Get More Traffic increase website traffic FREE How To Blog & Drive Massive Traffic Course – Part 2

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FREE How To Blog & Drive Massive Traffic Course – Part 2

This is part two of the how to blog training series. This series was originally a paid training inside of my premium membership program, but i’ve decided to break this out and put it up here on youtube for free.

For you to make sure you have all of the training, you need to create a successful side business based around a blog now in this training, specifically, you’re, going to learn some new post templates and post types that you can use to craft Blog content, that’s, going to attract traffic, attract backlinks and help you raise your authority, so you can grow your list and grow your income.

Now i’ve, never taught many of the strategies here inside of this so pay close attention. Please take notes and leave me a comment if you like these types of videos, part three is coming out next on the channel so be sure to subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get a notification when that comes on and last thing, i know These videos are long.

What can i say, it takes a lot of time to communicate what i’ve learned over the course of 17 years building businesses online, having made millions and millions of dollars off of blogs. But if you have not yet connected to my podcast feed, this same audio within 24 hours of the video release will be on my podcast feed, which means you can listen to it.

While you’re, doing the dishes mowing the lawn running, going to the gym commuting, et cetera, et cetera, so search for my name miles. Beckler, the internet, marketing and entrepreneurship show in your favorite podcast app connect up there that might help you get through more of this valuable content.

But really truly, please go through this as if you paid 497 or 997 for it, because that is the value in here and i look forward to connecting with you on the other side, welcome back to the organic traffic domination course.

This is part two where you’re, going to learn the outwork outreach and outrank strategy. This very well may be the number one most powerful strategy for you to grow. Your traffic fast really excited to share this.

I’ve. Never put all of this information together in one place, and you’re, going to learn about tools, resources and service providers that i’ve never mentioned to anyone else before. So you’re, really getting the inside track here.

On what’s working first, a quick overview of the strategy? Ultimately, the goal is to first find the topics that your audience has proven. They love right. We’re, going to go, find the ones that they already.

We have data that shows they already love these topics. You are then going to create an epic link bait piece of content. On that topic. We already covered the idea of link bait, so you’re gonna create an amazing piece of content.

I’m, not talking something you crank out in an afternoon and okay, let’s. Move forward. I’m, talking the type of content that you write and rewrite, and you mold and you form, and you craft into literally the best or one of the best pieces on that topic anywhere completely, so it’s.

That level i wanted to really stress that here at the beginning, then you reach out to marketers who have already shared this type of content before right. Then you ask them to link to your epic post that you just created it’s, a really simple plan.

It’s, an incredibly powerful plan, it’s, not very easy, and it takes a lot of work. So the theory is simple and the steps are too. You’re, going to learn everything here, but the path is just filled with rejection.

Everyone, not everyone. A lot of marketers know what you’re up to when you’re trying to get backlinks, and if you don’t, have beyond excellent content that will truly help their audience and they can ‘

T see that in a moment they’re, probably going to ignore you or say no. There are a lot of people online who are very happy to share very helpful resources, especially when you get deep within your niche, and this is where going deep within a specific niche and really keeping an eye on keeping all your content focused on being helpful for Your audience is key: you’re, probably gonna have to put in months of effort to see real results here, and the results are gonna, be referral traffic and top quality.

Backlinks, and – and this is this is worth mentioning here – so the referral traffic. When you get a link from someone who’s got a website, they’ve got traffic, they’re, already ranking right, they have an audience and when they link to you, their audience will follow that link and directly visit.

Your website, so it’s, an opportunity to tap into other people’s audiences, but you also get those quality backlinks and the quality backlinks will raise your site’s authority, your domain authority, your website’s; Trust goes up in the eyes of google and what happens is that actually increases the rankings potentially of all of your different keyword posts? So the first part of the process was to find content that’s already working.

So i’m. Going to show you four separate ways to find content that works and we’re going to use data and we’re, going to use the algorithms to give us that information so number one using google and search plus on-site discovery.

Generally. That’s, looking for their most popular posts, number two is using number three is using and number four is using youtube so how to find content that works right, that’s proven to be liked and shared and get great Engagement with google, well, you start by searching google for the top-ranking blogs in your niche.

If you somehow don’t already know who they are, you should know who the power players are in your niche, but just in case you start by putting together a list of all those great blogs. So you, google, your niche, comma blog.

