Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic eBay Title Builder Strategies to Increase eBay Sales and Traffic

eBay Title Builder Strategies to Increase eBay Sales and Traffic

Hi everyone, its Nahar here from zika analytics and today in this video, I’m going to walk you through my eBay title building strategy to drive more and more sales to your listings. So, let’s start with step number one and is understanding: how does Cassini rank your product? You probably asked yourself why it is important for us to learn how does Cassini rank your product if we came to this video to watch build titles now this is the basic understanding when you come for search. Engine optimization on eBay is to understand how a big algorithm works, and this is why I started this video with this slide. So, let’s go through the main, the main criteria Cassini ranked the products from so it’s starting with and pricing.

It’S our title item specific description and I was selling price. It’S going on to seller performance and the feedback score. We have the seller rating returns, disputes and tracking the returns rate, disputes rates and so on, tracking, updated on time, LOL, shipping and return policies. How fast? We are shipping and how long we give our customers to return the products and then and one of the main criterias which are affecting Cassini.

The most is the sales and conversion rate means the amount of sales compared to active listings. The compares to cells and the listing click-through rate. Now all these three things are the reasons cassini ebay algorithm decide to rank our product on page one, the main and most important is the . Then it’s moved to the seller, the sales and conversion rate and then to the seller performance, and it’s important that you understand it, because building titles is not everything. First, step is to find the right product product that we can compete for with the price compete with the with the very variation we offer and also see that there is not too many competition selling the same price.

Once you find this product, then come the part of building titles, but even if you will build the best titles in the world and we just go to product without demand or with a lot of competition, you will probably not sell this product. So remember, step number one is finding products and without understanding how eBay algorithm works, we can’t find products and also we can’t optimize our titles. Now, let’s move to what we can do and what we can do. Okay, now, the idea is to focus on what you can actually do, and this is with everything you do in life, not only with title building with every business. Stop waste your time on things that are out of control.

I hear people telling me what I can do. I just start sell, but I have zero sales or I have very no amount of feedback. Sir, I don’t have feedbacks at all. How should I start if I don’t have any of those? How should I start – and this is the main problem of people – stop focus on what you can’t do now regarding title optimization, what you can’t do is you can just increase your sales from knowing you can’t just increase your conversions from no well, you can’t increase the Amount of feedbacks you have right now and you can’t improve your seller performance in one day.

It’S a process, okay, so focused on what you can actually do now. What you can actually do is choose items based on demand and competition. So you choose item with low competition with high demand items that you can actually compete for that the competitor selling. This item is not now competitive, with fifty five hundred thousand feedbacks and thousands of cells and selling this product for a price. You can’t compete okay, once you found this product focused on optimize, the title optimize the item specific and optimize.

The description, if you will focus on what you can do, first of all, your life will look much better. Second of all, you will be doing much many much more things which affect your business on a positive way, all right. So, let’s move to the next search engine optimization the way Cassini liked it so before we dive in a live example and actually building a title together. I want to show you here: what are the main pillars for correct search engine optimization on eBay, so Cassini friendly titles? What is important for eBay algorithm when we build title first of all is the keyword placement.

The strong keywords would always be placed in the beginning of the title. It’S very important second thing is using long tail keywords, not only dog or gate as longer search cubes. You will use the better the you will get, because this is not going to be a lot of , but it will be very warm very ready to , for example, if you’re searching for for safety gate, and so you would probably write baby Safety gate or indoor safety gate or dog indoor safety gate. You do not just go and right gate right. So this is exactly that and the last one is uniqueness doesn’t mean we have to create completely new title, but we need to make sure we have at least one or two keywords which make our title different than our competitors.

If we just copy and paste it might work, but for the long run, eBay just see you as a copy and paste and it’s not something the algorithm actually walk. Now, let’s move to cocina friendly description. If you want to build Casson, if any description, you need to make sure to make rich item specifics now, people don’t really feel the item specific or they just fill it with make sure to fill relevant information like size models colors and any information which is important For the product yourself, lately, eBay also requests many more item, specific fields as a mandatory, so make sure to fill them all with the correct information, and, second, is priority – prioritized title in the description. When you build a description, make sure you have a main title and this title can be exactly the same: the title of the product, plus the keyword you couldn’t add on the title, because the the product title limited to 80 characters on the description you can write As many as you want just make sure to edit there, if, if there are like important keywords – and the last thing is a basic HTML now what it means, for example, all those descriptions full of pictures full of design. This is not something Cassini.

