Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Amazon 101: How to Effectively Drive Traffic to Amazon Products

Amazon 101: How to Effectively Drive Traffic to Amazon Products

Hello, everybody and welcome to the am/pm podcast. My name is Manny coach and I will be your host and this is the show where we discuss all things: Amazon, private label, and generate recurring revenue streams, 24 hours per day during the a.

m. and the p.m.. Hence the name of the show get it . What’s up everybody Manny Coates here – and this is part 3 of a series I am doing with mr. Kevin King on find products optimize your listening.

How to launch these products, mr. Kevin King? How are you doing, sir? I’m doing good. How are you Manny? I am doing great. I think I need to shave. I’m. Looking a little fuzzy here. It’s, kind of crazy, so yeah you guys saw on the Help Wanted poster in the post off any now any now all right that’s, it let’s, get into some some tactics.

You’re. Actually, before I do that, let me introduce you to people who might not have heard of you right. They probably living under a rock or they’re brand new, but Kevin King is one of my good buddies actually well.

This is part 3. So go back and watch part 1 and 2 of this podcast and I introduced him quite a bit, but actually on this one. I’ll, go back a little and tell the story on how he actually met, but I had Kevin king on my podcast and he blew my mind.

He had a lot he at the time. I was doing a lot of experimental stuff there. Wasn’t, hardly anybody online that I saw that was at least talking about doing weird stuff with their listing. I was going in and I was putting all kinds of strange words on my my key.

My key word fields like everything like category ID and and fabric types and all kinds of stuff, and I ended up finding out man a lot of these things start ranking. You know they actually work and people like.

Why are you putting stuff in fabric type? It’s, so strange and then Kevin King. I saw a post where he was doing Spanish words and doing some weird stuff, so we started talking and what was supposed to be a five minute chat turned into.

I think, like a two-hour call, it was really really long and I’m. Like I’m like man, I wish we were to recorded this. It was awesome and I said well, I have a podcast you want to come on. He’s like I don’t know, and finally, I convinced him to come on and that podcast blew up people loved it and it was, is probably the one of the most popular podcasts we’ve ever had fast-forward A little bit I’m gonna be going to Austin to meet with some people out there and Kevin happens live out there and I’m.

Like hey Kevin, you know I’m gonna be coming out. You want to meet up music yeah. Why don’t you come and crash at my place. I got this cool house out here: Dada, but yeah. Let’s. Do it so I get out there and, and I’m like jet lag didn’t sleep.

Well, I’m, just tired and I ended up and I might be forgetting some of this Kevin. So you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I ended up meeting up with Kevin. We had a Oh actually before we even went out right is where I went to your place, and I crashed is that right we went had some barbecue.

First, straight from the plane: okay right so yeah that’s right that’s right, we went to was it salt, liquors or salt like yeah, solid yeah, those here so long story short. I ended up passing out at his house right like he has this awesome, bedroom and super comfortable bed, and I’m out.

This is like the middle of the day. I think I don’t remember what what time it was, but I didn’t tell anybody that you know. You know that I was going to sleep or anything so people didn’t. They’re, like man, you know my girlfriend.

My partner guy knew that I was going to some dudes house. They don’t know really. Didn’t know that much about who Kevin King nobody knew. He was at this point and they’re, like they thought I was like and you locked away in some dungeon or something like that.

I was missing in action for how long like, for a whole day, almost like until the next day yeah, we went out that night drinking and we got back like 3:00 in the morning or something you passed out till about 3:00 the next day.

So your girlfriend and and ye your partner, he was coming to town to meet you for some other stuff that morning and he’s like nobody could get ahold of you. They know where I live. They know my number you and that’s.

Your phone was dead. Your girlfriend was calling he blowing up this phone like worse. Where’s, my? Where’s, my man yeah, is: he pots were going through their head? Like is he tied up in a dungeon with a ball of his mouth anyways? That’s? How we met and we became really good friends.

We’ve since then started Illuminati mastermind, which is for high-level sellers right. We’ve had a few hundred people in there doing over a half a billion 500 million plus in per month and Kevin also is the creator of freedom ticket right.

He creates already has created an eight week course for beginners to get them. You know from A to Z so that they can then hopefully eventually get into the higher end training that we do at the Illuminati mastermind, but yeah.

