Get More Traffic increase website traffic 8 Core Marketing Analytics You MUST Know to Increase Traffic Online

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8 Core Marketing Analytics You MUST Know to Increase Traffic Online

Don’t know what you Don’t know that this statement is no more true than ever when it comes to increasing and building your website traffic Running a successful online business is wasting you a ton of time and money Because of these eight basic things, I’m going to teach You, my name is Benson Tsung and today I’m going to share with you the top eight marketing analytics. You need to know Order to increase your website traffic and build a successful online business. At the end of this video I’ll give you the exact pas, matrix and frameworks that I use when trying to understand the core numbers. It takes: Increase your website’s online traffic and build a successful business. Don’t let the numbers surprise you?

I will share clarity and security with you so that you know the exact numbers you need to know in order to be successful, But that will now be at the end of this video. Let me walk you through the process of increasing your online traffic and building a successful business, Knows the core metrics so as not to be overwhelmed by all of these numbers, because you can build insane By looking at all of this. Even for myself.

I Don’t look at all of the serve metrics. I just look at the key points that are important and I ask myself questions like this that want you to understand how much it costs For your organic traffic That lands on your side.

How much does it cost? You to have someone reach out to your website from a digital advertisement when you are doing a digital advertisement And how much does it cost you, and why does it work because the audience you are targeting is it
Because of the copy that is on your website, it’s because of the copy on the ad, it’s specific because of the social. The platform you are using is that certain traffic sources work very well, and certain traffic sources do not We. What we want to do want to identify that, and we want to understand why that is really the most important thing. Would you like to know why certain traffic sources work early on?

Well, we want to understand the reason so that we can reinforce What works And then cut down on what doesn’t work and what I’ll share with you are the metrics that will help us make the decision Which traffic sources should we increase, and what not to do With them, based on eight core variables and eleven other numbers that are all we need to know based on these, things will allow us to determine Or the success of getting more traffic to your website. First, Let’s look at the PAS matrix that I designed so that I can get clarity about the numbers and not overwhelm myself. Let’S take a look at the PAS matrix. If you can see the PAS matrix on the screen, You can see on the screen that we are focused on understanding.

Why we, I always want to understand the reason for our sources of traffic.

Why do you play well? Why do you play
Well, the second factor We want to identify who is What are each audience segment from which the traffic source is coming from, Which target groups are we targeting through organic traffic and also referral traffic and, at the same time, digital advertising Traffic on Different Social Platforms? The third factor that we want to identify is churn. How often do people come from this traffic source Jump from our website and also from time to time? We want to make sure we are getting quality traffic, not just traffic, to increase the numbers, But we want to make sure that the people who go to our website are They stay on our website and they are involved for a long time and they keep coming Back The next thing we want to look at is how much of that traffic is actually being converted into leads We’re not going to talk in depth about leads today, But we just want to focus on the traffic source and on our website.

How many of these are actually converted into traffic? Keep that in mind and we’ll focus on that in the next few videos, After that, let’s look at the milestone ROI. After looking at the traffic flow and source of Everything that happens on your website when they appear on your homepage, They go to your arches page or shopping page or some type of product page Or whatever conversion page. You set up The traffic source that lands on this page is reaching the goal you have set for this traffic source. How deep do they go to your website?

That is the milestone. Roi is the next thing in the sequence. What do you buy in which case in which order and in which order? What are the most common Paths and journeys your target audience will take when they land on your website? For example, they go to your home page and then they go to the About page and then they go to the Contact.

Us page Go to the product, page

In which order do the pages expire, we want to identify that so that we will be able to find the right sequence of Pages you will see on our website is the next thing we want to understand when When and what time do they go? To this page, because it will be important to see yours
Vr8 of the audience at different times, and at different times We can identify all of these numbers through Google Analytics the last one is when we use digital advertising. Even if we use referral traffic, do we get a free website to drive traffic to our website or they say how much does it cost? How much does the traffic source cost and is it worth it to us? Well, if we put all these 8 core variables and a Pas matrix together, We can see and gain absolute clarity about any traffic source That goes on our website, based on these 8 things, if all of those eight things are solid, We want to identify the top Three sources of traffic and amplify them now, for example, those that are not working well, Let’s say we Don’t understand why we Don’t know who it is.

We Don’t know when to get off, We Don’t know how effective it is. We Don’t know if they’ll hit our milestone. We Don’t know the order that we Don’t know when they go to the page, And we Don’t know how much it will cost you. If you lack clarity about these things, it will cost your business a lot of time and money. This is what these eight key points give you clarity, because we first identify these things with Google Analytics.

