Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic 8 EASY Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website + FAST GROWTH HACK

8 EASY Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website + FAST GROWTH HACK

I know I know you have an amazing website, but you just can’t get any traffic to your website. Right that could be very frustrating, especially in your website looks great, so my name is Darrell Wilson and in this video I’ll, be showing you eight ways on how to get more traffic to your website.

So if you watch this video from start to finish and follow each of these methods, I promise you you will be on the right path to be getting more traffic and don’t. Worry it’s, not gonna, be oh just make a Facebook page.

It’s like really I’ve, seen blogs, say that and there’s, so much more. That goes into it than that. But now these eight ways are legitimate and make sure to stay till the end, because I’ll, be showing you an experiment or trial that I am running on my website.

So with that said, let ‘ S, go to method number. One number one is backlinks. Yes, you have probably heard this before now. Backlinks are crucial for any website to get ranked, because without backlinks your site will not rank.

You really need backlinks. So in case you don’t know what backlinks are. Backlinks are essentially links on other websites that link back to your websites. Once this happens, Google recognizes that your website is quote popular and it wants to go ahead and say: well, you know what we have all these websites linking to this websites.

Let’s, go ahead and move that up on the search engine and that’s, exactly how it works. Now. This is an article right here that’ll, actually give you 20 different websites where you can get high domain Authority.

Backlinks domain Authority. We’ll, talk more about that at the end of the video, but the basically higher the higher ranking. A website is that links to your sites, the higher your website, will rank so, for example, if you have a bunch of popular websites that are all linking back to your website, your website will shoot up in the search engines.

I promise you that, but if you have a bunch of like really crappy websites like scammy bad websites, pointing to your website, nothing’s really gonna happen in Google’s eyes. So number one is definitely try to find high domain Authority backlinks.

Now I’m gonna show you how to do that in case you are branding which you probably are. So there is two resources that I found on the internets there’s, this website from backlinks calm and this one from the Mavericks spirit, calm, and this will give you a 186 lists of high domain Authority sites to get do follow.

Backlinks so do follow. Backlinks are basically links that provide points. So that means, when those sites link back to your websites, your site will go up in the search engine. Do not are nofollow backlinks.

Is you get the traffic from the website, but you don’t, really get any ranking in the search engine, so those are very two big distinctions of backlinks. You have to follow and no follow and don’t worry.

We’re, going to talk a little bit more about that at the end of the video but anyway, so these are do follow backlinks and 186 websites to get backlinks from so essentially, what you have to do guys is you’d, Have to go make an account.

You’d, have to go fill in some contents. Talk about yourself who you are just keep a little just brief description about your website and yourself, and this process takes time. It does take a lot of time for your website to get ranked, and it does take a lot of time to fill out all this information and provide real good info on your website.

Now, in case you don’t know what a domain Authority is. It ranks from 0 to 100 and if you want to know you know what how powerful the website is or what’s, the ranking I’ll. Leave this in the description below so this is a domain Authority checker.

So, for example, I looked at photo bucket and the reason why I googled photo buckets – or I put it on here – is because this website is claiming that they are a da 95. So it goes from 0 to 100, so 1 is kind of really really crappy.

A hundred is like super popular website, so a refs. They have a checker and they’re right. You know the photo bucket has a domain at the rank rating of 91, so they are a pretty powerful resource to get backlinks from.

So I will leave all of these in the description below of this video now. To be quite honest, if you are a owner or you’re, someone like myself, who runs a YouTube channel, you probably don’t, have the time to build backlinks guys it takes a long time you got to find web sites.

You have to put in all the information link it back to your website. I would recommend going to websites like freelancer com, and these are essentially companies, so they’ll, go ahead and link, find web sites and link them back to your website, and you know they’ll.

Do it for pretty cheap. I’ve, hired a freelancer back in my time and my website Darrell Wilson com, the same web site that I use today. It’s used from freelancers, and I just told them hey guys. You know build backlinks and do , and can you also get them from some good reputable sources, not just a bunch of scamming websites and the more reputable companies might charge a little more because it does take a lot more time to research.

It does take more time to get there, but definitely check out freelancer com, also Fiverr calm. If you’re looking for freelancers, that are, you know, affiliate with companies. Now. One thing to note is that you’re gonna find like American companies that sit there and build backlinks, and I hate to say this, but a lot of these American companies.

