Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store

7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store

Hi there today, I’m going to share with you seven tips to drive traffic to your tip 1 first, I’ve suggest the best thing to do is create a blog, there’s two reasons for this: if you create relevant content, this will a position you as an Influencer and B, it will also generate organic traffic through search engine optimization over time, tip 2 join in in forums and groups. This is a great way to find the community who you are ultimately going to sell to and again position yourself as an influencer.

An example is that, if you’re selling baby products, you want to find the mother groups on or forums, and you want to be involved – you don’t necessarily want to sell your product directly to them. But if you find that mothers are asking about recipes for their babies where they can buying you clothes, where you know weekend activities, you want to be the first person to answer those questions and help the mothers out tip 3. I suggest getting some press.

The best way to get press is to build a relationship with journalists or a blogger, say, for example, let’s go back to selling baby products. You want to reach out to journalists who write on similar topics. You want to make friends of them via Twitter, find out what they’ve written about and then give them a couple of points about your product and why you’re different? If you are on top of the journalists mind at all times, they will come to you first when they’re writing a piece related to your topic. Tip number four: send your sample product to influences!

You want to find on Instagram that have over 20,000 followers and you want to send them your product. You can use hashtags to find these people, and most accounts will have an email address that you can contact them on. You can go through their account and see if they’ve previously posted products, then you know that they’re open to posting products. You want to make sure that their follower is your potential customer and it’s a great way to get organic. Reach quickly.

Tip number five get a Pinterest account and start pinning. Pinterest is a great way to drive organic traffic to your . You don’t just want to pin your product photos. You also want to pin in contacts photos. These can be from influences.

These can be from magazines or other sites that you found online of images that you love and, ultimately your users will love. You basically want to create backlinks to your , so it links directly to the product, but also use your blog and the photos from your blog linking on your Pinterest account as well tip number six build a referral program. This I mean I can’t stress enough that your customers are ultimately your biggest fans and is so much easier to gain a new customer or new traffic. By having someone else refer you, if you’re starting out, you could just ask your family and friends to refer people that they know. But if you do have existing customers, email them ask them if they’re happy and if they would be more than happy to refer.

Someone else this is the best way to build some organic traffic for your business and there’s nothing better than having existing customers refer new customers to you once they refer someone, you basically want to give them both a reward. You could give them a discount or a free sample for becoming a new customer, but also make sure your if you give a discount or a sample to the person who referred them tip number seven. This isn’t necessarily about getting organic traffic, but it’s about retaining it. It is critical that you build an email list, I know a ton of ecommerce business owners and they hate emailing people. This can be your biggest form of getting returning traffic, but also biggest form of revenue.

So what you want to do is include a popup on your . Again people don’t like pop-ups, they think it’s it’s annoying, but I can guarantee you that you will be collecting emails every single day. Once people put in these emails into your pop-up box, you basically want to email them once a week minimum with the latest news that you have. The news does not have to be about the you’re selling. It needs to be relevant content.

You can ask them to follow you on . You can tell them about your latest that you’ve written or you can share something useful, so they can benefit from it. You’Ll find that having an email list will drive a lot of traffic back to your site. It will also drive the people who visited your site. You know a few weeks ago back to your site and hopefully to purchase.

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