Putting someone on your team can give you the absolute knowledge you need to reinforce it. What works?
And reduce what isn’t working the first core metrics we want to focus on if we are to build effective traffic. The new or returning visitors to your website are checked for your website. We want to know how many new users are visiting your website and how many are actually returning visitors.

What we want to see is that we want to make sure we’re not just getting a lot of new traffic, But I want to make sure a lot of this new traffic

There is a lot of returning traffic That comes back, which means, for example, when a hundred people visit your page. This is new traffic landing on your homepage. For the first time We want to make sure we take a closer look at Google Analytics and I’ll walk. You through exactly how to do this in Google Analytics, For example, you will see 50 people came back and they are. We keep focusing on increasing the returning and returning traffic That comes on the side.

We want people to keep coming back and valuing your website. We Don’t just want to increase new traffic And we have a very small amount that keeps coming back, which shows that something is wrong with the website. That is why it is so important that we can identify that specific metric and increase it if we cannot identify it. If we Don’t know what we Don’t know, then how can we expect to increase that The quality of the traffic on our website is the next core metric we want to see? Is we want to see how long They spend when they land on your website?

When someone walks on your website – And they go to the homepage and land on their average session length,

So it is said, it’s basically how long they stay on your website as a new visitor and as a Returning visitor. What you will find is that returning visitors will be there for a much longer time Because they are not for the first time. They do not know that they are not brand new, because new traffic usually happens to your website. They are just checking you out.
You know they have questions on their mind.

They think this business is right. For me, This is the first time they have found out about you, so they lack confidence in your business. They lack the knowledge, They also Don’t know if they like your business or not, they Don’t know if you resonate with them, They Don’t know if you have the same values or not Because of this new visitors want to be able to track the average session duration. How long does it take for a new person to join your company? How long do they stay on your website?

Usually it’s very low and that’s what we want to do is we want to increase the amount of time someone is spending on you Website from them. Add value for answering their questions When addressing their doubts and objections to increase this time. Let’S say someone is on your site for an average of a minute. How do we do this woman in 30 seconds?
How do we do that?

Two minutes, three minutes, four minutes: five minutes or even ten minutes on your website. How can we reduce why they are leaving the site? Why are people jumping off the page? Why do they fall off? We want to find out why?

Because if we Don’t know, we will just have a lot Short times when people visit the site and they go Immediately after a minute. It means something is wrong, so I want to focus on breaking it down And we can’t break it, But you what works and what doesn’t and express them when we Don’t know the average Session time part of the visitors for new and the returning visitors. The next thing we want to identify is the order of the pages between new visitors and Returning visitors. So when someone goes to your site, what we want to make sure is that if they keep going, they Don’t just Land on the home page and leave them. We want to make sure they run on your home page.

They move on to your bio, Slash across page to find out more about your business. What you stand for what your story is about your business. How was your company founded? What is the background for your company in order to establish our emotional connection with the target group?
I just landed on your side.

We want to make sure that when you land on the website, you visit different pages, because there are a lot of doubts. There are a lot of questions that your target audience, especially as a new visitor has. So we want to make sure they go on the Bio-Eval page.

They go to your content, blog pages. You pick up your guides with your videos.

Your blog publishes all of these different things that you have made available To help you answer the questions to help them solve the problems they want to solve once you’re on your website And achieve the results they want to achieve and want to achieve. At the same time, They go to your product or service pages, to learn more about how you can help them. What are your services, What are the Products that you can sell to them and that they want to buy adding more value to them? At the same time, On your community page, they can learn more about the people. You helped make their lives better.

You go there, you see the testimonials, they read the Testimonials that you want to make sure you can see when someone lands on your website. Your journey is the yellow, brick road you made them out for them to get in. The eye is a lot Clear to you and to them at the same time, so you want to make sure they appear on one page on your home page. This is usually the most common page when you first land and Then they go to several different pages. On your website that are of great value that are engaging, This gives them added value and lets them stay on the side, But at the same time they go through and travel the journey and they enjoy.

That is the most important thing. Why do we want to recognize the order of the pages
Bounce rate, like I mentioned before, and you heard about it – Are these the people who will go to your side and then they will leave right away. So it is related to the average time and session length of someone who is on your website. At the same time as we would like, Do you identify how many out of 100 people land on a given page? This is your homepage.

