Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Boost Traffic in Your Poshmark Closet | More Traffic = More Sales

How to Boost Traffic in Your Poshmark Closet | More Traffic = More Sales

[ Music ] in today’s. Video we’re, going to be talking about get more people into your closet, thus creating a bigger opportunity for you to get more sales. If you want to learn more stay tuned.

Well, nobody of who the way they should well nobody check up on. You make sure you’re good. Well, nobody check those bodies, volume neck; oh yeah, hey everyone! My name is Becky Park and I am a part-time reseller on and Macari today.

I have an exciting video for you on seven different ways to boost traffic in your closet. Why is it important to boost traffic in your closet? How are you gonna make any sales if there’s, no traffic in your Poshmark closet? So in today’s.

Video! We’re gonna talk about just that. How do you get more people to visit your Poshmark closet before we get into our tips? I wanted to do a quick shout out, and that is to my friend, Seattle Gracie, on Instagram.

I am wearing earrings that she gifted me with a purchase that I got from her. She was having this sale not too long ago, so I wanted to make sure that I highlighted these, because I thought that these were so pretty and so delicate and she made these by the way that’s.

Why? I am pointing those out anyway without further ado. Let’s, get into the tips. The first way that you can is by listing items. Yes, we have to do it now. If you’re.

Anything like me, you, don’t like listing I hate listing, I hate listed fashion, but even I recognize the fact that when I list and when I list a good number of items in a day, I get so many likes, not even necessarily on The items that I just listed, but in my closet in general and what that’s telling me is that when I list items I am attracting not just random people to my closet, but people that want to buy stuff.

Because not only do I get a lot of likes when I list a lot of items, I get a good number of offers when I list in my closet, good things happen and those who list consistently consistently make sales.

The second thing that you can do is maybe even more annoying to me. Yeah then listing, and that is realistic. If you don’t know what relisting is. I’m, going to direct you to this video here and it is my what sold video in the first week of April, and I do talk about what read listing is at length.

But in essence, re listing is when you delete an old listing that’s been sitting around in your closet for a while, and you recreate that listing some people do this by taking new pictures or editing their description and whatnot.

You can also do it in a super easy way by just taking screenshots of your existing pictures and copying and pasting. The description that you have relisting makes Poshmark think that you are putting in brand new listings, which in essence you are.

I mean it. You’ve created a brand new listing. It just happens to be for something that you already had in your closet. Relisting kind of has the same effect that listing new items does, and that is it.

Pushes you up on the Poshmark algorithm and helps new eyes, see your items in your closet. The next thing that you should do to boost traffic in your Poshmark closet is share. Your closet, sharing your closet is pretty straightforward, but essentially what you’re going to do.

Is you’re, going to go to your closet? You’re gonna press. This little share button and it’s. Gon na ask you if you want to share the item to your followers or if there’s, a party going on at the time.

If you want to share that item to the party, there are a lot of different schools of thoughts when it comes to parties from my understanding and if you think I’m wrong, go ahead and comment in the comment section down below.

But it is my understanding that when you share an item to the party that’s going on at the time, the first item will share to that party. Anything else that you share to the party after that. First item does not get shared to the party; it gets shared out to your followers.

This is what I’ve heard from a lot of different sources. However, who actually knows if it’s? True? What I do know is that you cannot keep sharing the same item over and over again to the same party, so don’t try to do that now.

You might be asking what is more worthwhile sharing an item to my followers or to my party I don’t know I don’t know what the answer is for you. I will say the feed-in parties goes by so fast. So the chances of somebody actually seeing or the singing in a party, in my opinion, are pretty slim.

So if you are counting on your sharing in a party to get you a lot of attention and a lot of traction, I don’t know that that’s. Gon na do it. I do think that sharing in a party helps you get new followers and things like that.

But I don’t know that it’s, necessarily the best tool to make sales. In fact, when pushers are asked about how they shop on Poshmark, it’s, a small percentage of people who say that they actually shop from the party feeds.

So I don’t know that a lot of people are going into the parties to shop. Necessarily, however, a lot of people do share from the parties. So the chances of your item that you share to the party being shared out to other people on Poshmark there’s, a good chance of that.

So, whether you share to your followers or to the party going on at that time, it doesn’t, really make a difference as long as you’re sharing your closet. I will say this about parties. However, the parties are strategically planned at times when people are most active on Poshmark.

So, even if you’re, not sharing. All of your listings to the parties which I don’t know that I would recommend anyway, if you’re sharing at the time that there’s, a party going on you’re, probably sharing your closet At a time when there are a lot of people on Poshmark, thus more people will stumble across the items that you are sharing every time.

