Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Do THIS on EVERY Post to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram

Do THIS on EVERY Post to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram

In an environment as competitive as the Instagram landscape, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can on every single post to ensure you increase your reach, bring more profile visitors over to your page and hopefully convert them into followers so that they will Turn into clients and customers want to know what we do on every single post to make sure we increase our chances to increase our reach.

Stay tuned, hey guys, welcome back to our channel. If you’re new to our channel, we are hi season. A social media agency that helps owners, entrepreneurs and marketers step their social media gave up and break the algorithm.

Today we are talking about one of they, like main things that I think we’ve actually touched on in various videos, but didn’t give this specific attention. It deserves. Yes, because it’s, so important and it’s.

What we do on every single Instagram post that we share no matter what without fail in order to increase our opportunities for reach. These are like the number one essential things that you should do to increase your opportunities for reach, so we want to give a dedicated video to it.

It is called our three tag approach and we are gonna be breaking down exactly what that means today, so that you can increase your reach on Instagram and bring those followers that we so crave in order to turn them into clients and customers.

Let’s, get started all righty guys. The first tag in our three tag approach are hash tags, of course. So unless you have been living in a Wi-Fi free cave for the last decade, or so you know what hash tags are there’s, no need to go into that, but hashtags on Instagram are essential, so Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags within Your caption or your comments, so you want to make sure that you use every single one of those hashtags to make sure you’re, reaching the maximum amount of users as possible.

So what we would suggest is to use the branded hashtag. If you have one in the caption do not put all 30 hashtags in the caption it’s ugly. Nobody wants to see that and specifically, if you are syncing that to other networks which shouldn’t be, but we see it every day it’s.

Gon na come up on that caption. If you’re going from Instagram to Facebook, go to Twitter and it looks even uglier there and it looks out of place and looks like you. Didn’t. Try it’s, not worth it. So keep the branded hashtags or any super key hash tags to that post in the caption.

All the rest need to go in the first comment and we would recommend to do like 4 or 5 periods and then pop it underneath it just keeps it Nita and just looks a little bit nicer and as far as the make up of that, there are Three different types of hashtags, essentially huge large volume, hashtags the medium volume and then the small niche volume hashtag.

So we recommend a split of five large ones, which is about a million plus. The medium hashtags is about 100k to just under a million and then the small niche up to 100k uses. So if you would like to know more information about exactly do that, we have a video boom right here and down here.

It’s, our ultimate hashtag strategy that will go into much more detail of exactly figure out which hashtags are small, medium or large, and use those but definitely use your hashtags. The next tag in our three tag approach our location tags.

These are super super key. How location tags increase your reach are by actually putting you into a searchable pool attached to the location that you tagged so, whether it be a restaurant? Let’s, something specific like a restaurant movie, theater or a specific venue, or something more general like the city of Montreal Toronto in New York, just like with the Explorer page, these location tags actually end up pooling into a top posts and a most Recent posts category as well, so there are a lot of opportunities there to be seen, but you need to make sure that your tagging your photos in order to do so.

So through these tag posts, you’d, be able to find bloggers businesses, so whether a is tagged to just Montreal and then you end up seeing any oh. What’s, this , this latte, it looks great.

Then you end up going to the profile. You love what you see on the profile and then you end up just following them, because they have a beautiful, pristine profile that makes you want to follow. You should check out this video here.

If you need assistance with setting up a profile, it will also be in the description below to how to best optimize. Your profile definitely want to check that out, but having something that’s already set up and beautiful for when someone finds you is key key key to conversion back to location tags having those tags set up on every single post that you share will Increase your opportunities for because people actually go and search that section when they’re looking for things to do and if you are a business and you have people tagging you, that is a great source for user-generated content, because not everyone uses the app Tag sometimes they just tagged the location, so that’s, something to keep in mind or if user-generated content is part of your content strategy.

That is it definitely something you want to cruise through to also be liking, and re posting things from that section. A recent update from Instagram was lets. You know that they’re, actually really encouraging this tagging approach and for businesses to also tag their locations is that they’ve created official pages that match the location.