So the example i’m going to be running with here is beginner paleo blog because i’m moving forward, as if i’m just giving value to that paleo world focusing on the beginners first. So that is my competitors here then, when i go to the websites i’m, searching their sidebar for their most popular posts, and i’m browsing around for their posts with the ones that have the most shares and comments.

So when i searched that phrase, this blog post came up it’s from a It’s. The beginner’s guide to the paleo diet, 2018 update. You can see above the um image on the top right corner of the image i’ve circled the number of comments it’s over 2 800 comments, that is massively impressive, and that’s.

One of those signs, then, on the sidebar, it says classic posts, so they didn’t, say most popular posts, they just said classic posts, and i clicked through a few of these and all of them have a lot of engagement.

So this is what you’re, looking for right, the the content that shows data on people’s site. It ranks well on google and it gets a lot of engagement or social shares. Now, how do you find content with alltop.

com and what is so it’s, essentially a blog directory that really highlights the best performing blogs and their best performing posts on broken up into different categories. So you search for your most relevant category.

You pretty much look around at what’s working, you click through and again you’re, looking for social share numbers and or comment numbers to find the share bait ideas. You’re, looking for the ones that show up on all top that have the most shares and that have the most comments and the most engagement.

And while you’re doing this, it makes sense to observe or even literally copy and paste to find out how many words are on these best performing posts. You can just literally there’s. A word count. I believe it’s.

Wordcounter.Com there’s, a word count tool. Just google word count. You can paste, you can literally copy their copy and then you paste it into it’ll. Tell you how many words there are just so you know about the size of these really good ranking posts, so this is alltop.

com. Literally you just go to you ‘ Ve got the navigation up along the top. You can see there’s, a lot of drop downs, so i dropped down in the health and then i clicked on the fitness and that’s.

What it bro brought up here, so you can see popular fitness sites and it’s, going everything from reddit to specific, unique individual websites, and it shows their top five, seven, eight or more kind of best posts from each of these.

So this is just a really quick way to get to do a broad survey of what’s working in your space, and you can use ctrl f to search for keywords. You can just browse around and click around and, ultimately again, you’re going into these results to find which ones that show up on this page, and this page goes way way down below this.

You’re, finding which ones get the most comments. The most shares the most engagement, how to find content with, so has a free level and you’re able to search for content and essentially it ranks by social shares.

So this way you’re using the social signals, whether the site shows it or not. They actually scrape and search the cert, the social media sites, and you can either search by keyword or you can search by url.

And then you’ll, get to see what the most shared content is either for that domain or for the actual keyword phrase, so they have a limited free account that you actually might need in in a future slide.

I’ll. Show you that, but this the basics of this is available to you for free with our free account. So this is You literally search the url or the keyword click the search button, and this is what shows up, and you can see this list.

These are different posts right. So since i searched for, which was that website that i found earlier, we can see that the number one most shared content is jamie lost 135 pounds, and i seriously didn’t recognize her, so it’s literally kind of like A case study it really.

This goes to speak to the power of the before and after shots, because it’s a before and after story, you can see on the facebook engagements column it gets 1 000 shares. Total shares was about 1 100 shares here, the next one below 10 key differences between weight loss, success and failure got 700 shares on facebook and it ‘

S got about 800 total engagement, and it goes down from here. You only get, i believe, 10 listings, when you’re using the free account, but generally that’s enough, because you can go search. The 10 listings for a wide variety of websites and they show you the ones with the highest engagements.

You can see that the the total engagements column heading has the little down arrow, so it’s sorted by total engagements there. So you can just go repeat this process over and over for the different domains you find through alltop.

com, then finding content with youtube. This is a great strategy for finding topics to just create content on. If you ever feel like you’re struggling for topic ideas, but really truly it’s, going to show you what the most popular content is from some of your most popular competitors.

So the first thing you want to do is search for a competitor’s channel. Then you go to their channel page. Then you click on videos up top and then you sort by the most popular and now right there. You have a complete list of their most popular videos, so what i did to find this person – i typed in six pack, abs and i searched and the number one video was this guy’s top left video there.

So from here i clicked on his channel name from the search result page and it brought me to his actual channel page. So you can see i’m on official vnx or thenx page. Then i clicked on video number two and then over on the far right, the top right on number three i clicked sort by and i chose most popular and right here.

