Get More Traffic increase website traffic Best Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources In 2021 | Easy & Quick

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Best Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources In 2021 | Easy & Quick

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Hey guys, what’s going on it’s ashley here from and in this video we’re going to talk about the top five traffic sources that you as an affiliate marketer should be using because our some of these traffic sources that i’m going to go through, i used them When i started my career in affiliate marketing, some of them i’m still using now, so that’s basically meaning that it’s going to be great for newbies and also, if you’re, a seasoned marketer as well. You may not know about these traffic sources. You may not have even considered them so um. This will be a video that will be interesting to you as well.


So do stick with me throughout the video, because we’re gonna go through each f each one of these five in detail, not just giving you an overview of them, actually show you how to set them up correctly, all right, but before we get started, go ahead And like that, uh or press or click the like button, even um, because it would really help me out with youtube algorithm, also hit the subscribe button and the bell notification icon. Next to it. So that you’re notified of any new content that i upload to youtube. In the future, but without further ado, let’s jump into this. So if you look at my screen here so yeah top five affiliate marketing traffic sources use them now and don’t look back um.


What can you expect from this video? Well, you’re gonna get exact steps. How to set everything up, um from a to z, okay, both free and paid traffic sources. So just a heads up on that um, it’s not just gonna be free ones. If you are in a position to put some money on the table, then you get even more back um.


So if you’re willing to you know speculate to accumulate, then the paid traffic ones will be interesting for you. This is available worldwide. So it doesn’t matter where your geographical location is. These will also work, and anyone can do this, as i say in my next slide here, what you don’t need is any skills previous experience of or lots of time. Okay, so anyone can do this.


There’S no excuses. Um, these trap is also gonna, be great for you, okay and then my last slide here by the end of this video you’re gonna know the ins and outs of the traffic sources that i run through uh when to use them when not to how To correctly utilize the sources to maximize your return, of course, if those are paid sources, tips and tricks to get even more traffic from the traffic sources and how to boost your online business further than you ever thought was possible. If you stay consistent with it and you implement these sources, i guarantee you you’re going to start having success. So do stick with me in this video. We are gonna absolutely smash this one out.


Okay. So if i go to my google chrome now, first of all, well, let’s not look at the screen just yet. What i want to say first, is with all of these traffic sources. We want to be sending them to a squeeze page now, if you don’t know what squeeze page is that’s essentially a one-page website very simple to create anyone can do it, especially if you’ve got a plug-in installed on your website like a wordpress website or something um And basically you’ll direct all the traffic that you’ll get for free or you’ll pay for to this squeeze page now. The reason for that is that we want to be building an email list.


Now, you’ve probably heard this before the the money is in the list. It’S the most important thing with affiliate marketing, because once you’ve got an email list, that is your asset that you own um. You know you could have different accounts on different platforms like youtube, facebook, but you’re, very much dictated by the people that own that platform right. Maybe at some point you upload a video that youtube for some unknown reason doesn’t like and they can completely shut you down and, let’s say, you’re, basing your whole business on the traffic, that’s coming from youtube, or indeed the money. That’S coming from youtube because you’ve monetized your channel and then suddenly they shut you down.


Well then, you’re done for overnight right, whereas with an email list, you can literally just download those emails into a csv file, basically an excel file right um and you can move them to any other platform that you want, and these people are already they already know. You they’re your audience: they they they trust you and they’re, going to be following you and what you have to say where, wherever platform, you send emails to them from okay, so we really want to be building up that email list and, of course, you can market To that email list, and then you can, you know, send value, send free content, but you can also monetize it and that’s a potential revenue stream. That’S really lucrative as well. So like i said we want to send this traffic to a squeeze page. Now, if we look at my screen here, this is my squeeze page that i use okay.


So basically, all i’m offering on this squeeze page is uh something for free. So this is one of my courses that i created previously and when people get here, if they give me their first name and their email address, then they will get my revive course completely for free. I get an email address from them potential to market to them. Down the line – and they get the free course so we’re both or i’m keeping up my end of the deal and they’re giving me something in return. So before we start these traffic sources, you want to go out and build this squeeze page.