The guy is just awesome, use a wizard. What comes to Amazon, and today we’re gonna be talking about how to actually get . What you can do to your we’ve already talked about you know: finding a product creating or listening.

We’re, taking to the third step, which is yeah. How did launch things and how to do things the way he does them. So let’s, get to it. That said Kevin there’s a there’s. A lot to cover you ready. I’m ready all right, so all right so guys again go back to part one and part two.

If you’ve missed those some really really good nuggets in there. Some really good things. We’re gonna be talking about driving traffic to your Amazon listings. Let’s. Just say we found a product.

We create a really good listing. We want sales now, but you’re messing with the price point. At this point, you’re, trying to figure that part out. How do you know how much a charge for your product? How do you do that? Well, there’s, a couple factors.

If the product is not differentiated enough, then you’re gonna have a price band that you’re gonna be in basically whatever is selling on page one for the keywords you’re. Targeting is basically the price band that you’re gonna be in so, if everybody on page one, if you type in your main keyword, let’s say, and everybody is between $ 15 and $ 20.

You’re gonna pretty much need to be between fifteen and twenty dollars unless there’s, some compelling thing about your product that just justifies it being at a higher price point. One of the things that I love.

What I’m sourcing for products at which you mentioned this in the last one. Is I love? What on on the I type in a keyword, one of my main keywords and the products on page one are all over the place there’s, a product for seven dollars.

There’s a product for fifty dollars. There’s, something for 100, a couple for $ 120. That gives me that to me is a Golden Goose. I mean that’s, a golden opportunity where I can come in and just differentiate, and just I can pick my price almost because it’s.

So there’s such a wide range. But if it’s, a very tight band, you’re gonna have to be within that band. Unless there’s, just some major thing that you can do different just set yourself apart, so that’s, that’s, pretty much where you can determine your price to.

If you want to stay on page one is that there’s, a price band based on competition is doing there. Okay, so to get to page one, you got to have sales velocity and we’re gonna be talking about that. In a little bit, and that affects your BSR now, a lot of people are starting out.

They don’t know what B SR is. Can you explain what that is and how important that is, B SR stands for best seller rank and it basically tells you how good you sell within the category you’re in you know there’s, thirty, some like categories or something Like that on Amazon, so each category has as a ranking as a category as a whole, so like home and kitchen, has your ever ranking in all home kitchen and then each niche has a ranking.

So within home and kitchen there’s. I don’t know what the the call there’s, you know utensils and then there’s bedding and there’s lighting and whatever there’s. All these definitions, each one – those has a BS – are also so you have basically two different rankings, and so the BS are is basically just an indicator of how you’re doing against everybody else.

In my opinion, too, many people put emphasis on the BS are and they really focus on that BS are and honestly, I I don’t focus. A lot on the BS. Are I focus on profits and sales, so I’m happy with the BS.

Are you know five thousand or ten thousand in most categories, because I’m off the radar of all these Chinese hackers? I’m. I’m, making fifteen twenty sells a day and I have good profits versus. If I have a lower besar, I’m trying to fend off all these people.

Try to knock me off then off people try to undercut my price and so forth. Okay, so you say: BSR is not that important to you is there. Abs are, I should be SR gets smaller. The number right when you get to a BS are one.

That means you’re. The number one product in that category is there a be SAR number that you just won’t even contemplate going against. If you see it like it’s like it’s, got too many sales. I don’t even want to try to compete with them yeah under a thousand.

I typically don’t, even if one of my own products gets under a thousand. It starts to scare me because of competitors jumping in hijackers all that kind of slackers competitors. Just it’s. Just problem I like to be off the radar I like to be right outside outside those top guys and where people aren’t trying to knock me off.

Trying aren’t trying to undercut me on the price. So much and I can make a happy living right there at all, so you want to be seen, but you don’t want the spotlight so to speak. What what are some key fact to actually get your product seen on Amazon? Well, you can’t just put up a product on Amazon and just sit back.

I mean you have to you have to prove to Amazon that you’re wanted and so basically sales velocity. So you do need to spike your BSR in order to do that. So when you first Amazon, basically it’s kind of like what have you done for me.

Lately is the way they they they rank stuff. So they have a system where they score you based on how well you’ve done over different periods of time, like 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days a month and so on.

