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7 Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers (2021)


What’S going on every one Attan here from and in today’s video I’m gon na share with you seven of the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketers in 2020 and beyond. All you have to do is stay with me, but first, if you own you around make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and make sure you also hit that notification bell, so you can be notified every time. I upload a new video about . Related tips, make money online work from home opportunities and a lot more Alright traffic.


This is probably one of the most important topics, because if you don’t have any traffic, how can you get sales to your affiliate, marketing offers or actually no matter what kind of a business you’re involved in no matter? If it is on an offline, I mean we all need traffic to our businesses and that’s why I wanted to share with you seven of the best traffic sources here today, especially for , now keep in mind. I would before we get started here. I’M gon na share some tips, some insights, so you need to pay attention and watch the whole video. So you don’t miss out on any important information regarding these traffic sources.


Keep in mind also that I do recommend you to have your own presence with a domain and hosting I’m going to talk about this a little bit later, so you can drive your traffic and build, of course, an email list, I’m all about in my list. Building – and I think you should do that too, because when you build an is at least I’m sorry, you have the phrase the money’s in the list and the same goes for any kind of affiliate marketing that you’re going to be involved in alright. We’Re going to cover a lot of stuff in this video here, so without further ado. Let’S get started. The first thing that we can get started with is ’s blogspot or blogger com.


You will be redirected to the exact same page, I’m already logged in here, and this is a free platform where you can blog. You share your video and you can actually straight to affiliate offers. Also now, in my case here, I actually just share my videos, so I don’t write any blogs here and I want to particularly to my YouTube videos. So that is what I’m doing, but you can do the exact same thing, because since google loves google, as we all know, it will help you to rank faster. Now it doesn’t work like that.


You’Re going to just do one blog and then just sit and wait and get tons of traffic. You do need, of course, to upload blogs on a regular basis. I mean i have, for example, of well over 300 posts here just on this blogspot here. So it is super important, not all will get ranked, but i could actually go into detail here and get started, but you need to focus on longtail keywords in the beginning. So a quick example is: don’t go for weight loss but how to lose weight fast.


In 2020, for example, that is a long tail keyword. Okay, just to give you a quick example here, so focus on these kind of words and, of course, write a longer article. You know how it works, since you probably have wrote articles, but blogger is definitely a great platform to get started with to focus on that. The second one and which i consider is should be number one. Priority is actually youtube also, and if you ask me why it is really simple, because YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine.


So people come here actually the search for no matter what it is, how they lose weight, for example, how to make money online. Just to give you two quick ideas, but I think more or less. You can find anything that you’re searching for here on YouTube and the cool thing with YouTube here is that if you’re going to get some good response on a video some views, then it will probably also be shown in Google. So you get two for one. There keep that in mind.


That’S why I think you should consider to start with a youtube channel if you haven’t already and if you are afraid to be shown in the camera. Just like I am right now you can get started without showing your face. You can just talk and show some slides, so there is a solution to that. So don’t limit yourself that you need to be behind the camera, but definitely get started with YouTube because you can get tons of traffic. Alright, let’s move on to the third one here, and that is twitter.


Twitter is also actually very popular platform as well, and you can search for whatever you want here. Okay, so you can search via hashtags, for example. You can say here make money online just to give you a quick example. We have five hundred and ninety tweets in the last hour, and basically I also here for my. I am tips Twitter account that I have.


I do post my YouTube videos, so you can see this is the latest one that I uploaded recently here. Ten easy online jobs that pay through PayPal fast and then I’m taking advantage of the hashtags here. So let’s say, for example, easy online jobs earn money online. So you can see here earn money online okay, so you can see that if I type this I’m going to get tons of results – and all you have to do – is actually more or less you can go ahead and scroll down and see if there is something That interests us, you can actually reply to that. If someone asks for something it could be like, how can I earn money online fast or something like that, then I can just go in there and reply and say hey.


I have actually tested this. Let’S say that there is an affiliate offer and then I can of course say if you are interested, let me know, and I can send you a link to it and you can send a link to it. So that is a great way to work on. It. Also, but another cool way is I’m going to talk about this a little bit later here you can actually from Twitter to your blogspot.


So let’s say that you have created an article here. You can actually promote that here. It will help and it will help, of course, in the search engine of the in the search engines. Also, so we’re talking about search engine optimization here so Twitter definitely is something that you should consider to have in your traffic marketing mix. In my opinion, all this seven, I’m sharing with you.


I think that you should use them as often as possible and do a combination promote from one platform to another. Also keep that in mind. Ok, let’s move on to another very hot traffic source right now, and that is Pinterest, so Pinterest is definitely super hot and you can get a viral. You can get a viral pin here, but people are actually searching here also, so a quick example would be let let’s go for weight loss, for example, tips. Ok, so people come here, the search for weight, loss tips and then you can see here that there are different pins.


Ok, so let’s say that I want to check this out and then they you can drive traffic. Of course. Here we can see that it is targeted to a site sign sheets. I don’t know what this is, but this is probably a blog there you see, so there is one way that you can do it. Of course you can drive traffic straight to your affiliate, offer.


