around a while as well, because it’s. It’s more proven.

So if you can improve it, it may just be the the the extra shine that it needed to get onto the first page. So how do people find the stuff that’s on page two, which is worthwhile pushing onto page one? Well, if you already know which kind of questions your customers are asking, you can just type into google and see where you come up and then there you go.

You’ve already uh found your page two listings um, but another like super easy way. Is just to log into the google search console, so you can go in there and you can change the settings. So you can see impressions.

You can see the average position you can see, which pages are ranking on average higher than the 10th position. So anything. 11. 12 onwards, you want those between your 11 and 20 if on average um and see if you can budge those up the rankings by looking at okay.

For these pages, these four or five queries are earning impressions. Um, let’s, see if we can include those queries more within the piece or expand on those uh subjects that are covered in that as well and then see.

Okay, is this enough? Is it informative enough? Is it engaging enough as well, because you can also add in you know, images and media, which is another tip? I’ll, give you later um and make it more readable and more interesting, more likely to be not only ranked higher, but also maybe linked to as well, and presumably you could also check out the sites that are ranking page one already.

For those terms and see what you’d have to do to crush them into the ground mercy. Absolutely you can just look at the first 20 results, so those on the first page that are obviously ranking well and google likes, but also those around.

You are clearly well liked enough by google that google wants to bring them close enough to the first page. You can pretty much combine all of the best bits of all those first 20 pieces into your mega piece, your comprehensive piece and then that should get it at least onto the first page, if not onto the the top half of that first page as well, because It’s.

The best piece around tip five: do a content audit and remove or combine your poorest performing content, so ritu remove your poorest performing content. This feels a little bit counter-intuitive because for many business owners and marketing managers they’ve been told that more content equals better, and here we are saying, potentially remove some of that content, which we spent time writing.

So why would that be positive from an seo perspective um, i would say yes, more content the better, but i think we are forgetting here that forgetting one main thing, which is more quality content is better, so i think we are missing the the main thing, which Is the quality google? Is google or users uh? They are they want quality.

If we don’t provide quality content, then then it will come into our. It will work against us, so the best would be getting rid of those pages and there is something called crawl budget which is assigned to every website based on the size of the website.

So if i have let’s, say 10 pages, my crawl budget will be decided based on that by google, and i don’t want to waste that by getting my poor performing pages indexed in google, i have to make sure that Users and google are seeing only good pages that shows the quality of my business and quality of my knowledge, um, not the poor performing pages.

This will not help so having more pages will help, but just having good quality content on those pages. So how do we find, which are the best performing pages and which ones we need to be removing or combining or sprucing up a little bit? Yes uh? So for this i normally use tool screaming frog that is available for free as well.

You can crawl a website up to 500 pages. It’s, a very helpful tool, you just pop in your url and it crawls your whole website. That will tell you how many pages you have and what pages, what pages you have? What pages are connected? Because very often you will find some orphan pages that you may not have created intentionally, but they are lying there.

So that will be good for housekeeping as well good for housekeeping and making sure that you don’t, have any poor performing content lying around and the second tool i would use is a google search console.

Google search console will tell you which content is performing and which isn’t so and then that’s. How you use your google search console to find content which is performing and which is not performing so first, i’ll.

Show you how you can crawl your website to find any missing content that you may not have ever seen on your website. That is lying around and how you can crawl the website. So this is a screaming frog tool.

It’s, a desktop software uh, so you can just go to the screaming for website and download download it. And then you just pop in your website here and you click on start. It will crawl your website and it will start showing you what links you have attached to your website and if there are any orphan pages.

So the best thing i would do over here is over here. It says all so. I will just filter out to html, because we are looking for pages, not images or javascript files. So i’ll change it to html, and then you will see a lot of pages you might have to scroll through the whole list.

Just to you know see that if you’re familiar with all the pages and if there’s any page that you feel um was not created intentionally or just do a little bit of housekeeping, and i would recommend doing it like Every month, or so, if you are producing a lot of content and if you have a big website and then you hop on to page title and see if there are any issues with any of the page titles and on the right hand side, you will see This breakdown all missing, duplicate over 65 characters below 30 characters and so on.

So if you see anything in the missing that could be a quick win, you just go on to that content piece and just go and update the page title and like duplicate over here. We have lot of duplicate pages so again, good, very good for quick win, so you go to uh your podcast uh.

