Get More Traffic increase website traffic How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic

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How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic

There’s so many topics that you can be blogging on. But how can you pick blog post topics that consistently generate more traffic? Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to break down how to come up with blog topic, ideas that consistently generate traffic ( upbeat music ) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube click the alert notification. Now. First, off what I want you to do is go to Ubersuggest, So neilpatel Com/Ubersuggest – and I want you to put in your domain name If you don’t get a lot of traffic well, you can put in one of the competitor domain names see what they’re blogging on, But I recommend that you first start off by putting in your own domain Name And when you put in your own domain name it’ll, look something like this.

This breaks down all the other, similar websites that are related to yours. So when you put in your URL it’ll allow you to analyze your competitors And you’ll see a list here at the top.

You see, I see Forbes Word Stream, Neil Patel, which is mine, Searching Journal, HubSpot, Hootsuite And there’s many many more options. What I want you to do is cross off the ones. Click the X buttons to the ones that aren’t that related See Forbes, I’m a marketing blog. They talk about many more things than just marketing. So I’m going to X that one out – And this right here is pretty good.

So what I want to do now is scroll down and you want to look at key word gaps. Keyword gaps shows you all the keywords that your competitors rank for, that you don’t rank for, And you want to go through the list. So let me start off with WordStream, So if I click view all under WordStream, this will show me the keyword gaps for WordStream Now. Some of these keywords don’t get tons of traffic. Some of themdo And you know presentations So presentations marketing.

They go well together. Podcasts advertising look at the CPC on that one. So I’ll! Look at podcasts advertising here And then I want you to do – is Google for podcast advertising You’ll see if you rank, I look my buddy Eric ranks high up Our WordStream rank’s there Marketing land – I don’t see, And it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a blog post on podcasts advertising.

This is why I’m scrolling a little bit just to make sure to see if I have a post on podcast advertising. Because if I don’t, I can then write a article on podcast advertising. Next you’ll want to go into your own WordPress back end or your blogging back end and search for posts with that term. So I’m going to search for podcast advertising and I have tons of content here, as you can see, 7,100 Podcasts through paid ads How to promote your podcast to pay ads. That’S not on podcast, I don’t know how to get podcast sponsors, As you can see here, based on the titles, there’s nothing that really focuses just on podcast advertising, such as how podcasts advertising works or how to advertise on podcasts.

Those are all examples of podcasts advertising. So if I go back to page one, I can then look at podcast advertising. The number one ranking site is Midroll, the world’s largest podcast advertising network, The Single Grain, one is podcast advertising. What you need to know – And this URL here gets around 33,792 visits. I can click that and it’ll load up all the other keywords that the URL ranks for In many cases it can be a lot and lot of URLs .

So then, that way, once it loads up, you can see it All right: advertise podcast, podcasts advertising, podcast marketing, podcast advertisers, podcast ad.

I can keep clicking next and it’ll. Give me more and more suggestions. What you’ll want to do is export these keywords and it’ll. Take you to, where you can export’em And once you export’em you’ll have a list of keywords that you can include in your blog posts.

So now I know, look Eric’s getting a lot of traffic for podcast advertising, This one’s getting 15,000 And it’s not all about. If you rank at the top, you get the most traffic. As you can see here, this one ranks higher gets 15,000 This one ranks here: second, it gets 33,000. The reason being is the second one is going after more keywords: more than just podcasts advertising. Ex, as I showed you here, podcast ad or podcasting marketing, These are all other variations that can also drive traffic as well, And then what I want you to do, if you actually don’t have this actually a quick step you can take.

Is you just google Ubersuggest Chrome extension It’S the first result here You can install it and then that way, whenever you do, Google searches like I did you’ll end up getting the traffic estimation right here, which is the estimated visits for that specific URL And the WordStream one as you can see, which is Where I got the idea from gets 5,700, So you can go through a few of them and it’ll, give you ideas And then I’ll also want you to load up the actual blog post. So this one is on Single Grain, I’ll load it up. Let me load up the WordStream one, Let’s see who else gets decent traffic? Some of these don’t get much traffic 2,000. 1,000.

This one gets 15,000 And the reason you want to load up, the bigger ones is, keep in mind. You may not always rank as high as other people. Sadly, no matter how good you are at SEO. A lot of it has to do with content, quality and factors that you can’t control. Such as relevancy, how much authority your site has in the niche, But what you’ll want to do is you’ll want to load up a few of the blog posts.

So here’s a Single Grain, one podcast advertising, what you need to know. And it’s pretty thorough. I would take much much more time reading it to see what they’re doing really well And then I can end up trying to create a better version of it And then let me go to the WordStream one podcasts advertise 101. 4 tips to get you started. Similar, I would just go through the whole process.

See what they’re doing that’s unique and just try to create a better version, The Midroll one. This is more so like a landing page that just talks about that they’re, a podcast advertising network. So I wouldn’t copy this one, And even these I wouldn’t copy’em. I would try to create better versions of it. So you want to poke holes.

What is their content not covering? Is it up-to-date? Do they talk about networks where you can advertise on podcasts? Do they talk about what you should be paying The more end-up you can get, the better you can be The better. You can separate yourself from the other competitors, the more likely you are to rank.

So when I go through the process of writing content for part of the content that we create is advanced expert content. For example, the other day I published a piece of content that is on the new way of blogging. And I’ll load it up really quickly, so you can see – And with this piece of content, this piece of content wasn’t meant to get Google traffic. It was meant to get social traffic and back-links, And I broke down stats here where, if you write advance content with a lot of stats and data – And I use stats like I’m not going to break down all of them that you can see here in the Charts And I talk about how advanced content gets less SEO traffic, but it gets more social shares and it gets more back-links per post And I also break that down for other blogs.

That’S not Neil Patel, but more Facebook shares more back-links per post. I even have a little stat here for content with graphs and data. They tend to get more back-links versus content without And a portion of my time, roughly 10 % of the time which I break down in this post. I write advanced content, But 40 % of the time. What we do is we use this process that I broke down in Ubersuggest, where Let me go back to Ubersuggest.

I can’t find the tab Either way where we use a keyword gaps like I showed you to write content on stuff. That gets a lot of search traffic Like how to’s how to change a toilet. How podcast advertising works? And then 20 % of the time we update our old content, because that way Google wants to rank fresh content. So anything, that’s outdated, just make sure you’re updating it.

If it has any outdated information change it, If there’s anything irrelevant change it. If that topic’s no longer relevant EX talking about how MySpace is a popular social network, You can either delete the posts and 301 redirect it to maybe a post on Facebook, And then you would want to try to make your content better over time. When I say update it, maybe there’s images that you can include. Maybe there’s videos that you can include to get your message across better And then the other 30 % of the time I promote the content, As I mentioned, don’t forget the marketing in content marketing. So that’s how I create content that drives traffic I really go and dig deep see what my competitors are ranking for that I’m not That’s what the keyword gaps is all about, And then I create content around that topic.

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