You can use someone a fiver, you know pay, probably like a fiver like five ten dollars or something and someone will create a squeeze page for you, but it’s very important. You have that first, then, once we’ve got the squeeze page like i said we can send people to affiliate offers or whatever. In fact you don’t have to just email them affiliate offers if you want once they put their first name and their email address into here. You can click on. Yes, let me in and the next page they go through to could be offering them some sort of affiliate offer.


That’S very possible. Lots of people will drop off on that. Lots of people won’t be interested in in parting with their cash. All they wanted. Was this freebie and you’ll get people like that on your email list, you’ll get freebie hunters and that’s another reason why you need to clean your email list from time to time, but um some of them will and that’s what you want from an email list so Make sure you’re going to go out and get that that built before we get started all right now.


The first traffic source that we have here is influencer, shout outs. Okay, now one platform that i use to get influencer shout outs is a shout out Okay, now go to here create an account um and you can start searching for influencers on this platform. Now you’ve probably heard of influencers before, but in case you haven’t uh it’s on the likes of instagram.


It’S people that have a big following already on those social media accounts um in the niche that you want to be targeting. So for me it can be make money online. So i would look for instagram accounts on shout cart. That ha. You know the um that are in my niche.


You know that have something to do with motivational quotes or lifestyle things things that people are interested in making money with or or people that follow, that account are interested in making money um and you find different niches on shout out cart. I can’t even say it. I don’t know why shout cart, shout cart, um and yeah, and basically you find them um and what you need to be doing is asking them for a shout out now. There’S lots of options inside of shout cart. Um that you can use you can use like a 24 hour shout out.


You can use a bio link, there’s various options. They give you obviously for various prices. So this is paid traffic. This first one okay um, but what you can do is – and i’ve done it plenty of times is you’ll, find an account that you like that is in the right niche that has good engagement with their posts, and shout cart will give you those those numbers. So you can see okay, the this.


This account has 600 000 followers, but their engagement rate isn’t very good. It’S quite a low percentage, so out of those 600 000 followers how many people are actually commenting and liking on a regular basis on each one of their posts. If the percentage of that is quite low, then probably they don’t have very good quality followers. So you don’t want to be paying their money for a shout out, but what you want to be doing first of all, is going to the likes of and creating just a png file, just a little little picture with look.


If i go here, you see this revive box that i’ve got now what you you to to give something for free. You can use anything. You can create your own course. If you want um, you can create a couple of videos, bundle them into a google doc and then you’ve basically got a video uh a course. Then you can go on to fiverr and get someone to create this box for you, and then you put this box on your squeeze page and that’s the thing that you’ve got to give away for free right, um, once you’ve got that picture of the box.


What you want to be doing is creating something that looks like that. Okay, now, i’ve just put the picture of that. As you can see, free ebook check out link in bio. Now, when i give that to whoever i’ve chosen through shout carts, they will put that. Okay, let’s say i’ve chosen a post uh a 24 hour shout out post and a bio link, so they will put this post onto their instagram profile for 24 hours.


Okay, now imagine if you’re getting six hundred thousand followers to see that okay, there’s gonna be a percentage of it. But let’s say ten: ten percent that’ll be great right, seeing the post and then then you say, check out link in bio. So they put the put the link to your squeeze page in their bio and then for 24 hours. You can have a ton or a flood of traffic coming through to your squeeze page you’re, building up your email list and if you’ve monetized the next page that they go through. Like i mentioned previously, then you can potentially make money all your money back, that you paid for that traffic and then some okay, so that is the first traffic source.


It’S shout cart. It’S influencer marketing! It’S getting big people on instagram to shout your your free product and therefore your squeeze page out to their followers. Okay, now, the second one that we’ve got here is going to be facebook, but not facebook, like you’ve, probably heard before what we want to be doing, is kind of similar to um. What shout cart does but we’re going to be doing it ourselves.


So what you want to be doing is just going to search facebook here on the left and then searching some sort of keywords that have something to do with your niche niche niche or niche. I don’t i don’t know anymore uh, you type something in there to do with it so like for me. It’S gonna be make money online right and then i go enter and what i want to be doing is finding groups that are in my niche. Okay and then all i do is i’ll, go and join those groups um. So let’s go to this one or i actually manage this group so um a little bit biased if we go through to this, but we wait for it to load.