I share my closet by the time I’m done. I have at least 50 notifications of people that have liked items or shared out my items or of new followers and all of those things show a boost in traffic. In my posh, my closet, the next thing that I would do and by the way, if you couldn’t tell I’m going in order of what I believe is most effective, maybe not as effective but still has an effect on Increasing traffic to your posh Mart closet.

The next thing you can do to bring more traffic to your Poshmark closet is to edit existing listings. This is different from relisting items. This is where you’re just going in and making a few small adjustments.

Maybe you’re switching out what’s, the cover picture? Maybe you’re, changing the title around a little bit to your listing, because you realize you misspelled something or you realize that you could actually use this key word that might attract more people.

You could change the description and add different information in there by even going in and tweaking your listings little bit. That will draw some more traffic to your closet as well, because Poshmark will realize that you’re going in and putting some work into.

Your existing listings to maximize them and help more people see them, and you’ll, be rewarded by more traffic being sent your way, I’m, taking a waffle break. I go chocolate. Chip waffles, so good. My fifth tip would be to share from other people’s closets.

This can look a lot of different ways, so I’m, going to break it down for you a little bit. First, I like to share from my own notifications, so I’ll. Go through my notifications. I’ll, especially try to give special attention to people who have shared a lot of my items, and I have some amazing PFF switch scenes for Pasha.

What is the second, I’ve seen floor, posh friends forever, posh friends forever. I have some amazing posh friends forever who come in and they will share like my entire closet. It feels like, and of course I will go back and reciprocate and try to share back as many of their items as I can as well.

So I try to prioritize from within my notifications, people who have been sharing from my closet and a lot of items from my closet, because I know that these are the type of people that will share and more often than not when I do go back and Share from their closets, they come back to mine again and share more items, so it’s win-win for everyone.

The next place I like to share from is from my feed, and the reason for that is because, if people are sharing items on the feed at that moment, they’re active on the app at that moment along those same lines, another great place To share from is from whatever party is happening at that time if there happens to be a party going on at that moment again.

The reason for that is because, if an item shows up in a party it’s because somebody just shared it. So if you are able to share from the feed right then – and there chances are, that person is on the app at that moment, they’ll, see that you shared an item of theirs and they will come back to your closet, hopefully reciprocate, and In doing so, maybe they’ll, see something in your closet that they like and send you an offer, regardless.

That is increased traffic in your closet, because even if they’re not shopping around in your closet. The fact that they’re sharing your item out that their followers are now seeing it as well, and a lot of those people might be fresh eyes.

That would not have seen your item. Otherwise, the next thing that I would do to boost traffic in your Poshmark closet is to follow a lot of people. I don’t. Do this as often and that’s, why it’s, pretty low on my list of things to do to boost traffic, but every once in a while.

I will just kind of go on following sprees, where I will just follow. As many people as I can for 10 to 15 minutes – and actually I have a post on my Instagram and if you’re, not following me there. Yet my Instagram handle is at , but I have a post from a few weeks ago, where I just tried a little experiment and for 10-15 minutes I think I set the timer for 15 minutes.

I followed as many people as I could. I followed fresh closet. I followed followers of an existing friend of mine on Poshmark. I just went to her Poshmark closet, clicked on the people that were following her and followed every one that I wasn’t following at the time I followed as many people as I could, using those two tactics again fresh closets and then followers of Another Poshmark friend of mine and after 15 minutes I had I forget the exact number it was like over a hundred notifications.

While I don’t think that following people has the biggest impact on increasing the amount of traffic in your Poshmark closet, it definitely won’t hurt and I especially think that it’s helpful to follow fresh closets or People who have just joined hash Mart because they’re, not getting as many follows, and so they’re, more inclined to follow you, because that’s, an exciting thing that just happened there’s.

This random person that followed them in Poshmark, and so they’ll, probably visit your closet to see who you are and what you’re all about, and maybe in doing so, they’ll, see something that they like and They will make an offer or even just buy something outright.

Who knows they’re brand-new to Poshmark. My final tip on boost traffic in your Poshmark closet is to do all the things that I said and to do a lot of it. What I mean by that is, like I shared in my one two three four fifth in my fifth tip.

I will prioritize whose closets I share from based on many of my items. They shared to be honest with you. Chances are, if you only share one item from my closet: it’s. Gon na get overlooked. It’s, not a personal attack on you, but it’s.

