Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Blog & Drive Massive Traffic – Part 1 – 100% Free

How To Blog & Drive Massive Traffic – Part 1 – 100% Free

Hey miles here miles back, there calm welcome to the how to blog training, where you’re gonna learn how to drive massive amounts of traffic readers, visitors and even leads, and customers to your blog.

Specifically, you’re gonna learn. Some strategies and tactics to crafting the kinds of blog content that attract visitors and , so you can grow your blog’s Authority quickly. Now this is part one of a three-part series here on YouTube.

This was initially inside of my paid membership area and members were paying $ 97 per month for access to this content, but with the unemployment rate and the kind of craziness that’s going in on our world.

I realized I need to make sure this information is out of a LeBeau for you for free, so you can become an economic engine for yourself, for your family and for your community. It’s, a really time for us to build up our cash flow outside of the system.

If you know what I mean and I’m just doing everything, I can to get you the information that you need. So if you’re looking for a how to start a blog tutorial, this is not it right. This is the art and craft of blogging, but I have one of those for you.

So if you want go over to Myles Beckler com and on the top of my website there’s, a start, your blog link, if you click that post and I’ll, have the link in the description. Obviously um it’s, a step-by-step tutorial, where I walk you through every single step.

Click here click. There click here how to get your blog set up, because the truth of the matter is setting up. The blog is the easy part it’s. The ongoing process of writing blog posts that attract that attract visitors leads and customers, that’s, the challenge and that’s.

What we’re deep, diving into in these videos here and then. Finally, if you haven’t chosen your niche. That would be the other thing that people are hung up on just here in YouTube, search for miles better.

How to choose a niche you can see. I put one of my other $ 97 courses for free. It’s here and I ‘ Ve got some example, niches, etc. If you’re stuck there, but ultimately this is the key to the castle.

You build your blog, you choose your audience, you’re, going all-in for and then crafting the right kinds of content that Google will love. Your readers will love and other bloggers and other creators are gonna love.

They’ll. Send you back links it ‘ Ll grow you faster. I welcome you to the training. Please please please go through this as if you paid for it, because that’s. What it is is a paid training and I’ll, see you on the other side, hello and welcome to the organic traffic domination course on Myles Beckler and in this video series you’re gonna learn everything you need to know About driving massive amounts of targeted organic traffic be sure you’ve got either a pen and paper, or you got your notepad open, and you’re ready to take some notes, because this is the most comprehensive course on traffic.

I’ve ever created, and it very well might be the most comprehensive course on traffic online today. The goals of this course are to help. You understand the three ways to drive massive amounts of traffic.

I want to help you identify the best traffic strategy for you for your personality, for your goals, for your kind of style, about approaching your right. This is gonna, be uniquely tailored for you, and I want to help you create your own personalized, long-term traffic strategy.

You see most sites don’t get traffic because the owners are confused, they don’t follow through and they get distracted non-stop by shiny objects, so any sort of dabbling in the new fad of the month tactic, a snapchat was a Big craze for a while – and it disappeared this that the other has shown up and disappeared.

I even got my start on myspace back in the day and that has completely disappeared, but my wife and I have been able to generate tens of millions of visits because we’ve focused in on these strategies.

These long-term strategies, the lack of follow-through, is big for most people to drive massive amounts of traffic. It literally takes years to create. Now you can start to see results in a few months.

You can start getting good momentum after six months to a year, but ultimately to start driving massive amounts of traffic. It definitely takes years and you have to stick with one plan for several years to really maximize the results of your efforts constantly changing course.

Buying new shortcut systems from fake gurus, going on there, they’re hyper hyped up webinars teaching. The new traffic strategy that must have is the fastest way to destroy your long-term results. So this is what we’re gonna solve.

Here. We’re gonna get. You focused. We’re gonna move forward on your personal plan of action. Now before we get into driving traffic, you got ta. Ask yourself some very honest questions here. Does your niche need to hear your unique story? Do you truly have expertise? Can you actually help people like is so important? Traffic is not a hack right.

This is not something you’re, just trying to game the system to figure out how to get clicks. Traffic is given to those who deserve it, and you know you deserve it. When you have a story, when you have a solution, when you have a process that you’ve, created and perfected, and not only for yourself but for others – and you’re sharing that with the world then have you already created epic Content, have you done your 90 day challenge yet right, then the final question is: do you deserve to be on page 1 of Google? Is your content that good are your stories that good now we all start at zero and we get better and better.