So when you first launch a product you don’t have any of that history, and so you kind of have an advantage. So if you can come out of the gate swinging and launch really strong and spike that BSR way up you can you can get all the way up to page one, and if you’ve done everything else right.

You could potentially stay there because you have a really good, a trailing average versus if you have an older product just kind of floating along and you try to get it to go back up to page one. It’s, a little bit harder because you have all this old history that’s, that’s, pulling you down! Okay, you mentioned a launch when you do a launch, what does it? What is the launch and what is up, what is it consistent, so a launched basis? You need to show Amazon that that that you can sell, and so what most people do is they discount their price? Some people call it giveaways where they, they basically discount their product.

Nineteen, ninety five percent – and they do use a service there’s. There’s, different companies out there. That will do this for you or you can use. You know there’s, a really good blog on the helium.

10 blog called this. How to you, the CPR method and all the helium 10 tools in the magnet and cerebral. They actually give you like a CPR score, and that tells you basically how many you need to sell per day to get onto page one.

So, in order to get on the page one for keyword, you need to match or better what the other people are selling on that page, pretty much there’s, some other factors as well, and so you have to figure out on page one for A keyword: how many are these people on average selling and get your product to sell, at least that many or better, to have a chance to be there? That doesn’t mean you’ll stay there, because you’re gonna have to after you kind of do one these giveaways to influence the system.

You still you gonna, have to do what’s called organic sales and be able to maintain that position. So in order to do that, you’re, going to either use Facebook Ads or you’re gonna use. One of these launch services, or if you have an existing list of customers either from other products, you launched her from another that you’re involved in.

You can use that as well to launch a products we. Basically, I’m gonna offer them the product that you’re gonna lose money. It’s kind of like getting a positioning on a store shelf. You know if you’re gonna go into Target or your local supermarket.

You want to be on the endcap or by the register or whatever you’ve got to pay a slotting fee. You got to pay the store money to be there because it’s such a prime position, so it’s kind of the same thing on Amazon, you’re, paying a slotting fee or you’re, making An investment to get to page 1 on Amazon, so you’re gonna lose some money on the first amount of products, and the number you have to give away depends on how competitive the keyword is.

You know there’s, some where you have to give away thousands of these things at a super steep discount, and you’re losing money because it’s, typically below your cost, and it’s. Also, you’re having to pay Amazon all their fees.

To do this large, so you could be in the whole, 5. 10. 20 grand in some cases, so that can determine which products you pick. Maybe you can’t afford to do that, so you have to pick products where you they’re, not so competitive.

Then you don’t have to give away so many, maybe you ‘ Ll have to give away a thousand dollars worth to get onto page one, so there’s, a lot of factors there yeah and just to clarify guys, try to simplify this a little bit, because I know this is a confusing topic when you’re doing a giveaway it’s, not a 100 percent giveaway right Kevin mention you discount it by 90 percent or 80 percent.

You want to make the price a so attractive that, even if somebody really doesn’t need that product. They’re like man, it’s, it’s $ 3.00. It’s normally $ 30. I’m gonna buy it because I can. I can give it as a gift or whatever that’s.

What you want you just want people just on impulse just to buy these things and if you’ve got a product and the keyword phrase for the number one like when you type in a keyword phrase. I say you type in metal: let’s, say metal, uh garbage can right and the number one phrase or the number one product is selling 10 a day for that right to maintain that so they’re number one for that.

Just for that one keyword, you then have to sell at least that amount in order to upset them and that’s. Simplifying it’s, not quite exactly like that, but that’s kind of like the gist of it. All so that’s.

What the when Kevin mentioned, the CPR for me, if you use helium 10 and you look and there’s, a formula that are a number next to each keyword that sells you, how many you have to get that’s! What you’re gonna have to do, and you have to do it consistently for a certain amount of time for a certain number of units so that you start moving up the rinks and start displacing everybody else now Kevin.

We were teaching for the longest time, in fact, in helium 10 it actually says the CPR giveaway, I might say hey for this keyword phrase, because it’s really popular. You have to give away 800 units total and it ‘

Ll actually have a number per day right. Also it’s, spread over eight days, so it’ll, say it’s a hundred units per day, but we’re. Finding that’s. Changing now. People can do shorter numbers. What are you seeing out there yeah for a new product if it’s brand new and it doesn’t? Have a history, you can I’m, seeing people do it in a couple days.

