Get More Traffic increase website traffic Forum Marketing Is One Of The Best Ways To Generate Free Targeted Traffic.

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Forum Marketing Is One Of The Best Ways To Generate Free Targeted Traffic.

right o guys its kind ever again for free life and now a dotnet and in this tutorial I'm going to show you guys here we can how we can start generating some free highly targeted traffic via forum marketing so this is a very powerful tool that we can implement and start taking action on straightaway so by the end of this tutorial you will have enough knowledge and skills base and concepts to understand what has to happen in order for us to generate and attract leads into our online businesses so let's go ahead and get started I've very logged into our one of the forms that i am that i discovered a little while ago the the forum name isn't important for this one it's just a mental health forum that happens to have a monetization section of the forum so this this section of the forum is just called money enlargement so as you can see there are several threads on making money online in investment advice and things like that so there's not too much activity in the the the money enlargement form here because it is a men's health forum so it doesn't really attract that that many that many people in in here looking for online opportunities and marking marketing techniques and things like that but there is a bit of traffic here then it does get quite a lot of engagement so I just thought since I'm a part of this and there is a monetization the thread and a monetization section of the forum i'm going to go ahead and utilize that so let's go ahead and see what i'm doing in here so this thread is about Bitcoin investment i don't know if you know what bitcoins are but it's just a new technology that's come out on the internet it's just another way of making payments online so it's completely going to revolutionize the banking system they say but I will see how it goes so it appeal to me because I'm a big believer in gold and silver I'm an investor in gold and silver so Bitcoin has the very similar characteristics to a white gold and a silver have to offer an investor so just in this thread in this Bitcoin investment the topic of investing in bitcoins and goldenseal I did happen to pop up which I went ahead and jumped on and just started providing some value so here is a video embedded of andreas antonopoulos addressing the senate of canada on what bitcoin is all about so andreas is quite quite an expert in Bitcoin say is really the go to God from the the go-to guy for Bitcoin so we want to be NGOs and napolis but in the internet marketing niche or whatever our niches maybe so and and race is the authority is one of the authorities in the Bitcoin niche we want to be one of the authorities in the online marketing niche so what andreas has done he has positioned himself as a leader he has taken as a point himself to just go ahead and just make sure make his values his / he put his personality on the line is really just voices opinions on why he thinks and he believes bitcoins are important so he's a great example of a leader so just going forward just just just more content off posted on about our gold and silver investment and just embedded of an economist that I follow who is Jim Rickards he's a bit dooming gloomy but I really subscribe to him because he really resonates with me on what he what he believes on in terms of economics and things like that so I just kept on going down so this is this is really what i want to show you here so I've just gone ahead and position myself as an authority in investing and because I actually do believe that I am 1 i've been into investing in goddess of for a long time and i stood our study economic just because I find economics fascinating things like that in investment and business concepts and things like that so just by making that post here the the forum administrator has gone on and quoted me and and added it coming coming in and quoted me and added and had done to follow up on to my posts so just to show you some of his stats he has 60 8226 posts in this forum he is the big dog and by me positioning myself as the authority in investing investing and growing wealth and cultivating wealth and an authority in economics and it and as an authority in economics he has just validated me to the rest of the subscribers in this form and this farm does attract quite a lot of traffic so just by this single act alone he has validated me and he is also just cemented me as an authority so just to show you how I am generating traffic to my site I have my signature here ready so it just goes to state once start making a living online but no know where to start email marketing training reveals had to sit your online business up the right way so if someone was to click on that to go straight to my squeeze page red states free email marketing training wheels how to build your online business the right way start getting the results you deserve so as you can see the headline is congruent with my with my signature and that's what we want to do so you know this this link states that you know I want to show people how to how to build their email marketing businesses right from the start you know you want to do it right from the start and build upon that and once they click on that this just confirms that what that scene is just stated so this is one technique I've decided to implement in a in a form that I was I've never really had the attention of marketing in but since there was a monetization section of the theorem I just I just I just thought you know why not so if the if you are a part of different forums and there are sections and economics or how to make money online or investments and things like that start participating in those forums but the catch is you do not want to promote any of your products that's the big distinction here to be made you do not want to promote any of your products you do not want to promote anything you just want to participate in the discussion by by contributing valuable content so so as to attract people who have the same values as you do