Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Free Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing In 2021 – Secret Method Revealed!

Free Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing In 2021 – Secret Method Revealed!

What’s up you guys, so in this video i’m, going to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing in 2021. Now, more importantly, i’m, going to show you how to get thousands of visitors in traffic to your websites and to your affiliate links, and i ‘

Ve never actually mentioned this method before so. By the end of this video, you’re, going to know a 100 free traffic source. Again, i’ve, never mentioned this before on how to get free traffic. Now i’ve been doing this since 2019.

When i started my , but i’m going to reveal this method to you guys today and i’m – really really excited. Now. I’m, also going to show you how you can make money with affiliate marketing, but with monthly reoccurring income, which is huge guys, because if you can get monthly recurring income, then you have passive income, which is my favorite way to make money online And i’m, going to show you how you can make even more money with this method and guys, if you stick to the end of this video, i’m, going to show you even more ways to using this method.

Now guys i’ve, been doing affiliate marketing since 2019, i’ve, been able to generate a multiple six figures and not only one or two but multiple affiliate marketing programs. I have over 20 plus income streams.

At this point i started my back in may of 2019. now guys if you are brand new to my channel. My name is jonathan montoya, with passive income lifestyles and on this channel i teach people how to make money online, specifically with affiliate marketing, but i have a ton of videos on how you can make money online, how to but of course, affiliate marketing, guys.

The main goal of my channel is to help you build a passive income , so you can achieve financial freedom guys. I went from a negative twelve hundred dollars in my bank back in may 2019. I started my and then guys.

Nine months later, i quit my job as an electrical engineer, and now this is what i do full-time. So if you guys want to join my three-day mentoring program, i have a brand new program for you guys only seven dollars to join.

I’m gonna leave a link down below, but let’s get started with this video okay, so guys what is affiliate marketing? Most of you guys probably already know what it is for the new ones that are here that never heard of affiliate marketing guys it’s.

Basically, you’re, sending traffic to a special link right. We have a product that we want to promote and basically all we’re doing. Is we’re, sending people to this special link right and this link is tracked back to you now.

If somebody buys, through your special link, you get paid right. This is the best business model on the planet, because you don’t need inventory. You don’t need a whole team. You don’t need to deal with refunds.

You don’t need products, you literally just promote products that you believe in, and then you get paid now. Of course, i’m, going to show you a brand new method in this video, but i just want to kind of show you guys what affiliate marketing is, if you haven’t heard of it now, okay, what is what are we Actually doing right so step one, we need to figure out a product that we want to promote.

Now, with this specific method, it only works with certain products. I’m, going to show you why. So let me show you the method. First and i’m, going to show you what type of products work for this method.

I’m, going to show you how we generate thousands and thousands of traffic uh to the websites and to the affiliate links. Okay, so there’s, a website called all right now. What this website does is it gives you access to thousands and thousands of courses online right.

So if i go and just type in something like ads, we can go ahead and take a course on ads right. So you can see tons and tons and tons of courses that you can take all right now, um. If i go in here and just type in something like let’s just say youtube ads right.

We can go to youtube ads and we can see what type of courses that are in here now. What’s cool is you can actually go and and take free classes. So if i go to price here and go to free, i can take all these free courses on youtube ads or whatever you want to take now.

Why is this important? Well, i’m, going to show you why, okay, so let’s just say we type in something like let’s just say how to build a website. Okay, we can, you know, build a course on how to make a website, but why would we want to do this right? Let’s.

Just say we go to this course right here right now within this course. He probably this person probably has affiliate links right, so i can go over here and they should give us the curriculum. So let me see here they usually yeah.

Here we go so here’s. The whole course right here right, so not even that long guys it’s only a 30 minute course, but within this uh course most likely there’s, going to be affiliate links in here right, so installing wordpress on your account.

Okay, now, okay, so right here it says how to manage your website from bluehost. Okay. So basically they’re, showing you how to build a website, but they’re, probably promoting bluehost right here. Okay and i’m gonna prove that to you guys now now, if i go to the bluehost affiliate website um, this is basically a affiliate program that you can use to build a website.

Now you can see here that every time someone buys you get 65 dollars when someone is referred. Okay, so that’s. Basically, what this person is doing, they’re, showing people how to build a website, and then they have their affiliate links on the backend okay.