This i mean this literally takes every video this person has ever made and it ranks them by their most popular. So the six pack abs, one was number one: the secret to super human strength, interesting copy there um world toughest teen, 10 minutes of hell workout.

How to get big arms with no weights the problem with crossfit 100 pushups a day lose stubborn belly fat five minute workout! So right here, i’ve. Just got all these topic ideas right! There’s, so many topic ideas, but we’re, not just looking at random topic ideas.

We’re, looking at topic, ideas that have proven to work extremely well and in his case, to the tune of like eight nine seven, six, five, four million views each um and some of these are getting several millions of views within a few months, Which is absolutely incredible so that’s? How you find the content, then what you want to do is find or you choose your easy target topic, so you’ve.

You’ve done kind of a survey right. You’ve, read all kinds of best posts. You’re. Looking around you’re, observing what works and what you’re. Ultimately looking for is a good post. That’s. Doing really well that you feel like i could.

I could do better than that right when you have that thought. When you’re reading, one of these posts, you find you find a video. You find something through this research. I just showed you and you’re going through you’re like that’s, just kind of average right.

So for me personally, the miles beckler brand. When i found everyone else’s. Facebook advertising tutorials on youtube – i was like this is whack like they’re, not showing anything. They’re, just trying to sell a 500 course.

That was my moment of like every. What’s, ranking right now is is just good. It’s, like average. At best i could do so much better and then i did, and i went and created great content on those topics that everyone else was putting out: okay or average content on and immediately.

I just raised the bar so ways to think about. This is what topics do you have a unique story within, because stories are so powerful? Would you have a unique angle on to improve you know? I had spent a lot of time, money, learning and practicing facebook advertising.

I came up with a methodology that really really worked very consistently, so that’s, just what i taught right. So i had a story and i had a unique angle that i brought to that marketplace and those if you look at my best performing videos, they’re.

All gonna be youtube. I mean they’re. All my best videos on youtube are all facebook advertising videos, because i found this little world where i was able to go put great content where everyone else was putting out good content.

This is the low hanging fruit. This is the easy target and then you you need to move forward, finding the easy targets to start with. Then you execute the skyscraper method, which is essentially building a way better post and here’s where that idea of the skyscraper method comes from.

You’ll notice. The building that’s, a little off-center to the right is called the burj khaflia kalia khalifa. We’re, going to go with that. It is the tallest building in the world. It is a hundred and sixty stories tall, plus it’s, got a big.

You know antenna type thing on top of it so compared to like the tallest buildings in chicago it’s literally, like 60 percent larger. It is a massive building and this building gets 1.87 million visitors per year.

That was actually from like 2015. I think the number has gone up even more so what’s? The? What’s? The message here! Well, when you make a bigger skyscraper, people will show up to take a look at what’s going on and that’s, the analogy for you with creating your content.

You want to create a more comprehensive post, a lot of people misinterpret the skyscraper method to simply think it means create longer content, sure that’s, a part of it and, generally speaking, to go deeper.

You are going to need more content, so that is a piece of it, but you want to add more insight. You want to add more impact. You want to add more detail, more data, more studies. You want to share compelling stories.

You want to create custom infographics. You want to find ways to add and improve right to add value, because everybody else has done a good post and you’re about to drop an absolute epic post. So you ‘

Ve got to really find more ways than just writing. More words, if you simply add more filler words to have a longer piece of copy than your competitors, but you’re, not adding any real value to the humans.

Who will read it? It’s, not gonna work. Okay, so i think i’ve made that extremely clear, yes make a bigger post, yes make a taller skyscraper, but make sure it is flat out better and the readers will get more value from your content than from what has currently been performing.

Well. On all of those places we learned to search okay, so you, then you write the content, and this is the whole write and rewrite and rewrite they say that a great book is not written, it is edited or it is rewritten, and that is the process you Need to take here, these types of posts can take weeks and weeks.

My entire series on facebook advertising took me months to create so once your epic best in the world post, your your skyscraper post is now live that’s. Actually, the easy part right, because that’s, what you get to do on your own with your free time, you’re in complete control.

