Get More Traffic increase website traffic How She Makes $200 – $500 Per Day Using Shopify (FREE TRAFFIC)

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How She Makes $200 – $500 Per Day Using Shopify (FREE TRAFFIC)

what's going on guys welcome back to
another video and today I have a special guest and she's gonna tell us how she
makes between 200 to 500 dollars per day with Shopify without doing any
advertising so she does know advertising she gets all the good traffic for free
and what I'm going to do is go through some questions on my phone because I
don't really know the full story I know what she does in sales I think
she's my partner so I should know but I don't know everything so we're gonna go
through some questions and ask her what she sells what kind of traffic she gets
and basically how she does it right so we're going straight into this post well
let you know that she is doing something that probably no one is doing however
this is really really easy to implement you can do this pretty much anywhere in
the world and actually we're in a small country New Zealand well we only have
about five million in our entire country so it's actually quite hard to do so if
you're in a bigger city a bigger country this will be really easy for you to do
so the first question we'll be asking her is what do you sell thank you thank
you so what I sell is at the moment I'll go to new fifth stores and I will find
branded items that I can resell online through an auction sites and also on my
Shopify and at the moment I focus on brands that are related to like New
Zealand Australia and sell those alright guys so basically what she does is she
goes to second-hand stores and she finds products mainly branded because that
makes her the most money and she sells them online but it's not really what she
sells I mean it's really easy to go to find products anywhere with her a bit of
store whatever it's how she actually sells it so the interesting part is how
she actually so she doesn't send traffic directly to her Shopify store from ads
Facebook Google Ads and stuff like that it's all organic it's not Google traffic
or anything like that so the next question will be how do you get the
traffic to what could you do two things first of all you sell on auction sites
yeah and that's you make a little bit of money from that so she sells on places
like eBay here in New Zealand called trade me and stuff but what how do you
get traffic from your Shopify sorry from those web sites or anywhere else on the
Internet to your Shopify store so at the moment I sell on auction sites and I
actually put in the bio a link to my Shopify website and I say that if they
want to get an additional discount to go through there and which actually works
really well because obviously they're looking for branded items out of a juice
price anyways if they see like get an additional discount if you purchase
directly from me through my Shopify store and it seems to work well plus
they also get their email addresses which is you know what we're trying to
achieve at the end of the day I also go on to a variety of forums clothing ones
accessories bags everything and I'm quite active on there I've also got a
link to my website in my signature all of my forum websites so that way people
can click through there and see my items which I will also post on the forum
depending on what conversations going on at the time all right guys so what she
does is like everyone is focusing on Facebook and stuff but she's making up
to 500 dollars per day with free traffic and not much work so as far as I'm aware
I don't know I'm not I'm not sure of what she does in the forum but she
comments some people's posts and as active on forums I think one of them was
called post forum calm where people talk about clothing and stuff and then they
click on a link in this signature go to a store and there might purchase and
stuff like that but she'll also gets a lot of traffic from places like eBay
trade me other option sites and she offers a discount and say hey if you
purchased for us here you discount wish she gives an exchange the customers
email and if she can do it you know you do email marketing stuff as well yeah
email marketing and stuff as well yeah so now most of you guys when you think
about brands you probably think of a lawyer Teuton Prada Gucci and stuff like
that but she she does find sick sick and Hannah Gucci and Louis Vuitton it makes
quite a bit of money but her main brands I think was my next question what kind
of brands do you sell local brands because this this is the main stuff but
every country has designers and their own brands that people are trying to
push a special instagram now stuff like that so you can make good money with
local brands as well and one thing to mention is well they're really hard to
come by so I don't come by big luxury brands often when I do it's
amazing because obviously the margin there is huge but it doesn't always
happen so I do focus on things that are local yes so what do you do have
anything you can show us yes I literally just pick these up a couple days ago so
this here is a Camilla and Mark jacket so I got this for $80 which is a bit
more than what I would spend when it comes to secondhand clothing but the
reason being is because this actual jacket was in sale or in the stores last
season for $900 so I'm should be able to turn this
around for at least 4 or $500 I'll do it for $500 on the auction sites then I'll
offer it and then I'll have another lower charge on my Shopify page which
also kind of entices people to purchase through there instead of through the
other websites I've also got I've also got just a denim skirt here um I feel
like denim sells really well this is ketsu B which is an Australian
