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Fast Website Traffic Method For Automatic Traffic Generation

Hey guys today, I’m going to show you automate traffic generation. That means you’ll get a flood of free traffic to your website. Every time you publish and you’ll get it on autopilot, so this is actually one of the most powerful traffic generation methods that I’ve ever shared on YouTube and it’s actually a little preview inside my new traffic training program that is coming out very soon. I will tell you more about that in a minute, but for now we’re going to automate traffic generation from one of the biggest websites on the planet using a free, plugin. So, let’s head over to similar web.

So you can verify the traffic levels for yourself and decide if this is the right approach for you and for your business. Okay. So here we are in similar web and you can see that this traffic source is the 92nd most popular web site on the planet and it is the 65th most popular web site in the United States. So if we got out to the traffic overview, it is consistently getting over 300 million visits every month, it’s averaging 327 million visits every month and it’s on the increase as well. So if we go down to traffic by country United States, it gets a massive 46 percent of the traffic followed by the United Kingdom, then Canada, v, Australia at 3 and Brazil at 3.

So here we’re get in the top 4 countries that have the most valuable traffic according to advertisers. If we have a look at traffic sources – 66 percent direct 17 percent from search 11 percent from social media. So what does this tell us? It tells us that the branding is on point. People are flocking to this website.

They know it’s in their consciousness. People absolutely love visit this website. It has massive amounts of brand loyalty and you can tap into some of that too. Also, it tells us that content is being published and indexed in Google. So should you publish content on this platform and we’re going to automate that as well, then you will get a side effect.

A positive side effect benefit of that, because your content will be ranked in search engines and you’re going to get that second wave of traffic for free. In addition, you can see that 11 % comes from social media, so people are sharing content on this platform. So when you get your content published on there, there’s a high probability that people will share that and if and effectively do the marketing for you. So, let’s go down to that search traffic; 17 % of the total traffic from search engines, 99.98 %, organic , so 29 % of that from Pinterest, followed by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and ready.

So this tells us it’s quite a visual platform. We’Re going to get into it in the actual training in a second! So if you’re happy with that – and it looks good to you – let’s now go to inside my new traffic training program and I’ll walk you through everything step-by-step. So you can sell this automatic traffic generation system for yourself and if you do want to know more about that new traffic program that I’ve got coming out, hang around until the end and I’ll tell you all about it, then. So what we’re going to do is join tumblr, so that’s T, um, BL or and then we’re going to create a , a separate on tumblr and then we’re going to use a free, plugin to automatically post content from to tumblr.

So, as you probably already know, this is an enormous website and I mean check this out so I’ve just scrolled down and this post, which is on the front page. This has already got eleven thousand notes if we click on that you’re gonna see all the comments, all the community feedback. It’S got, nine thousand likes one thousand eight hundred reblogs. I mean I can’t explain just how powerful this platform is. If you build a following and the way to build a following is to be consistent and when you use the free plug-in that I’m going to show you use when you use a you will become consistent.

So when you sign up for a free account, you’re gonna get a few options here, the first one that I want you to pay attention to is this little dude. I can’t click on that now. Go down here to tumblers make sure you have a blog here. If you don’t, then click new like this, then you can add a title. So let’s give this a title: Mick meanies blog, the URL, let’s say make me knee and then privacy password protect this book.

I want to make sure that it’s open, because we want search engines to find it and index the content here, plus we want the community to be able to access the information and the content we post here so keep that keep that off. Make sure that it’s not password protected, then we click. I am not a robot and what is it this time? Parking meters? Okay, click verify oops.

Maybe I am a robot verified there we go and now click create blog. Okay. That was pretty easy, and here we have a few options, so we can look at posts followers, so you can see how well you’re doing on the platform activity members loads of stuff. Here you can edit the appearance as well. I’M not going to go with that.