so as you can see here I've I've gone on to to speak about my my belief in gold and silver in my appreciation of Bitcoin and that is attracted the people that also share the same values and it just so happens to be the site administrator whom has 60 8226 posts to his name so again just that single act alone has really just it's really just validated my positioning as an authority in investing and things like that so that is going to give me a lot of credibility when I am I put my when when I put my arm oh sorry when I put my signature with my link there to my squeeze page and that's my business so I didn't when you do start if you are studying in a new in a new form don't don't just put a signature in straightaway especially if it's in a in a form that is not relative to your niche if it's in an internet marketing forum that fine you can put a link to your arm to your squeeze page straightaway because that's almost to be expected but in a place like this where this theorem is about men's health and from if you start from day one with a a make money online link in your signature nobody is going to take you seriously I establish myself on this farm first by concluding to just a lot of mental a lot of men's health issues and things like that stuff that I've accumulated in my time that's really helped me build my confidence build my health you know relationships with people and things like that I first began to start working on relationships I first began providing valuable content and then I put the put the link in so I add the link probably about three to four weeks in so just go for that time frame if you if you if you're eyeing off in a new form that you want to start maybe marketing in so again I am NOT promoting any of my products I am NOT promoting any of my coaching or anything like that any of my business opportunities I am just going to be a part of the group i'm just going to contribute but i am one of them but it just so happens to be a link to my website into my business in my signature and by providing valuable and credible content I am positioning myself as leader and a credible source so prior to actually putting in this link into my signature I did contact the administrator just let him know that I would be doing this just to let him know that I'm all about value I will not spam here site ever and all I will do is just provide valuable content for anybody wanting to learn from me so I suggest you do the same so that is what you want to do in a form that's not relative to your niche so this is a men's health forum so if you're in in a form that just so happens to have a baby like an economic investment anything to do with money section of our forum start building relationships in that forum and start building start giving credible content and with the link in your signature you are bound to start getting leads and this is highly targeted traffic because they're in the make money investing economic part of that forum so that's just what you want to do in a non-specific forum so if you do want to go to a niche specific form you should by now have a an account with the warrior forum i trust with some of our soil that's training and things like that if you don't just get on that straightaway just just started in the count and what we want to do is again we want to position ourselves as an authority you're going to hear me say that a lot and that is something we're going to do if we position ourselves as the authority and start providing valuable content people are going to follow so if I was just taking a little bit long to load here okay so here we go let's just have a look at some of the things that we are doing here so the warrior forum has several different sections regarding internet marketing so there's the main internet marketing discussion forum where our special offers and within then there's several subsections so search engine optimization ad networks pay-per-click email marketing growth hacking social media conversion rate optimization so within all of these there is going to be newbies that are lost oh excuse me that I lost that don't know what to do that wants to make money online but they don't know where to start a daily daily you will find new people on here just asking the most nubius of questions and that is where we want to come in and start answering them so as you can see the warrior forum has lots and lots of traffic so the most users ever online was a hundred and sixty one thousand people and that was in June of 2013 so a hundred and sixty one thousand people went on here at the same time so it currently has fifteen thousand eight hundred and fifty active users so this this place gets a lot of traffic the warrior forum is an authority site see if you can start building a reputation here you are going to get targeted leads so let's have a look at some of the things I've been doing in here just in email marketing let's just have a look at what we've got here some of the threads that we might be able to contribute to you know people want to know how do I revive an old lists you know just super simple the questions that that aspiring market is like won't want to establish themselves that we can help him out so starting at please help how would you how would you rather build your list facebook fan pages or solo ads you know this guy wants them to learn how to how to turn freebie seekers in the boys and i would recommend that he just dump bucket loads of value onto them until they feel obligated to buy this stuff so and a good solid guide you know i should give him a link to my soul out god but i'm not going to how to do a sales funnel get into that a bit later on how to keep us how to keep a glist going you know how to ride based an email so as you can see they're all premise just how to questions and things like that so the more we educate ourselves in internet marketing their free step into this arena and start answering these questions really giving detailed explanations of what has to be done that is how we are going to build trust that is how we going to build Authority so maybe let's just find thread that I've been in this one how do you build a strong relationship with your email list so you