brand and like this these like I'll sell this in the first guy I paid $10 for
this yet and they retail for about 180 dollars so I should be able to make at
least 90 to 100 dollars for this skirt and like I said most of the brands with
this brand in particular I will sell in the first go I'm putting it up now guys
if you don't know my story I actually started drop shipping back in 2009 doing
something similar to this so I would go into a website called China Beijing calm
find cell phones and sell them on auction sites but she's kind of done the
same thing with because the thing is she loves clothing and going shopping and I
said to why don't you just sell this stuff online I wasn't really um I didn't
know how she was doing I didn't actually realize she was on forums getting
traffic that way I knew she was doing at auction sites and I'm still in the
traffic to Shopify but she's doing something she loves with his shopping
like she goes out where you got you spin up how much time you spend each week
shopping for these clothes like um each week a couple of hours give or take it
depends on my mood as well if I'm in a good mood I could spend like half a day
shopping if I'm lucky and I'm finding a lot of things it also puts me in a
better mood so I mean I could spend anywhere from a couple of hours to half
to five six hours depending close how many hours do
per week kind of running everything like I mean not including to find the clothes
but processing sales been active on the forum and I mean adoption stuff's not
that hard is perfect an option yeah but I mean how many hours a week do you
think you spend doing that not many um it's probably less than a part-time job
yeah so yeah so you don't know but you obviously know a nine-to-five job so her
job is is going to finding these clothes doing something she likes I don't know
if you like to shop do you like selling stuff or as a divided attain okay well
she likes selling as well so she's doing something she likes and and everyone's
kind of like fighting over this Facebook traffic and stuff that she's found a
little niche pocket of people that she can sell specific stuff to so guys this
you could wear in New Zealand there's only five million or five and a half
million people in our entire country LA New York have millions of people and you
can do this type of stuff there's nothing stopping you Canada huge country
Australia way bigger than us here and you guys have your own brands on the
brand nasty girl who pretty much started a multi-billion a multi-million dollar
company just starting off selling secondhand clothing so people are doing
it all over the world just depends on how far you want to go with it yeah so
that's really it guys so what you what you want to do is you can even go to
garage sales and find things to sell just yeah I know this is probably for
more woman because I don't think guys are really going to be going out I mean
I don't know the guy of clothing niche but you can go in and find stuff to sell
as nearly closed find stuff to sell go on to auction sites use those option
sites for traffic make sure you read their policies you might not be able to
take the traffic off the site but use those oxygen sites for traffic send them
to your Shopify store offer a discount and then you can also
be active on forums don't spam the forums but just be active have a link in
your signature and gradually you will get organic traffic and use Pinterest as
well but we were not really go into Pinterest but she uses Pinterest in a
box and she schedules 20 to 30 posts per day and they get ranked in Google not
really for selling she just repost other people's content but when she wants to
sell products she will post that product on Pinterest we don't know if it's
getting much traffic or anything we've already checked that by yeah
does so that's really a day and I just wanted to share this with you guys
because I don't really think I don't think a lot of people understand that
there's so many ways you can make money with Shopify you don't have to do drop
shipping although this is probably little bit harder like sometimes you
have surplus clothes that you can't sell but then you just sell it even if you
sell it what you pay for your kids oh yeah exactly exactly not not
everything's gonna sell um so as long as I can get my money back and it pays the
fees then I'm happy with that I mean it cuz it is it's a it's a hobby I love
doing it like a few so we'll have much about school for $10 so sheep like
scared for 10 bucks you couldn't sell it in two weeks and she and she you want to
get rid of she's gonna sell it for 10 bucks or 20 bucks and she better flipped
that for 20 bucks easier right yes so that's double the money just I mean
obviously she wants to get 90 80 90 bucks but she's she's selling at least
one or two items of a legit you make three four hundred dollar profit on that
that's and how many times did you find in a month yeah yeah easy quick recently
I got a pair of Gucci shoes from at this Designer Outlet Store for five hundred
dollars and I sold them for 1,100 on eBay
there you go guys so get your hustle on she's actually hustling more than me
right now been a bit lazy but she is getting the grind on every day taken
employment wakes up earlier than me most of the most mornings anyway guys that's
it for this video make sure you hit the like and subscribe and remember I give
away stuff in every single video information that is in the description
below and the pinned comment I'll see you guys in the next video and I
actually leave a link to one of her videos below where she talks about more
about this and tips on how to sell clothing online I'll see you guys next
video you

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