Get More Traffic increase website traffic Fastest Way To Make Money In A Week 2021 – ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

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Fastest Way To Make Money In A Week 2021 – ClickBank Affiliate Marketing


Hey: what’s up you guys so in this video i’m going to show you how i made 7 71 on clickbank in just five days, i’m going to show you step by step, how you can do this and one of the fastest ways to make money online with Clickbank affiliate marketing now, through this training, i’m going to walk you through step by step, exactly what i did, but i’m also going to show you what you can do in the future to make money on clickbank in 2021.


Now guys i’ve been making money online since may of 2019. I started my affiliate marketing business uh during that time and since then, i’ve been able to build a multiple six-figure business with affiliate marketing with over 25 passive income streams. As you can see, above now guys by the end of this video you’re, going to learn how to make commissions on clickbank as fast as possible and the best part about, is i’m going to show you how to make money on clickbank with absolutely zero followers and Zero email list – this is a strategy that i’ve been using since i started my business and it’s still working to this day, i’m gonna prove to you guys that this strategy is working. If you have no email list and no following and guys, i’m gonna show you my complete case study and how i made over thousand dollars in five days with clickbank affiliate marketing and guys.


I’M gonna show you how to get ready to buy customers to buy these special clickbank products. Okay. This is a special strategy that i spoke about before, but i want to go over it again. I’M gonna go in more into detail on how you can use this process to make money. Okay.


Now, if you’re brand new to my channel, my name is jonathan montoya with passive income lifestyles and on this channel i teach people how to make money online, specifically with affiliate marketing. But i have a ton of videos on how you can grow on youtube. How you can grow on tick, tock, how you can start an online business but, more importantly, how you can grow a six-figure business with affiliate marketing. The main goal of my channel is to help you build a passive income business, so you can achieve financial freedom guys. I used to work as an electrical engineer and now i do this full-time.


I quit my job in march of 2020 and i do this full-time. I spend time with my family. I work when i want and how i want. So that’s the main goal of my channel is to help you build a business. That’S passive!


Now guys, let’s get into the actual video, and i want to show you proof that we did over 7 700 in five days now. This is my clickbank account here now. I’M just gonna refresh guys, so you can see everything’s legit here and you can see here. Okay, this is the past uh. These were the five days where i made over seven thousand dollars and even yesterday i did another almost five hundred dollars here now.


This is just with one product and this special method i’m going to show you today. Okay, now i’m going to go back to my slides, i’m going to walk you through the theory and i’m going to take you through some case studies of me doing this exact same process? Okay. So what is this guys? This is called launch jacket.


Okay, this is literally the fastest way to earn affiliate marketing commissions without any following and any email list. Okay. Now, of course i do have a following now, but i’m going to prove to you that i did this without an email list and without a following. Okay. So uh what is launch jacking, it’s basically you’re ranking for keywords that don’t exist.


Okay, these products haven’t come out yet so we’re making reviews on products that you know haven’t uh launched yet okay. So i’m going to show you how to find these products and then you’re going to basically need either a youtube channel or a website. So i’m going to show you exactly how that works. Okay, now um with launch shocking. Okay, it’s a very simple process.


So basically, what happens is these super affiliates? You know they have millions and millions of people on their email list. Okay, so what they do is when a new product launches they go ahead and send an email about this new product right. So, let’s just say they sent an email to a million people right. A million people here, they’re like hey, there’s this new product uh go check it out right so uh in this case it’s the kibo code.


Okay, this is the new product that um hadn’t been launched. Yet now, what’s gonna happen is some of these people are gonna buy right, so some people will buy this product right away, but what most people do is they’ll go to google or youtube to get a review on this product? Okay, so basically they’ll do a google search or a youtube search uh because they want reviews on this product. So the goal for you as a launch jacker is to create reviews on these products. So i’m gonna show you exactly what i’ve done and how i’ve been able to generate a pretty good amount of money with this process.


Okay, now we’re basically creating reviews, but i’m going to show you that in just a second but more importantly, how much can you actually make with launch jacking? Okay, now what’s cool and these these numbers are basically estimates if you basically have no following nothing like that. Okay, so with the smaller launch you can make you know between 100 and 400 dollars, medium about 500, a big launch anywhere between 1500 and beyond, okay, depending on where you’re at, and how you actually go about the launch? Okay, but that’s basically what you can expect with these launches all right now. You will typically make more money when the product launches and the vendor keeps the cart open.


So you can make money later on. Okay, so basically, let’s just say: there’s a launch: the vendor can close the cart or keep the cart open. It depends on how they do it now. You will make a lot of money very quickly if they close the cart, because you know basically they’ll launch the product for two weeks and then after that they can close it and then no one could buy okay. So it causes a lot of scarcity and it gets more sales right away.


Okay, so i’m just letting you know how that works and i’ll kind of show you that in a little bit, but let me just show you a case study all right. This is the exact product that i uh did a review on. Okay, so, if i did you know, if people go to keyboard code, bonus or keyboard code review, my videos show up. You can see right here. My videos were showing up at the top here.


