Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Fast Traffic Source: Essential Reddit Marketing Strategy

Fast Traffic Source: Essential Reddit Marketing Strategy

Hey guys, I’m gon na show you three ways to ethically and legally get lots of traffic from ready, I’m sure you’ve heard of Reddit, but why would we want to use that to drive traffic? Well, let’s go have a look at the stats. You will not believe this, so this is similar web. The global rank of Reddit is 19 huge, so the country rank is the United States ten. This has got to be one of the biggest.

If not the biggest we’ve ever spoken about, I’m gon na show. You how to use it three ways to use it for traffic. So if we go down to traffic overview, look at this! This is absolutely bonkers. We have got over 1 billion visits a month.

Where billion? Can you imagine that so there you go so 1.3 billion visits every single month for go down to traffic by countries 50 % from the United States, 7 % almost 8 from the United Kingdom, 7 % from Canada, 4 % from Australia, 3 % from Germany? So if you are monetizing by Adsense or CPM, those advertisers are going to love this traffic. Let’S go down to , 55 % direct 40 % from search engines, search engines, absolutely adore, Reddit and for good reason.

A lot of the content on there is absolutely sublime 2 % from social. Let’S go down to that search traffic, which is 40 percent, so 99.9 % of that traffic is organic. With naught point 1 percent paid pretty good stuff of that social media traffic. Youtube is the biggest provider there followed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest.

So how do you use ready? Let’S go ahead. Let me show you how to do it, so this is reddit calm. If we have a look at the front page, what’s float to the top you’ll see lots of different types of content. Can you imagine how much traffic you will get if you hit the front page of ready?

Well, let me tell you because I’ve done it multiple times you can expect receive around 50,000 visits an hour from ready. In my experience, that’s typically what I have seen when I’ve hit the front page of Reddit before and listen. If you want to know if someone is legitimate with their reddit , if they know how to get stuff to the front page, ask them about the Eternity Club. This is a special club exclusively for people who have made it to the front page of ready. Only people who have made it to the front page of Reddit know that Club exists because we get invited to join it.

So if someone claims or is charging you to get used to the front page, ask him about that club. If they don’t know the club exists, you know that they don’t really know what they’re talking about okay. So how do we use Robert’s ready to ? So here we have a search bar. So what I want you to type in there is shameless plug and it will take us to the shameless plug subreddit.

Let’S go, then you can see after we search for that. It’S gon na give us communities and users because it’s sorted by relevance. So what I want you to do is go to the top link. There click on that shameless plug. Now this subreddit is huge.

It’S got 17,000 members. Twenty-Five people are online right now and what it does it lets you post your content. So if you have something to share, this is the place to put it. So if we look at what other people are posting, there’s lots of images, lots of videos, lots of content being shared on here, so a portion of your audience might hang out here. They might be interested in what you’ve got for them.

So do share it here. You will get traffic as a result, so that is shameless plug notice that all these subs I’ve got or slash, and then the name of this sub ready the next one is or slash small business. So this sub has got two hundred and thirty-eight thousand members. There’S 300 people online right now and it pins a post every week. So what this is this this post was made four days ago and it’s got 49 comments already 49 people promoting their business.

So go to the pinned thread here. It will change from week to week – and it says post business promotion messages here, including special offers, especially if you cater to small business, to prevent your messages from being flagged by the autofilter’. Don’T use shortened URLs, so please do use absolutely naked URL to your content or to your here. If we have a look at what other people are doing there, you can see that someone’s promoting hosting offers, and if we go down here, someone else is promoting immense issues. Media outlet go down.

We can see lots of promotions and businesses people linking to their . That’S going to be great for SEO as well people driving traffic to the offers and their websites here in this sub, so do take advantage of that. So that’s or slash small business and then use the pinned threads each week to promote your business. So the next sub ready now this is really good if you want to generate , so all you have to do is offer a special discount run, run a special deal and then share it here. So here this subreddit is or slash coupons, so it says: well, let’s go through the numbers, so it’s got almost 70,000 members.

13 of them are online right now, and it says we love links to coupons and deals discounted, pointless phone items, Kouga coupons for food, grocery shopping clearance, and anything else discounted. As long as it’s marked down, it belongs here, make sure you check out the other free subreddit. So it’s given you more sub reddits that you can use there and promote your offers too. So here all you would do is well have a look at what everyone else is doing. First, there’s a coupon there.

So if you have a special offer, you want to increase . This is a pretty good subreddit for you to go ahead and do that get some extra . So that’s three ways to use reddit to drive traffic get sales, but if you really do want to grow a profitable and popular website, then you need the right strategy. So I’m going to give you that strategy completely for free when you go to profit, copilot, comm, slash traffic, and if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel to hit that little notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and I will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.

Time take care guys.


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