So they’re, taking that number, if it says 800 and you’re supposed to do it over eight days, which is the old way. You can basically do all eight hundred dollars over two days and get your product ranked page one.

If it’s an older product and it’s, you’ve, been selling it for a while, and you’re trying to kind of resurrect it. I don’t think that works that well, because you have all this older history that’s coming into play, and so typically on the older products, you’re having to do these giveaways of whatever the whatever the number Is it you know if it’s 800 over over eight days, you might have to give away a hundred a day for two or three weeks in some cases and overcome all that old, bad history, so of that product? Sometimes I recommend people if they’ve been selling for a while and the products just selling a couple of day and they don’t have a lot of reviews or they don’t really care about the reuse.

Just pull your inventory and create a new listing and start over and you’ll, probably have better success. Do it doing that you will lose your reviews, but in the end you might actually make a lot more money and you launch it correctly.

The other thing guys you have to consider isn’t. I think it’s. Not it’s, not that difficult. If you’ve got the money to throw out a product right in terms of giveaways. You can rank right. You should be able to get that product to rank to the top of page one for just about any keyword.

It’s just a matter of throwing enough units at it once you get there, though, how do you stick right? Because getting there is easy and Kevin you’ve, seen this a million times where people are they get there and they’re.

Like man, I’m only on there for like a week and then I’m boom. I’m off of page one and, and I just keep dropping and dropping there’s, certain things that you have to have on your listing in order to stay there because you have to be beating everybody else.

Do you want to talk about that? A little bit yeah sure you see that all the time people it doesn’t work or I get there, and I fall right off that’s, usually a factor of a poor either you’ve targeted the wrong keyword And that key word is not relevant to your product, even though maybe it has a lot of high search volume, it’s, not what people are searching for like we talked about in one of the other episodes in the series there’S typically only four or five words that people are or buy most or most your sales are coming off of.

So you can figure that out if you, if you want to be a little bit patient by doing PPC, so you can come out of the gate and I recommend people do this. Some people say. Should I wait to get some reviews before I do PPC? I say no, some people say well that’s.

Gon na hurt my conversions, because I have no reviews. I don’t care. I spent heavily on PPC from day one because I need that data, even though it’s. Not gonna be as good converting as I will be later on.

At least I can get dad and I could see which keywords people are actually buying from and then I can adjust my title and just my launch strategies or my giveaways based on that data. So I run it really heavy for about two weeks.

You know 500 bucks a week $ 10 bids. I don’t care. What it is it’s, it’s, a sunk cost. It’s, a it’s, a marketing expense. I just need that data, so I’ll. Do that oftentimes too, but the other reason people fall off is their listings, not optimized their picture sucks.

You know it’s. We talked about that in the second part of this series they priced too high. You know some people come out and they overcome that by doing a low price. So maybe their price is gon. Na meet 25 dollars is what they want sell for, but when they launch they put it at 12 bucks and then their idea is that it’s.

Such a good price people are gonna buy and then over time they slowly raise that up. You can’t, go from $ 12 to $ 25 overnight. Amazon will freak out, you might lose your buy box, but you could take it from $ 12.

Then go up to $ 13, the next week and then 14 and inch it back up to $ 24, and some people use that strategy. It can still be effective, but you have to have a good image, a good listing and it has to resonate with with the customers.

That key word has to be. What in your product, have to have to be a match, and sometimes it’s. Just nuts you may think it is, but but it’s, not yeah yeah. There’s. There’s, a lot of other factors too guys, basically everything that someone sees when they type in a keyword and you look at the search results.

Look at everything that’s on there right it’s, not only the thumbnail. The thumbnail is probably the most important thing right. We all scan through. Oh, that one looks cool, but then you immediately go over and you look at the reviews right and you look at the the average star right.

Do they have a thousand reviews or do they have three reviews? What is the average rating if they have a thousand reviews, but they’re? All you know, 2.5 stars, you’re, never gonna click into that or buy it right.

So you got ta. Look into that you also they’re. Also, looking at the price there’s, little things you can do like clip coupons that you can add that will actually drive, convert or actually drive clicks into the listing.