I don’t know why. It’S taken ages too low, but let’s refresh it and there we go so what you want to be doing is literally just going to what’s on your mind, right we’ve got this picture that we’ve made in canva um. We go ahead and add that picture to um the post, and then we say something like free, ebook, um or free book giveaway. Let’S call it that right link in link below something like that and then i might add some emojis to make it a little bit more interesting whatever, and then i go and post that now with some of them. Won’T let you do that because they’re not they’re, not happy with just straight up advertising cause, that’s pretty much what it is um but join a ton of groups with a load load of members and again that’s in your niche uh and go ahead and do this Now, like i said some moderators or some managers of these groups, they’ll review your post and they’ll say no straight away, or some of them will be completely open and they’ll.


Let anyone post anything now. You’Ve got to be careful with that, because some of these groups will be you know, they’ll be spammy they’ll, be full of you know, you know get this bitcoin for free, or this telegram account makes you ten thousand dollars in two minutes or something right. So you’ve got to be picking choosing which groups you want to be posting in, but this is a great way of getting free traffic, especially if that group is in your niche. Okay, so go ahead and do that and you’re literally replicating the work that you did for shout cart straight on to facebook all right, so that is traffic source number two. Now, traffic source number three is udemy or, as it is solo ads, okay now um, you want to be going on to onto udemy, find sellers up here at the top and go through and find people that can offer you solo ads.


Now, if you don’t know what solo ads are, that is essentially uh people that have a big email list already and they’ll be in different niches again, so you’ve got to choose which nation you can talk to a seller on this platform and say: look my ebook Has something to do with um make money online? So do you think that would be a good fit for your list and then you can talk to them and they’ll be like yay or nay, and a lot of them will say they’ll work with you to understand how they’re going to talk to their list. With your offer, because, essentially what they’re going to do is they’re going to send out an email to their list on your behalf. Again, you pay for it. So facebook was free.


The facebook group um traffic source was free, but now we’re back onto the paid um and they will write an email out saying something like you need to check out this ebook. It’S completely for free blah, blah blah and they’ll work with you to create that email to get the best possible opt-in rates. Now with this, you don’t want to be because, as you can see here on the screen, they charge a set up per click. Basically, so this is 69 cents per click, 59 cents per click. You don’t want to be going over 60, really, maybe even 70.


Okay, but never anything more than that and you’ve got to be looking for an opt-in rate of between 40 and 50 percent. Pretty much you’ll never get more than that. If you’re at 30, it’s still decent anything lower than that, then you don’t want to be using this seller again. Now, of course, with these sellers they will offer different amounts of clicks or visitors as they call it right. So, as you can see here, you can move the slider and you can say how many visitors you want and what you want to be doing is probably going for the lowest amount that that seller offers for the first run that you do with them, because you Need to test their traffic out, you need to see if you’re getting that 30 40 or 50 opt-in rate from those visitors.


If you’re not, then okay, you’ve maybe lost a little bit money, but you’re working your way through until you find a good seller, so you’re doing a test run with them all right and if, if they give you a good opt-in rate, then go to them again And do a hell of a lot more okay, um you, if you’re sending them to directly to an affiliate, offer you’re not doing the squeeze page thing which you should be doing, but if you’re not and you’re, sending them directly to an affiliate offer. So it’s basically fully monetized. Then you might get a couple of front end sales, a couple of sales of that offer um. But if you’re doing my method, you want to be looking for that 30, 40 or 50 opt-in rate and then go with them now. You know you, can you can look at these?


You get look. He’S got 1 875 likes as opposed to two. So he’s going to be a good one he’s going to have good traffic, but yeah you need to talk to them understand if their list is a good fit for what you want to be sending to their list and trust me they will. They will be very protective of the people in their list and they won’t want to send anything any. They won’t want to send anything.


They want to be very particular about what what they want to send. So they’ll be very open to talking to you about what email they’re going to send out. What your offer is, what your ebook is but yeah go to here. Udemy is the best place, the best marketplace, to look for solo ads um, and you really want to be making sure that your return on investment is decent, okay, um, so a lot of people. What they’ll do is they’ll.


