Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic A Simple System To Increase eBay Traffic (eBay HATES this)

A Simple System To Increase eBay Traffic (eBay HATES this)

What’S up guys welcome to resellers live, my name is chris. Thank you so much for joining me in today’s episode. I’M going to talk about a simple way to increase your on ebay. So for those of you just getting to know me, my name is chris. I’Ve been running this online store with about 5 000 listings since 2017, and i’ve been observing cassini, which is the way that ebay ranks its items for a long time.

So what we do know is that cassini is a robot. What it’s doing is it’s looking at the number of impressions that a listing gets, which is how many times somebody sees it while they scroll down versus the click through, which is how many times people click on it, and the conversion, which is how many times people Buy it so they’re looking at it, percentage-wise cassini is not a person. Ebay does not favor certain people over other people, it’s just based on math. So when somebody ends their listing and does the cell similar function, they give the item a new life, essentially because ebay doesn’t know what kind of metrics this item should have, especially on a pre-owned item. Now, if it’s a brand new item and there’s a upc, ebay’s algorithm will kind of have an idea of how many views equals a sale.

Now i want to explain why this is the most frustrating thing ever for veteran sellers. Let’S say: you’ve been selling on ebay for a long time. You have a great track history, you always ship on time. You have perfect feedback. Somebody else, some joe schmo, who just started ebay today sells their exact item before you.

This is the reason why ebay’s algorithm doesn’t know and it doesn’t discriminate. It gives every listing a unique opportunity to sell now this has come under attack from a lot of larger sellers that are saying. No, that’s not fair. If i’ve already sold this item several times or i know what i’m doing, why don’t i get preferential right? I already know what i’m doing.

Doesn’T that give the customer a better experience? It does, and this is one of the reasons why i think ebay has been declining over the past five years or six years they get a little bit. They got a little bit of a boost because of of our situation when everyone started shopping shopping online, but for the most part, ebay has been declining or barely growing versus the other platforms like amazon exploding, because amazon only does for the most part. What’S better for the customer, so what ends up happening is more and more people shop on amazon, but on ebay. The best option for the customer is not always what the customer sees.

This is why promoted listings has come under fire as well, because you can actually pay to get increased to your listing, even though your listing might suck somebody is looking for item number a you would think that ebay would just give them the cheapest one. That’S the best price, but that’s not true. There are other listings that show up somebody who just listed it. Somebody who’s doing promoted listings. These might show above the best deal for the customer.

What that does is that makes customers shop somewhere else? It also makes customers mad if they end up buying something and they find out it’s cheaper. Later, it’s frustrating for sellers. Like me, i can offer sometimes the product that the best price best deal top rated seller but lose out to somebody who just started because of the way that ebay works so instead of fighting against the current. This is what we can do to change that you can do periodically through your through your aging inventory system.

So i have a system for like what i do when listings get old um. So what i usually do is, instead of decreasing the price i increase. My promoted listings a little bit to see if i can pay ebay’s ransom, meaning i want that impression. So i pay a little bit more to get my listing to show up first hoping that will convert. If that doesn’t work, i might turn off promoted listings re-list.

The item with a slightly lower price and not pay any promoted listings or i might actually discount a bunch of my items to try to incr increase the velocity on the entire store. So somebody asked me chris: why does it look like you’re selling some items at a loss because i am i’m actually looking to increase the velocity of the entire store? I personally would like to be at 20 sell-through rate and that’s where i’m at in the last 30 days on 5 000 items in my store, i sold about 1100 on ebay and about 500 on other platforms of the same inventory. So i’m well above my 20. So i’m kind of testing it.

That means i’m selling items a little bit too cheap on the platform because the velocity is faster than i wanted to be meaning. Obviously, you can increase how fast you sell things by just giving away stuff right, but i’m trying to test the limits. Can i give away a bunch of cheap stuff so that my expensive stuff starts selling? In my opinion? Yes, that does work so for me to sell a bunch of 80 to 100 items, i’m totally fine, giving away a bunch of five six seven dollar items to increase the velocity click through and sell through rate of the entire store.

Now i want to talk about a couple of things: one is on ebay’s traffic page. They will show you the versus the versus the promoted traffic. They will also show you external, which is people coming outside of ebay and internal. So for my store, i actually have an obscenely low click-through rate, because there’s probably about 500 people a day from youtube who look through my store and don’t buy anything, they don’t buy anything and they don’t click on anything. So ebay is like what is wrong with this store we’re giving this per there’s 500 leads coming in, and none of them are converting it’s because people are just looking at what i’m selling.

This is one of the reasons why i don’t recommend you share your store on social media if you’re just getting started, because you really need the traffic that comes to your listing to actually convert so be very careful. Also, if your store is stale – let’s say your cell to rate is under 10. It might make sense for you to just turn off the entire store, de-list, the entire store re-list, all of them in segments. It doesn’t matter if you list them all in one day or all week that that part’s, not as important as making sure you you are in the performance page looking at the traffic okay, how many views is this? Getting?

Did it actually sell? Do people actually click? What’S wrong with it, do i need to change the pictures? We know that plain white pictures improve the click-through rate. They don’t necessarily improve the sale.

If you have an item that nobody wants – and you take a perfect picture on a white background – it’s still not going to sell because people don’t want it versus. You could have an item that people really want and take a picture of it. Crumpled up in the backseat of your car still going to sell because people want it, so don’t listen to someone on the internet and then change your whole store to something thinking that that’s going to work. Each individual item has a different set of circumstances. Ebay’S algorithm is smart.

Your store could be completely full of garbage, but one day you list the playstation for a hundred dollars too low. It’S gon na sell instantly, even though the rest of your store sucks, okay and you can’t trick ebay the other way either. You can’t have a beautiful store of amazing things and then place this total piece of garbage and it’s not going to sell at the same rate as your amazing, stuff. Okay. This is why the algorithm – you can actually kind of game it in a way, because you know that if you delist realist, you’re gon na get 50 to 100 views because ebay doesn’t know, they don’t know.

If this listing is going to be good or not so you’re going to give it some traffic versus, if you have a stale listing ebay, has already given it a bunch of traffic and it didn’t convert ebay already knows this: this listing is toxic. We’Re not going to send any listings over here, because they just get gobbled up and we’re wasting our ad dollars. You guys realize that ebay is one of the largest advertisers in the world when you type in something in the , and you see the ebay listing. Come up ebay paid for that? That’S not free, doesn’t work for free.

They only post list things that make them money. Okay, so think about. It. Is ebay gon na stop spending money on your listing, probably after a certain point if it doesn’t convert so this is why you need to cycle through and think about impressions. How do you get more impressions to your listing?

How do you get more people to click on it and more people to actually convert after they click on it? So hopefully this is useful. Guys smash the like button. All of my videos are sponsored by my reseller field guide, which is 35 bucks with code youtube in the description below help me out help the channel continue to grow and i’ll see you guys next time make progress daily.

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