They just outsource everything anyways, so I used to work for one. I used to work for an SEO company in Calabasas, California, and we were just a friend. We just basically got the customer, we all sorts everything to India and that’s.

What we did you know so do it yourself and if you don’t have time hire a company and see if they can help you out, but backlinks are a must get and it is a it is a time-consuming process. So it will take a few months to get ranked at least three to six months for your website to get ranked on the front page for its name.

So, for example, if your website’s name is I don’t, know a soda soda company $ 9.99 or whatever it would take a few months for your company to get ranked on the search engine. For that. So just keep that in mind so number one is backlinks.

Number two is Google, my business now this has become one of the most underrated ways on how to get more traffic to your website, because this alone has become a new search engine and people out there.

Don’t really even take advantage of it. So, for example, I’m sure you’ve, probably got on your iPhone or for those Android users out there. You have gone to Google Maps or Apple Maps, and you put in somewhere to go or a business right.

This allows you to get listed on those applications and this actually gets millions, if not billions of visitors. However, there is one other really strong benefit to this. So, for example, if I’m going to Google – and I’m looking for a web designer now right now, I am in Las Vegas Nevada and what is the point of me trying to hire a web designer in of Boston? Do you know I don’t really need one there, because I want someone local, so tell you what let’s.

Go! Do web designers web designers. Oh look at that near me is ranked number one. So I’m gonna give you one key difference on this. So these are companies right here that have just listed their self on Google, my business, so all they’ve done is just submit their fight to Google and that’s.

It their job is done. These companies right below have spent hundreds. If not thousands of dollars on SEO, backlinks content writing optimization. These guys have worked their butt off to get here, but you go ahead of the game on top of them, because you just simply submitted your website to Google my business, so you’re kind of hijacking the traffic in this manner.

So it’s, an incredible way on how to get more traffic, and I highly recommend it. So if you have not used Google, my business get on it, get on it right now it’s, one of the best ways to do it. Number three is blogging.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve, probably heard of blogging, and you ‘ Ve, probably heard everyone talk about blogging, but guys blogging is so crucial. I mean it’s, the it’s. The easiest way for people to find your website and just for example, I typed in something like best protein shakes, broke best protein powders for women.

You know best protein powders for men, whatever best protein powders for anybody and the first page is just full of blogs. These are all blogs, this is a . This is a . This is a and I would not be finding these websites if they never wrote the content.

So just by writing contents on a regular basis, people will find your articles. They will visit your website and you will make money or get whatever you’re trying to get you want to that’s, the main purpose of this now I realize that writing content can be extremely tedious.

I myself, I’m, a terrible writer guys. I mean I graduated college, but I am definitely not a favorable candidate when it comes to writing articles. So what you could do here is, you can go to websites like I write or calm and hire writers, so this website they have tons of writers that you can outsource and they’re very cheap.

Actually so, for example, you just give your project a title, tell them what you want to talk about. Put your put your language go ahead and write how many words so let’s say, for example, you want article for 6,000 words, which is quite a bit.

They’ll. Do that for 100 bucks, and here you can have the skill level of the writer. Do you want someone basic that’ll, be four to six dollars, and that would probably be someone like me where I don’t know where I’m, just like an entry level or you can have people who have Proved themselves and who have been featured on Forbes or on any of those fake news websites.

You can go ahead and put it right here now I’d, probably go with something like premium elites yeah. I know I’ll, go with elite elite actually, but elite of elite plus that’s, a big gap, you know, but definitely paying a hundred bucks or hundred thirty bucks for a six thousand word article that’s, pretty Cheap and if you want to do it yourself, you are more than likely to but remember these people know how to write for the search engine.

So eyewriter is definitely a great resource on how to find bloggers for your website, so be sure to check that out. Number four is, of course, this would not be complete without the social aspect, so Facebook YouTube reddit’s.

All the social media profiles and I find that social media profiles and also Facebook groups are probably like one of the most powerful ways, especially groups, because you can find someone with a targeted interests.

So, for example, we have Nick Roach the owner of elegant themes. One of the best companies that makes page builders talking about his new feature for the Divi theme and just by poaching it he has tons of engagement.

You know already 400 likes 116 comments. I don’t even know how many clicks you got on this thing, but probably thousands so finding a group that correlates to you and joining it and kind of you know engaging in it.