So we ‘ Ve taught this in the past. Where you can you know IIF, you can Photoshop your your product right onto a search results right. You take a screenshot of the search results. Let’s, say you’re, not there! Then you can grab.

You know do a search where your product is on there and cut that out and paste it on there. And so, if it’s in the number one or number two spot and then just show it around a bunch of people that you know and see which one would you click into and why you know and if they’re, not Clicking yours, if they’re saying if they’re, not picking yours every time.

If I know what the reason is you might find out. Oh my god. It’s. It’s, the the image or it’s because of the this one, doesn’t have as many reviews as I want, and you don’t have to fix that because, if you’re Friends you don’t want to tell them that it’s, your listing, otherwise it’s.

Gon na be biased. They’re gonna know, but if your friends aren’t even clicking on yours, why would anybody else do it? You’re gonna launch at the top and just fall off because of that that’s, an old way of doing it.

We, you can also do it through pic foo. I’ve talked about that on a podcast where you can compare stuff goes into that podcast of this one on peg, foo and yeah, that’s really cool well. That brings me to my next question.

Speaking of the reviews, just real quick people always ask about that and and say a product has 2000 reviews, but it’s got 4 stars. I think a product with 50 reviews that’s 4.5 or 5 stars can can beat a product with 2000 reviews that has 4 stars.

So it’s, not always about how many reviews you have it’s more about the read you do need a decent number reviews. You know. Zero reviews is definitely gonna hurt you, but everybody has to start somewhere.

Everybody has to crawl before they can run so, but but don’t get over obsessed with you know. If your competition is just has so many reviews. Only I’ll get over obsessed if they got thousands of reviews and they’re all five-star.

You know there’s, a five-star rating or some that’s. Gon na be hard to overcome, so that’s, a really good point Kevin. One of the things you can do is you can look for a a really weak market, high sales, but like week in terms reviews.

So if you go in and let’s say that you find a product whatever it is right. Let’s, say use black box from helium 10 and you find you can actually put that into filters. I only want to find products that have two stars: two three stars right and just look at everything that comes up and if you can find the entire market, where everything’s like that, then you can start downloading the reviews.

You can look at all the reviews of those products and you can actually, we have a tool in helium 10 that allows you to download only the bad reviews. Okay – and you can actually have your VA – go through and mark down all the things that are wrong with these things and have your computer, your factory fix those things so that when you come into this market, if assuming you want to get into this, you could Come out with a product that doesn’t have any of those issues.

So now you start getting four and a half five star reviews, just like Kevin said if they have 500 reviews, but they’re all three stars and now you come in and you’ve got 26 reviews, not a lot right, but You’re, a 5 star, which one are you gonna pick right.

People are gonna pick the 5 star, one that’s. The one point Kevin where we’re, having few reviews can actually Trump. The big guys is when you have that when there’s, a big disparity between you and them exactly, I think scientifically, some people have studied this and they say 21 is the magic number.

Once you get over 21, most people start really believing it. You know when you only have 5 or 10 reviews and they’re. All 5 star people like yeah there’s, just not enough! That’s. All they’re buddies or something, but once for whatever reason psychologically, the studies say that 21 and above that you’re okay III.

I kind of tend to believe that too okay cool yeah earlier you mentioned you run PPC when you’re doing your launch and that’s important. We do the same thing we and we do it very heavily, and I want to emphasize guys when you’re, let’s, say you’re going after the phrase I’m gonna go back to My the one, I always do tactical flashlight.

So if you’re using tactical flashlight, that’s, your main keyword, you want a bid like crazy on tactical flight. It doesn’t matter. If you’re, a cos is 300 percent. You’re just trying to tell Amazon man my products super relevant to this Kevin.

That being said, what you kind of touched on this is there anything else you can add in terms of what kind of ads you run and any other little strategies you do with with PPC. For that yeah for PPC I mean I don’t care about the a cost in the beginning.

You know I’m willing. I’m willing to spend to figure out what’s working. What’s? Not so, and I’ll run an automatic campaign. I’ll run an automatic campaign with you know, with a high bid. I’ll, run a manual paying with all the keywords that I’ve researched it both abroad and an exact and and just monitor it closely day by day and see what’s happening with that on the PPC side And and make some adjustments both to my listing and to my to my PPC, depending on what’s happening? Do you do launch with one keyword phrase or do you go after multiple doctor? I go.