Sorry you go to this page and just go and update the page title, because we don’t want a duplicate, page title on any of the pages and over here we see this review from test by the look of the url. It seems like it.

This page was created for a test, but then we just left it. We have forgot to delete it. So again we want to go to this page and delete the page, because we don’t want google to index this page because it clearly looks like it’s an index.

It’s a test page. So we don’t want it to be to lie around so that’s, the sort of thing that people are looking for. Then it’s. These kind of erroneous pages that shouldn’t really be indexed. It’s, the hello world, blog post, it’s.

You know the the stuff that you’re, not necessarily proud of it’s, not linked in a menu things like that. Exactly that’s, that’s, a common problem. If you’re using built-in cms like wordpress by default, there will be a blog post, uh hello world, which you obviously don’t want to go, live with, so you just go to the post section and delete the hello world post Before it’s indexed in google, because you have to save your crawl budget for good good pages cool, so yeah yeah and then we i’ll, show you, google search console.

So the other method that you can use to find a good performing or poor performing pages is using your own google search console where you must have had your website verified. So i’m using again exposure, ninja search console, so you click on performance.

This is a performance section and you click on open report so over here you will see queries and then pages you click on pages. This is what you this is where you will see the uh pages list of pages and what i normally do.

You can sort the impressions in a order um in a descending order, and then you will see list of pages where you are not getting any impressions or you’re, not getting any clicks. There are different ways to do it, so you just sort them and then you find, for example, this page job head of website um development, remote working required, so we just go and have a look at the page.

Why is it not performing? Why is it? Is it not indexable or why is it not getting? Any impressions does not have any content. So clearly we see that this page redirected to another page jobs so that’s.

Okay, we can just leave that page, but that’s. How you just keep on scanning your list and find out, for example, this one is a good, could be a good example. It it’s, a training guide. It has only 59 impressions, let’s, see why why doesn & # 39? T it have any more impressions and why? What’s lacking when it’s, a training guide? What’s lacking in this content? Piece? It’s a by the looks of it.

It looks like a good content. It’s really long. It has images good content. So what could be missing here so that’s, the kind of housekeeping we should do with our content and see if there is a way to optimize it further to improve impressions and click.

Then i would do if i found an article where i would want to improve or optimize further. You click on it to see what’s happening or what queries it’s, getting the traffic from so far queries. You click on queries.

Then you will see only the queries that is driving traffic to this particular page. So these are the queries and then i will turn on my positions to see what positions are ranking. The reason i’m not getting any clicks because it’s way down the fold.

It’s on page three or page four of google. So normally you will not click on any link any further down. I think third result: i would never click on any result, so that’s, the reason it’s, not getting any clicks.

So can we improve the impressions which will can we improve the position of the website of this particular url, so that’s? How you will scram through your list, you’ll just go through your list and try to include these keywords.

In your uh in your article to optimize it further, and if you feel that this article is not relevant or the queries that is driving traffic to this particular article is not relevant your business. That will be the deciding factor for you, whether you want to keep this content or kill it, and by killing it you, you either redirect it to um to the to the next relevant page that’s, the best way to kill it.

So, whatever authority it has built so far, that is passed on to a relevant page tip six right for humans, not robots andy. What do you mean right for humans so right for people, so lots of people get caught up in googs.

We all know google crawls the internet with robots or bots um. They’re, these little pieces of code that go out and travel all around the internet to crawl all the different sites and understand what all the sites are about and what & #? 39 s on them, so google can rank them properly and um.

There was a fashion a few years ago, within seo and digital marketing of people writing for robots. So they’re. Trying to write to formulas and trying to write to. You may have heard tf idf analysis and all these other things they’re, trying to write to specific formulas and make sure words appear in certain ratios and so on.

One. It’s, a whole lot of work and two it doesn’t really work. So there’s, no point in using putting all that work in for something that doesn’t really doesn’t. Give you any benefit right for humans make sure your content is good for people not robots.

Don’t worry about the robots. You make it good for people. The robots will follow for one. Google is trying to emulate user experience as much as it can. Google’s. Prime directive is to serve the content that is best for that user, so that content is going to be best from a human perspective, not a robot perspective, so that’s.