Now you can do this with multiple products. Right, let’s just say we do email marketing check this out guys i’m, going to show you how to do this in just a second, i’m, going to prove to you guys that i’M doing this method as well: okay, so email marketing, let’s, see how uh the complete mailchimp email marketing course.

We can go and basically build out courses like this all right. So inside of here let’s. Just go right here and click this out. If we go to the curriculum we can see, let me see if i can find it here at the bottom, so make a okay email marketing, okay, so they’re, promoting something called mailchimp here.

Okay, now i promote a website called or i promote a affiliate company for email, marketing called get response, and this is what i promote. Basically, if i go down here, you can get 100 dollars per sale or 33 per 33 per month, because you know someone’s paying per month for this program.

So this is what i was talking about. You get that monthly, recurring revenue, which is what i love now. This is what i promote you can see. Uh i promote get response. You know i i have an all times earnings of eleven hundred dollars.

This is again just one of my programs that i promote. I promote multiple different programs guys and if i go to back to udemy, you can find other courses as well, so we can even go to click funnels right.

If i go to click funnels there’s going to be all these courses on clickfunnels right, so you can see even kevin. David has a course up here, but i actually have my own course on clickfunnels i’m, going to show you guys that in just a second it’s a little further down.

I believe, because i built this course out a while back, so i don’t even know. If it’s, still it’s, a free course. So if i go over here and i go to price, i go to free um, i believe my course is still free now.

The reason i do this is because i have a free course, but i’m, making more money on the back end right. So i don’t know where it’s at here we go. This is mine right here guys, i haven’t actually updated.

This thing i really need to update, but you can see here ultimate click funnels mastery course by jonathan montoya. Okay, now, basically, what i’m doing is i have this free course, but on the back end, i’m.

Promoting click funnels right, so i get 40 percent every time. Someone signs up for this program here, all right now you can see. If i go to the actual stats of my course. Let me see here we go so i have over almost 4 000 students.

Now, of course, i did the free model, so i created this course and it’s, a hundred percent free, okay. The reason i do that is because i know that people are going to go through this course and sign up for click funnels right.

So i don’t really care about the income right. I’m, not actually charging for this course right. So i can actually charge zero for this course and that’s cool the cool thing about udemy. Is they actually promote your course right? They actually go ahead and promote it, especially when you first launch it.

They promote it to everyone guys – and this is a very, very powerful method you can see here. This is something i did when i first started my business and i already have four thousand students in here, and people are still enrolling every single day right.

So like every single day, people are enrolling, so i’m, actually going to go and redo. This course, because this is an old course, i did uh back in 2019, but, more importantly, guys is. I have my affiliate links in here.

Okay, so if i go down, let me see if i can find this is my course right here. This is the back end of my course. You can see it’s about three hours uh, but you don’t even have to go that long. You can literally go 30 minutes or an hour.

You can do this literally in a day guys, but this is an asset that you’ll have for life right now. You can see here that i have my link to my click funnels right. So if people click this um, it’ll, go directly to my click, funnels link right and you can add multiple links.

Multiple sources in this uh in this course here guys so really really powerful method and that’s, going to be figuring out what products we want to promote again. That’s. Why? I wanted to show you the method first, because it doesn’t work for everything.

It mostly works for software. It works for um. You know email marketing, anything like that, so things like bluehost is perfect. If you want to build a course on, you know how to build a website right so create a website um.

You can basically create a course on how to build a website now what i would do if you didn’t like if you didn’t know how to do this, and you want to promote something like bluehost. As you can see here in the last month and just the last couple weeks, actually i’ve done over 390 dollars, uh promoting bluehost right now.

If you don’t know how to make a course on this. What i recommend guys is just going and finding something that’s already doing well right either buying a course and and redoing it in your own way, or you can just get a free course right.

You can go to free and go ahead and do that right. You can go ahead and find the top free course and then recreate it in your own way, but put your affiliate links guys that’s, going to be how you can do this? If you’re promoting bluehost right, but you can basically find a product that is like something to do with email, marketing, um something with funnel building.

Rightly, if we do uh building, let’s, see building funnels building funnels. Basically, you can promote all these products right, you got click funnels, you got groove, you got builder, all you got all these funnel building softwares and you can create courses around these products.

