Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Drive MASSIVE Traffic to Your Shop | How to Drive FREE Traffic to Your Etsy Shop!

Drive MASSIVE Traffic to Your Shop | How to Drive FREE Traffic to Your Etsy Shop!

What’s up buses welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here my name is ELISA, and this channel is all about small business, entrepreneurship and social media marketing, and today I want to discuss drive massive amounts of external traffic to your let’s eShop. So you might already know that driving external traffic to your SD shop can be the difference between having a shop that kind of gets here and there and having an that knocks it out of the park and makes multiple every single day consistently.

And the reason is not just because you’re getting more eyeballs on your shop, but because when you have multiple streams of traffic coming into your shop, then your visits will be more balanced. So let me explain: in March there were some Etsy sellers. There were a lot of Etsy sellers actually that we’re experiencing a dip in due to the pandemic, and this affected my shop as well.

So, as you can see, my Etsy search traffic was down for a couple of days, but then it leveled off – and that was all dudes who might external traffic sources. And if I didn’t have external traffic driving into my shop, then my sales would have plummeted completely. So, basically, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket when you’re trying to drive traffic to your shop. Moreover, you might know that the Etsy algorithm actually favors listings that convert better. So if you’re driving targeted traffic into your shop from external sources and those visits are converting into sales or into favorites, everything will actually reward you by ranking you higher in the search results, because they can tell that because of your external traffic.

Converting well that this listing is desirable, so driving external traffic also means that you can increase your internal traffic as well. So, basically, driving traffic to your with external sources is super important for your success and I’m going to teach you exactly do it, but before we get started, I want to announce that marketing for makers Academy is finally open for enrollment. It’s my new pro to help you increase SC traffic and sales, but also build a profitable, long, lasting business, and if you have been enjoying my videos and finding them super valuable, then you’re gon na love this course, because in this course I go really in depth And take you step by step on build a profitable . Also, this is the first time I’m launching marketing for makers Academy. So you will be the founding members.

If you join this program, this round, which means It’s the cheapest price you’ll ever see it and you’ll also get the most attention from me. There’Ll be a private Facebook group where we’re all going to interact, and there will be six coaching calls. So I can hold your hand through the process for clarity, troubleshooting and accountability. If you’re interested go to the link in the description box or the comment pin to the top of this video and go enroll, if you have any questions, you can scroll down to the bottom of that page and submit a question there. I’Ll get back to you.

Asap but hurry up because enrollment ends on May 5th. Ok, so without further ado, let’s get into the video how to drive to your Etsy shop. So, in the past 30 days I had about 8500 unique visits to my Etsy shop and 56 % of those visits were driven by me through external traffic. So how am I able to drive that much traffic to my Etsy shop? Well, I want to give you mindset shift number one which will help you understand what you need to do in order to drive traffic so number one.

You need to start thinking about driving targeted traffic. So what do I mean by targeted traffic? Well, does this sound, like you, you’re posting your listing links in a Facebook group forum for Etsy sellers you’re posting your product photos on Instagram or maybe you’re pinning aimlessly on Pinterest, but despite all your efforts trying to drive external traffic to your shop, It’s not really Leading to more traffic or more sales, so what are you doing wrong? Well, the reason why your efforts are not leading to any sales is because you’re casting a really large net and you’re, basically trying to advertise your products to everyone. It’s not only not going to work, but It’s also going to hurt your version rate, which is also going to hurt your listings rating and Etsy might decide to not favor your listing in the search algorithm, because It’s just not converting well and that could be due To you posting your link everywhere without thinking about targeted traffic first.

So the first thing I highly suggest you do before you start driving traffic is think about not only what you sell but who you were trying to sell it to and when you know who you’re trying to sell to you can be more targeted in your marketing Efforts so let’s say you sell nursery printable wall art instead of joining Facebook groups for Etsy sellers and posting your links there, you should be joining a Facebook group for expecting mothers or, if you’re, using Instagram, stop using hashtags like hashtag Etsy seller, hashtag, printable wall, art Use hashtags like hashtag nursery decor, because expecting mothers aren’t necessarily looking for anything under hashtag FB seller, they’re looking for nursery decor, so you just want to be smart with using hashtags or joining Facebook groups where your audience actually is, and that will help you drive more targeted traffic also, when you know who you want to serve, you can actually then know what their problems are, because you can actually ask them or survey them. So, for example, when I first started selling my digital product, it was a simple editable principle and then I decided to target Etsy sellers. So I listened to se sellers specifically and I revised my product and I made it better and then once I got serious about who I wanted to target and what I wanted to offer. I surveyed my audience and I really learned what exactly they wanted from me from my product and I was able to build a more elaborate and better product and guess what every time I listen to my target audience and I made those iterations. My revenue grew, but that exercise didn’t only help me make more sales internally, but it also helped me drive more traffic externally, and that brings me to point number two, which is you need to stop posting all about you and your business.