Okay and i’m going to talk to you about how i did this and how i went about this process, but i want to show you how you actually find these products and how you can basically make these reviews. Even if you haven’t you don’t have any following or anything like that. Okay, but you can see. I did two reviews here: okay, one’s a like a simple just review here and one’s a bonus review, and i’m gonna talk about both in this video today. Okay, but how do we actually do this process?


Okay, so you need to go to a website called Now what this website does is it gives you access to all these products that are getting ready to launch all right so now this is about clickbank right. So what you want to do is find this clickbank simple here, so you can see. This is a clickbait symbol um.


This is a clickbank symbol here, another one right there. So all these products are getting ready to launch. Okay. Now you can see this is the product that i did right. It launched january 26th right there and cart closed on february 4th, which was yesterday okay.


So it’s basically closed. You can’t buy the product anymore. Now you can see. This is a pretty high ticket product. The product itself is um, almost uh yeah about 3 500, okay.


So it’s a high ticket product. This, obviously, is something that i’m interested in right. I love high ticket. That’S how it’s able to leave my job as an electrical engineer very, very quickly, okay, but basically what you want to do is when you get on on munchie. Is you want to find these products here that are getting ready to launch all right?


So, for example, um. If i refresh this, let me see if i can refresh this for you guys um, it’s going to give me all the launches that are coming up in the future. Okay, now uh. For some reason, it’s not updating on the newer launches here. So these ones here have already launched because it’s already been february.


Let me see here, let me see, let me just go to I think here we go, i don’t know what happened there, but i just refreshed it here guys, but you can see now today is february 5th. So now i can see all these products launching in the future. Okay.


So what i can do here is, i can, let’s just say, go promote these products that are coming out now. All these products are are going to be coming out, but they haven’t been released yet right. So how do we even do reviews on products that haven’t been launched? There’S a few things you can do: okay, but um. Let’S just pick a product, for example all right and none of these i see our clickbank right now but uh, let’s just it doesn’t really matter because we can just pick a let’s.


This is a jvzoo product guys, but i’m gonna do this. One right here funnel mates all right, so i’m gonna click this here and i’m gonna check it out. Okay, basically they’ll say you know how much you can make. So the product is 47 dollars, you’ll make 50 commission on that all right. So what i can do is go to this jv page and see what the product is about all right.


So if i go to this jv page basically they’re going to give us all the information on this product – okay, this particular case they didn’t so let’s go find another product. That’Ll actually give us more information. Um, let’s pick. Let’S pick this one here drop mock, i’m not sure what that is: uh nope, nothing, no jv page here. Let me see if we can find another one, neil napier.


Let me see here no jv page, weird. Okay, i don’t like to promote products. The list is a jv page, so i’m going to keep looking here. We go so jv, page uh. Basically, they’ll give you all there we go.


This is what we want to see here. They’Re going to give you all the information on how the launch is going to happen. Okay, so it tells you the dates, the discounts, how you can promote it, so i’m going to go here and basically get all the information. More importantly, i’m gonna get the affiliate link right, so i can go and request an affiliate link and they’re gonna give me a link for to promote that product. Now, how did i actually go about this, and how do i make my money right?


So i basically did review on the kibo code product now. How do we do reviews if we haven’t even seen the product? It’S not out yet right? So basically, what you can do is ask the vendor if you can do a review on the product, so i say something like this and you guys can take a screenshot of this but um hello. I would like to promote the you know whatever the product is.


I have multiple assets to promote your product. I have a youtube channel, a review blog and i have an email list. I can promote the product with. Thank you so much for your time. Now.


If you don’t have any of these things, you can still say that, because you’re, you know you’re gonna be billing. Your email list, you have a youtube channel, don’t tell them how big it is unless they really ask just say you have this. This sounds right here that you know what you’re doing and they’re gonna give you review access to the product. Okay, now, once you get access to the product, then you can simply do a review on the product. Okay, now there’s a few ways: you can do it right.


You know with a review. It’S pretty simple. All you got ta do is do a screen share and basically walk through what the product does. Okay, now there’s one there’s a few ways: you can do it. This is what i use right here.


This is obs studio. Okay, this is what i use to film all my reviews or all my videos in general now uh. This is a little bit more complicated software, but another easy way is: you can use, okay loomer. If you go to gloom, chrome extension, you can actually download this chrome extension and basically shoot a screen share, really really easy, because all i got ta do here is on the top right.


It’Ll give you access to be able to screen share now it won’t. Let me now because i’m using obs, but this is a very easy software to use okay. So basically you can screen record and then throw it on youtube. Okay, now the goal here is since there’s so many people that are going to be reviewing these products or looking for reviews now people. Let’S just say people go to my video they’re, going to click on my link to buy my product.


Okay, now what’s cool here, is you don’t really need a following at all? You can literally start. You can do this from zero, and i want to prove to you guys that this is actually true. Okay, so this is another product review. I did what was this july 5th?


2020. Okay, so not that long ago, this was a complete case study. I did just to prove to you guys that this uh, this method works okay. So this is a test youtube channel here. So you can see.