Also, if you want to but as I said, I do recommend that you do it to a landing page, and let me just open my blog here to show you a landing page. So a landing page could be something like this. For example, there you go. So you say this is an exit page, for example, before you leave blah blah blah. What I want is in exchange for my free report, your email address, because then you can of course promote to that subscriber again and again.


So that is why it’s so important. So I would focus actually to drive all traffic to this or, of course, to my own blog, ok, because you’re in control of your email list, you’re in control of your blog that you host on your own domain. Keep that in mind. So it’s all good with all kind of free traffic, but this is something that you’re in control of no matter what’s going to happen. Okay, let’s move on to something else here, so we have wordpress.


om. This is WordPress free platform, and actually I notice that I’m going. I’M getting without any effort at all. I only share my videos here. Also, I get the pretty good response here.


Actually, so definitely this is another great platform. What you can do here also is you can take your radical that you wrote on blogspot, rewrite it a little bit and upload it here also to get even more traffic. Keep in mind, as I said, have your call to action there to your squeeze page. Your opt-in, page or whatever it is that you’re going to drive traffic to so wordpress

Com, definitely a great platform that you can get really high, ranked articles also to get some cool free traffic there all right. Let’S move on to another platform, and that is Facebook.


Facebook. You can do promotion on many ways. You can either promote on your own wall or you can go into groups, so I’m actually going to share with you here a quick idea by just going to groups. You can see I’m in the group here, I’m taking make money online niche and here is 86,000 members online. So this is a great way to find that you can promote.


You need to find, of course, that ways to promote here. Okay, you can see that there is tons of promotions, so you need to find your way to promote here. In my opinion, I think that you should do something like this, but you should also tell them here that for more information, click below just tell me in the section below here. So in the comments section, I don’t know what it could be actually money, for example. So type money, and then you will reply back to them with a private message.


You will have a better response and also Facebook will actually look better. So they don’t ban your account, sir, but this is a great way also to get some freight traffic. So don’t forget it and finally, something totally new more or less. I have actually recently started with a tick tock and you can see here. I do have only 112 followers at the moment, but I haven’t, I think, it’s probably less than a month and I got started to post here.


But if you see here, I can get some serious traffic look at this and this was posted two days ago and I have thousand and thirty views three thousand views, two thousand years, so I seen a lot of people. It’S not only for kids. Actually, a lot of people in a lot of niches. They are involved here on tick, tock and, of course, what you do is you’re you tell you will have to set your profile when you set your profile. You will, of course, set your YouTube channel or Instagram.


That is, in my opinion, the best way and make sure you have a call to action. I always have a call to action in all these videos here, so I always tell them to go to my YouTube channel and check out that video don’t forget to Like subscribe and so on there. So that is super nice and important too, but I think that this is probably one of the hottest traffic sources right now. I seen some crazy viral momentum here on some people. They are getting actually with tick tock, so there you have it and, as I said in the beginning, I think that you should focus on actually use all these traffic sources make sure you link, so we use tick tock to link to YouTube Pinterest Twitter to, for Example, tweet for your Pinterest or whatever it’s going to be, and vice versa or use it wait for your WordPress com.


So you need to do a combination actually to get some results. It requires, as I said in the beginning, some work, but it can definitely be a rewarder in the long run, because then, when you start to get some serious traffic, it run on autopilot alright. So here we come with a bonus traffic and it is actually. I was almost about to forget about this traffic source. It is super important, doesn’t work on all nature’s, but it’s still one of the most important traffic sources to focus on even in 2020 and beyond, and is of course Instagram.


So you can see here. I am at Instagram and I actually don’t use it so much to be honest, it’s more for personal pictures and stuff like that, but you can see here that we can take advantage of some hashtags. So if I just type make money online, you can see that there is over three million posts here, so definitely something to focus on as well. I think what do what does very well is to create this kind of motivational and inspirational pics with some texts beyond there. So if I type motivational here motivational, let me see your quotes there you go.


You can say that there is twenty four million posts. This is very popular, and this could be a good niche to focus on what you need to do is create tons of these, have them there and post on a regular basis and, of course, you’re going to focus on chasing people. That wants to follow you and, of course, they’re going to follow you and you’re going to start to get some traffic, and then you can create your link on your profile there, just like I have here on my you see, I’m not active actually so much here. Now, with Instagram you’re actually allowed to have one link in your bio only, but you can use something like I have here like link tree and when you open it up in a new tab like I have right now, you can see that I have four. You can actually add more links if you want to here that goes to the different channels, a or whatever you want to so there you have it about the 7 in 2020 and beyond.


Now, if you get some value here, I really appreciate if you smash that, like button below, if you’re interested in making a full I’m passive income online, build a long-term, real, sustainable . I highly recommend you to check out my number one recommendation right here below this video make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel, both my youtube channels, actually that you’re going to see at the end screen here both are related to make money online work from home Opportunities and a lot more make sure you also hit that notification bellow, so you can be notified every time. I upload a new video and you’re going to see another video recommendation also at the end screen here. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. You


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