Now you got to go, promote the content to get exposure. I’ve heard neil patel call this. The begging for backlinks part of the game, and ultimately, you’re reaching out for social shares and social shares can give you a lot quicker traffic.

You’ll, see a spike in traffic more quickly when you get those shares, but it’s. Shorter term value, not veil value. Sorry about that, but it’s shorter term value, because that post on social media is going to disappear relatively quickly.

Then you want to do outreach for backlinks themselves and on the backlinks themselves. It’s, going to bring traffic a little bit slower. You might get a small bump from getting published on their site, but ultimately it’s going to help you raise up in the search engines.

So there’s. A lot more long-term value from getting the backlinks from other niche websites within your niche, and that is ultimately how you get all of your posts that you’ve, created to all rank better over time, because you’re, then increasing your Domain’s authority and the trust of your domain, so we’re going to break these apart.

We’re, going to go through social media outreach first to get the social shares, and then we’re, going to look at how to get the backlinks shares from the backlink research and the outreach on the backlink side also keep in Mind before we go further here, google is monitoring how many social shares that your content is getting in addition to how much how many backlinks that you’re getting and the quality of the backlinks, and if they see um you’re.

Getting a ton and ton of backlinks and you’re, actually getting no social shares that lack of social shares can be a negative indicator, so you do need to play the game of both. But honestly, um generally, you’re, going to build up them all.

Naturally, with enough time, we’re just trying to help the process along. So the first thing we want to do is find the people who have shared your competitors, posts or similar posts already. So we’re, going to go back to buzzsumo and we’re, going to use their view sharers tool.

You need to upgrade to at least the seven day trial on their paid account. Um. You can go up to paid. I’ve, never actually paid long term for their tool at all. Um. You should be able to get in. Do a bunch of research on the seven day, trial and move on from there.

You can search the url for the post that you’re. Essentially, the competitors post, you literally search the url in twitter and you’ll, be able to find the post there. Then you can search for the headline inside of facebook.

Obviously you could search other related topics and keywords, but i’m. Trying to help you focus in on like for this example, was that that nerd, fitness paleo post everyone who shared that, if i went and created a better beginner, paleo post and i go find everyone who shared their beginner paleo post there’s.

A high likelihood they’re going to share mine if mine is actually better, so that’s. We want to go after those direct competitors here, which is what you’re, going to learn so first back to, and then we’ve searched you can see in the middle.

I’ve, got that url of the exact post that i searched, and once you search you click on the view sharers. I got that red arrow pointing directly to it and when you click there, as long as you’ve upgraded with the seven day trial at minimum, it literally gives you a list of the individuals who have shared that content pretty easy.

These are the influencers in the space. Now you go for relationships with them, you can directly ask them cold to share it, or you can just kind of work with what we talked about in the last video to build that relationship, because these are some of the people moving the needle in your industry.

The second one is to do a url search in twitter, so here i literally just clicked search on the search bar and i pasted in the exact url and then i clicked search and what shows up is a full list right.

This went down many many. Many pages below this of all of the people who shared this specific url and you can see this is a buffer link. Buff.Ly in this example that’s showing so twitter is smart enough to know what the end url is.

So if someone shortens the url for any reason, twitter still will pick it up and give you access to these individuals here’s, how you found all the people that shared the beginner’s guide to paleo. If you really created a better one, they’re going to want to share that because they’re, obviously focused on sharing great content to their audience.

Then in facebook you don’t want to search the url. You want to search the title, the exact title, and the reason is that facebook pulls up what we call it’s, the facebook graph it’s. The social graph data, which is essentially it’s.

The metadata of your post, so in search engine optimization when you type in a title and a description in the yoast field, that’s, metadata that’s, data behind the data that google picks up well. This is what facebook picks up is the social graph meta data and they’re gonna pull the exact title, but facebook doesn’t, publish the url.

Facebook publishes that little box below the post itself with the picture and the headline. So you have to use the headline that’s, a very long way of saying be sure you don’t search for the url on facebook.

Then we look at the public posts and we click see all so what this is going to do. Is it’s, going to drop this search result page down and it’s going to, let us see literally all of the public posts, and you can see on the left.

We have filters that we’re able to work with this on right. I can search from anyone from my friends, public, etc. So i want to search. I want to keep the the search parameters wide open because i’m trying to find everyone who has ever shared this post and now i’m, going to go figure out who they are.