probably already know what I'm going to say because I'm just constantly saying it just to just to drill it into you guys that are email marketing and internet marketing is all about building relationships providing people because we genuinely want to not because we are just doing because that's what that's what you do right we're for sure slow today it must be the 15,000 people that are online okay so color wants to know hi bawri is how do you build a strong a positive relationship with your email list I've been looking for more ideas and how to create a good connection with my subscribers thanks and Here I am can't even with my go-to profile picture you will see me use this profile picture a lot i like to be consistent in different in different social media having using different forms just because when people sort of move around and they see you use the same picture it just helps you become bit more recognizable so that's just one of the things i do i go into state i've been making v blogs and have been getting a great response are going to stay really give some valuable insight as to how they can further develop their business or themselves or whatever else is relative to your niche also tell stories of your life and what you have learnt and what they can do people relate and resonate with this i hope this helps so in this post i'm i'm referring to our life experiences and things like that you'll often hear me talking about my life experiences some of my passions in life some of my objectives and that's because this that is who i am and i really like expressing that about myself because i know there are other people that are into making music playing guitar i know there are other martial art martial artists out there that study brazilian jiu-jitsu i know there are other people out there that are you know there may be studying spanish like me as well and i know there are people out there that have had the same similar upbringing as i do so that that's that's my target audience i'm talking in the audience that have have those values and want the same things in their lives like i do and then that's freedom and that's a better life for their families and that's that's the freedom to become the people that they want to be so that that's what i'm referring to here so three people have thanked me for that post because they resonate with what i'm talking about here so but that's the sort of stuff I'm talking about nor another post i go on state also engage with them if they reach out to use so that's what too if you get a facebook message or you get an email with some of this got a question message them back as soon as you can and put really just um try to provide as much insight if they're confused about things because I've bought products from different leaders quote end quote in internet marketing and once once they've sold you that product that's you can't reach them and that is so offensive to me especially during the sales pitch when they're staying that you are not going to be left behind and you know this is something that we can work together with once they've got your money and you go try and PM them in their forum and their pens are blocked that is offensive so if someone messages you messaged them back so yeah Carla's really appreciate that thanks kind that's awesome advice other people have chimed in another person's like my post here so BB r McKinney it's quite in my post everyone has good points but your comment is what i like the most kind i agree with you sharing your stories and what you have learned in life and what you can do other things that will gain their trust so that's just going on to really just confirm what what I've just been been saying all along so this is what i mean by finding people that are that are really starting out and they were really just trying to focus a clear picture in their minds as to what has to happen because they they don't really see the other process yet like we do you they don't really see see themselves succeeding and if you can't see in your mind you cannot manifest that in real life so you have to see it and believe it in your mind and then start taking action in order to manifest these beliefs so similar concept as the last forum you want to provide value in your post and let your signature do them heading for you so in the warrior forum the signature is in the user CP here just up here so click that and then just go into edit signature and you can edit the signature in there so again let your posts let let your posts content which will be providing value providing solutions to people's questions so the sales process is really providing a solution to somebody's problem and by providing a solution we can monetize it by offering them a service or a product so that's the sales process that we really want to utilize don't just go promoting you can in the warrior forum actually you can promote your product but there is a place for that and that's warrior special offers so if you want to promote your product go there to do it there you're more than welcome to do it there in the warrior special offers that's why they've created for you but if you want to attract if you want to use the attraction marketing technique that I'm about in the forum marketing that is what I suggest you do because it works simple as that I don't create this content just to create content i'll create this content because it works it gets results ok so that's the warrior forum really start building a profile here start building your thanks next to your profile name the more things you build up the more credibility you will have over time and when you start when you start offering your own products and people see that you have been thanked many many many times you are going to get sales far far easier alright so that's the warrior forum make sure you join up there and start exercising the process I've just outlined ok and let's go ahead and go to another form that I've just discovered that i would like to share with you and that is a better networker now this site i stumbledupon which i think is going to prove to be a very valuable resource so start a profile here just like you would anywhere else it's