Get More Traffic increase website traffic Get MASSIVE TRAFFIC 2021 To Your Website With This Social Media Network

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Get MASSIVE TRAFFIC 2021 To Your Website With This Social Media Network

Hey guys here’s, a little known traffic source that gets over 1 million visitors every month and at least 200 000 page views every day. It’s, a social media network that’s been built specifically for people.

Like me and you, but do watch this all the way until the end, because there’s, a couple of less than obvious ways to use this for traffic generation, and i know you don’t want to miss out plus when you Do stay until the end i’ll.

Show you how to get the traffic methods that i’ve, never shared on youtube or anywhere else. Okay. So this traffic source is perfect for content creators, entrepreneurs and digital marketers. Pretty much anybody who wants to drive traffic to their website, so let’s, go to the computer and i ‘

Ll walk you through the stats, so you can decide for yourself if this is the right platform for your business here we are in similar web now. Unfortunately, as you can see it’s, not bringing back the data we need so similar web isn’t working right for me today.

However, i do have a backup for you. It’s, a new one. To me. I haven’t used it before i don ‘ T know how accurate this data is, but it’s. All we’ve really got to work with at the moment. So you can see that this website, the platform we’re going to use today, has consistently been receiving around 70 80 000 page views a day.

However, in the last month, or so it’s really increased to over half a million page views a day and okay, it’s, dropped down to about half that so right now we’re. We’re at around just under a quarter of a million page views a day and that’s, no small thing, so i’m quite happy with this uh the amount of traffic this platform is getting.

It is getting over a million visitors a month. So if you like the look of this, let’s, go ahead and start using the website for traffic generation. This is the website that we’re going to use today it’s called bb.

com. So let’s spell it out. It’s b e b, double e dot com It says the collaborative platform for professionals making the professional world more collaborative, so it is exactly for people just like you and me, and it ‘

S got a few interesting features here. So the first one content, production and distribution hub, affinity-based, networking, job searching and social, recruiting personal branding and social selling.

So this is quite interesting to me if we have a look at what that has got to say so so the distribution hub check this out. So it says that you will reach a hundred percent of your followers now, if we compare that to other platforms, maybe like facebook, you will typically get around a three percent reach, so that means out of every 100 people who follow your page.

Only three will receive your message, but this guarantees a reach of 100 and listen. I’m, not associated or affiliated with this website in any way. Now this is another one that i am particularly interested in personal branding and social selling.

One line really leaps out at me here: it’s, lead generation through content marketing. Now, as you know, i am a big advocate of generating leads through content marketing that’s, how i fuel my business that’s.

Why? I create the amount of content i do. It is a way to deliver, hopefully enormous value to you, but also to build a email list of targeted leads who might at some point in the future, become customers.

So it looks good to me if you’re on board with this, and you think this is the right traffic source for your business. Let’s, go ahead and sign up now i ‘ Ve already got an account, so i’m just going to go ahead and sign in okay.

So when you sign in you will receive or you’ll land on a page. That looks something like this and you’re. Going to see lots of content being shared, so if you have content to share this is the place to promote it and let’s.

Take a look at how the content is being shared, because we ‘ Ve got a few ways of using this, so watch all the way until the end. So let’s. Click on this one, so it’s going to take us to a page on the platform.

So we’re still on But if you look here so this person has put an article on here, it’s, not particularly long or in-depth article, and what are they doing? They’re linking out to their website.

So here they have anchor text here and if we go down here, if we want to, we can engage with this piece of content. We can reach out to the author, we can follow them, we can start a conversation, we can jump in.

We can share resources in these comment box, so we can drive traffic that way if we want to, but take a look at this so over here we can see that this piece of content has already had at least 700 views.

So 700 people have consumed this piece of content and how many of those will click through to the website. Well, that actually depends on the call to action that you have and how relevant the link is to the piece of content.

Okay, so let’s, go back. I’ll. Show you how to publish those type of articles on this website in a second, but we ‘ Ve got quite a few ways of using this for traffic generation. So if we go right back up to the top, what you’re going to see, where is it there? We go.

You’re going to get this section here, share buzz. So if you just want to promote a piece of content or link out to something or just post a status update, you’ll. Be able to do that here. Let me show you what i mean.

So if i go to let’s, say my youtube channel and i want to promote this piece of content. An affiliate marketing course that i’ve put on there for free and if i paste in the link here, it’s, going to automatically pull in a piece of copy from that video.

There we go, and now, if i click share, that’s, going to go out to my followers on this platform. Okay, so that’s, one way to use it, but we have other ways. So we can write an article just like the way we’ve seen before so we can give it a strong headline here.

We can add copy in here and then we can link out to our website or our offers or whatever we like. As long as it’s relevant, so that’s, two ways to use it for traffic generation. So far, let me show you another one, because if we go to your profile here, click on profile and then we’re.

Going to have to scroll down a little bit to links, if you click add there we can put in a url to your website. So i’m just going to put in a link to one of my landing pages to help people get more traffic.

I’m, going to click, save changes and there we go so anyone visiting my profile here will now see this link and be able to visit my website. Another good thing about this is this: profile can be public.

That means search engines can find it. So for that reason, if you’re building, a personal brand, you might want to fill in the description with relevant keywords to your brand. Do take the time to fill out all this.

If you are building a personal brand on the platform to make sure that search engines can find this profile page go to settings, privacy appear on web search engines. Make sure that that that is enabled good stuff.

Let me show you one of the most powerful ways to use this for traffic generation. I think this is arguably the best way to do it. So if you, if you click on hives, it’s, going to take you to a search field, search bar here.

So if you type in a relevant niche, so maybe you’re in health click search and what it & #. 39 s going to do is bring back relevant groups to that niche. So here we have groups that we can join here. You can see that there’s over a thousand people in this one over a thousand people in that 200.

200. 200.. Now, if you take the time to go through all of these groups and share content inside of these, imagine how much traffic you’re, going to generate just from using these groups. So i’m in marketing, so i might choose a marketing group.

Let’s, see what they’ve got. I think i’m already a member of one or two and this one here marketing. That is an enormous group. Look at how many people are involved or members of this group. It’s, crazy right.

If we click on that yeah there you can see uh. I am a member good stuff. So if i want to publish on here it’s, going to be very easy for me to do that, because if we go down here to this plus icon, if we click on that it’s, going to give us an option To produce honey, so basically that means create content.

So if we click on that it’s going to bring us to this page, where we again, we put in a strong title, add our copy in there link out to our websites. If you need, if you need some ideas, just look at what is working in the group that is relevant to your niche.

So here i might look for articles that are performing well, so here we can see that this one has had what 200 views. If we go down again more than 200 views, this has had over 2 000 views 1000 views there.

So what i might do is just have a look at the the way that people are structuring their content on here, how they’re linking out, and then i might model my content based on what we know seems to work now, if you are Serious about growing a popular and profitable website, you’re, going to need more traffic, so i’m, going to give you the traffic methods that i never share on youtube or anywhere else.

You can get them all completely for free. When you go to traffic and if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel too and hit that little notification bell.

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