I’m going to engage. I’m, going to meet them where they’re at see if they’re influencers build relationships and ask them ultimately eventually to share my stuff. You can also go into the groups.

I’ve circled groups up top. You need to click on groups specifically in order to get the search results, to show you just the groups that have had this post published in and if you’re, not a part of those groups.

Go join those groups and i really really want you to um, not go spam. The groups with your link right, like there’s there’s, this innate feeling of oh well. This group likes that post, so i can just go post.

My link in that group, but if you’re brand new to a group, you’ve, never engaged you’ve, never socialized! You ‘ Ve, never participated in that group. No one in the group knows you. As someone who’s helpful, you’re, going to come off as a spammer just trying to spam.

Your links in a group which is a very, very bad thing for your brand. So when you go into the groups, take time to build relationships, take time to give value to the groups and then once you’ve done so uh, it can be in response to someone else’s question somebody might say: hey what’s; the best option for beginners to learn paleo, be like you know what i did.

I’ve done four years of research, i’ve been paleo for five years. Here is my post that teaches everything that i know in one shot and those kinds of answers where you link your content, that’s. Gon na be really really valuable and it’s going to be really well received in those situations.

So how do you actually contact the social sharers? Well, email is best. We all still use email as our main business form of communication. There’s, a lot of hype that emails dead or dying, and it’s all rubbish, because, ultimately we all look at our email every single day, so email is best and if you can find that they have a website right.

So you might need to go to their profile page then, on their profile page, you might see that they have a url on the side or it might be in the about me of the group itself. It might be on their twitter profile page.

Eventually, you need to find their website and then from there look for a contact form. Contact forms have a much higher deliverability rate than your average email address, because the odds of a contact form not working or being changed and not updated.

On the back end. It’s. Pretty slim. You also can look for an email address. You go to their contact us page. You can try different permutations of their. You know their name at their if you want, but ultimately you’re searching around for an email.

If you can find it that’s, the best, then you connect with them on the platform itself start engaging, go through, make sure you, you are actively taking the steps we talked about in part one before just cold direct messaging them asking them to Do something for you we covered in extreme detail in the previous part, why it’s, not a good idea to just have your first interaction with somebody being you asking them for something it’s, not a good uh impression for you By any means – and it actually won’t get you the goal that you want when you find them on twitter or instagram.

Direct messages on twitter and instagram can often get you powerful access to really busy people. The instagram direct message area that will inbox is not really spammed out yet so you can get good engagement.

You can get good connection to people who, maybe you’d, have a difficult time, emailing them or when you email them. It goes to their support and there’s gatekeepers in the way, but on instagram you might actually reach them directly to their phone to their device, which is really powerful.

So then, on the social outreach. What kind of messages do you send right? Well, when you’re ready to go for the ask, your first contact is really going to ask them if they’d like to check it out, you don’t want to send the link right away.

You definitely don’t want to share, send a shareable link right away. You want to address them by name, and you want to acknowledge that they they already share similar posts right. You want to remind them that this is.

This is their normal. Then you let them know that you value their feedback on the post and you think they’re going to enjoy it. This is playing a little bit into their ego of them being an influencer and you’re.

You’re kind of subtly asking for feedback if they don’t think it’s, the greatest post, because you sure do and then obviously you want to keep it super short and readable within 30 seconds. You want them to be able to glance at it understand what’s, going on realize, whether you’re, asking them to put their credibility on the line or not, which are not because you learn that in part one and then they’re, able to kind of make a decision.

You know in a moment. So here is a social outreach example. So the email subject line is question for you and it’s. Hey miles. I saw a tweet where you shared tim conley’s, video about scaling, a seven-figure agency, so the first line it starts out with me by name and then it’s, saying very specifically, i saw a tweet where you shared, and this Thing that i shared they’ve now brought me mentally back to that moment, where i actually shared that video.

That was a great video, so the compliment, but it lacked a bit of the how to information to actually needed to scale so what they just did there is they complimented me on that, but they mentioned where the piece was lacking, which is the void that they’re about to fill in the next line.

Over the past few weeks, i’ve, been putting together a mega post on the exact steps to take an agency from its first customer to a million in revenue. Would you be interested in checking it out? I think you’ll enjoy it, and maybe you’d, have a tip on how i could make it better cheers mark now.

