Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Boost YouTube Views: 8 Simple Tricks To Turbo Charge your Video Traffic

Boost YouTube Views: 8 Simple Tricks To Turbo Charge your Video Traffic

Congratulations, you put a video up on YouTube, but you didn’t, get any views. Well in this video I’m, going to show you 8 simple tricks that you can do to your existing YouTube videos in order to boost those views.

Stay tuned all right: we’re gonna run through these 8 tips and tricks rather quickly so make sure to pay close attention. Number 1. Add a keyword, rich title to your video: 60 % of views on YouTube come from search.

This means people are actually looking to Google and YouTube for answers to their questions. If you haven’t chosen a specific keyword or keyword phrase for your video. Do that now and add it to the beginning of your title.

Number 2 create a James Wedmore, approved description now YouTube gives you the opportunity to create a simple little description that goes underneath your video most people ignore this step. Here are three things that your description needs number one.

Your keyword number two, the URL, that you want to send people to off of YouTube and number three: a mini post or description about what your video contains now to learn quickly change the title and the description of one of your past videos.

I’ve, put together a very simple tutorial that you can follow and watch by clicking right over here. Number 3 upload a transcript. Now, if you haven’t figured out by now YouTube and Google actually index your entire transcript or the exact words that you say in each and every one of your videos.

Now YouTube is kind enough to create an auto-generated transcript for you, but they tend to mess that up a lot. So I highly encourage you to take the time, get someone to transcript your next video for you and upload it as a txt file for the full tutorial on do that.

Click right over here number four create a custom thumbnail now, if you actually want people to click on your videos instead of the person. Next to you, you need to take a time and create a custom design thumbnail.

Now a lot of people get over in their heads and they get nervous because I don’t know Photoshop. I’m, not a graphic designer how the heck do I create a custom thumbnail? Well, we’ve, put together a very simple tutorial, where anybody with no Photoshop or no graphic skills whatsoever.

That means you can create very own custom thumbnail in less than three minutes click over here about tutorial as well number five add a subscribe. Annotation. Now the trick to getting more views is to create a following or a fanbase, and that starts with getting subscriptions to your YouTube channel.

At the start of every single one of your videos, you should add a simple little annotation at the bottom of the screen. That tells your audience or your viewers to subscribe for a full tutorial on do that right over here number 6 create an external link.

Annotation, every single one of your videos needs to have a call to action, a call to action that tells people what to do after your video is finished, which should be to go to your , your al, a landing page or a lead page.

So if you haven’t done that what’s? The point of making the video in the first place one of the best ways that you can do this to actually get people to leave YouTube and go to your web property is through what’s called an external link annotation.

That means, with a few clicks of a button, you can literally have your viewers. Click inside your video leave YouTube and go straight to your website for the full tutorial on how to set this up for your next video click right over here number.

Seven in video programming, whether you’ll, have one video or 1000 videos on your channel. This nifty little YouTube tool allows you to create a custom watermark across all of your videos, and it only takes a few seconds to set up.

It can allow you to either get more subscribers to your channel or direct to one of your favorite videos. For the full tutorial on how you must must set this up on your channel click right over there number 8, our final tip and trick for getting more views, more exposure and more results out of your YouTube.

Video is to embed it on your , just because it’s on YouTube. Doesn’t mean you can’t. Also recreate this content on your own web property. Like a blog. Take the video embed. It write a little extra content, add some images, maybe an infographic or few, and here’s.

A nifty little trick include a backlink to your original YouTube, video that’s. Gon na help get some link juice and help your videos rank higher in youtube search engine, and hopefully, Google as well.

If that went over your head and you’re totally confused, you’ve, never done anything like that before well. Check out my YouTube tutorial on how to embed your video on your blog right over there once you’ve, followed those eight little tips and tricks.

You’re, ready to share your videos, all across social media, to your email, subscribers and all of your friends on the Internet. Thanks again for watching this video, if you want to see those tutorials again, and here they are on the right-hand side, you can click on any of those to learn more in depth about each and every one of those tips and tricks make sure to subscribe.

To my channel, if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you in the next one: hey Kat, still trying to figure out all this YouTube and social media stuff. Well, I got you covered click the link below to download my latest guide, the report.

To finally give you a clear-cut strategy for online success with video, so you put your first congratulations! Wait! If you haven’t figured out by now YouTube and Google. Actually, what was the word actually indexed? I don’t want to end this.

How was that? Did you enjoy that all right? It’s like it.

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