I go after multiple at a time. How many do you go after? Typically, I like to at least three and up to ten Wow. Okay, are you going for a number you’re, going to top a page one for all of them at the same time, yeah? Okay, so I might not do a launch on all three at worst, I’ll.

Try, I might do a launch on just one of them. You know if I’m, doing a giveaway or a Facebook ad, or something like that. But no, I’m the PPC side. I’ll target them all: okay, yeah yeah! I was talking about the launch.

Oh yeah, the PPC, of course, yeah you go after everything, cool all right, so we talked about PPC. We’re, doing a launch. Do you go after any kind of external traffic Facebook? Anything like that yeah I do do.

I used my own email list. If I have an existing list of customers know if I’ve got dog, treats I got previous dog treat buyers. I have a VIP Club, they’ll use there, but people always ask me like hey: I’m brand new, I I you know.

I don’t have a list of people. I don’t. Have a Facebook group, how can i, how can I get reviews, or how can I get a launch or what can I do and what I recommend is this strategy to a lot of people is, I say, go and do an Amazon giveaway now this is not The giveaway we were talking about earlier, where you discount something at ninety five percent off.

This is where you go and you find let’s say you’re selling, a tactical flashlight. Like your example, you go and you find the best selling tactical flashlight out there on Amazon, and you go look on his page and you see if, over on the right-hand side, it says, set up a giveaway see if they have the Amazon giveaways turned on.

Then we will button and you can click on that and what I will do is I’ll, buy like five of the the main guys tactical flashlights, then what I’ll do. Is I’ll set up an Amazon giveaway, and this is a like a lottery thing: that amazon has it’s, a special promotional area on Amazon, where you can make this public or private? So you can make it private.

Just to your list of customers or your Facebook group, or you can make it public to everybody on Amazon, so so people they’re looking for deals will go in there and what I will do is I will buy five of this guys flash Like I will then start running Facebook ads saying: hey: do you want a free flashlight and I’ll target my Facebook ads there’s, a whole process to that to people that you know, camping people or military people or whoever it May be giving away these free flashlights just click here, but what I will use is manage.

I will use a chat bot. It’s a little bit more advanced, but I’ll use. Something like many chat to make them engage with me, and so they have to say. Yes, I want one of these flashlights and then this this man chat, which is kind of a more of an artificial intelligence thing on Facebook and will automatically respond back great.

We love to send you one just click here for the link and once they’ve clicked two times they become on your many chat list on Facebook, so you have them and like in a group on Facebook that you can market to them again.

So once they’ve done that, then I will send them a link and this link will actually be to the Amazon giveaway page and it will go straight to the giveaway page. Well, when someone goes to the giveaway page, they have to watch a you.

Have some options there that you can say what does this person have to do to enter the giveaway? One of those options is to watch a youtube video, so you could I go out to an influencer and I find an influencer on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram I say hey.

Will you create me a great video if I send you one of my products and they may say yeah, but you got ta, give me a hundred bucks. I’ll say no. No! I’m, not gonna. Do that. How about five thousand people that watch this video and that helps your algorithm on Instagram or Facebook or whatever? And so then I I will, I will have them – create the video for free.

I will make these people watch a video about my product before they get. This other person’s products and tell about how great my product is and how much better it is than the one they’re about to win for free, and then I’ll set it up.

So it’s like one out of every five thousand people, or something gets one of the free ones and the people that don’t get the free one. I’ll. Put on the sorry you didn’t win page, I’ll, put something to the effect of sorry.

You didn’t win, but there’s, a newer, better flashlight, like the one you saw in the video coming out soon I’ll, be sure to let you know when it comes out and then, when my product actually Comes in, I will go back to this many chat lists and I will send out a promotion to the manage chat list which gets like a 90 percent open rate over like a 10 percent open rate on email, and I’ll, say hey thanks For entering the contest last Mar sorry, you didn’t win, but you know that room video, the latest greatest flashlight that has four features, is now available.

Since you didn’t win, we want to offer you a 25 % discount or 30 % desktop click. Would you like to do it and they say yes and then I engage them again on my chat and I put a 2-step URL, which has the keywords and better that I’m trying to rank for and they click on, that they go.