This is i made this is an email of me sending to me so, like i actually just wrote this as a guideline for you to follow. I’m, not including templates here on purpose. People think that a template means i can just go copy.

The template and send it out over and over and over, and it actually destroys the value of the template for every other person who tries to use the template, you need to be creative, you need to become a creative thinker.

You need to be able to think. Logically enough and honestly, you need to be able to have a coherent enough, focused approach here that no one template is ever going to serve you well enough. So what we’re, trying to help what i’m trying to help.

You understand here is the structure, so you reach out to them by name. You mentioned some sort of time when they shared something similar. You complement them, but you let them know there was room for improvement.

You share how you made a better version, and then you simply ask them if they want to check it out, and then you give them that opportunity to feel valuable like hey. If you don’t think it’s, the greatest ever.

Maybe you could help make it better, so the best outcome to these kinds of emails is they’re, going to say sure, send it over. I’d love to take a look, and then you will reply with a super short email.

Okay, here’s, the link i’ll, show you an example of that in a minute, you add a line again, why you think it’s better than the one they shared before without being um testy. You know you don’t want to be rude by any means, because they thought that one was great too, but you want to remind them the extra value that you’ve created, and you put it in the line.

If you agree, would you mind giving it a share? So here’s, the type of reply? Okay, great! You can check it out here, direct url link. I think it’s more actionable and shares the exact plan in step-by-step format.

So there’s, the value add right. This is why this one deserves the the exposure. If you agree, would you mind giving it a share? If you don’t agree, can you let me know what i missed or how i can make it better? I’m all yours, because i’m, set on this being the best post ever thanks in and out it’s.

Super simple, and you got to remember that social media influencers get social capital. They actually get value. By being the first ones to share great content with their audience, so in that sense you are giving them value if your post really truly.

Is that good? So if they agree and they share it, send them a thanks. You rock message just to kind of keep that relationship moving forward. You don’t want to let that die at that point. You never know where that can go if they reply with no or something rude apologize for the bother.

A lot of people are super busy. Don’t, take a short response as a rude response. It’s very easy for emotions to get mixed up in the written word on emails. So just apologize for the bother and don’t email them again.

If they don ‘ T reply to you at all, which is probably gonna, be the majority of what happens follow up in seven to ten days and just with a quick email that says just checking in if this is something you’d like to check out and Include the original email below so it’s got the original email that you sent.

You’re literally forwarding over your original email, with just that extra one-liner, just checking in. If there’s, something you’d like to check out your conversions, are going to be very low, but it’s, going to be worth it in traffic and exposure.

This is something you need to habituate doing over long periods of time to truly see the results. Now we’re going into the blog post and the backlink outreach, so it’s very similar. But we’re focused on blogs, who have already linked out to this type of content, and we’re, going to try to get them to link to us to our epic piece of content.

So you’re, going to target bloggers and websites that are already linking to your competition. You’re, going to target niche resources page that link to your competitors and remember that getting backlinks to these specific posts that you create actually is a rising tide and that will actually help all of your other posts.

Do better and better. So as much as i like to think it’s, not backlinks are absolutely a ranking factor in google. Google is trying to eliminate them as a ranking factor, but as of today and for the foreseeable future, backlinks are going to remain a solid ranking factor, because every backlink is essentially a vote.

It’s, a vote of trust. Now, a backlink from a shady website that has a lot of spammy links is potentially going to hurt you a backlink from a great website is going to help you. So not all backlinks are created equal.

We’ll talk about that a little bit more and if you get too many links too fast or as i was saying, the wrong links right links from spammy websites, it can literally kill your rankings. You can get de-indexed, but if you get links from websites that don’t advertise guest posting, they don’t, sell links and they rarely give out links that’s.

The key to long-term success, because, ultimately, the harder a link is to get the better value. Generally, it’s going to have for you. You need to stick with this for the long term, and link velocity is really what matters, and this is why it’s, not a one and done thing.

You don’t want to go, collect 40 links in a month and then ignore it for the rest of your website. Google is constantly monitoring. What is the velocity of new links to your website? Another way of saying that is google’s, monitoring how many new links do you get a day? How many new links do you get a week? How many new links do you get per month? You see a growing website that is growing both in its own content size, but also in reach, through social shares, through awareness through all kinds of different methods, right emails and social shares and backlinks, etc.

