Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic BEST FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES 2021 for Affiliate Marketing Links

BEST FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES 2021 for Affiliate Marketing Links

In this video i will talk about the best sources for my affiliate links and also, i will explain the strategy that i use to receive a regular flow of to my website and affiliate links, [ Music ].

What’s up? Marketers amar here and before i start explaining my strategy that i’ve, been using since eight or nine months to generate a regular flow of to my affiliate links and websites.

Let me kindly ask you to subscribe to the channel like the video and or drop a comment. It will be a great support for me and it will be highly appreciated. So, as you can see here on my google analytics for uh from january 4th to january 10th, this year i’m, receiving around 800 visits each and every day to all my websites, my blogs, all of them are represented here, but this is a Good number, like 927 on the 6th of january uh, visits that’s, a very good thing, at least for like eight months of work now, and it’s going up week after week, so i will be sharing with you the strategy.

I’ve, been applying lately to get this kind of results, so there are many methods to drive free traffic to your affiliate links, but it has to be done in an ethical and effective way, and this is why my affiliate links are always published On my own websites – and let me tell you now that i am not really a fan of the method – affiliate marketing without a website.

I think that the people doing that are wasting lots of traffic and leaving lots of money on the table, so the traffic i drive. I drive it to my own websites, where i have a full control and then i can do whatever i want with that traffic, and here is an example of what i am saying so this website here i’m using the front page or the Home page, to build an email list, because this button here will help me build an email list.

I’m, offering something for free in exchange of an email address of a lead. So i am building my email address on the first page here. But if i go down, i am also offering a 100 commission affiliate program, so people can be interested of promoting one of these products here that will make them 100 commission and to my website.

I am also promoting affiliate links in other pages of the website like, for example, this tools page has a ton of affiliate links, while i am offering and delivering good content to my visitors, so this page also has affiliate links on it and the the good thing Is that you have full control, you can do whatever you want with your pages, because you are on your website.

This uh page also has affiliate links. The footer has affiliate links. If i take, for example, a post that i published here, it has affiliate links number one number, two number three etc. So this is the reason why i like to build my own website and then drop my affiliate, my affiliate links in my web site.

Now let’s, go back to the slides and one of the best that you can. I mean the best free traffic that you can get is those people who are actively searching for specific information that you can provide on your website.

They are ready because they are already searching for that thing. Using the right keywords on your website and having good rankings on search engines can drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

Then it will be easier for you to work on converting those visitors into subscribers and or buyers, and this is the reason why learning the basics of seo is very important. And if you want more details about exactly what i’m doing on my blogs, i’m, managing like three or four blogs in the same time.

So if you want to know exactly how i’m doing you can download this report here called drive seo traffic. So all you have to do. Go to the website, click on downloads and then go to this report here you can download it and you will learn exactly how i’m, doing to rank a lot of pages of my websites.

The second way to drive targeted free traffic to your websites and your affiliate links is quality content. So you need to write good articles, design, good graphics and or make good quality videos you need to take the time.

This is an effective way to promote your website. In your brand, because good content is appreciated by readers and it will lead them to stay longer on your websites, recommend it to others or just take action on on one of your recommendations and make you commissions.

So it’s, really important to take the time and put together an article of 500 or plus words you can go to and make some beautiful graphics well explained and then publish the content on your website.

Whenever someone comes to your website, it stays longer and that’s very good for seo and also it might take action on your website, and this is exactly what we want. So here’s, one of my other websites, where i am publishing valuable articles with good information on it, easy to read some graphics, and these articles here will rank on the search engines and send you traffic to your affiliate links because affiliate links are Here i mean on the sidebar, for example, these are affiliate links inside the articles.

Also, there might be affiliate links, so you prepare your website with good content and some calls to action, and then you optimize it to the search engines. If i go to, this is another website where i publish articles as well, and there are affiliate links on it.

This is the one that i showed you earlier on the other website, etc, and if you go to the videos tab on this channel – and you check these two videos here – free traffic and free traffic episode number two – you will see a specific strategy of how to Leverage plr content, it’s, absolutely free 100 free.

You leverage plr articles that are already written, and then you add to that some graphics and you will end up with great posts, to submit to the search engines so feel free to go to the videos, tab and find this video here and this one here.

They have a great content on them. The next strategy is having an affiliate program. We are going to use the leverage we are going to leverage efforts of other people who are affiliates. They are, they want to make money with an affiliate product and we want to get the traffic.

So what you can do you can create your own info product then offer a 100 commission to affiliates. You can set up your info product on jvzoo, warrior plus or any other affiliate network. The affiliates will do the job and bring traffic to your website or sales page, and if they make sales, of course, they will take 100 of the sale and, as a result, even if you are not making money on the sales, you are still getting targeted traffic To a thank you page where you can promote something else, and this is a very good method, because i tried it myself and, as i showed you before, i am offering here 100 commission for affiliates who will of course accept to promote these info products.

Here. They will have all the the sale price they will take it all, but i will have the traffic to the thank you pages of these different products. As you can see here, an affiliate can come here to check the sales page.

You can click on the product to see the sales page and then, if he wants to make a hundred percent commission on this product, what he will need to do is click on here. Get your affiliate tools – and there is a page specifically made to give the tools and explain how it works to the affiliate.

So he will be ready to do the promotion right away, so he can use banners. He can use an email ad or solo ad to send and and every time he makes a sale. He will make 100 commission, but i’m still getting the traffic on the back end.

So having an affiliate program that offers 100 commission to affiliates is one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your affiliate links. And if you have any other questions about this strategy, please feel free to drop a comment below and i’ll.

Be back as soon as possible to answer your questions, another way of driving targeted traffic to your website and that your affiliate links is to do some networking and partnerships, so you need to contact other bloggers and website owners for a possible link exchange partnership.

Uh. You need to find websites related to yours, content, wise and people that are doing the same thing as you and publishing same content as you, you can reach out to the owner of the website, make a proposition of guest posting or any other form of backlink exchange.

It can be banner exchange, for example, or you can exchange your mailing lists. He sends a solo mail for you to his list and you send the same thing uh for him to your list. You can also discuss with them any other form of cooperation.

Another huge source for free traffic is social media and forums. Millions of people are hanging out on social media and forums and discussing various topics and subjects, and the people you are targeting are already there.

So here are a few tips. You need to set up professional profile, so if you are on facebook, create a professional profile like the banner of your profile, their picture, the headlines, the calls to action, everything needs to be well done and well explained, and then the attitude you will be adopting is Looking for relationships, not only followers also building your reputation first focus on helping others over selling.

You need to seek engagement. Also, you need you can ask people what to do. You can tell them to like the post or, like the video comment on the video you can also include calls to action. You need to stay active, so this work needs to be like on regular basis.

You need to stay, active and publish a lot. You can publish about what’s trending right now. You can create content that people want to see and also make and publish high quality graphics. Now, before i get to the last free traffic source and , let me just ask you one more time to like the video subscribe to the channel and or drop a comment, and thank you very much.

So the last is building an email list because having a list of subscribers is like having traffic on demand and building a good reaction relationship with subscribers by always offering them the best.

You can also set up and send automated messages. What we call autoresponders and personalized newsletters to keep in touch with them, so this was my strategy that i’ve, been using for the last eight or nine months.

It’s, given good results. Let me say good results and it’s growing. That’s. The best thing it’s growing. So if you have any questions p, please feel free to put a comment down below and i will be back as soon as possible to answer your questions.


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