My first videos we’re, not very good, and I think that’s, a polite way of saying it, but now a couple years into the process, my videos are coming out really really well done. My quality is up. My content is up.

Everything is up. On the flip side, my wife’s blogging when she started back in 2009, her blog posts, weren’t all that great they were good. They weren’t great. Today. She puts out amazing posts, some of which are 9 10, 12 thousand word posts that are by far the most comprehensive and valuable posts on that topic.

These kinds of posts are: what deserve traffic so going through the 90 day challenge getting your content machine flexing that content muscle over and over is key, because your first posts are not gonna, be as good as your hundredth post and your hundredth post is not Gon na be as good as your 500 posts and that’s.

The path you’re on here, so let’s, talk about where organic traffic comes from. So really there’s. Three main areas: it’ll, come from the search engines, it’ll, come from social media and I’ve kind of bundled social bookmarking in there with social media personally and then it comes from recommendations from actual people.

Sharing your information, whether it’s through an email, it’s, a shout out in a podcast, etc, that’s, ultimately the three main ways or places the organic traffic comes from now before we dig into the nuts and Bolts and the tactics we have to put a very strong divide between the two types of content that you’re gonna end up publishing there’s, the money posts and there’s.

The link bait posts also called shareable posts or share bate posts. Money are those posts on your website that are reviewing a specific problem product as an affiliate, their sales pages for your actual products for your memberships, for your services, etc.

They’re. Your opt-in pages that try to trigger someone to take a specific action, essentially money posts, are those posts that will drive value to you and your by moving the numbers in your KPIs or your key performance indicators.

How many leads? Are you growing how many customers are you going, how many click throughs to your affiliate products? Are you getting, etc? Then the other ones are link baked posts, and here’s, the kicker? No one wants to link or share your promotional content.

If you’ve, put out content that is specifically designed to sell a product to make you money, don’t expect other people to want to promote that piece of content. For you, that’s where link bait posts come in.

These are the types of posts that are designed to attract links because they’re shareable. They’re, extremely valuable pieces of content. There’s. All kinds of different types of link bait posts that we’re gonna talk about in this series.

But you need to realize that when you create very, very valuable and shareable content with no calls to action or minimal calls to action, you can have your blog pop-up. There can be indexed small calls to action, but the ultimate goal of that piece is to truly be the most helpful and most valuable piece on that specific topic: that’s, the kind of content that gets shared, so people like to share extremely valuable Content with their audience, it makes them feel like a social enabler.

We get social credit in this day and age when you’re. The first person to share a great post on your Twitter feed or on your Facebook, or you share some new marketing person that you’re following because they’re great and they don’t pitch all the time.

That’s, how my channel has grown, because my content was safe for people to share, because I didn’t pitch things or plug things, every single video, so you can pitch things and you’re gonna create a Balance between money posts and linkbait posts, but you got to realize that there is a distinct difference between the two and you’re gonna need to treat them separately, so the link, bait or shareable posts are designed to attract visitors from other peoples.

Audiences, when they’re shared right. So this is some that someone might find on a search engine. They’ve got a big Twitter following they read it. They’re, like wow, that post was mind-blowing and they actually share it on Twitter with all of their followers, because it was that good.

This will get you reached to their audience, and if people quote you in their blogs right, if they actually link to you from their blogs, it’s. Gon na give you those natural that you need to boost your site’s Authority.

It’s. Gon na give you more votes in the eyes of the search engines. Essentially, a backlink is equal to a vote. So all of your SEO, optimized posts will begin to rank better as you attract more links.

The cool part here is that when you have the kind of money posts focus on specific keywords, like best blender review for 2019, you’re, not gon. Na get shareable links to that. You’re, not gonna get that shared by other people.

But when all of your other helpful link bait posts get more links, it actually increases the domain Authority of your entire site, which means your blender post is going to rank better, even though it did not directly get those backlinks.

Also, all your pop-ups and your internal links will move around the visitors to your funnels and also the search engines to your other content, so it’s. The whole rising tide floats all boats approach, that’s, how it works.

Your money posts are SEO optimized product reviews. They’re, your opt-in pages, your sales pages. They rarely attract links on their own because their promotional in nature, but there’s, something you can link out to from within other pieces of content or in your videos, etc.

They receive the authority benefits from your links to your other posts and they will rank well in search engines and they will generate income for you and they’ll rank better. If you get more links and more shares back to your link bait posts and that’s, ultimately, what we’re, putting together here through this video, now there’s.