Now I’m, not saying to go spam. The group’s, guys in fact, that’s, hey that’s, a very quick way on how to get banned from groups where, like you join a group on, like I don’t, know a discussion of Coca-Cola and then you sit there and say: hey go to my website about coca-cola.

They know what’s up. So when someone asks for help, then you can say I got an article for you here you and this might help you out and it’ll, be your website obviously, and who knows who that person is you just shared it with? It could be the CEO of a CEO of of I don’t, know Apple or something you know or wafer or whatever are those companies so Facebook? Definitely now I’m gonna go ahead step back here.

I’m gonna say something a little bit more critical here, but when you’re using social media, guys use it sparingly. Remember this is a business. Do not sit there and engage other people because we’ve.

All seen the news today, we’ve all seen everything today and use this as a business. Don’t. Give your opinion on something. Don’t sit there and argue with anybody just go ahead and just use it as a business post when necessary.

Don’t engage other contents be helpful when necessary, but don’t sit there and make a point or don’t try to get political with anybody because it’s, really never gonna go anywhere. Steps. Also be helpful when you can so Facebook groups.

Definitely I mean I’ve. Also we’ve all seen the the people and Facebook groups escalate. You know so just just be mindful that’s. All I’m saying also we have Redditt and reddit has thousands of subreddits where you can join.

For example, one of my friends joined retropie. He talked about one of his retro pry. He’d, be keep it like a retro pie from scratch and it got shared on like 50 different, like news websites, and he got millions of visitors from all these websites.

So this website is very popular and people will pick it up so join reddit’s join something that’s. You want to talk abouts, join that community and see how it goes. Remember. Don’t spam be helpful and yeah that’s, how it goes from there so and also, of course, YouTube YouTube again is one of the free resources out there, and you know just for example, I’m just looking For protein powders, you know, I’ll, go to youtube and i’ll type in best protein powders, and we have all these videos with hundreds of thousands of views guys.

So I know it can be a lot of work and I know it could be tedious, so hire someone hire someone from freelancer to help you out saying: hey man, I wan na start getting more traffic. I want to go on YouTube.

I want to go on on reddit. I want to go on this and that and this and and pay someone to do it because doing it yourself. It could be very overwhelming now, if you’re stuck inside like me, where we have nothing to do now.

It’s, a good idea. You know, because we have the whole coronavirus thing and everyone suck inside work on social media channels. You know work on outlets, you know, get improve yourself there’s, no reason why you should just stay home and do nothing.

I mean I do that. Sometimes I play video games a lot, but I do my best to get my job done. Okay, so remember social media groups and all that stuff is a great resource. Next we have questions and answer websites fora.

Yahoo Answers there’s. There’s, a few of the few other out there. Now Corrib receives around 600 million visitors. Every single month that’s, a lot of visitors, you know, and that’s, a lot of traffic, and for you to ignore this completely and saying you know I don’t want to do anything.

You know you’re just missing out on traffic. Now it doesn’t matter. What industry you’re in there is something for everyone here. So, for example, I’ll, give you a tactic and a strategy. People do on this website so, for example, what is the best WordPress hosting websites now what these companies do? Is people actually ask questions and then they have themselves or buddies answer those questions with their companies.

Now I’m, not saying to do that. I’m just saying I have seen that a lot, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of niche uhrin there is something for everybody out there. So let’s. Do another search. I’ll, just type in roofing roofing.

I don’t know let’s just find out. We can see about roofing, we have Roofing Contractors now this would be probably the last place. I would think to hire roofing contractors, but if you follow someone that they sound like they know what they’re.

Talking about that, you feel comfortable. They could potentially pick up a job, a multi-million dollar contract, just by simply answering a question on Quora. So core is definitely a great resource on how to .

You can answer questions and also ask questions about your own company. So, for example, hey is Darrell Wilson’s website any good. That’s, a question and then you can hopefully expect someone to answer that question and in a good manner.

So remember: core doesn’t, get picked up a lot in the search engine, so it is definitely worth posting there to get more exposure for your website’s and also Yahoo Answers. Now. Personally, I think Yahoo Answers is kind of depreciating.

In a way I mean back in the day Yahoo Answers it was popular. I mean there was youtubers just going to see like what kind of questions they could find on Yahoo Answers, but over time I think has slowly been depreciated, because now we have reddit and we also have Korra.

