Get More Traffic increase website traffic Get Traffic Fast: New Source To Increase Your Website Traffic

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Get Traffic Fast: New Source To Increase Your Website Traffic

Hey guys, I found a new traffic source for you today. This one is amazing, so let’s, go check it out. It’s called WT social, so this is from the guy who made Wikipedia and it’s. A social media network with a difference now this aims to break away from those traditional social media networks, because this is taking a stance against the fake news and against the algorithm, manipulation thing that Facebook can Twitter and those guys really engage.

In I mean it says that fake news has influenced global events and algorithms care only about engagement and keeping people addicted to platforms without substance, wiki Tribune wants to be different, and then it goes on to say that it will never share or sell your data.

It’s, going to respect your privacy and it seems like a very ethical social media network. So what we’re going to do today is create a free account. It won’t cost you anything. I’ve already got one, so I’m, going to go ahead and log in and then immediately you’re gonna have loads of options.

Now there’s a lot to get through here there’s, multiple ways to use this for traffic gen. I’m, going to show you how to use it, but I know that immediately you’re, going to feel a little bit overwhelmed because there are so much going on on this page, but it’s very easy to Use, let me show you how to do it so immediately.

We have your feed, so this is going to be all the stuff that you’re interested in it’s, going to be relevant to you and it’s. Going to pull from the groups or what they call sub wiki’s that you join. I’ll, tell you more about them later on because they are very powerful, but for now let me show you a really quick way to use it for traffic gen.

So let’s say you have a piece of content that you want to promote. What you want to do is make sure that this is checked, autoload links, so when we post a URL in here like this, so what I’m doing is just pulling in a YouTube video.

Let me show you the actual video, so here this is a video from my private YouTube channel, not profit copilot. This is my purse, one where I talk more about marketing and I’m, really kind of going to my thoughts and feelings about things.

If I want to promote that on this platform, I just get the URL paste it in here and there you can see it’s pulled in the video automatically it ‘ S also pulled in some of the copy. Some of the description, and although you can’t see it very well, it’s actually pulled in the headline as well.

So that’s very useful, and then I can go ahead and choose how I want to post this. So I might want to post it individually, post new item, or I can do other things with it, which I’ll, get to in a few minutes.

So when you do that it will just post it directly on the platform, let me show you that you can see it’s already published there. Now, interestingly, we ‘ Ve got a link here so that’s. Gon na open up in a new tab, but let me show you something: if we go inspect element, this is gonna, be a do, follow link so there.

If you have a look at the source code, we cannot see and no follow. That means that this is a do, follow, link and it’s going to pass link juice, so that in itself is very cool. Another thing, so you kind of get two for the price of one here.

Let me show you what I mean. So if we click on read full post, it’s. Gon na take us to another page on this website, but that page again links to the content you posted. So if we click on that it’s. Gon na take us directly to that YouTube, video oops.

There we go so that is one way to post on this platform. Now, if we go through the to our profile, there, it’s been posted on our profile page, and this is just a web page and again we get another link to the piece of content.

So what’s up? That’s. Three links from posting wants so that’s, pretty good right, and this is a high authority platform because it’s from the guy behind Wikipedia. You know that there’s, a lot of authority flowing to this website, so you can kind of cipher some of that and redirect it back to your web sites.

So that’s. One way to use the platform we’ve got another way. This is really powerful, so here right, the very top. We have lists or sub wiki’s. If we click on that straight away, we have lots of neat relevant groups that we can join so, for example, photography, science cybersecurity, video games, climate change, app, pull technology music, you know we can go on all day there’s, actually hundreds and hundreds And hundreds of groups that we can join across dozens and dozens and dozens of different niches, I mean look there’s, almost 200 pages worth of groups that we can join, and this is really interesting because it shows us the amount of members across The platform, so there you’ve, got just under half a million users on this platform.

So how do you use this form or traffic generation? Ok, if we go to the search bar here, let’s say I’m interested in marketing, because you know I am so. I’m going to type in marketing and see what sub wiki’s or groups are available for that topic.

Here we have loans. So let’s. Scroll down. Look at this just in marketing we ‘ Ve got I mean I don’t know how many there are, but we can drill down into different areas of marketing. For example, there’s, one for marketing and design, one for advertising, content, marketing, internet marketing, news, WordPress and marketing multi-level marketing, Instagram growth, marketing, YouTube marketing, influencer marketing, Pinterest social media, you name it it’s, got a home on here so That’s.

Why no matter what niche you are in, you are more than likely gonna be able to find a group that is route that is devoted and dedicated to that topic. But this is where it gets really interesting. So let’s.

Take one of these groups, for example: let’s, say: contact marketing have a look at that. We’ve got over 300 members in this group, but only six posts. So what does that tell you that tells you there’s, a relatively decent sized community available there, but they are being underserved and because they’re being underserved.

If you know how to serve these people, the way that they deserve to be served by providing relevant content to their interests and needs that delivers enormous value to them, guess what they’re gonna love you for it, so that in itself is An opportunity for you, the opportunity, is for you to step in front of them and help them out, give them more of what they want, and when you do that, you will be able to grow trust.

You’ll, be able to grow an audience and hopefully you will be able to grow a following or ultimately buy stuff based on your recommendations. So let’s, go ahead and explore this so wiki in a little bit of detail.

So if we click on that, it’s, going to open up a new tab and again look at the feed. So here we have well just links to other people’s websites. So, for example, let’s. Go with this one, if we click on that link, it’s just going to take us to their website and there we go.

So if we scroll down there, you can see the content is there and if we have a look at what else is happening in this group? Well, not a great deal to be honest, but people are sharing their content in here, so you can too.

So if it’s working for other people, it’s going to work for you too. Now, let me show you something else. I thought this was a really powerful aspect of the the community. If we click on what’s, hot here is going to tell you the best performing content on the platform so notice the date created if we scroll through here.

This is all fresh content, all been posted in the last few days or so, and here we have the number of comments that each each piece of content is getting. So this tells you the approximate engagement levels, so we know that people are concerned about this topic.

They’re also concerned about this one. This is kinda relevant to you. Should we discourage just posting links? This is going to be relevant to marketers, so there’s, a whole discussion going on about that, and you can weigh in on that.

You can say what you think as part of that community, that’s perfectly cool. Another aspect of this platform is leaderboards. So if we click on that it’s, going to tell you who is doing really well on the platform and as you know, if you want to achieve similar success to someone who is doing well, then we model some of what we’re doing based on what they’re doing so, for example, if we have a look at how to call posts, have a look at the leaderboard there.

So this person is posting a lot of content, so over six thousand articles and they floated right to the top. So we might want to click on their link, have a look at their profile and study what they’re doing how they’re, doing it, how they are achieving success on this platform.

But listen. We’re, just barely scratching the surface of what’s available out there. So if you want the traffic sources that I never share on YouTube, I’m, going to give them to you for free. When you go to profit, copilot comm, slash traffic grab that it won’t cost you a penny, and if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel too and hit that little notification bell.

So you never miss an update for me and I will hopefully see you again in a couple of days time. Thank you.

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