Now you might be thinking. Wait what then, what else am I supposed to be posting about? Well, remember: I just talked about that target audience survey in the last point. Well, I didn’t only ask my target audience questions that relate to my product. I ask them questions about them, so I can really understand what they’re struggling with.

So when my target audience told me what they were struggling with, that helped me create more relevant content to actually serve and help them on a wider scale. So now I had material that I could actually talk about and post about. So how does this work, and why does this work well think about it? This way you have a pool of people that are in your target audience that know they want your product and that’s a small ish cool. Then you have a larger and wider pool people in your target audience that don’t necessarily know that they want your product or know that your product exists, but they do know that they have problems and they’re googling the solution to a lot of their problems.

So if you find out what they’re struggling with – and you could relate that back to your business, then you know what to post about and eventually that will lead to more awareness around your brand. For example, this piece of content is for FG sellers who want to learn how to package their orders and that post directly relates to what I sell. But when I was surveying my target audience, I also realized that they were struggling with SEO. So I created this post that talks about how to craft the perfect titles and tags for your listening and how to do SEO research. So, though, It’s not directly relating to what I sell.

It is a piece of content that my target audience is searching for and when they stumble upon it, it will lead them to my brand. Basically, you want to create content that makes your brand magnetic for your target audience and not only just talk about your business and your products. You want to make it about them and not about you, which brings me to tip number three, which is you need to focus on creating searchable content now. What do I mean by searchable content? I mean texts like blog posts, audio like podcast, video, like YouTube or even Pinterest pins, because Pinterest is a visual search engine.

Now, let’s look at traffic breakdown, so I can explain why searchable content is so important for your business. Now, let’s look at Instagram. I love Instagram and I post on Instagram multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, but, as you can see, it brings in virtually zero traffic to my Etsy shop. So why It’s that well think about it when you post on Instagram how long? After do people find that post, maybe one to three days, maybe up to a week they can find that Instagram post It’s really hard to reach people, because you quickly just get buried in the sea of Instagram feed posts.

So let’s look at Pinterest now. Pinterest actually brings in 32 % of my traffic, and that is a lot of traffic for something that I don’t really spend a lot of time on, and this is because Pinterest is the visual search engine. So people are literally on Pinterest typing in what they want to find and they find my pins. Moreover, there’s a ripple effect with Pinterest. So when I pin something, then someone else REE pins, my pin and so on.

It can really quickly reach a lot of people once that pin starts to build momentum. So Pinterest is a really great tool that you can use for your ecommerce shop and, unlike Instagram, where you get lost in the sea of competition Pinterest. Actually over time you get more views and more visits if your pins are optimized for free pinning. Now, let’s look at direct traffic. Direct traffic is mostly YouTube and over the course of almost 12 months, I’ve made about 43 videos.

So that’s less than one video per week. Also, videos that I made 9 or 10 months ago are performing really well and driving a lot of traffic to my shop. So this video right here I get about 500 views on that video every 48 hours and since I link my Etsy shop in the description box, I’m getting used on my listings and on my shop. So why am I able to drive traffic from something I posted? 9 or 10 months ago, because It’s searchable content, people are searching for things on YouTube, they’re.

Finding my and they’re clicking on my link and It’s bringing them to my Etsy shop and the best part about driving searchable targeted, high-quality content. Is you don’t need a lot of it? You only really need a handful of high quality targeted pieces of content in order to drive massive amounts of traffic to your Etsy shop. Also, since It’s searchable, the traffic just keeps coming to your shop on autopilot. So I can literally stop making YouTube videos at this point and I can stop pinning on Pinterest and I will still have a ton of traffic coming to my Etsy shop, because people are still consistently finding my pins and finding my videos.

So the three things you need realize that you need to drive targeted traffic, stop posting about your product and your business and three create searchable content. If you want to know the step by step of how to do this, exactly then in my program, marketing for makers Academy, I go over how to use Pinterest and drive massive amounts of traffic, like I did in modules three and four module. Five is all about email, marketing and module. Six is about content marketing, so the program has got your back. Go to the link in my description box to learn more about it.

I hope this video was helpful and I’ll catch you in the next one bye, guys

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