not overly confusing so just go ahead and start a profile and I just want to show you some of the engagement that this place gets so I'm new here this is the lounge section this is where everybody introduces themselves and things like that so let's say look at this one titles is my story it's by Neil Lewis it was posted July the 15th and it is currently October the 14th so little over three months ago I think it has had a 5 replies and has been viewed 10,000 179 times let me just take a moment to let that sink in this is just the lounge and an introduction area 10,000 times for just a hey yelling guys my name is so and so you know another guy say hello to the new guy Thursday's September to 25th you know less than a month ago almost 2,000 posts and one reply so you can see how powerful this place could be and this is a super targeted forum this is better networker this is all about network marketing this is all about internet marketing this is all about making money online so again if you utilize the the processes that I've outlined in the the men's health form here and also the warrior forum and implement them in the better network of forum what do you think is going to happen if you start providing value to new VCR or just in general just start becoming a part of the team here with a target of link in your signature and you get this sort of engagement in your threads 10,000 people have viewed this guy my story 10,000 people so here's a threat i started hello from melbourne this was only just a couple of days ago and it's already got 300 views so really just amazing i just go on state hey guys my name is khan rena 29 from melbourne australia i am a plumber turned internet marketer i love music I play guitar bass guitar I love exercising study Brazilian jiu-jitsu I'm all about I am all about improving myself and my skills to be the best version of myself that I can be so that I might provide the most value to those in my life excuse me I'll consider myself an accomplished email marketer and look forward to contributing to the team had better networker and in my signature it goes on to state once that making money money online but having some trouble free email marketing training reveals how to build your online business the right way and it just goes of course straighten my squeeze page where they can fill in their details and start getting my training so this is a place where you can we can we can just add your signature straightaway because it's expected it's a marketing forum so the moderators are going to expect that here where is the men's health the men's health forum or anything that's not really that relevant internet marketing is this sort of practice is going to be found a point or not I think we want that straight away so like I say start building a relationship you feel if your marketing in a nonspecific marketing forum just build a bit of trust first and then add your link so places like this guy's places like this are gold mines for leads like if you position yourself as not though to hear really start researching internet marketing and really start answering those questions to people who are looking for answers and you provide you know a complete solution to somebody's is somebody's aches and pains songs if they're stuck on something that I don't know what to do and they've just turned to a front for help and you are there to provide that solution and you have gone on to provide a link in your signature they are going to click that link and you are going to start getting leads into your into your squeeze page into your orders wander into your sales funnel and then you can start on the follow-up sequences to start building that relationship and turn leads into sales so that's that's pretty much as the process so it's like exercising the process and this industry will reward you so they are the three forums that I am currently embedded in there is one more but it's currently down and it has been down for a while so again it's just another forum that I'm just exercising the exact same process providing in people's providing value in people's lives and doing what I can to help out and by doing so I'm rewarded by opt-ins to my squeeze page and I think that is a very valuable and fair trade so go ahead and start implementing this straight away if you are if you don't really have the resources to invest in paid traffic this is something that is going to be very powerful for you guys and for myself because it's free it's highly targeted so you're not going to get hordes and hordes of traffic to your website you're not going to get thousands and thousands of people to your website but you know you might get 10 to 50 people a day that meant that may not sound a lot but those 10 to 10 to 50 people are highly targeted and they are for free so you know especially if your if your offerings and big-ticket products like I am and you're sending free traffic to your sales page and your sales funnel you know that tend that 10 to 50 people adds up you know if you're continually diligent and consistent in your marketing in your forums so just spend maybe half an hour if you can whatever time you can commit to this if you can do half an hour a day great just quickly skim through the forums you know just have a look for arm threads that you can provide valuing provide the solutions to people's probably museum just provide some content in start doing that straightaway start posting and thread start position yourself as the authority and really put your personalities out there so you see you can attract the people that are you have the most in common with and start building relationships and start building a network of people online that with whom you relate to so yeah so that's pretty much it guys that is internet forum marking it's super simple it's for free so start getting on it start doing it because it's it's great it's going to do wonderful things for business so thanks again for watching this is kind event for free life now a dotnet I hope you enjoyed this tutorial because this is a really valuable way to start getting some traffic to online business so thanks for watching

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