But Yahoo Answers is still a high ranking domain authority website. So no reason why you can’t post there. So just post there about your company, saying: hey is so-and-so, as companies is Darrell Wilson’s company any good and then see what comes up or is a you know is a I’m.

I don’t, know whatever company that you’re trying to run. You know, though I’m, just giving you an idea. So definitely number five is answering questions now this next one is a 2018 and above or I think that Isles in 18 right yeah.

I think those 18 is influencers, so influencers have become so powerful and they have become so influential that companies have dropped traditional marketing and have completely just said. You know what screw Google Ads.

Let’s, just go after the influencers and there there’s, a lot of reasons why you want to get influencers, so influencers are way cheaper to get than normal traffic and the influencers they actually establish a personal connection with that audience.

So let’s, say, for example, we have. We have this girl right here. You know we have this girl and 61 % are female or let’s. Do this girl, Sophia Donovan? This is just an example. Let’s say she’s, selling clothes right, and you are something that sells clothes by hiring an influencer like this.

You have a lot better odds of selling that product because she’s already connected with her audience. Her audience has kind of committed to her in a way, so the odds of you selling something are a lot higher than just submitting a random Google ad.

Now this is a website I found to be quite honest. I have never used this website, so it is a high ranking website. I’ve, been to a lot of blogs before, and they have said that this is a very good website to get started.

Personally again, I have never used it, so I cannot give my advice on it, but I’m just saying there are other websites that have influencers that you can hire so, for example, for someone to post something on their Instagram.

You pay them a few hundred bucks and then they would go ahead and post your company on there. You know on their on their or their Instagram or their Facebook whatever, and you all have to realize guys that’s, a lot of celebrities and a lot of big names use Instagram and they follow people I mean here.

Maybe we might have those people on the shark tank, maybe they might be following Sophia Donovan and then you post on Sofia’s. Donovan’s or you, you know you contribute and she post something about you and then someone on Shark Tank invites you to the show.

Like you never know what’s, gonna happen until you do it, so the possibilities are endless. So in fact companies like, they now have influencer marketing programs, so they’re. Saying forget: forget advertising on Google, let’s.

Just have a department for Amazon influencers, Victoria Secrets Mac. All those companies have influencer programs because they realize that those people have bigger followings. In fact, I mean who watches TV now TV is dead, you know, and these influencers just getting millions of views, and I mean cable TV advertising.

I mean that’s like yesterday I mean, I think you know MTV and 2018. I was reading it today. Actually MTV in 2018, had only 5 million views had only 5 million views in a one year. I mean that is really really really bad.

You know so personally, I don’t wan na get into that, but I’m just saying that influencers are a lot more influential and you’ll, get a lot more exposure, hiring an influencer so be sure to check That out next we have drumroll, please we have forums and forums.

Now this ugly, lousy websites, look how ugly this website is. Did you know this is the 15th most popular website in the United States? This website gets more than 500 million visits every single month.

It is crazy, so forums are definitely not outdated. They are not old, but forums are actually really really popular. In fact not just Craigslist I mean there are other forms out there, so Craigslist org this forum gets around.

I’m. Sorry, 380 million visitors. Sorry, but it is ranked number 15 in the United States and it is ranked number 52 in the world, so it is it’s, a very popular forum, so you can go ahead and go to their services post your stuff.

In fact, in my WordPress career I would go through gigs or sell people. Hey guys, I’m trying to do something. Can I get help or hey guys? I need a job, so let’s. Take a look here. Let’s. Just do this jobs, this WordPress WordPress, let’s, see if I can find something here.

Look at that put July 9th. We need a young, ambitious team. Technical Support. Specialists start your own SEO company, who that sounds interesting. Web developer needed and so on and so forth. So this is a great place on where to post your company.

It’s, a great place on where to pose, because there are gigs here as well. There’s, also reddit. We have ass credits where you can go ahead and join forums. You can go ahead and ask questions reddit very, very popular website.

Also even Adobe Adobe also has forms. Tesla Tesla has forums so every big corporation out there does have forums and simply by posting and interacting with the community, you will get higher. You will get rain.

People start to see who you are. Who is that guy Daryl always posting in Adobe? Maybe I should hire him for a project, so you know don’t limit yourself to think that oh gosh, you know no one’s gonna find me on Adobe sub-community, Adobe comm a lot of these people that are using these Forums they got money, you know especially Tesla forums.

