Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Get 400% More Organic Traffic in Just 10 Minutes!

Get 400% More Organic Traffic in Just 10 Minutes!

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Hi guys it’s been Heath from leagu and in this video I’m going to show you get 400 % more organic with just ten minutes of work. Now I know that sounds too good to be true. It absolutely isn’t what I’m going to show. You is a simple technique. You can use.

Very quick, obviously takes less than 10 minutes and it really can deliver some outstanding results. In fact, I’m going to show you an example of an article post of ours doing exactly that. We took 10 minutes, use this technique and we’re able to increase the organic by over 400 % and not just on it. You know daily weekly basis, but it has now been over a month. I’M going to show you that in a second now the example I’m going to use to show you how we do this is an article called.

How much does Facebook advertising cost and why agency we offer SEO services. We also have Facebook advertising services. We write lots of content in the facebook advertising space because we want to generate organic and convert some of those visitors into paying clients. That was the purpose of this article. Now this article was done historically quite well.

It was first published in 2017 and we’ve updated it a number of times since then. But recently, we’ve noticed that the organic traffic we were generating from this article had dropped off somewhat and if you’ve created content and you’ll see that happen, and it happens quicker in certain industry. So us, for example, we’re in digital marketing content information gets stale, gets outdated. Very quickly, so, as that happens and organic traffic is going to drop off, both Google and searchers want the latest and most up-to-date information possible. So we noticed the results had dropped off.

We wanted to update the article now, of course, you can come into WordPress. So ever you know your your website, your is configured and you can just update it. You can create some more content, etc, etc. But what I’d recommend you doing? The simple technique that we used is we installed and a plugin called revision eyes.

In fact, you can see it up at the top here very simple to use just go into WordPress and just add in the revision ice plug-in. I’M not going to show you do that, because it’s fairly young, you know, I’m assuming you already know install WordPress plugins and what revision eyes allows you to do. Is it allows you to well? Basically I’ll show you so if we go into here, if we go into the inside of my website, I’ve got it lined up here. So this is the article.

How much does facebook advertising cost? I can obviously do edit, like all the regular things, but I can click revision eyes here. Okay and what revision eyes will allow you to do is it allows you to basically create a new version of this article, edit that and then publish the new version, but keep the same old URL the same slug, and so that’s still in the same location. It basically over writes the previous version with all the updated information, it’s fantastic because it means, if you’re editing a live blog post. Just using the regular edit button, you’re going to run into issues of perhaps haven’t quite finished a paragraph.

You don’t want to publish it except to accept us, and it can look messy going through that edit process revision eyes allows you to do it all in one. Go take your time. You know it doesn’t, it doesn’t get published until you click publish and none of this is live, but then it also over writes. The previous version takes that URL so that you don’t need to have any sort of issues with having to forward on traffic. If you have sort of creating a new version under a new URL or anything like that very very simple, so you can see I’ve just click revision eyes and now I can go in and I can update this post.

I can make all the adjustments I can save the draft and then, when I’m ready, I can get publish. As I said, this new version will overwrite the previous version and replace it in that location. So the new version doesn’t need to start ranking by itself or anything that you really are just updating the content. Another thing great thing it will do, and we can see this on this article – is it’ll update the publish date to the updated version. You know if you were to just edit your post and write some more information update some things, click publish it would not update the data which was published on your site here.

So here we’ve got April. 13Th 2029 in this article was published in 2017. That’S useful because, as I said, people want to know that they’re consuming up-to-date information. So when people visit this page when they visit this article – and they can see publish date April 13th 2029 to stick around and read it, which is a as we know, a ranking factor for google, the more people engage the more time they spend. On page.

That’S going to move your higher of the rankings or as if they came to this article and saw it was published in 2017. They might think. There’S no point, you know reading this. All the information is gon na be out of date, I’ll click off it and go read something else. Okay, so that’s also important.

So it’s very very easy to do or you literally I’ll go back into here is click revision eyes, as I just did, as I just showed you once you’ve installed that plug-in. Obviously you go about updating the information, then, when you’re ready to click publish now, if you’re going to bother going through this, I would recommend adding a good chunk of content, so it actually can be done in you know just a minute to get this updated. Add a little bit more information, but to get the best results. I’D recommend adding a good chunk of information. So if I go through, what we basically tend to do is just add new sections to an old blog post or article.

So if I go through try and remember what was added – and so I think in some of this here I talked about what effects Facebook advertising cost. I think I added in some new categories in here that were things that are more up-to-date and more information. So you can see I’ve got an update there that I’ve added in I’m talking about Facebook ad objectives. I don’t believe that was in there before adding in a video that I’ve created all about that, so adding in some extra information didn’t take long at all. I mean we might avoid it in.

How long is this article? Let’S scroll down, have a look. This article is very good. Yoast will tell me, should be using Yoast plugin if you’re not ready. 2318 words, I believe, maybe 250 300 was the new update.