Actually, like simple description, only text prioritized title bullet points. Everything is clear everything in a good size. This is what you need. This will work the best from you from search engine optimization purposes, so guys in the next part of the video we’re gon na dive. In a live example, and I’m going to show you how actually we can build titles fast to drive traffic and sales, see you then alright guys, so I prepare for your example – and I found this product here.

It’S a digital, handheld, radio scanner, two way: police ham, transceiver portable antenna, it’s selling for $ 36.99 sold 146 times in the last in the lifetime and looks like it’s got out of traffic here. It’S saying that there is eight views per hour and the product. The listings look quite good, we’ll go through more things in this listing so, but I found exactly similar product here selling for 2099. Okay, the title is completely different and it’s all only one time since its listed and why.

This is a great example, because you can see that the price here is lower. The price here is higher, it’s exactly the same product, and still this listings managed to sell much more, and I want to give you the example here for the search engine optimization this seller did and why he managed to . Now you remember, in the beginning, we talked about what are the main things: cassini rank our product, for it was title right. It was price, it was seller performance, which means the rating and the positive feedback rate our shipping, where we ship from and then I will describe our item specific and our description. Now, if we will go through these listings, you can see title and it’s basically full of keywords.

Here: digital handheld radios connect to a police entrance ever portable antenna. Look like it’s full of keywords. We will analyze it in couple of minutes. I will scroll down. I will see use free shipping here, his feedbacks, not so high 1800.

His positive feedback rate is alright. Ninety-Nine point eight point. Six. His item specifics looks amazing. As you can see, he filled everything from type frequencies brand UPC operating voltage, output, power model, channel memory.

He made sure the item specific, gives all the information about a product and look at his listings. He had a prioritized title. Okay, he could add more keywords to the title. He just copied the same title. He have simple bullet points, some description, some function, information and, basically that’s it.

So he keep the the description. Very simple, very low HTML item specifics is full title is amazing, and price is actually higher than the competition, but, together with all of this, with normal seller performance, you don’t have such a special seller performance 1,800 basis. So it’s not so high from what we can see. This guy put the focus on title item specifics and in description and its work very well for him. Now, let’s take exactly similar product.

This said I have 250. Feedbacks is positive, feedbacks, it’s very low 97. This is one thing we can see. Second things, the title guys take a look on the title. He use you the name of the brand bow friend, you v5r a the name of the model.

Then he put walkie-talkie alarm LED flashlight, two-way radio, dial bent and again you v5r a so. He means a lot of keywords now I’ll go back to the presentation, because I want to show you the to analyze these two titles in parallel, so you can see the difference and learn from it. So here is the example for the Cassini friendly title. We have title 1. Okay.

Now I painted the priority of the keywords from in green red, blue and black. Okay. Red is the most important keyword. Blue is the second important and green is the third important title. One of the listing that sold a hundred forty-five cells start with digital handheld radio scanners, so basically digital handheld, handheld radio scanner can be one long tail keyword.

Okay, even though digital is not as important as a handheld radio scanner. I put the brackets here that you can also separate between the long tail keywords: two shorter keywords: we have as a radio scanner. So, basically, only in the first four keywords here: he combined four different long tail keywords: digital handled, radio scanner, handheld, radio scanner and radio scanner. Sorry, three long tail keywords. The second things that come after this part is the second important keywords and is the two-way police ham transceiver so having the two-way transceiver, the police transceiver.

So basically, all those blue keywords are cures which are also searched, but not as as relevant as this one and he managed to place them directly after the strong keywords here and then a portable is another way to say handheld portable. So it’s it got. The green color here this is what come last and then the antenna which is less important is just a way to describe so you can see how good is this title now look on title B in the example: here’s the brand and the model which is not Cured at all that people actually looking for, maybe but you know it’s not Apple of Sam’s. Anything like this is why I painted here in black. Then he used walkie-talkie, which is a strong keyboard, but you walkie-talkie it’s very wide key words and there many other products under this keyword which are more relevant than then the radio scanner we just seen right and then alarm LED flashlight is three key words that just Describe the product: it’s not a searched keywords, and then, after this he added here two-way radio, which is second level keyboard.

It’S also a search keyword, but it’s a second level keyword. Then he added a dowel band and again the name of the brand. So you can see how consistent title a compelling title be how this guy built the title based on priority keywords, and he moved on from one to another to third and this one just basically made a mess and missed a lot of important keywords. We can see here and also the way he built. The title is not right, as I said before, the search the right search engine optimization we want to do for our listing, for our titles is placed the most important keywords in the beginning and then slowly slowly moved to the end.