And I give them a coupon code and they go to Amazon. They buy it at like 25 percent off. Then. What I get is I get it’s, a small enough, a discount that I get extra juice in Amazon as the high. If there’s, no discount Amazon gives you extra link juice.

It can also be a verified review and I’m off to the races launching my product. Everybody’s, happy to go back and rewind and listen to it. Cuz it’s, it’s. Just that’s. Awesome yeah that’s, really cool.

I was gonna ask it. I was actually gonna ask you: what are the ways are there? Besides keywords to to get sales there, you go that’s, pretty good yeah. That’s. Great actually is that in is that in the freedom ticket course I’ve taught i’ve taught that that’s in the some of the bonuses in the freedom ticket course.

Yes, nice awesome all right. Well, that’s, very, very cool guys, so there you go that’s, an amazing way of getting people for cheap right. I mean that’s, that’s. What & # 39? S ended up costing you to get thousands of people.

Do you know you know what the cost is. Probably it’s. It’s. Next, to nothing I mean I, it’s, a fake cost of the Facebook ads. Basically – and you know man each ad subscription – which is it much but on something like that under 100 bucks 100 bucks again, how many people would you say, plus the plus the cost of the you know the products, the products and stuff and the promote I to Buy somebody else’s product, so you know it’s under it’s under 500 bucks total and you how many leads out of that 500 to 7,000 G’s, so, like pennies essentially is highly effective.

Yeah, that’s, really really cool guys. So there you go if you want to find out more from Kevin by the way he’s in our Facebook group, the FBA high rollers, okay, mr. Kevin King, is in there. We have 50,000 community members in this.

If you want to go and just kind of tag them tell them that it was awesome tip do that you can get there by going to am p.m. podcast, com4, slash facebook and that’ll. Take you right there. Okay, we’re, not done yet, though, let’s talk about conversion rates.

What does what does conversion or what does a conversion rate mean? And what are some things to keep in mind in regards to that? They don’t call it conversion rate on Amazon right it’s. No, I just unit session percentage is what they call it on Amazon.

You can get to that through your business reports in the backend. If you do a business reports and then it’s, like my child sales, my child or whatever, but they’ll, show you your conversion rates, and so too many people focus on their overall conversion rate.

They’re like if I send traffic from Facebook and nobody buys it’s. Gon na kill my conversion rate. It freaking doesn’t matter. Unless you’re using a two-step URL, that’s, the only time it matters, if there’s, a keyword tied to it, so your conversion rate is is based on how well you convert on a specific keyword that’s, what matters? Not your overall conversion rate Amazon actually rewards you if you send so there’s like 212 things and Amazon tracks, social media, wise everything from reddit links to Facebook, what is paid or is organic or whether it was from a mobile phone or was From a desktop, you know they track everything and they actually reward you for that, because if you’re sending traffic in to Amazon, even if they don’t buy your product, they might buy something else.

It’s like you’re, bringing people to the party and they they they welcome that, and so, if you’re gonna spend that money to bring people to Amazon, they may get there and realize hey. I don’t want this tactical flashlight, but you know what I forgot.

I need to order some toilet toilet paper and they go do that that benefits Amazon, so they like that. So the only time conversion rate really matters is, if it’s tied to a specific keyword and you’re, not getting sales, and that’s.

Where it can hurt you. So people always say what should my conversion rate be if it’s below 7 %? You probably have a problem with your listing. You need to look at your listing. If you get the 15, the 20 % range you’re.

Doing. Okay and most people are in that 10 to 20 percent range. They’re, doing things right. Typically, if someone’s, getting a 30 40 50 60 % session conversion rate, they probably don’t, have much traffic.

So when you hear someone say that most cases not always, but in most cases that means there’s only like 10 people a day looking at their product, it’s, just very, very targeted traffic coming in there on some longtail keywords Or something so if you get into that 10 to 20 percent range, I think that’s, a great place to be, and you should always be trying to up that if you can, but don’t worry about the don’t worry about it, so much don’t obsess over it like so many people do because it’s.