Just because I don’t have time to go through my notifications and share from everyone’s, closet whose shared from mine. I only saw the part-time. I have a full-time job. I have two kids if I were trying to share back from everyone who shared one item from my closet, that’s, all I would do for the rest of my life and that doesn’t seem like a very fulfilling life.

To me, the closets that I tend to share from are the ones that I feel so indebted to and it’s because they’ve shared so many items from my closet like five or more items and the reason I’m sharing that with you is because, if you want to attract people like me to share from your closet, then do a lot of something within my closet.

Come to my closet and share a lot of my items and then I’m. More inclined to share items back the same thing goes for when you’re listing items. If you list one item a day, it’s, not horrible. It’s, not like it’s, a bad thing to do, but you’re gonna see more results.

The more you list. The same goes for re listing items or for editing existing listings. If you’re only doing one or two a day yeah, you might see a small boost. You’re, not gonna see a big increase in traffic in your closet, like I’m talking about, but if you’re doing a lot of something.

If you’re, really listing like 10 to 20 items in one day, I promise you, you’re gonna see a lot more activity in your closet and the kind of activity that you want to see like people liking items or People bundling items things of that nature and if you’re only following one or two people a day, the chances of that turning into a lot of traffic in your closet are pretty slim.

If you’re following hundreds of people a day, however, the chances of a lot of those people following you back are pretty great. When I’m talking about boosting traffic in your posh Mart closet, what do I even mean? I mean increasing the amount of activity in your apartment, closet, increasing the number of eyes that are seeing the items in your Poshmark closet, increasing the number of followers that you have the number of likes that you receive.

The number of shares that you’re gonna get an increase in the number of items from your closet that are being shared out to other people and being seen now by other people’s. Followers that’s, the kind of boost in traffic that I’m talking about.

Why is that important? Let’s. Talk first about followers. Is it important to have a lot of followers in Poshmark? Not really, you can still make sales without a lot of followers in Poshmark. However, the more followers you have, every time you list an item or every time you share an item, more people will see it because those listings will be pushed out into the news feeds of all of your followers.

Now are all of your followers on the app at the same time that you are sharing your closet. No, they’re, not that’s. Why it’s important to have a lot of followers, because when you do share your items or when you do list items, if you have a lot of followers chances, are there’s, a decent number of people online at that time? And they will see your item and hopefully either share it out.

Maybe they’ll like it or maybe they will even send you an offer to buy the item. Why is it important to have people share your items? It’s important because even if you have a lot of followers when somebody shares your item, it’s gonna be seen by all of their followers, and I guarantee that they have some followers that you don’t.

So your items are being pushed out to a bigger audience and from that you might get more follows you might get more shares on that item and you might get an offer or a sale. Why is it important to increase the number of listings that you have now let’s? Look at someone like me.

Not only do I saw on Poshmark, but I also buy on Poshmark. Typically, I don’t like to only buy one item, because, even though Poshmark shipping is wonderful, when you’re buying things that weigh close to 5 pounds, it is kind of irritating to have to pay $ 7 for something that weighs Under a pound like, I know that it doesn’t cost $ 7 to send that item that weighs less than a pound.

I like to get the most out of every dollar that I spend, and I know that people are also willing to make me a better deal if I bundle items. However, if you don’t have a lot of items in your closet. It makes a little bit harder me too, bundle that’s, why? I think it’s, important to also increase the amount of items that you have in your closet, so that people have more items to choose from now.

The last thing that I’ll talk about what this is, why it’s, so important and helpful to focus on getting more likes on your items. I love likes because likes can very easily be converted into sales. They can be converted into sales one of two ways: one is through closet, clear out, which is a public sale.

That Poshmark has where you can drop the price of your item and anyone who has liked your item will get a notification as well as an email, letting them know that you drop the price on your item and that Poshmark is willing to pay a dollar and 80 cents towards shipping.

Another way that you can convert people’s likes into sales is through offers to likers. You can send anyone who has liked an item, a private discount or a private sale for that item, and that’s only if they like your item.

So one of the things that I’m, always looking for when I share items when I list items is I’m looking to see, are these items getting likes and if so, I am utilizing those likes to get more sales. In my Poshmark closet, in the ways that I just mentioned, so those are the seven tips that I have on , thus helping you make more sales.

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I have a decent mix right now of things like thrift, hauls and what soul, videos as well as tips like these, and if you let me know what kind of content enjoy most, I will be sure to make more of it. Thank you so much and I hope to see you again soon back [, Music, ]

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