Three core traffic strategies that you’re gonna learn in this training in the future. Videos number one is the pay it forward strategy. Number two: is the outwork outreach outrank strategy? Number three is a social syndicate strategy.

Now you might go all in on one of these or you might create a unique blend of these. That fits your personality that fits the amount of time that you have. It really just fits your style, and then you’re gonna be able to move forward.

Personally, I lean more towards the pay it forward strategy and always have my wife on the other side is much more into the social syndicate strategy and a little bit of that outwork outreach outrank strategy, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, But we want to focus you down to one specific plan and that’s, exactly what we’re gonna do so.

The next three videos are gonna cover. Each video is gonna be on one of these specific strategies and it will all tie it together in the conclusion, video and ultimately, next up, we’ve got the pay it forward strategy.

I’m, so excited to finally share all of this information for you. This really is the make-or-break for your to drive massive amounts of traffic. I look forward to connecting with you on the next video welcome to part one to pay.

It forward strategy for a long time whenever I was asked about building backlinks or how do you drive traffic? I always replied with just keep putting out great content. Everything else will take care of itself, the backlinks will appear and it wasn’t until I really really decided and committed to creating this training.

For you that I realized that I was actually doing more. There was something there was a method I was implementing slowly and steadily. That was creating the backlinks and it wasn’t a hundred percent passive.

That’s, exactly what you’re gonna learn here today, and I’m super excited to share this with you. Ultimately, the pay it forward strategy is where you focus on building relationships with the influencers in your space.

You want to go build relationships with the people who already have the attention of your audience is another way of saying that you effectively give them value, give them shoutouts, testimonials, compliments and you ultimately give them an opportunity to reciprocate.

One of the keys here is that relationship building takes time, whether it’s in person, whether it’s online, it doesn’t matter. It takes time and honestly, it takes a lot of time. We’re. Talking years at this point, I’ve, forged many relationships that are coming to fruition right now at this point in my business, but I met those people two three four years ago we had our first conversation a couple of years ago, and this is Just the way the world works, so you need to be willing to be patient, but at the same time you need to be very, very active in forging these relationships.

You are going to get ignored and denied on this path, and I say here: unless you’re awesome, you know the more you stand out. The better your story is the more value you give the more attention you have the opportunity to receive, but ultimately a lot of these influencers are extremely busy and they’re, absolutely bombarded with messages of people asking them for things.

So don’t, be creepy and don’t start by asking for anything you don’t want to blow people up you don’t want to go crazy in the din, the direct messaging and you don’t want to ask for anything because that’s, what they get too much of already you want to stand out.

You want to be awesome, and you’re, going to learn exactly how to do that here today. So step one: let’s, talk about building the relationships with the influencers. As I stated you want to start by focusing in on who has the attention of your audience already, then you want to go find.

What platforms are they most active on, if their blog is that really where all their attention goes? Is that their YouTube channel? Are they on social media? Are they on Twitter or Instagram find where they are and then follow them and begin to engage with them? Often too slowly start to stand out.

Remember that admiration, flattery and respect are really really difficult to ignore. When you’re effectively kind of stroking someone else’s, ego, it’s, really easy for them to get caught up in that, and we’re kind of leveraging this a little bit.

Now you don’t want to be over the top or be weird with this by any means right. Remember the don’t be creepy rule we talked about, but that is the kind of core essence of this first step in getting noticed.

So how do you get noticed by influencers? Well, there’s. Social media engagement right literally participating in those social media conversations that are going on blog, commenting right, engaging in their content that they’re publishing through their blog.

That also relates to YouTube commenting. You can send thank-you emails to them. You can reply to their marketing emails and you can share your story and you can give them some specific examples. I’ve got very specific examples of the types of thank you emails you can send and then, ultimately you can to live.

Niche-Specific events there’s, nothing that is going to move a relationship forward more than shaking hands with someone then going out for a cup of coffee with them going out for a meal with them, and these types of experiences are able to happen more Frequently at industry, specific or niche specific events for about four years, I non-stop was going to events all over the world.

In my space, from Australia to Europe, to South America, to Asia, to North America, literally, I’ve, been to dozens and dozens and dozens of events, and I ‘ Ve met some really cool people who now I go four-wheeling with they come over to my house.

They jump on my channel. We go meet up in Venice to go to around parts of Venice with other people right. So so these types of relationships have happened by my willingness to get out of my comfort zone out from behind my computer and actually go meet the individuals at these events.