Not a lot could be done very quickly, but here’s what it did for our results by doing that, if I jump over to analytics and I’ve got it loaded up. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken a time snippet here from the first of march through to the the recording date today, which is the 27th of May, where says 26 there, and so just about two months. Okay – and you can see, I’ve got this set up on a weekly basis over that time period. This article was generated 6213 pageviews, which is pretty good for a search term that doesn’t get an enormous amount of traffic to it. In the you know, there’s only a certain number of people searching for facebook, advertising cost, but here’s the really interesting part.

So you can see that first week of March 365, views 3 5 4 in second week of March, drops down slightly to 2. 6. 5. 2. 6, 2, 2, 5, 9 and 260.

Ok, so the in April would really quite lowdown about the 260 page views a month, nearly all generated organic by the way we’re not sort of promoting this anywhere else. Okay, then we update it remember the 13th of April. So, the next week it goes from 260 page views to 428. It has a nice increase. What’S that about a 60 % increase, something along those lines, fantastic, you know really really good.

That’S the week in which we updated it next week gets a little bit better. Took 462 next week again gets a little bit of 475 and then we really see this article sort of take off and generate significantly more organic traffic and then goes up to 814 in the first week of May so we’re talking three to four weeks. After the update, then it goes all the way up to a thousand, which is, as you can see, for X. You can see that second week in May we’re doing four times what we did in the towards the end of March, beginning of April, which is absolutely fantastic, and all we did was use this revision eyes technique. We updated the blog post with some more information making sure that its keyword, optimized and things like that.

As I said, both Google and users want up-to-date information. If you can update your information, don’t just think that I’ve written a blog post, you can just leave it forever. If you pick, this book is particularly well if you’ve got articles and blog posts that used to generate traffic but have dropped off recently and go in use the revision eyes plug-in update them doesn’t have to be a huge amount, maybe right, ten percent, more content, something Simple, like that, we publish it, don’t expect it to have amazing results overnight. So you can see here that on the week that we made this update, we’ve got about a 60 % increase which is fantastic, but then it went up again and again and then about three or four weeks later. We saw a really big jump, although at four thousand you can see it’s coming down here.

That’S because I’m recording this on a Wednesday. So it’s just part way through the through the week. That’S just a little drop off there. Okay, so it really is fantastic, simple technique to use that doesn’t take very long at all, but in this case look we Forex the results. I think on this article went from that position on our main target keyword, which is Facebook advertising cost.

We went from a position on page to for that main keyword, so at about position, 17 went up to about position 8 and obviously you’ll know. The difference between being on the second page in the page at Google is absolutely everything and that’s why we literally for xed our traffic generating 400 % more traffic, which is absolutely fantastic, very easy to do and yeah. Instead of writing tons of new content, which, of course you can be doing – but instead of spending most, I’m writing tons of new content really trying to generate new content. All the time get new, eyeballs, etcetera, etcetera. Think about your old old articles, old blog posts.

It’S often a lot quicker and easier to go back and update those keep them fresh. Add some more information make the content more valuable for your readers, then they’ll enjoy it more it’ll get a boosting in the Google rankings, and we’ve done this with a whole number of other articles. Recently, we’ve been going back through some of our old best performers and setting this up, and you don’t just have to have had an article that performed really well previously, and you could take one that didn’t do so well update. It add some more information use this technique and you can still see a increase in organic traffic and move up the rankings because of the updated information, the added value that you’re providing and all that stuff. So, just a quick little tip for you guys today to use to revision eyes and plug in update some of your old articles, but, as I said it, you know for it for a little case study on results.

This could not be. You can see this graph here. This could not be clearer in terms of what we’re seeing in terms of how it has helped us improve what we’re doing, and I strongly recommend you do it: okay, just for you go to and quickly mention our SEO services. So if you’re trying to get your website, your blog to rank in Google and other search engines trying to , that is something that we can do for you and really help you with. So our SEO services start at just three hundred and fifty pounds per month, which is roughly four hundred and thirty dollars for those of you not in the UK, so very competitive, very affordable pricing.

And, if is something that you’re interested the best next step is to click on the link in the video description below that’ll. Take you to a page on our website where you can request a free SEO report in the video description below to say SEO, report and explain what you need to do just need to click on that link, obviously pop in a link to your website. When you get to that landing page, a bit of contact information and then we’ll be in touch and we’ll produce an SEO report for you that and basically analyzes your website, make some recommendations around things that we think you can improve to help. You move up the rankings . It also explained exactly what we were charged to do that for you.

So if it is something that you are, I said interested in having a professional work on for you having professional agency help, you get better results and, of course, take this off your hand, so you can focus on other things. I’D strongly recommend you go ahead and click on the link request, the free SEO report and we’ll be in touch. Ok, if you enjoy this video, please give it a like please and share it. Tell a friend, that’s always appreciated comment below if you’ve got any questions. Comment below to let me know if you’d like this sort of content, and if this is sort of sort of thing you want me to produce more often, that’s always very useful.


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