What is the most visited page, how many people leave once they land on this page Within the first ten to fifteen seconds? You will find that common websites have a very high bounce rate of thirty to fifty percent For every 100 people who step aside 30 to 50 people immediately leave Within ten to fifteen seconds. We want to make sure people take the side. They are resonating with the copy of the visuals, the message that you have right on this page: It’s just the right audience and the same time when these things take effect, We should lower the bounce rate people have on this site. Those are the factors influencing it and we want to make sure once we identify the bounce rate, We keep lowering it 10 % 20 %, 30 %, We’ll ideally lower this bounce rate to the lowest possible amount and the way you do that will be identified.

Why are people there because of the pictures, because of the copy rate Is that on your website?
It is headlines because of the visuals. It is because of the target audience that you are driving on the website Somewhere. We have to part to make sure we identify, Because once we have identified ourselves, we can start reducing your bounce rate, I’ll touch on one of the key factors we want to focus on later in order to grow the website, Traffic is Understanding. What Are the Sources of Traffic?

Do you land on your website, English,, /, english, /, France,

Ietvertraege, Where do we get the traffic from Google Website or product or service, and they click on your page on page 1 or page 2?

Whichever page You are on google, This is search traffic
The next is a referral traffic, Which is really one of the most important that we want to identify, because there are people on social media. There are people, Everyone else, connecting the traffic to your website. It could be social media, It could be digital advertising that someone else’s free website could use. Maybe you smoke on a podcast, Maybe you smoke on a video series, or maybe someone interviewed you and they are sending traffic. There are people out there who want to find out more about you what we want to do to break the traffic and the unidentified The main sources of traffic, and then, let’s look at all of the other core metrics.

I just discussed with you What referral source traffic is your website running? They stay there and interact with your content. You go through several different pages And they may even eventually convert to a lead or even a product or service of yours that we want to identify. We can strengthen this

What works and we can produce What doesn’t even work. We know the sources of traffic, then we can be able to reinforce that the sources of remittance come from the social sphere.

This comes from free websites. We want to make sure we know what they’re really doing. Well then, we know that Facebook and YouTube are the two social channels. This offers you the highest quality of data traffic. We want to find out.

Why are Facebook and YouTube As good as they are as traffic sources? It is a specific video that you have on YouTube. What is the one core that we want to split up?
Step by step by step, We know the main reason why and if we identify it, it’s a video on YouTube and then two to three posts on Facebook That is performance.

Good, We will focus on using this video We’re going to get more people in so we can get more traffic to your site, Thats quality traffic and the same thing on Facebook.

We are increasing these two to three contributions That works very well with the Facebook Ads platform for the whole audience to warm up our dances, And then we focus on driving so much more quality traffic and we start doing less of Twitter in this example. This is why, once we have an overview and understand it, it is so important to understand the sources of the traffic. What works really well, we can do more, and then we can do less of what generates the poor quality traffic. So it’s not just about that. Thousands or hundreds of thousands of visitors are not surprised, But who is going to tell you that it is all about the quality of the traffic.

You would have a lot less traffic That stays on the page that deals with you who visit multiple pages Turn yourself into a lead, buy products and services from you, tens of thousands 100,000 people that ricochet They Don’t stay on the site for long. They visit two to three pages on average And they Don’t convert into a lead or buy a product or service from you. Don’t use vanity metrics on how big they should be Focus on quality, and that starts with identifying our traffic sources. These are the core metrics. You would want to know in order to increase your website traffic online and build a successful business.

English www.mjfriendship
De/En/Index.Php op …

39 & Itemid=32, One of the biggest mistakes businesses make online, is focusing on traffic. All they want is that they want hundreds of thousands of mils to drive traffic to their website, But they’re, not focusing on optimizing the quality of that traffic. Now Those are the ones you want to optimize for traffic sources overall, but if you are doing digital advertising, There are three core metrics you want to add in addition to the first one that you want to look at The click-through rate, when you run an ad That leads to a piece of content That is on your website or video with Facebook or whatever ad platform. Linkedin YouTube Twitter. All These things, you will be able to give you a metric called D.

Click for me, it basically means the The percentage of people who see this ad, how many people click on it and are directed to your website. That’S what I want to identify. We want to make sure this ad and it’s different Variables for your ad heading to copy the image or video used in the ad, but for now, For example, suppose you want to optimize for a high click rate in order to reach as many users as possible. Take a look at the ad and find it on your website, And then we apply the four to five readings. I just shared with you.

That’S the first thing you have to click through because you are paying money for it. There will be a cost to a click. The cost per click basically means. How much does it cost you to get a click You log into your website. I want to make sure the cost per click is low.

I want to make sure it’s a low click. We get a handsome amount of the cost per click when someone clicks the website, so we can scale your traffic Because we Don’t want to spend $ 5 to get a cost per click of the land on your website, Especially if it’s a content, amplification campaign, which Means you’re, basically using the top performing content. You run ads to get more content and more visitors to your website and to build that audience. That’S one of the most important things about this price per click.