So let’s. Talk about social media engagement, let’s. Let’s, dig down into this specific method. First, you really need to give give. Give you want to be the one posting shout outs with app mentions to them.

You want to be the one paying it forward. Remember that’s. The whole name of the strategy here we’re playing with a law of reciprocation. Here you want to reply to comments and add to the conversation so, for example, if they are publishing a link on Twitter to their new and you see it early, you click you read it you go through it and then you retweet that, with your Comments about what you got from that or the value you got from that aura.

You must read this new post. They will notice when you become an active sharer of their content right. This is how you stand out and then also replying in the comments and just generally adding to that conversation, not just retweeting, but adding to the conversation is really ultimately key, sharing their content as content, publishers and content producers.

We all love it when people share our content, it’s, not only an opportunity for us to get more reach, which we all love, but it’s also just feels good. It makes us as content creators feel like ok that post.

I poured my heart and soul into for 4 days and 12 hours writing one . That was pretty good. It was good enough to get shared and it really makes them feel good. You can direct mess them with your appreciation.

I wouldn’t overuse this and I would not expect a reply, because so many of these influencers are so overwhelmed with the number of direct messages and some of the crazy-ass requests that they get in their direct messages.

So don’t expect to reply there. Don’t expect to reply to any of this. You’re doing this out of goodwill, and if you do this enough times over with enough influencers, you will begin to stand out. You’ll, get on their radar.

You’ll, get kind of the thank you comments, and that is the beginning of relationship building. So here’s, some examples of social engagement, Cheryl Richardson, is a she’s. A well-known writer and author, she’s, an author for New York Times bestselling author on Hay House.

Publishing she’s, got 99 thousand friends right and just a little simple, happy birthday type comment is what ultimately got the kind of retweet here in this situation, so it can be personal life type things here’s, a Facebook post from Neil Patel and he ‘

S obviously got a video on Facebook watch and then Marcus kind of shared with specifically tagged an individual saying, hey. You should follow this guy for marketing. He’s great and there Neil Patel pops up and says: hey thanks for sharing.

Is this Neil himself? Is this his team? We don’t actually know in the situation, but it’s literally, you’re playing the game, the law of large numbers – and this works at the pro level too. So this is Jim, quick and Jim quick.

He’s, an author and he’s, one of the the number one most well-known individuals on really how to kind of increase your brain. He’s, got speed, reading courses and really he’s kind of a brain geek. If you will two hundred and eleven thousand followers about a thousand following, so he’s got a great ratio of followers to following right.

He really actually is an authority, and if you noticed in the comments of this one post, him and Frank Kern get into a little bit of banter and Frank Kern says now: I want to start making posts with Jim quick in them.

I think I’ll. Do that right now and Jim click says: hey Frank Kern! I’m, a fanboy for your copy, so I’m, going to be screenshotting and reposting. All of those wise words and what I’m, showing you here, is that even at the pro level, two absolute beasts in their field right in the marketing field and the speed reading and learning field.

These two guys they’re. Just having a little bit of banter and literally they’re building their relationship in the comments of an Instagram post. So this is where our world, today, whether you like it or not, this is where relationships grow in our world today.

Instagram is really unique right now. I’m, recording this in late November of 2018, so my wife and I just last last month, I would say we had lunch here in Arizona with a couple of youtubers from out of state they drove through.

They were coming through. They got in touch with my wife through Instagram combined. They have about six hundred thousand subscribers, and we all just got together, went out to lunch. Did some four-wheeling did some hiking together really got to know them? That relationship literally began through Instagram? I can count, you know at least a half dozen or more times when these kinds of little encounters the coffee encounters the hikes that they’re.

Getting know people deeper happened because of what started with literally Harding liking, commenting on and then ultimately direct messaging through social media accounts and networks. So this is. This is the way the world’s working now let’s.

Talk about blog comments, I wan na give you some basics on blog comments to me. This is second nature, but I just want to make sure you know, because I get so many comments of people doing it so wrong, and if you do this wrong, it’s.

Gon na make you look bad, so I just want to avoid that. So we’re gonna go into this a moment here, so you want to lead with their name and a compliment. This is one of the quick ways for you to a trigger that kind of ego.

Stroke motion that that quick moment of playing into that that appreciation that compliment it’s difficult to ignore a compliment so start there. It’ll, get their attention. Make it clear, through your comment, that you’ve, actually read the post there’s, nothing worse than getting spambot type comments.