It’s, going to be attracting more and more and more backlinks slowly over time. So google wants to see a consistent link, velocity or a consistent stream of new backlinks coming into a website in order to hold it up in that number one spot for your target keywords: that’s.

What i mean by link velocity – and it definitely definitely matters so. Your goal with backlink outreach is to get high quality in-text links from sites that don’t, sell or give links right the harder it is, the better of a link it’s going to be.

Generally speaking, you want deep links to your specific posts and pages. What this means is you want to get the link to your beginner paleo post, you don’t want to try to get a link to your home page, because the link that goes down to that deep link page from one of their posts on Beginner’s guide to paleo is going to have more relevance and the relevance is really the ultimate key.

So you’re trying to build links to these specific posts that you have. These are your shareable posts, your link, bait posts? Your share bait posts. You will attract visitors from them, plus you’re, going to get the seo value.

That’ll, come into that main post. You can move your seo value that’s, coming inbound from those links through your internal linking structure and again the rising tide floats. All boats is the big idea.

So how do you find who links to your competition? Well, i ‘ Ve got four tools here: number one is the backlink miner. Now this is a paid tool, but it’s. A part of the keyword, finder family keyword.

Finder, is the keyword, research tool that i’ve used for many years. I promote it, i recommend it. It is the tool to use. So if you’re already, a paid customer of keyword finder this tool should be free for you, based on the package that you’re already on.

I’m, going to show you how to use that here there’s, moz link explorer, you get 10 free searches per month and there’s a 30 day free trial of their pro level sem rush or semrush. It has a very limited free level and it’s.

99 bucks a month. Ahrefs is a seven day trial for seven dollars and then it’s 99 uh per month. Full access, i don’t, think you need semrush or ahrefs or moz full on the paid um. For me, i use backlink miner in this situation because i’m already on the keyword, finder tool.

It works. Super simple super clean and easy, and i do jump into moz from time to time. I have been known to pop in i’ve used an ahrefs seven day trial and i ‘ Ve used the semrush trial a couple of times doing quick, like audits and researches, but i feel, like those tools are just too complicated.

For me, i i get bogged down in the details. Um it’s kind of like that tiny detail trap for me there, so that’s. Why i like the backlink miner, it’s super easy and that’s where we’re at here. So linkminer.

com is where you can access this tool. If you already have access to that content and forward slash kw finder is where you get access to. If you haven’t purchased the keyword tool you might as well get it all as a package there.

So what i do on link miner when it loads – i just put the url in so you can see on the top left under all it says: https, the beginner’s guide to paleo, and then i search it now to the right of The search bar it shows me the citation flow, the trust flow, the referring number of ips, the referring number of domains and the total backlinks.

So the referring number of domains 375, that’s. How many different domains are linking back to this url here? The total number of backlinks is 3500, so that means that each one of those domains is almost linking upwards of 10 times in some situations, then the bottom left-hand corner window you’ll, see these are the actual posts that are currently linking over.

To that url, you can see it’s got a scroller bar on it right. It’s showing 50 out of 50, and there’s. Like 712 pages of these, which is crazy. You can sort these by the top on the top bar, it says c: f, t, f e l, f, b, a r, those are the citation flow or the trust flow.

So what i would recommend doing is sorting by either the higher citation flow or the higher trust flow starting there and going down now you need to pay attention because not all of these are going to be relevant, so all top links to them.

That’s, not exactly what you’re. Looking for right, it’s, going to be a big powerful domain, but it’s, not actually a blogger who linked to them from a niche site. So it takes digging around and doing research and then, when you click on one, you notice on the bottom left.

The line for this is blue. It then shows you in the right hand, lower pane. What that website is so it’s. A quick way for you to go through this list, click on the different line items and look and say: okay, is this really a post about paleo like? Is this actually what it says it is, or is this some like weird roundup or some uh non-relevant url? So it allows you to do all your research in one window quickly and effectively, which is why i like them for the keyword, research side too, that’s, just how they build their tools out, so you go through and you literally put together your List of urls that you think would be great as urls that would link back to your site right.

You’ll, find the list of blog owners and websites that are currently linking to this post and you wrote a better post than this. So now you just put together a list. You’re, going to go, find their information.