This is my channel uh. This is not my main channel. Okay. This is just another channel. I’M testing here only five subscribers okay, but what’s important here – is this video got over 200 views, which is huge right, 200 views.


These are extremely targeted views. The only way they saw this is because they typed in you know, asiago system, review, okay and then i put in keywords like. Should i buy the asiago system? Okay, these are things you want to start doing when you upload your videos right and then obviously i have a link here to go: buy the product. Okay, this is the link right there and people go to this link and they buy the product now.


This is probably closed out now. Let me take a look yeah. This is expired yeah, so you can see here they closed the cart on this right now. So i can’t make money on this product anymore, but that’s okay right! I can just go to munchie and find more products coming out later.


Okay, so that’s how this system works? Okay, now, there’s a few things you can do right now. What really separates me from other people is i like to add bonuses? Okay, this is really really important. If you guys can add some sort of bonus, it’s going to really help you get even more sales, because what happens is people type in you know best kebab code, quantum bonus and then you know your video is going to show up and you you’re going to Explain you’re going to do a review of the product and then you’re going to explain the bonuses now what i like to do is basically have a bonus page, and i threw this page together in literally like two minutes guys.


All i did was say, hey check out my bonuses here and i have all my bonuses here: okay, now for a good bonus, if you don’t really have anything, i like to add my coaching to it right, you know get one-on-one coaching with me or you know, Give them some sort of slides or something they can use to help them right. In this particular case, i did have a very a very, very good bonus. I actually gave them my freedom breakthrough course. This is my main mentoring program that i charge 997 dollars right. If you go here, it’ll actually show you.


Obviously you know my program. You know to work with me. Uh with my done with you program is 997 right, so i can prove to them that this help. This is what you’re, getting plus all these bonuses as well. Okay, now i would never give away my uh.


You know my course that i put my heart and soul in for free right unless that was worth it. For me, this program is, you know, 3, 500, 4, 000 and i’m getting 50 commission. So, of course, i’m going to give this as a bonus, but i would never do that. You know in the future right. This is only a high ticket course that i would do that with.


But what i’m saying is as far as bonuses, you can add coaching. That’S always going to be a good way to do that right. I actually launched a product last year and i didn’t have any of these assets, like my my courses, anything like that. So what i, what i offered as a bonus was one-on-one coaching with me, so i traded my time right because that’s what you can do when you don’t have you know your own courses or anything like that? Okay, so i just want to explain that and and how i kind of went about that all right now.


Uh youtube is my favorite way to kind of do these uh launch jacking promotions, but you can also do google search right. So youtube is my favorite way to do it, but people will also do the kibo code, quantum reviews, okay and uh. Basically, all these reviews right here are gonna, be basically reviews but uh with blog. Okay. Now um i’ve actually done this before, but i actually didn’t have time to do it this year.


I wish i would have done actually a blog, more youtube videos for this product. I know i could have waited. I could have made way more money. I literally did this in like a couple like like an hour. I believe to do all these things right, so you can.


You can do this without a huge following and guys. This is just one of the best ways you can make money with clickbank affiliate marketing and that’s basically all i did. I didn’t really run any paid ads i started to and then i didn’t have time to finish them, so uh basically no paid ads. I could have probably made 30 40 50 000. If i would actually put my time in this, but i didn’t right.


I have my other businesses have my clients. I have my one-on-one coaching. I have my own courses, but i wanted to do this and i did well right. I did very well and a lot of these are payment plans guys. So you can see.


If i go to affiliate, i mean i made almost 17 000 uh with the payment plans right. So a lot of these were just payment plans, so the 7 000 is actually more like it’s actually more like 20 dollars. Okay, because a lot of these are payment plans, so just want to throw that out there and kind of explain how that works, but guys honestly um if you’re not doing launch jacking and um. You got to do it because this is the fastest way to make money. Now, of course, i still recommend you do everything that i teach you to do to build a long-term business.


This is just the fastest way to make money when you’re just starting out right. I still recommend that you go through and build your email list, the right way you have that one main product, that’s built in your email list, if you’ve gone through my three day challenge guys. I teach you all that and that’s my done with you mentoring program. It starts with my three day challenge where i walk you through the basics of how to start a long-term, successful business and then um at the end of that three day challenge i offer you a chance to work with me. It’S one of my done with you.


Mentoring program, uh freedom, breakthrough. If you want to learn exactly how i built a six-figure, affiliate marketing business and quit my engineering job in just six months, i built a six-figure business and in nine months i left my engineering job guys. I want to give you the exact blueprint as well, so i’m gonna leave a link down below to the three-day challenge, which is only seven dollars. That’S going to go through the basics of how to get started with affiliate marketing. But more importantly, how do we build that long-term business right everything i just showed you today is a great way to make some money, but it’s not going to build the long-term business.


This is by far the best way to make money in the fastest way possible, but you will you still want to build that long-term business at least that’s what i would hope right so anyways guys. I hope this video was of value um, i’m going to be coming out with videos almost every single day.


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