We can all. We all know that there’s, a spam bots that go out and a mass comment, and it does nothing for the brand. It does nothing for the individual. You want to stand out and be a real individual, and I’ll say make sure you’ve got your Gravatar set up, make sure your headshot shows up on that share the action that you’re gonna.

Take right so not only did you read the post, but now you’re gonna implement something or the benefit that you receive from that, keep it short and sweet and again don’t ask for anything. So let’s. Look at a great example, so this is judi here and judy said on one of my blog posts, great tips you have here miles.

No one can doubt the value of email and lead generation, and then she just went on boom. Baboom and ends it with great article, keep posting she’s, got a super clear headshot that’s, a great professional level headshot.

I can see her name like this. Is a micro touch point with her like? I now recognize her. Do I recognize her in my youtube comments as well? Do I see her on other posts like? Where does this relationship go from here? I don’t ultimately know, but this is a well-done, , blog comment that got my attention and I replied and said thanks Judy.

I appreciate the kind words a micro engagement, but these micro engagements are ultimately where relationship starts in the real world. We say hi to someone hey, oh hi, right – that’s literally the moment of how relationships start.

This is just one of those digital versions, so here’s, a blog comment, set example that leverages rapport, but you’ll notice. The first thing I want you to notice is Blair is missing a headshot right and not such a missed opportunity.

Now this is Todd brown Todd Brown is a big-time funnels guy, he’s, got some really expensive, in-person workshops. I mean everything this dude does is really really expensive and he’s known for turning out funnels and turning him into million dollar funnels.

So Blair said I’m. A senior copywriter at Agora and Porter Stansberry tried to make the same point to me many years ago. Now, if you know about copywriting, you know that Agora is one of the largest direct-response publishing companies on earth and porter stansberry is, I believe, the guy who started Agora or is one of the heads of Agora, so instantly Blair Morris is using this person and this Company that they both know very well and they’re both in Florida, agura’s in Florida and table Ravin lives in Florida as well.

So that’s. The connection point right. They built rapport at that point, then such an important and often overlooked point. He even says rereading that. Helped me restructure a headline, so he’s. Talking about the action he took because of reading the content, that’s.

What coffee? That’s. What bloggers want to know is that you’re, not just reading my content, but you’re. You’re. You’re. Taking action like, I love the comments on YouTube when people are like hey miles, I followed your DIY sales funnel video series and I actually built something and it’s.

Getting leads, and I made my first sale like that makes me feel so good. It’s out of control and you’ll, see Todd. Brown took the time. Save cool Blaire thanks for sharing. So here’s, a bad comment and I’ve.

I’ve, put a box over their face in their name. This was on mine and literally line one. Would you consider coaching and mentoring me if we got a good connection over Skype, so think about this? The first thing they literally lead in with an ask.

I have no idea who this person is. I’ve, never heard of them. I’ve, never connected with them before and instantly they’re. Asking me for something now. This is a quick way for me to put up my defenses and the the kind of barrier for them is.

If we get a good connection over Skype, not not can I do something for you at all literally like if we can get a good connection over Skype, which would be insane if two humans on our earth today can’t get a good connection Over Skype and then let me tell you a bit about what I want to do.

I’m trained as Boone and it went on, and this comment went on so much longer than this now I want you to really quick notice. How many times this individual says me, or I in the first few paragraphs, so I’ve, got coaching a mentoring me.

If we, let me tell you about me about what I want to do. I am trained. I am I am like this is all about them. All they’re thinking about is them, and this is the proof when I ‘ Ve said before you probably heard me say: every human is tuned into wi.

I FM. This is all this individual can think about. Is what’s in it, for them, what’s in it, for them, what’s in it for them, and they just vomited their wifm all over my blog comments area. This is getting a negative response from me, like this person is literally like this was trashed immediately.

It was removed. It was like there’s no way so don’t. Do this right? Don’t ask for things right out of the gate. Don’t. Put these long, arduous state like be short, be sweet, be in the out. Let them know what you got, the value you got and what you’re gonna, do with it and then grow to be a testimonial for them.

Let’s. Talk about! Thank you, emails for a minute. You know I’m, a proponent of sending out emails every single day I receive. I would assume between five and eight reply. Emails every single day, my wife’s List, which is one hundred fifty thousand subscribers or something when she sends out emails.

She can receive literally hundreds of thank-you messages at this point in time. So I notice when I get those replies personally, my wife, doesn’t. We have it team in place. We have our virtual assistant, who kind of filters out those looking for the replies that say hey I bought something I can’t access.