Now, more importantly, is that i can build my youtube. I can build my tick. Tock brand, with these courses right actually inside of here, i’m, not sure where it is exactly, but i have an intro. I believe it’s in the intro here, where i say, hey go, follow yup here we go so follow me on youtube.

Follow me on um, let’s. See here see, i have even more affiliate links in here guys the fun one funnel away challenge you can see all my affiliate links are in here right. So all my links are here: uh join my facebook group um.

I believe i have links on how to join my youtube channel so guys this is free traffic from you to me, uh. Sending me this. All i got ta do is create this course right. So that’s. Gon na be step. Number two: is: we got to create our free course now? How do we actually do it? It’s.

Really, not that hard guys. I use a software called obs to create the actual videos. Okay, so this is a free software just go to This is what i use. This is what i’m using now to actually create this video i’ll.

Show you guys real quick, let me pull it over, so this is the video here you can see. I have my display. I have my face, i can move around and i’m, basically recording right, i can stop recording. I can.

I can stop it here and it will basically make a video right. So this is really easy to use guys. I mean it takes a second to kind of set it up once you get it set up it’s. Super easy. All you got to do is hit record and you build out your video okay, build out your videos.

You could probably make some slides for the actual course itself, and then all you got to do is go to udemy and just upload the actual video right. So if i go to instructor here, i can make a new course right.

I can go to new course, which i’m, going to actually do guys. This is a very, very powerful method. I haven’t mentioned it before, because i don’t know i just haven’t mentioned it, but this is something that i did when i first started my business.

I haven’t even honestly. Looked at this since, like a year ago, i totally forgot about this, but i remember it was bringing me more and more . As you can see here, i just had it pulled up yeah, you can see guys like every single day.

People are enrolling right, like today’s, the 20th, so someone just enrolled today so guys people are. You know i’m reaching people from all over the world, but i’m, not even promoting it. They promote the course for me: okay, so really really powerful type method.

Now guys i did mention, i have a bonus for you, guys, um. What you can do is create your course upload it to udemy, but what you can also do is go to a website called skillshare and upload the same course to skillshare.

Okay, now skillshare is a little different. I think you get paid per minute of the course, but you can also have your affiliate links guys. I don’t really care about the money. For the actual course itself.

I don’t. Think i’ve even made that much money with this course. To be honest, you can see like 23 bucks this month, i don’t know i don’t really care, because i’m, making more money on the back end and that’s.

What i really care about right, so i don’t really care about charging. I was charging for this. I think, like 10 bucks – and i just dropped out – i’m – just doing this for free now so skillshare you can upload the same course to skillshare and there’s.

Another one here guys called scorceria where you can also join in and upload your course here. Okay, so basically you can make one course and then upload it to all these uh free course softwares the powerful thing about these softwares is they promote your courses for you? Okay, really really powerful guys, so that’s.

Basically the whole method on how you can get tons of free traffic to your affiliate links again. It works for certain affiliate programs like email marketing, funnel builders website builders, any type of software that you’re teaching on how to uh.

You know how to use the actual software okay so guys. I hope you like this video. I just released a brand new program if you want me to guide and mentor you step by step, click by click on how to start your business.

In just three days, i have a brand new program for only seven dollars. This is the exact system, the exact blueprint that took me guys from literally negative twelve hundred dollars in my bank account to quitting my job in just nine months, guys literally may of 2019 right there.

You can see the date here. This is may of 2019 um. I was negative. Twelve hundred dollars in my bank account right now march of 2020 right before the pandemic hit. I quit my job and i went all in with my business because, again guys i’ve, been able to do this not only one twice or three times with multiple affiliate programs.

I’ve, been able to generate a multiple six figures, so i know what i’m talking about. I have multiple students creating a massive amount of income. You can see here. This is julia. She made her first one thousand dollars with my program, guys uh.

This is trish boyt here she made her first high ticket commission with my program, and this is jake thornhill, who made five hundred dollars with my program. So if you guys want to join my three day, business breakthrough challenge uh link down below, and but i hope you guys like this method on how to to your affiliate links.

This is uh, something that i’m, going to be doing again in the new year. This is something that i’m, going to start building out even more and more courses to promote multiple programs so guys. I hope this video was a value.

I hope to see you guys in the three-day business breakthrough challenge for only seven dollars. Please subscribe the channel comment down below and let me know if you guys have any questions you guys have a blessed day.

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