You’re, going to email them and give them an opportunity to improve their user experience. So the moz link explorer um forward. Slash link dash explorer is where you find this one or you can just google moz link explorer you’ll need to sign up at least for their free level.

For this, and up top you search for the link, you notice, i’ve circled. You need to do a drop down to get to exact page. It usually defaults you to just the domain, so it’s, going to find you all back links to all of nerd fitness, but remember not all of nerd.

Fitness is relevant to my beginner’s guide to paleo, so i only want the backlinks linking to that exact page. Then you click on the inbound links on the left side and that’s. It. It shows you all of the inbound links for that exact page that you searched.

They have different numbers um. They have the dapa that i say a lot, so you can see. The domain authority is 63. The page authority is 51. um. As you’re growing, you’re, probably going to be looking for getting links from sites that are above 25 and above 30 in the domain authority and the page authority range.

I would search your url to find out what yours is. If you’ve been publishing for a long time. You need to know what your number is. If you’re new don’t worry about it, just move forward, but if you’re, if you’re been if you’ve been around for a while.

You want to know if your domain authority is a 30. You want to focus in on trying to get links that have a higher domain authority than you do. But if you’re new, your domain authority is going to be zero or one or five or something very small.

You know maybe up into the teens and anything in the 20s or 30s will be good. So this works very similar. You can see that in the lower part of the pane, where it’s actually cut off, because i just didn’t have space, it says 1 through 50 of the inbound links.

It shows you 50 inbound links and then you scroll down and you look for the ones that are going to be really truly independently owned, blogs and websites that are trying to do some sort of a roundup post or they’re, trying to help Their readers understand the basics of beginners guide to paleo, and then you’ll, be able to reach out to them to help them improve their content.

Some rush, if you want you, can get on a free trial at semrush and give that a shot. So you just search for the url up top now on this one i’ve got it circled where it says backlinks, but you notice directly above it says, root domain.

I should have dropped that down to exact domain. So what i did is i actually cut off the post url for this screenshot so, and i just show you the difference, so we’ll. Just let that one slide from my perspective here, but you want to make sure that you’re looking at the exact match domain and where you see the backlinks, it should have the forward.

Slash beginner’s guide to paleo up there. With that said, you can still get a taste of how this tool works. You search for the actual url, you click on the back, links, tab and then down below. You can see that it has a list of one to one hundred.

It pulls up 100 at a time and you just sort through it for the good ones, for essentially the hyper relevant ones, with a lot of existing link juice to them. That’s, really how you work it on semrush and then ahrefs it’s all the same stuff.

We’re doing yet the same thing on yet another tool. Um you put in the url up on the search bar. You search on the left, you click on backlinks and there it is you’ve got a list of the backlinks there.

They have yet again their own numbers. Everyone’s, trying to create their own numbers for how they ‘ Re gonna do the domain ranking or the url ranking is what they do here. Um don’t try to compare ahrefs numbers to moz’s; numbers to link miners number like just just apples to apples right.

Only compare hrefs numbers to hrs numbers. Only compare mods numbers to mods numbers um, it’ll, get confusing if they they don’t make sense when they look uh cross platform on that. But this is the process.

So that is how you use. One of four tools find the tool that works for you and go for it. Then i want to help you find niche resources pages. So, if you think about it, people who are in the paleo world might very well have a resources page where they just flat out list their favorite resources for the paleo diet, and on that page they may very well have a beginner’s guide To paleo, and if you’ve built something that’s better and you let them know they ‘Ll, probably consider updating their resources page with your link, because indeed it’s better right, and that only works. If it’s actually better, so you go to google and you literally will search in title colon resources and then the niche or topic.

If that brings up way too many, you can do in url colon resources. So the difference is you’re, looking on the title of the page in the first one and then the second one it has to actually be in the url itself.

I recommend going with the top one and i ‘ Ll show you how to narrow that focus, but i wanted to give you both of those search parameters and again you’re, focusing on your skyscraper posts. You want to get links to your deep link posts.

You don’t want home page links from here, so we’re at google and literally, we type in in title i-n-t-i-t-l-e colon resources. There’s, no space between that right. It’s literally in title colon resources and then space and you put in your keyword phrase.

So this is looking for websites that have the word resources in the title and they have paleo on.

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