What they’re trying to do they’re, not perfect at it by any means, but they are getting better um. They constantly get better and as well. You can write the best if you write content, let’s say you optimize your content completely for robots.

It was amazing for robots, they loved it, but the users don’t there’s no benefit to your business because the robots are going to love it. It’s, going to rank highly. The users are going to land on the site.

They’re, going to hate it. They’re, going to go and they’re, never going to come back, so you don’t, actually benefit anything in that situation, concentrate on making your site and your content good for people.

You make it good for people. One you’ll rank well, and the people will come to you. I want to add a caveat here there’s, another type of robot, which is equally pervasive and potentially dangerous, and that is the yoast seo green light traffic tool thing.

It’s, horrific because people think that if they get all the green lights, then there’s. Site is fully seod and if they have a red light, then the site, hasn’t been seo at all and they’re. Never gonna rank like what we’re talking about here is you know, google’s.

Robots are actually trying to emulate the human aren’t they so, whereas in 2012 the robots are really crude and they just look for the number of instances of a particular phrase. Things are a bit more sophisticated than that now.

So how do people balance andy between you know, making sure they’re using their target phrases and looking at things like keyword, density versus becoming too enslaved to these rules and regulations about what you should and shouldn’t write? Okay, so google’s, getting really really good at understanding language and how it’s used.

They’re, really really good at it. So keyword density, isn’t, so much of a factor anymore in terms of it used to be in the old days of seo, and we’re going back a few years now. It was a case of you needed to make sure your keyword, in its exact form, appeared on your page, a certain amount of times to have a hope of ranking, for it now pages rank for keywords that they don’t even use once on The page, but the content is about what that user is asking, so it’s all about intent rather than keywords, so the intent is well.

You’ve got to understand what is that user trying to achieve when they & # 39? Re searching for that term. Does your page meet that intent? Does it answer their need? If it does, then you’re, going to rank for it, whether you’ve, got that specific keyword or not most of the time.

If you’re answering their intent, you’re going to have to have, though you’re, going to have to have those keywords or very, very close, synonyms of them in there, because that’s. That’s just the way language works.

If you’re talking about a specific subject, you’re, almost certainly going to mention that specific subject in a certain way. So, most of the time it’s going to include, but the important part is the intent.

Does it meet the user & # 39? S needs that’s? What you need to be writing for not trying to force keywords in and make sure you’ve got. Your keyword appears once for every 100 words on the page or anything like that.

You need to make sure. Does this answer the you what the user wants it to and does it answer it in a good way and that’s when you guys rank and it’s important to recognize what you’re, not saying, is you Don’t need to think about keywords, because keywords are still the phrases that people use.

They’re, still the phrases that people have in their mind when they’re searching. But what we are saying is: well, you said it very eloquently at start right for humans, not robots, yeah, so yeah you’re.

Absolutely right. Keywords are still important. It’s, not that keywords have all gone out the window because keywords help you understand what are users looking for, but so you need to understand if they’re users, looking for um best divers watch, for example, then we know that Lots of users want that, so you need to provide you.

You need to provide content if you want to rank for that phrase, that explains them and tells them what the best divers watch is. It might not necessarily include the words best divers watch in that exact order, but you need to create content because that’s.

What they’re interested in you need to create the content that answers that for them and that’s quite straightforward, a straightforward keyword! It’s quite easy to understand what the user’s. Trying to achieve there they want to know what the best divers watch is um.

So that’s quite straightforward. But you need to answer that question in your content and then you will be able to rank for that term. Are there any tools that can help people make sure that their writing is human friendly, okay, so yeah? There are several tools you can use, so um hemingway is really useful tool and it can evaluate written content.

Tell you how easy it is to read. Uh hemingway is the main one that i’m familiar with. I’m sure there are others out there, but it will can evaluate your content. Tell you how easy it is to read. Tell you how well it’s.

Written um, as well as doing the standards of work processing things like highlighting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, so that’s really useful grammarly also can be uh very useful. I use that i regularly rely on grammarly to sound more intelligent than i am so there are your first six organic traffic tips hope you found them useful.

Don’t. Forget there’s, six more coming in a future episode, so make sure you’re, subscribed to the podcast and our youtube channel. So you don’t miss those also don’t forget to request your free website, um digital marketing, review from exposure ninja.

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It’s completely free there’s, no obligation anything like that. So go to to request your free review today.

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