Do solo ads directly to an affiliate offer, but then they will get a list once someone does purchase through them because they will lock bonuses, for example, behind a form. So if someone buys through you via a solo solo, ad campaign um – and you offer bonuses as part of their purchase, then in order for them to access those bonuses, they have to give you their first name and their email address. That’S another way of both monetizing and building up your your um, your list, but especially for newbies. It’S probably better to offer something for free, because you’ll get bigger opt-in rate uh and, like i said, put that first name and email address on your squeeze page and you’ll, build up a list um and then down the line. You can monetize things and make back your money that you put up front in the beginning: okay, because you’re giving away something for free all right, so that is traffic source number three, that is solo ads on udemy.


All right number four is youtube. Now again, not like facebook, not youtube that you’ve that you’ve heard of before um you don’t have to create any content. You don’t have to upload your own videos. Nothing like that. What we’re actually going to do is we’re going to utilize other people’s hard-earned audiences and the way that we’re going to do that is we’re going to find channels that are again in our niche.


That will be a good fit for the potential audience that we want to build, or indeed the thing that we’re giving away for free and we contact that channel all right. So we look at my screen here. We go, make make money online right um, so we’ve got franklin hatchet he’s known one kevin david yeah and we go through and we look at other people’s videos and we look at the type of videos that they’re uploading. Are there a good fit again for for the audience or for the offer that we want to put out and we basically contact them now? Uh, i don’t know we, you know you don’t want to be going for someone that has like franklin has like 356 000 or indeed, what was this guy, so kevin david 1.


4 million. You don’t want to be going for those sort of um numbers because then they’re going to be so protective of their audience again, similar to the solo ad vendors, um they’re, going to know what their traffic is worth and it’s probably going to be out of. But the budget at the moment right, so what we want to do is go for someone a little bit smaller, but that is again a good fit. Look. 68.


000. This might be a good one, so living delightful freedom. Oh here we go uh and we go to about what we want to do um and sometimes they will have their email address, that you can contact them on in their about section in the description. Okay, this one doesn’t so maybe she just doesn’t want to be contacted or obviously she doesn’t want to be contacted, but i think she’s missing a trick there, because um she can get loads of offers from people who want to give her money um. But okay, so we’ve got 36 000.


There i mean it is a bitcoin one, but if we go here there we go look view email address. This is what you’ll be looking for. Um and you say, i’m not a robot submit and bingo we’ve got an email address there. Now. What you want to be doing is just literally contacting them.


You know via email and saying something hey i’ve seen you have seen your channel. I love your content. Um. I’Ve got an offer that i think that your audience would love, because i think it’s a great fit um, obviously for for an amount of money that we can agree, and you need to negotiate that and things like this. But would you mind either doing a shout out for my offer in one of your future videos or putting a link to my squeeze page in your description on one of your next uploads?


And then you can discuss the ins and outs of that and again, of course, negotiate the price uh. It’S not gonna be crazy, expensive. By any stretch of the imagination, it depends on how many subscribers they have and again the similar to shout cart and and instagram stuff. How many likes, how many comments they get on each one of those of their videos they upload and on how much of a regular basis? So you need to look at that weigh up how much you think.


That’S worth negotiate it with the person. But again you don’t need your own audience, you’re, utilizing someone else’s audience and they’ll be willing to do it because you’ll obviously be paying for the privilege. But then you can get your link in the description or they can do both shout out in the in the beginning of the video like this. This video is sponsored by x, go ahead and click on that link below, and then you can potentially make some money or indeed build up your email list. Okay, so that is traffic source number four and then last but not least, we’ve got traffic source number five, which is bonus spots now.


This is specifically um for the make money online niche affiliate marketing in general, but make money online niche because we have something called bonus spots now you may have experienced this yourself. You may have purchased one of the products that gets launched in our industries, uh industry, even and when you purchase you log into the members area, and there will be a little option inside of that members area that says, bonuses or unannounced bonuses, or something like that. You can click in there and there’ll be a ton of bonuses that weren’t even mentioned on the sales page wasn’t mentioned in any of the marketing that you received, but you know you’re happy because you’re getting a load of products that you didn’t think you were, and You click on them and you download them or you click on them and look at them and that’s basically what we’re going to utilize. So what you want to be doing is contacting one of these vendors that are launching one of these products and you’re, essentially going to say, hey. I’Ve got an offer again a free ebook, whatever um.