It so so know that when you’re putting these out that you might not get a reply back, because these people might be incredibly busy and they might have filters or gatekeepers, but they might not, and it’s.

Just a good practice because it’s, quick and easy to do so. You can share your appreciation for their excellent content. You can send your personal case studies or testimonials for their methodologies for their courses, for you implementing what they teach all of us content marketers want to collect testimonials.

So when you become a testimonial that’s, a quick way into the heart of a content creator, so here’s, an example of becoming a testimonial. This is a blog comment on a very, very popular SEO blog and I was able to get a backlink so down by my headshot in the bottom right corner the lower one where it says miles back there and it’s underlined.

That is a link back to my website from me. Sending him this as an email, and I sent this as an email. He sent an email, just a marketing email, and I replied with this kind of story about how my wife and I run a niche site.

We’ve, been stuck at a plateau. I found and followed his SEO and blogging tutorials. Now we’re up to 800,000 were looking for a million a year. Now this dude’s. British. I want you to look at the last two lines, so I say thanks mate right, I’m trying to meet him.

He’s a Brit, so I’m trying to meet him there, and I even said – and here’s, a screenshot with year-over-year numbers to prove I’m, not just taking a piss here, which is a Very British phase of me saying I’m, not pulling your leg, and I gave him an actual screenshot.

He took what was in that email and he added it to his testimonials page with a backlink. For me this was a huge backlink. I didn’t. Do it expecting to get a backlink? I wasn’t my goal. I was literally saying thanks to this guy, who was being super helpful and had taught me a few strategies that actually really helped me grow.

So this is what I’m, saying I didn’t know this was gonna happen. I didn’t exactly do it for the backlink, but it turned out to become a backlink for me, which I love and it’s actually helped my site a bunch.

So this is what the result from habituating that process can create. Over enough time, so then be a now here’s, an email example. This is, I believe, I actually filled out a web form. To be honest, so I don’t think this was an email that’s.

Why it says miles back through up top, and how can we help you? That was the the question, so I said, and it started with massive. Thank you all caps in the smiley face. I said I was an original member of LFP, which is a course that he ran and it really helped me kick my business and website up to the next level and then I I kind of talked more about it, and I said: okay, your new product came Out and I jumped on it those scripts that you gave so I went straight into the content he gave in that course that I bought.

It was a 1500 course or 2000, or course the scripts took time and a serious amount of work, but we finally launched and boom next level again over thirty five thousand dollars for my first two mailings in two weeks, over 8500 in monthly cash flow plus the 20, grand that will rebuild next year.

I gave him specifics when people published testimonials like when I go to publish a testimonial. I want specific. I want hard facts I want to know. You went from 100 visitors a month to 10,000 365 visitors per month.

The more specific in the testimonial, the better, which is why I actually added in those specifics, then I said it now: it’s time to lay on the the pay-per-click thick huge thanks, high-fives and hugs, even if your support rep reading this just be Sure to pass along the love this is actually to Mike Dillard, and I said if you read this Mike cheers the next five years and I commented he was building a prototype for a food growing system that was this invention.

He was working on he and I just said I look forward to your organic food growing system and I continue to be inspired by your awesomeness. So I’m building rapport and let him know that I’m an insider.

I know all those little things he does. I was on his old course. The lfpp I know about his new thing, cheers from Costa Rica. You know what happened. He actually included that in his webinar and this webinar is being they run.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of ads to this webinar this webinar is still being used. Today. I wrote that over two and a half years ago – literally, I think it was almost three years ago. At this point I wrote that, and I have received more brand value and more traffic, so this is an actual screenshot.

You can see it’s on mike dillard comm. This is the webinar for his course. I don’t, actually recommend the course personally, but he talks about he shared that letter. He shares this head shot or this picture of Melanie.

I literally took this straight out of it. He shared the screenshot because he asked for actual screenshots to prove that I had done the numbers that I said I had done and he calls me out by name saying how great it was, and he talks about the fact that we’re in Costa Rica and he’s a little bit jealous of that people go and search for me after seeing him talk about me on the webinar.

Does that make sense? So I didn’t, get a backlink from this by any way shape or form, but he has introduced his entire audience and most of his audience are cold market people who are interested in exactly what I teach now and they when they watch this.

They hear me they opened a new tab, they go to Google and they type in miles Beckler, and I have filled the first two pages of Google. With my blog, my youtube all the content. I want my it’s, pretty curated right.