I’M not going to walk you through all of it because we really don’t need to so here at the top. We can choose what type of content to post on this platform. So let’s say you just want to post links, click link, paste in the URL there and you’re good to go or if you want to post a photo or some actual content, give it a good title put in your content. There then again you’re good to go so it’s very easy to use. Anyone can start one of these and grow an audience and get more traffic to their actual website.

So let’s go ahead and do that now. So if you log into your WordPress website, what we’re going to do is take posts well automatically got to take posts from your website, your WordPress website and then have them published on your tumblr blog okay. So now we’re in WordPress we’re in the plugins section and if we click on add new plug-in we’re going to type in a couple of keywords here so make sure we’re on the keyword selection here then type in WP, tumblr Porto publish click return. Now it’s going to bring back this one, so that’s the right plug-in if we click on Install Now and listen if you’re having any problems with this contact, the the developer, but I’m sure it’s going to be fine, then click activate and then we can go ahead And get set up with auto publishing content from WordPress to tumblr and there it is, on the left, hand, side have to think they’re left outside and we can go to settings and get set up. Okay.

So, in order to get it up and running we’re going to have to put in the API key and then the API secret, it’s so simple to do. It sounds a little bit daunting. Don’T worry! It’S really simple! Let’S go through it step by step, so here we have this section at the top with a link.

If we click on this, it’s gonna show us our previous applications chances. Are you don’t have one at the moment, so you have to register a new application. So, let’s give it a name something descriptive, so I’m gonna call it something like WP, auto to some Buller and then application website that is going to be. If we go back here, it’s gonna be your website address there. We grab that and then paste it in to application website go back and then we need to grab the callback URL, which is underneath grab that go back to tumblr scroll down we’re going to paste that in in a second.

But let’s give this a very brief description so WordPress to somewhere. If I can spell it right now, we paste in that callback URL that we grabbed previously and now we go down to the fun bit where we have to prove that we are in fact a human. So I think that’s right and now click register oops and for some reason it’s created two for me there, okay, so we have a choice: let’s go with this one. So now we need to go back. We need to put in the API key the secret key.

The tumblr username access token access token secret sounds like a lot, but it’s now. It’S really simple. Let me show you so here we have this Explorer API for click, on that we can allow read access and write access. Just allow that and now forgot to click. Show keys, we take the API key, which is the same as the consumer key.

Take that and then we paste it into here API key and then we put in a tumblr username there like that, and then click Save it’s gonna take. Maybe a couple of seconds and they’re successfully updated fantastic. So if we go to post click on posts, add new, I’m just gonna, say, test post and then add a little content there testing and then I’m gonna click publish publish now so that should be sent to tumblr, not sure how long it takes. But if we go to tumblr and let’s go to oops, let’s go check out the blog so go here and there it is, you can see it’s already been posted. That was really fast.

Okay, wasn’t that easy? Now I promised to tell you more about my new traffic training program, and can you tell that I’m really excited about this? It’S because you’ve probably not seen anything like this. Before I mean for the last eight months, I’ve been working with a small team of people to uncover and test new traffic methods. We’Ve tested literally hundreds and hundreds of traffic sources and methods, and you know what most of it didn’t work, but the ones that did work worked really well and they worked consistently on different types of websites in different niches, with different business models.

So we figured out boil everything down to just the core steps that you need to take to generate traffic and then return traffic generation into a simple science that anyone can do now because we’ve uncovered so many traffic sources and we’re constantly testing and tweaking New ones, all the time, there’s no way that they can all exist inside a single course. That would be just too overwhelming for most people, and I really don’t want to release a new course every few months or so. I don’t think that’s fair to you. So I think the fair first thing to do is put all the proven traffic methods into a single membership program and then add those fresh sources every single month. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to open the doors to that very soon, most likely.

Next week, but I will tell you more about that in a few days time and listen if you’re an existing member of the vault, then you will get early access as part of your subscription already. So there’s nothing else for you to pay for okay. So anyway, if you found this tutorial useful hit the thumbs up below and if you didn’t like it, hit the thumbs down. That’S cool too and remember to hit the subscribe button and click the notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and thank you for watching and I will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.

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