That, i think, would be good for your audience. Would you mind putting it in your bonus spot area? Some will say: no, some will say. Yes, it’s all a numbers game you’ve got to keep trying, but some will say. Yes, i remember when i first started.


That was the way that i that i started my my email list was through bonus spots because then, basically, all you do, is you give them a picture of your of your of your bonus of your product? So mine was revive. I give them that picture and the link to go directly through to either download that ebook or, in my case, to go through to the members area of revive um and they put that into their bonus spot area and then, when they get customers um. That log into their own private members area they’ve got that link to the bonuses they go through. They see in my in my case, they see revive sitting there um and they’re like oh okay, that looks interesting.


I download it and then i’ll put uh uh. Well, they would they’ll go through the squeeze page, that it’s a correction on that one you’ll give the vendor the picture of your product and then you’ll give them the link to your squeeze page. So someone again opens that bonus, spot area or bonus area and they will say: okay that looks interesting. Click on the link. They go through the squeeze page that i just showed you they give their first name and email address.


Then they get to download the bonus that was promised to them inside of the members area. Okay, so yeah! Sorry about that, you don’t want to be going straight through. You don’t want to be linking them straight through to your members, because you need to capture that email address, so you want to be given the squeeze page link, okay and that’s huge because you’ve got to think about it. You’Re not doing any work for the traffic, because other affiliates and and jvs are doing the work to get the traffic to that product to to make the sales that they make their commission and all the people that are going into that members area.


They’Re buyers, they’re people with disposable income or people with that are willing to part with their disposable income for these products. So then, when they get onto your email list, you know they’re buyers so that when you market to them down the line, they’re the best people to have in your list. Okay, because you might market to them other affiliate offers in a couple of weeks time – and you know nine times out of ten, if they’ve already bought, one they’re gonna buy another right um, and so that’s what you want to be doing um and so actually You’Ll fight more solo ads is gonna, be a good one as well you’ll find out shout cart. You’Re gonna get a load of freebie hunters like i said, but it’s still great for the price because you can pay like. I know it’s like 50 bucks for shout cart and you can potentially have an audience of 600 000.


You will not find anything that will beat that nothing, but there will be a lot of freebie hunters um. The thing is: they’re gonna be freebie hunters with a lot of this, but i think shout outs, probably gonna have quite a lot um, but the one with the bonus spots and i’d say the solo ads are gonna, be the best sources, because they’re gonna be the ones with buyers, potentially the most amount of buyers bonus spots having the most, because it’s only buyers that can that can access your bonus. Okay, so you want to be using that so just get in touch with vendors um, just friend them on facebook just find their. You know. In fact, let me show you right if we go to the screen.


I click on the launch that went live today. Hive and you go through to a jv page for that product go all the way to the bottom, and then you’ll have the details of the people that are launching this product now. Sometimes you’ll have their names and they’ll actually give you the link to their facebook and the link to their skype. If they haven’t, which is the case here uh, it won’t be hard to just search their names in facebook and go ahead and friend them um. You can even look at old jv pages where they used to give their skype details.


If you want, but facebook’s gonna be the best place to do it, go and friend them when they accept you message them. You know not desperate, not spamming. If they don’t reply to you leave it alone, move on to the next vendor. There’S plenty of them, but just say: hey i’ve got this product. I would love to have it in your bonus but area.


I think it’s a good fit for your audience. Would you be able to do that for me and you’ll get a yes or no okay, so that was the fifth traffic source bonus spots, all right, guys, um and that’s my video, so i hope you enjoyed it um. I hope it gave you what gave you what you were looking for when you came to my video in the first place, if it did again, i’d really appreciate you hitting that like button below, because it helps me out with the youtube algorithm also hit the subscribe Button and the bell notification icon so that you’re notified of any new content. I upload to youtube in the future and of course, if you’ve got any questions, then please do leave them alone. Leave them alone leave them below, because i answer any and all questions that i get and i would love to interact with you guys and obviously help you out as well.


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