So if you go to a cafe, for example, and you hit the tag they’ll actually have the address and some information there. In addition to taking you to the exact profile that just shows the importance of location tags because Instagram is paying attention to it and whatever Instagram pays attention to, you have to pay attention to the third tag in our high season.

3 tag approach is brand tags or account tags. So what this is, if you’re posting an image or a video of something, whether it’s your product and then, alongside that, you have other products from another brand telling that brand.

I mean if it, unless is your competitor? No one tagging you probably won’t, be posting them anyway. So if there’s, other people, maybe a staffer in there or just other individuals that are able to be tagged.

Do it every single time you can now the reason why you would do that it alerts that brand or that other person that you have tagged them and that that allows them to therefore engage with the post know they could comment they could like it.

They can even share it to their stories. Another way to do that, as well as when you post stories tag the other brands in that story, because the money move here is that when someone is tagged in a story that allows them to share it natively without having to do some sort of weird screenshot Same thing, so, if you’re, taking a larger brand that has millions of followers there’s, a little bit of a lesser chance that they’re gonna actually see it, but it’s.

Not so much about getting them to engage with the account exactly the reason why it’s, not so much about the engagement there. It’s about the affiliation remember trying to create an affiliation, so Instagram puts us in a specific category.

So, for example, if you are makeup artist, you’d, actually want to tag all the makeup brands that are in your photo in the comments and also tagging them in the or video, because you want Instagram to start aligning you with it.

So it works for various reasons. It will increase your reach because if they do see it and repost it, you look in the analytics up there and see that the reach of that post. What crazy? But it also creates the affiliation that increases your opportunities to latch.

On the explore page, we filmed this is just one of the key components on getting an explorer page that we broke down in this video here. It’ll, also be in the description below, but creating that affiliation, so that you can be associated with a specific category is what will help you reach more people, because you’ll, add on their explore page and you’Ll also have the opportunity to be shown in the tagged photos on the other side of the account.

So you guys know when you’re on Instagram profile. You’re, able to look at where usually was just used for friends who, how do they look in this tagged, photo as opposed to they’re perfectly curated feet it also.

You could do that for brands to see how are people using products that’s, where usually people go, and they want to see what the food looks like how the product looks anything that any recommendations that are there.

So that also increases your opportunity for reach and we have a bonus. That is the fourth tag in our three tag approach and that is alt tags fairly new feature to Instagram, not everybody’s doing it yet.

So this is your chance to get ahead of the curve and use the alt tag. Option alt tags are similar to websites where you’re, creating descriptive keywords of the image or video that you have actually not for videos yet, but creating the description for a photo so that people are understanding what’s behind this photo.

This is actually supposed to be used for people who are visually impaired, but why also words is following our conversation on creating categories and associations for Instagram. This also lets instagram know what your photo is about.

So that way, you can serve it to the right people and more people outside of your general audience, so we definitely recommend checking out the alt tags. I know that we ‘ Ve included this in a bit more detail in a video, so we’re gonna leave it up there when I remember the title of that and will be in the description below and use keyword.

Heavy description. Yes, for that, exactly things that they could search for, if you’ve got keywords that you use on your page, make sure that the image has any of those on there I mean put it it’s, a full sentence that you Put in there man drinking a beer with beard with beard, yeah man with beer drinking beer in a park – yeah, oh and then you can say drinking craft, beer or whatever.

It is instagrams already doing this. So if you ever wonder you can go especially if you’re in Chrome, use the inspector tool and check the alt tags. You’ll, see that like we had, I was looking yeah. It’s already applying it.

So just do it help them more because they’re, trying to figure it out, just figure it out for them, so they’re like oh. This ties to this. No all right guys. That is our three tag. Approach with a bonus tag and it’s, the process we use for every single post that we make on Instagram to ensure we increase our opportunities for reach.

Thank you so much for coming back to watch another video. If you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up hit subscribe below hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss any further videos from us. You can follow us everywhere on social media at high seas and co, and you can check out our at until next time.

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