So I hope this was clear. We’Re gon na move on now to build our own title for this product, because I want you to see how important it, how important it is to keep the SEO rules and to make it also fast. So I’ll see you in the next part before we go to the life title optimization, I want you to understand something that is super important. Title optimizations need to be super fast and I break it down to three things number one. When you find product you want to sell and you find seller, you want to compete, you copies title and then you analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of the title.

Once you figure out the strengths and the weaknesses of the title, you clear, useless keywords. So in free space to add high traffic keywords, anything that is not search. Keywords like we saw in the last title before you just delete and you just keep as much space as possible to add new keywords. Now, what I’m going to do is I’m gon na go and build with you together title for the radio scanner and show you how fast and efficient I be the title using the second Olympics title builder feature and just with few clicks it’s supposed to be less Than one minutes so, let’s see so here is the product. We want to sell it’s a digital, handheld, radio scanner and it says 146 cells $ 36 selling price and comparator with 1821 feedbacks.

So from tears of demand, looks like this. Product have demand and the competition is not too high. 1800 feedbacks for seller is not too high and assuming we can get this product in a lower price, so we can sell it with competitive price. This is a perfect product. Now remember.

First of all, most important is finding a perfect product. Then you’re going to optimize the title so to optimize the title. What I will do, first of all, I will define the keywords. I will find the keywords that defining this product – and here it’s a radio scanner. So I will copy the radio scanner.

I will go to the Zeke analytics title builder tool. I will make sure the filters are correct and I will paste here the keyword, radio scanner and then we’ll hit the search button, and then I will receive result that will basically show me the top long tail keywords and the top generic keywords. So we can see the main keywords: the keywords we provided. Radio scanner have a great performance. We can see the average surges the competition, how many people, using these keywords and the sales is generated here.

We can see other longtail keywords, and here we can see generic keywords I’ll go back here and I will copy the title now. The reason is – and I mentioned before – you want to build title fast. So what you do you first of all take the title of your competitor. You want to compete with you copy it and you paste it here now we’re going through the three steps we mentioned in the slide before we we analyze strengths and weaknesses. So basically we did it before, and the strengths are all the main keywords here: the digital Herald, radio scanner, two-way police have transceiver.

So basically, these are the main keywords and I will remove everything that is not relevant. That is a weak keyword, so I free space. Now I have space for 10 characters. Why don’t we do? I will go through the keywords here and through the keywords here to see if there is anything I’m missing that is repeating so handheld radio scanner, digital handheld, radio.

All this we use all this here. We use the two-way transceiver we use, but then I came across these two longtail keywords: radio scanner, fire scanner, fire police, fire, police, wage and so on, and I also can see here in the generic keywords that fire placed number v with 207 cells – titles that included The keyword fire generated 207 cells, which we don’t have here so all what I will do I will do is just add the keyword, fire and look for another cure, because I have some special to add and that’s it look how fast and simple it was you Don’T have to overthink and see all there is so many keywords and try to put everything know you already have a strong base of a title. All you need to do is add 1 to P words and that’s it. So I will look for another generic keywords. From here I can see, I can add the dual, which is short enough, so I will just click here on the dual and I have a complete title.

I will hit the click to clipboard paste into ebay, auto my list and that’s it. I’M ready to go and simple as it is: don’t try to overtake, don’t try to complicate so guys. Let’S move to the last part of this video and its conclusion. So our conclusions for title optimization on eBay is number one. No, you competition compete with sellers at you level.

Ok, it’s all about the decision you make improve on your competitors. Titles you saw, we went, we copy the title we put in title and builders tool and then we optimize it as much as we can. No overthinking. Ok, so make sure to not just take any product you find try to optimize the title and sell it. Invest into the research.

Make sure you compete sellers you can. You can compete with and and improve the titles of your competitors number to be productive and it’s super important. Don’T waste your time we can’t behind it percent accurate. You will never be hundred percent right, just grab the title, find keywords you can add to the title: remove weakness and strength, and that’s it and number three is be unique: do not copy and paste titles completely. You see when I say being unique, it doesn’t mean you need to change the title completely, but at least add one two key words or use key words like color size or model.

Okay, it’s super important, so guys. Thank you very much if you enjoyed and you feel that you learn something new, please hit the subscribe button smash the like button and I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you very much.

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