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Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Hey everyone, I’m Jessica with shortstack your fancy new Facebook page is ready for the world to see, and now you want to know what do you do to build followers? It’S tempting to click that little invite friends to like this page button. But don’t do it sure some people from your friends list will oblige your invite, but you need to drive new to your page, the right kind of traffic, in other words, traffic that is more likely to convert to customers in this video, we’re focusing on free Ways to drive traffic to your page because investing money before you know what strategies might work for. You can be risky, so try some of these methods for building your fanbase before you reach, for your wallet offer exclusive deals. Verbage such as follow us on Facebook.

For our best deals, coupled with a follow button, can incentivize page visits and followers make sure you mentioned. This deal is exclusive to our Facebook followers and make sure you’re promoting your exclusive deals outside of Facebook, for example, on your website or from a email. Make sure you’re posting often enough and varying the types of posts in the good old days. Facebook would show all of your posts to all of your fans. These days, Facebook’s algorithm decides which posts will appear in each of your followers feeds an average as few as 2 % of your followers will see the content that you post.

In addition to posting, often and varying the types of content, you post, videos, photos stories, etc. There are other ways that you can beat the Facebook algorithm. Just remember: there’s a fine line between posting, often enough and too often and most Facebook experts say that posting 1 or 2 times a day is plenty run a giveaway. Much like offering exclusive deals. Giveaways drive traffic.

The bonus of running a giveaway is that you can also collect email addresses which will help you in other aspects of your efforts. Make sure you include, like our page, in the steps to participate in your giveaway. Just remember that you can’t actually require a like to participate and there’s not a way to go back and see if each participant actually liked your page, but asking participants to like the page will certainly get you some fans, this one’s my favorite run contests, especially voting Contest to drive traffic that will engage your page people who participate in your contest will reach out to their friends and family and ask for their votes contests are especially helpful when try and get fresh eyes on your page post content relevant to current events in this Video’S description, we’ve linked to a that shows how a combined the power of a giveaway with the relevancy of the 2016 election. We all remember the 2016 election, their included breaking news, video clips to tell a story about the giveaway and to parody election coverage. The giveaway collected a hundred and twenty six thousand entries, so just imagine the traffic that they were able to drive to their Facebook.

Page engage with users. You’Ll obviously need to respond to comments and messages directed at you, whether their questions, complaints or compliments. The last thing you want is for people to think that you’re ignoring them offer exclusive info on your page and always keep it updated. Perhaps your is affected by weather, for example, a ski resort would keep their page updated with snow conditions, traffic conditions which parking lots still had space in them, and even the length of the lines at the lifts or at the bar updating your Facebook page is A piece of cake making constant updates to your website might not be a word of advice. If you’re going to use Facebook to update customers about your , just make sure you do it on a regular basis, so that people know where they can find reliable information that they need and, lastly, ditch the pitch.

It’S one thing to offer deals and discounts on your Facebook page, but it’s entirely another thing to always be selling to your fan base, make sure you’re offering content that isn’t screaming by our stuff, mixing in posts that are humorous and offer relevant info related to your Business, for example, an exterminator might post tips to keep summertime ants at bay, will keep your content light and inviting want to read more about free ways to drive traffic to your Facebook page check out our at shortstack, calm,


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