The next thing we want to focus on is that we want it Understand what is the sequence and timeline when you enter this land from these sources on the site?

I want to make sure that when someone is spending money on advertising on the site, That happened they go to the website and then they stay on the website for a long time. So what is the point? For example, Let’s say you have a high click-through rate and you have a low cost per click.

That means the ad performance is good, But you find out when someone takes your side, You leave within the first twenty to thirty seconds. That’S bad!

It means we didn’t do something right For this ad, the P-People who were targeting and one of the most important variables for that, especially in digital advertising, is your audience. Who is the audience we are targeting and I’ll get into having one of the core variables in a bit? The increase in website traffic is the target audience that you focus on through the website and all visitors That boils down to your end, based on your ideal audience, persona Avatar that you created, and that also uses digital advertising at the same time Or when building the Referral sources of other websites that point you do you want to make sure it is correct Viewers who land on your website and your website at the same time Want to make sure that the messaging on your website is the copywriting the headlines of the visuals Match And they agree with your audience that you want to make sure they work together. That’S the most important

The audience you find is the deciding factor in how you can grow it Time. On-Site reduces the bounce rate, increases the number of pages they visit and increases interaction, Increase conversion and leads to increase in sales.

It all starts with the foundation of your target audience. So you see how to increase your website traffic online and build statistical businesses with the existing traffic sources Identifies that it is not a complex process. It’S no secret to increase your traffic right now. You know what to do, and you know what is not working. These are the most important things that increase when the traffic is just about asking themselves.

The critical questions Based on the core analyzes we know about your website, And it is all All you have just learned – is all of the metrics you need to know. There are no more metrics to focus on Other things, leave it up to your team to leave it to the data people who really want to go into it, because you can leave crazy about analytics. But as long as you know, those top line numbers that you know your focus is on improving and tweaking these things, That’s the biggest difference when it comes to increasing your website traffic online right now, Let’s look at the PAS matrix and core metrics. I just went through to increase the website’s online traffic Applied in the real world, we’re now looking for the new Google Analytics dashboard that was recently updated, and what is it interesting for? You can see that this is actually much closer to the PAS matrix and they expanded it to suit.

So you Don’t have to see an overwhelming amount of numbers and Information that you can look at looks at the core metrics that matter to your business. With this, it just got easier and you just have to install the code on Google Analytics on your website or Even if you are using a plug-in for using WordPress or any other hosting platform that you use for your website. You can easily add Google Analytics to your website Once you’ve signed in to Google Analytics you’ll be able to see all of these metrics right away. It is Very simple and easy to be able to plug and play in your business. It gives you an overview of all the different things that are going on.

We will deal with it now.

The first thing we’ll see on Google Analytics is the users. This is a number of people that visit your website and that we are currently looking for the overview of it. It’S a brand new website, so you can see it’s not hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors, It’s just starting at 200, and it’s growing and growing. So the next thing you can see here is the sessions the sessions are essential.

Google believes that a session with someone visits your website and stays there for a period of time, not just in the The first 10, 15 or 20. Second, bounce rate is how you walk on the website within that first 10 15 seconds, And then they just walk away. So you Don’t actually consider a meeting or visit or consider it a visit. But it is not a session and it will next bounce off a session duration. Essentially how long, If you land on your website at the beginning, does anyone stay on your site?

Essentially how often, when someone goes to the meeting
Divided by the number of total, So you can see that you want to increase all of these numbers. Bounce rate aside: you want the bounce rate to go down, so you can see it is 106 percent. Lower 22 % have an average session duration of 10.2 %. So that’s not a good thing.

What we want to do is always increase the length of time that someone stays on the site. We want to decrease the bounce rate, and then we want to increase the number of sessions that users increase. These are just a few graphics to illustrate this. Well. That thing on the right is just special to see if you want to see a real-time metric right now, It’s zero

This is a brand new website.

So if you hit the floor, You can see that there are referral sources out there, telling you the source medium. Where does the traffic coming from you come from? It tells you which traffic channels you see for all traffic. For example, your website Is getting traffic from YouTube. It will get traffic from Social for Facebook for Instagram What kinds of posts are coming from?

Another website you’ve spoken on or blog about all of these different things.
They will show you, How do you get users? Where is your traffic coming from At the bottom? You will even be told how your active users are changing over time. How many people come back to your website?

Is It Consistent To Lose Every Single Day Every Week? Every Month,
What is the difference between each individual time range for the number of visitors over time? This basically just says how well are you doing to keep visitors to your website? You know one of the most important things.