Those dudes got money and you know so never limit yourself to think that you won’t get any traffic or you won’t, get anything by engaging with these forums. So that was number seven now, if you can’t yourself, why not hijack it from other web sites web sites like Yelp, comm and also Angie’s List? These companies get millions and millions of visits, so number eight would be directory websites and also listing websites.

So these are just two examples. You know there’s. Yelp there’s. Angie’s List. There is a Trip Advisor. You can go ahead and post about you and yourself on these websites. In fact, submitting your website to Yelp is a great way on how to get more traffic, because when people type in the search engine pizza in Nevada, when they type in skis in California, your website has a very good chance of being ranked.

So, in a in regards you’re kind of using these websites to get ranked, and also once these sites get reviews. Guess what happens? You go to the top of the list and it’s very it’s very powerful. In fact, once you go to the top, they’re gonna start recommending your website to other people who are already searching for that.

So, for example, if they’re searching for something like pizza and you don’t. Get ranked number one they’re, gonna say, butts Darryl’s. Pizza is very highly rated. You should check them out, so these directory websites are very powerful and I think we can all agree that we all use the up.

At one point, we have all used. I haven’t used Angie’s List. I really haven’t, but you can pay to get listed here and this company they get mad traffic. I I personally don’t know why and how. But I think it’s like an older community, but guy that grandma has money.

You know Grandma and Grandpa. They got the cash. Oh, we want to what a post on Angie’s List now. I have personally never used Angie’s List. I’ve, seen it advertised the United States, but these guys just get mad mad at traffic.

So simply by posting our information on this website and getting a backlink from this website to yours. You’re, just gonna get more traffic guys. He’s, just gonna keep rolling in. So if you go through each of these method, guys, if you just apply yourself for each of these methods, I promise you you will get more traffic in the longer than you have to get more traffic.

I mean if you ‘ Ve got no traffic from running these eight methods it’s, maybe your site just really sucks, and you got to watch my videos on how to make a website. So I’ll leave those in the description below just in case.

Your website is terrible and it looks really really ugly, but you think it’s. Amazing. Looking I know when I was a beginner that’s. I thought my website was the best website in the world and when someone criticized it – and I was like I was like you’re, just an idiot, you know.

Well, if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but my site really did look bad and I just didn’t think so, because I was so emotionally attached to it. You know so yeah anyway. So number eight is directory websites.

I will leave a list of more of some of these in the description below to help you guys out, because research does take time. So I’ll. Do that for all of you and put those in the description below now the bonus the bonus one? Now this is actually the most important one and I saved the best.

For last I didn’t say it was nine ways. I said it was eight ways because I want to want you guys to watch it all the way to the end, but the most important way to get found on the search engine. Like I told you guys, is high domain authority backlinks.

The only way you can get high domain Authority backlinks is by guest blogging, so guest blogging is probably the most important way. Now I’m, not gonna recommend guest blogging for everybody. So what that means is let’s, say, for example, you are running a website that is selling something locally.

If you are a brick and mortar store, if you are a service that only offers a service in a specific area, I’m gonna, say guess: bogging is probably not for you now you can always guess blog anyways. You know saying: oh, you know what I want to go ahead and guess blog for MarketWatch.

You know, maybe you’re, a broker, a crypto broker in Wyoming and you can go ahead and you know reach out. Some are collages if they’ll write about you now. The reason why I don’t recommend guest blogging, for everybody is because some businesses they’re, not looking for traffic all over the world.

You’re. Only looking for traffic in a specific region, now, if you’re, someone like myself, who wants traffic on a global basis, doesn’t care where they are then guest blogging is for you, so guest blogging.

What it does is, essentially it’s, a it’s, a it’s, an arrangement. It’s a deal. I will write for your website in exchange. Once I write an article for your websites, I want a link back from your website to my websites and every big company.

Does this Forbes MarketWatch entrepreneur calm today, calm all these big companies out there, they will provide backlinks if you write for them now they don’t accept just anybody. So if you are watching this – and you have absolutely no credentials if you have nothing to show, if you have no record whatsoever, they probably won’t accept you, okay, so I’m, just keeping that keeping that very clear.

However, if you are someone that has a decent website, maybe you’re, a small business. You’re, someone just you know not getting started out, but you are someone with with something to show these companies will go ahead and write about you.