Just one one factor of many many many factors on how how you’re positioned on Amazon, okay, and if people are driving outside traffic directly to their product listing page. Have you seen that effect that conversion rate yeah it can affect that conversion rate? Yeah, if you’re doing directly from it, it can make it and lower it, but unless there’s, a keyword tied to it, you know, if you’re going through a two-step URL has keywords: don’T worry about it: it’s, just a general social media link or a general link to your page or a Philly link.

I want to thank you, okay number, but it’s. Not gonna affect you cars where you were. You rank right and the reason for that guys is: if there’s, a keyword tied to it and it’s, not converting. Then Amazon’s.

Gon na this product, doesn’t convert for this keyword. So when anybody types this search term in for this phrase, we’re, just not gonna show. We’re gonna move you down on the list and eventually you’re.

If you’re, not on the page one you don’t get seen what’s. This thing you always like to say when you’re, not on page one, you might as well be dead. Yeah best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Amazon.

Ah there you go. I love it. I love it so anything that people should be careful of on anything that we talked about here. No, not really yeah. No, that’s. Why I try to ask the questions you know. I know people want to push the limits on certain things, so you can run social me.

You can do stuff. That was one of the questions. A lot of people ask us, hey man. Does that affect my? My my conversion rate is that connect is that gonna hurt me so all right, so what we’ll end it with this.

If you can do like a thirty to sixty second run down to launch like just without going into too much detail. Just the steps that are required and then we’ll, leave it at that falaqa throg to the top of page one.

What would you do first thing? Is you got ta, make sure you’ve done your keyword, research and you’ve optimized, your listing so go back and listen to the part 1 and part 2 and do what we suggested in there once you’ve Got that all in order don’t don’t ever launch half-cocked, you know make sure you got everything in order and you’re ready to go.

Then you’re gonna immediately fire up, PPC and and high bids, and auto campaigns and manual campaigns for the keywords that you’ve researched, both broad and and an exact match. If you have an outside list, you’re gonna use that traffic or, if you have a manager list like I just talked about you, can use that traffic.

If, if you’re gonna build a list like, I just gave you an example of how to build a list using somebody else’s product. You need to do that before your product comes in before it goes, live as once. You get live in stock, it says in stock and available to ship in you know, delivery in two days that’s.

When the clock starts ticking on you on your history, so you want to make sure you you, you come out of the gates. Swing – and you know it’s like a bull coming out. You come out bucking that cowboy off immediately when that gate opens don’t don’t don’t fart around during that time, come out and start running heavy facebook ads or doing a CPR method from helium 10 or Doing what using one of these launch services there’s several out there either doing a 2-day launch or the eight day launch, whichever you prefer.

I would recommend right now. Try the two day, one on a brand new product, monitor your PPC and make sure see what’s, converting adjust just your your title and your product accordingly and then then, after you’ve ranked for some certain keywords, though, after some More keywords and just keep repeating that process awesome and guys make sure that you have a certain number of reviews and good reviews and that your thumbnail is awesome.

We’ve talked about a million times Kevin sorry, one last thing: I want to throw that in there cuz people love to know about reviews, and I know you were privy to some some people talking about best ways of getting reviews.

Any any words on how to get the initial reviews so that they can do the launch yeah. If you’re, I’ve, never used friends and family. I don’t like doing that or I’ve. Never bought reviews or done the where you have somebody buy, then you give them the money back by paypal.

You know, I just think you’re asking for trouble for all that. I don’t use review groups. I put out a damn good product and that’s. How I get reviews and then I’m, also a brand registered. So I’m, able to pay 60 bucks for those first five and then what I will do is, I will sometimes hold contest, so I will do with the customers that buy it.

I know you can use. I do you do stuff with a Facebook and many chat again there’s, some techniques there that you that you can use it to get reviews. Remember you can’t give the product in exchange for review, and you can’t ask for a five-star review, but you can do contest where you say: hey.

Whoever creates the best video of your dog, enjoying my my treats. I’m gonna give you a free dog treats for for a year just go post your video to Amazon on Amazon, and we’re gonna pick winner every month.

Well, when they go and they post their video say anything about a review, but when they go and they post their video, they have to. They have to leave a review by default, so they go and they post a video which can help your conversion rates and they leave a review at the same time and most likely it’s.

Gon na be a positive review because they want to win free dog treats if they don ‘ T like your dog, treats there. They’re, probably not gonna enter the contest so stuff like that, when you think outside the box.

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