So these are the other types of benefits you can get it’s, not always a backlink. This doesn’t help my website per se other than getting the name out and the brand out, but it has helped me massively in brand value.

By associating my brand with his brand and this dude’s made fifty million dollars online. He’s, got a list of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again I didn’t know this was gonna happen.

I was just a student who was ambitious. I did well with it. It worked. I wanted to let him know it worked, so I took the time to share my story with him and that story got shared. Another way for you to move forward is to have a powerful mission, and you probably know that I’m.

I’m, pretty harsh on the fake gurus right. I rag on the fake gurus a lot and that’s, a part of my mission being the most helpful internet marketer in the world. A part of my mission is calling out all the BS that’s, floated around and calling out all those overpriced overhyped courses that don’t actually deliver the goods.

So here’s, an email I received – and this is Erin – and this is actually the assistant of Ken, avoid and can avoid. He’s got about 40,000 customers. He has been teaching internet marketing. Since I don’t know the early 2000s or something so about twenty fifteen to twenty years now.

This dude is a legend and I mean like an old-school legend. Now I’m gonna go down to the middle paragraph that one-liner. It says after looking over your videos, podcasts and content. Well, you really struck a chord with Ken and with our marketing team.

So this this email went to asking. If I would be willing to get on the phone for conversation with Ken which I did this past summer, we ended up talking on skype for literally four hours straight. He’s out on a Caribbean island.

I’m now, trying to figure out how I can get to that it’s, a pretty small island right. The relationship is growing. We went from me putting out my videos being on a mission to just share what I think is the right way to grow a business.

This dude, who is a legend in the internet, marketing space, found it. We got on the phone now I’m already, trying to figure out how am I gonna get to the island? He’s on to do like a video interview with him and a meet him in person.

I don’t know where this is going. I’m, not necessarily looking to cash. In on this. I’m just taking the next steps to growing that relationship, so that’s, a really cool example. You know here’s, a bad example so miles Bechtler and blank opportunity.

I probably received 10 of these a week and they’re, all absolutely horrible, and essentially is people trying to get me to do something for them. I don’t know who these people are. I don’t know what they’re.

Promoting. They clearly want me to promote whatever it is they created or whatever it is. They’re selling and I have a very, very quick short response. That says absolutely not take me off your mailing list, because they haven’t taken any time to really help.

So the first line is, you know, I love what you’re doing. It gives value for an entrepreneur and then instantly line to first paragraph. I feel there is an excellent potential for us to build a long, lasting partnership.

That is code word for miles. I want you to do stuff for me. I want you to go, do stuff for me, so my name is blank and I’m the founder of blank, a tool with blah blah blah. Then they go into their pitch and then they give me the link expecting me to link and then the lower paragraph.

I’m reaching out to see if you’d, be interested in working on us by giving us by giving us special access tool to your viewers and, right literally, this is just somebody. They’ve, taken zero time to build a relationship.

I have no clue who they are. There is absolutely no rapport. They ‘ Ve done nothing for me, so I don’t feel like I should or need to or whatever you can consider reciprocating. But yet they want something from me.

So let’s, go to a deeper email and I’m telling you I get crazy requests and every single marketer and influencer gets similar types of crazy requests. So this is a reply to one of my marketing emails.

I just added new podcasts on entrepreneurs in motion right, so I’m. Promoting up Podcast is the email he replied to so now hello miles. This may not be your deal but think about it. My name is blank and I’m.

Looking for funding, I have a property under contract for 50,000, the rehab cost is gonna, be a hundred nine thousand. It’s, a credit worthy buyer. The realty office is holding a 10k deposit. The sale price is $ 280,000.

Does your company provide a 2 B, 2 C funding? Let me know this: dude is lewder. I have no idea who this guy is. I never heard of him before I ‘ Ve, never seen him in a comment. Nothing – and he literally, is asking me if he could borrow money straight up for a real estate deal like.

Are you a Hardman? Are you willing to give me money like I’m up King Bank like holy moly, so I use this one because I wanted to give you an extreme example. When I say people are like man, the things they ask for are absolutely crazy.

This is the best example I could find of that of how fart like it’s, nothing to do with internet marketing. It’s, not even me, promoting a software or his funnel tool, or whatever all these other people are trying to give me to do.

This dude literally, wants me to just write him a check for some theoretical real estate. That might not even be real right, so this is what we are dealing with and I feel like I’ve, given you some really good examples of be the testimonial, be that individual, who’s? Who’s thankful and grateful? And taking action and just sending out those short comments to say thanks don’t be the individual who’s, asking for things who’s needy? Who’s, kind of forgetting that reciprocation comes from giving first? So let’s.