I mentioned that when someone visits your site, There are many people, Let’s say a hundred thousand and eight visitors, and then they won’t come back.

This is terrible. This is extremely bad. That means there is something wrong with the website and Something is wrong with messaging and we want to identify that because we want what we want: Quality Visitors, Quality meetings and follow the audience visiting your website and they stay there over and over again. So this thing is showing you how well you’re keeping the site up over a month and a half, But essentially week five. As far as we can give you a list, And it shows you how to use those blocks for simple visual data types.

And the next thing you see when your users visit It shows you the time range. It shows you the country. Now We will only say about the country unless you are based on a thermal land Or you are based in Europe or some or India or whatever. You want to make sure that you are not getting traffic from that specific one Place where you live, so you can see. We are basically getting traffic from Canada, United States There.

We want to get traffic from what you will notice. This is an important point. Is that sometimes you will see traffic from India, Third World Country, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, unless your base? They are your base in the USA or Canada For the most part, when you watch this video, You want to make sure that the traffic is coming from these places. All travel is coming from the other locations which are in a different one.

Countries that do not speak the same language are usually spam traffic. If you are not your subject or the audience, do you go for it in these countries? Then you can filter these out and consider them to be more spam traffic, Fake traffic on all pages that is always being faked now or some kind of pound store where you can see, I’m getting some pain, Some rush or something with the section on this website. So we’re going to filter these out, The only ones we want to focus on is right: Europe, Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, English speaking countries. We are targeting For that specific website and then desktop tells you Visitor versus cell phone now on the left.

What we can see is that it is there Audience acquisition and behavior, And what these do you can see when you open it breaks it down even further, for you, two showing you active users Lifetime Cohort Analysis, which is another fancy word you Don’t even know about Yourself, You just have to take care of all the readings on the screen. This is a template version. Only if you sign up you can get this too Lifetime Value the target groups. What is important to us gives you demographics,

You can see the graphics, You can see the age Or are you interested in what they will be interested in when they visit your technology behavioral website? This means that all of your traffic is going through AdWords.

What is Google’s advertising platform? Basically, What kinds of social channels are you coming from? Can you dig deeper on the left, which gives you a general overview? What happens now also shows you, the behavior, Very details that you want to see how people act when they land on your website. Then conversions is essentially about pursuing specific goals when you are running an ecommerce site, ecommerce Very important tablet to use so that you can keep track of visitors visiting your website and tracking revenue from your sales channels.

You can track bounce rates to track comfort drops. This dashboard is where you can keep track of all the things you need to know. You see they made it extremely easy to use. You can customize it even further. Using reports to save reports allows you to set alerts.

If you want

Let’S say someone visits your website over a hundred thousand or more, When you have a bounce rate that hits 50 percent. Send me a notification, or When do you have a certain number of sessions or a certain number of users?
Whatever you want to pursue, you can now take advantage of all of these different days. I Don’t want to overwhelm you, but that’s just the main purpose that you can see. Of course, whatever you can do in this free tool from Google, you have to give the data as well, But you can keep track of the core metrics.

You can get all the valuable stuff for free on your website and a lot of people that I know renowned entrepreneurs We’re out marketers and businesses and even myself We all use Google. I Don’t think so. This is just to give you an overview, But let’s continue on with the video now that you know the core metrics that you need to know in order to increase your website traffic online and build a successful business as Promised. I want to give you the exact, PS, matrix frameworks that you saw on the video and also the eight core metrics and the in-depth walk through how you can build this In Google Analytics. You can have your team go through it And you can at the same time, have these simple metrics on your dashboard and be able to know it at all times, And we will set this up in a very simple way: Don’t be overwhelmed!

That’S why I’m making you this step by step walkthrough, so I can give you the exact process that you can use To keep it very simple and very clear for yourself and for your team. Now. What I want you to do is I want you to comment below comment below and let me know What is the one core metric that you’re gonna focusing on improving for your website And you want to see a high increase in or maybe a decrease of, Your bounce rate, whatever It is, or maybe you have a question, related to what you’re watching this video. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you on that. The second thing I want to do is I want you to like this video.

Let me know that you like this video and the piece of content that we’re producing for you. We Don’t make any money from this.

I Don’t specifically have any money from this. It’S just for me to add value to you at value back to the community, so I’ll make sure you like this video, So we can keep producing one of these for you. The third thing is, I want you to hit that subscribe.

You can see a circle right here. I want you to subscribe to the channels, because you’re gonna get weekly videos on everything you need to know about Increasing your traffic, your leads and your sales online and building a successful business so make sure you subscribe right there. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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