So, for example, Forbes you know you can go ahead and contact Forbes and Forbes will write about you now. Remember these websites have very high domain authority. So once Forbes writes about you, your site in the Google search will go from here to boom all the way up there and I’m, not saying it’s.

Gon na go to rank number one, but it will definitely improve your website, so I actually purchased some articles, so these guys are not cheap. You know to get someone like Forbes to write about you or mark your watch to write about.

You is not cheap. It’s, not impossible, so, for example, market watch – if you are in the market of you know, if you’re in the market of Finance or something you can go ahead and reach out to this website now these guys will write About you on that website, and they will give you a do, follow back link guys.

This is probably the best way to get high to get ranked higher on the search engine. So we have a few writers. We have Adam, we have Amelia, we have Michael and each of these people. They will write about you and each of them they have a certain success rate and they will also talk about the fee.

So these people will write for you on your behalf to these companies. That is incredible because, personally, if Forbes wanted me to write about myself to Forbes, I don’t. Have the I’m, not a good content writer.

I just couldn’t provide that that that value for Forbes, but this website they’ve, had people who have already written for Forbes all the time that you can hire. So let me see if we can actually find Forbes is actually on this list, because I think they were at one point see Forbes calm, let’s, go ahead and check it out so yeah Forbes on this list, so Forbes you can see that They will write for you.

It is very expensive, so I probably go through another route and they give you a nofollow backlink. So what I said earlier about sky raking in the search engines with a nofollow backlink, you will not receive that benefits.

However, you will receive the benefits from the traffic from this website, so they get millions and millions of visits. In fact, this is one that’s not listed, but if you just go to, I’ll leave this website in the description below this website is called excessively and it’s.

A newer website. There are websites like this out there and I’m in the process of trying it, so you can see there’s. A website like today com, they all write about you and your business for 300 bucks that’s, not bad.

In fact, they get 70 million visits every single month, so this route can be a little expensive, but I would highly recommend to try it’s, because this is probably one of the best ways to get high domain Authority, backlinks and writing services from About you and your website’s to your website, so here’s, an overview of my campaigns.

Now I have spent around $ 600 on three websites that are going to write about me in my company, so they’ve. Always kept it now, remember I told you guys before they only accept certain people. So if you’re, just some random kid, that’s, just live with your mom, and you just you know you just you have a website, but you’re, not really beneficial to them in any way.

They probably won.’t write about you, but if you have something to show give it a shot, so I got a proof or two orders and what’s gonna happen is once these websites write about me. My domain authority on website will go higher, so I will be giving you guys another video on what happens before and after so these companies, their average.

I mean Authority is 84, which is very high, so Forbes itself is 90 photobucket coms anyone. So I’m having these sites that are domain Authority of 84, or probably better writing about my website and myself, and what that’s gonna do is that’s, going to increase the ranking of my search engine? It’s also going to get any more traffic because people, those read those websites – are going to visit my website.

So I will keep you guys up to date on this now, just looking at the schedule here, I submitted my record or my purchase on the 3rd and it has been more than 8 days and I have still no article. So I will keep you off the dates.

In fact, I’ll, be making a part 2 of this video to show you my findings and I’ll, put that in the description below of this video. So I hope this video was helpful. I promise you guys. If you follow each of these methods, you will get more traffic.

There is no way around it. Just by posting hide in one Authority. Backlinks posting on social media get up, get someone to help you out social media. It can be very, be very draining and also find an influencer that’s, also a very big one, because these people have just they have mad followers.

And when they talk about you, you will get traffic. In fact, people pay me or they try to pay me to talk about their company all the time, and I reject a lot of offers. Just because I don’t want to sell myself but blogs they will.

They will influencers on Instagram. They will sell themselves because that is probably one of the only ways they make money. So hopefully, this video is helpful, guys make sure to stay up, make sure to stay for part.

Two, when I show my results of what happens when I have those big names like I think I have market watch and I have and also Forbes writing about my website so stay tuned. I will keep you guys up to date with that make sure to subscribe to this channel, because I’m gonna be showing that video pretty soon once I once I actually get the order and I’ll put it in the Description below of this video so make sure to give this video a like.

My name is Gerald, Wilson, have fun, have fun, and I’ll, see you guys in the next video guys. Take it easy

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