Recap this real, quick, so step, one which is just get on the radar right. We’re, not done with this whole course like. For with this whole video. This is just step one so getting on the radar of the influencers in your niche is key.

You want to engage socially engage with their emails, become a testimonial there’s literally nothing. You can do better than to become a testimonial of the influencers in your space and remember relationship building takes time.

Give value. First. Do this across a large number of individuals and be really detached from the outcome and keep moving forward and that’s? How things like popping up on that? One webinar worked out for me that’s.

How a lot of these little things that have worked really well for me. It’s. Just the fact that I’ve been sending out those kinds of email for eight years. I’ve, been hustling on this stuff. For years and years and years, and eventually all of the astrological alignments aligned and magic happened, funny thing is I didn’t even know.

I was on that webinar he didn’t. Tell me I learned from people in my audience who were like hey, I found you a Mike Dillard’s webinar with those types of comments coming up on YouTube, so really really interesting.

There, okay, so step two give value to them right. So now that you’ve connected with them, you found them. You’ve started micro, engage with them. You’re, starting to pop up on the radar. Now you give value to them, you want to help them fix any issues you find right or help them improve, improve their marketing.

I’ll. Talk specifics about that here in a second, you want to include them in round up posts and there’s, a couple of types of round up posts. This is at the social level we’re. Talking about I ‘

Ll talk about a different type of level of round of posts in the future. So an example of that is they. You know the 17 best astrologers. You must follow for 2019. You know and again it’s. It’s. Late November 2018, when I’m recording this, so that would be a perfect post to go, collect all of the best astrologers and it could be on Instagram right, so the 17 best astrologers on Instagram.

You must follow for 2019. You can also share your audience by interviewing them. This is Big Time. Reciprocation move you’re, giving access to your vet to your audience. First, that really pushes that law of reciprocation out in the right direction.

Then you can make them money right, become a top affiliate of theirs and they’re gonna fall in love with you. They will know who you are. I’ve run affiliate programs. I grew an affiliate program for a third-party company to over a quarter million dollars per year from scratch.

I knew who those top five affiliates are in the world of affiliate marketing. Generally speaking, 95 plus percent of affiliates will do nothing and five percent of affiliates will do like 98 plus percent of your revenue.

So it’s, really easy for the affiliate managers and the product creators to actually know who they are. So let’s dig deeper into this help them fix issues or improve. So I ‘ Ve already stated that you’re.

You’re following their emails. You’re reading the content they write. You’re following what they share on their social media. You’re looking around at all of the things that they’re doing because you’re, a real person and you’re engaging.

So you notice anything broken. Are there any layout issues? Is it not loading correctly on your phone? Are you finding broken links? Are you finding misspellings send them messages be helpful if you can get super specific right, if you found a broken link in paragraph four on a specific URL, send them the specific URL the broken like give them all of the items, so they could either a send That over to their developer, if they have one or be within about three clicks, they can be right to that point.

It’s very, very clear where that problem is and they can go fix the problem immediately. You will stand out in that situation. Sometimes sending them an email works, sometimes a direct message on a social media platform will work.

Sometimes you got to do both so then you can ask. Do you have a skill that you can donate if you do create for them like? If you & # 39? Re, a graphics designer and there’s, somebody, your graphics designer and you’re working on a niche site in the in the drone space right and you you see this one guy who posts about his drone stuff or he’s got a blog and he’s like the best drone blog in the world, but his featured images are just horrible, go, create a batch of featured images, spend a few hours and create a bunch of really really cool featured images, or maybe Even better create him one or two great featured image templates or if there’s, a youtuber who you follow, who’s great and they’re.

Just in your niche in your world. They give the best value in the world, but their thumbnails are really really bad and you have graphic skills, go create the thumbnails don’t. Ask just do it if you ask them hey, I was thinking about making this for you.

They’re gonna think you want something they’re gonna think, like okay yeah, you say that you want that, but you actually like they’re gonna think. You have an ulterior motive because, as you saw with those bad email examples before a lot of people do have ulterior motives, so literally do the work and send them the work product.

Now this only works. If you’re in very specific situations, but it’s, one of those ways for you to ultimately stand out the content. Guy Josh. What’s up man like who helps me out with my content, literally popped into my reality and was like I will do work for you for free.

I literally think he was like. I will work for you for free for four weeks.

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