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How To Drive FREE Traffic To Your Affiliate Links

Hey modest up my loved ones, how we doing today, I’m great – and I hope you find, as you can see, I’m excited so in this video I’m going to talk about like how to get traffic to your affiliate links. So when I say , that means no no, no advertising. You don’t have to advertise just free free, to your affiliate links. Okay, so Before we jump into the video I want to welcome here. So, if you’re watching me for the first time welcome to my channel, I’m all about entrepreneurship, how to start an online and how to .

So if you are interest in that kind of stuff, you know what I’ll ask you guys smash the subscribe button and subscribe to my channel and if you guys want to start an online with affiliate . And if you want a mentor to guide you right through your journey check out the first link below in the description so now without further ado, let’s number to today’s video. So in the regards to traffic itself, there are like two types of . So you wouldn’t have heard of this anywhere, because I created this on my own okay, because I’ve experienced it so I’m gon na share all that with you. So, with regards to free traffic, there are like super targeted, free traffic and also there’s medium type of free traffic and also there’s like a very kind of no kind of free traffic.

So I would put it that way. So, let’s look at the high quality free traffic. So what are the that come under that? Okay? So let’s look at that one.

So the first thing: high quality traffic, where you can drive from free traffic is YouTube, YouTube YouTube. I keep saying this: no one listens to me: YouTube is the high quality free traffic guys it’s really really good and really effective, because it’s all in video format. Okay! So if let’s say that you want to drive traffic to your affiliate links because YouTube is more like a video platform, you just put up videos, it’s going to be more interactive. People watch you, they kind of continuously watch you they’re gon na relate to you.

They know you as a person so when you recommend something they’re going to check out, so it’s very targeted, so it direct them to the affiliate link they’re going to check it out. So the what I mean by high quality traffic, so you recommend people check it out and the click-through rates are high with YouTube. Okay. So that’s the first kind of high quality free traffic, so the second kind of free traffic high quality free traffic is from Instagram. Okay, so Instagram also is really good because I wrote it as insta, as you can see here.

He’S really really clumsy out here, but Instagram also is really effective because many big entrepreneurs are getting into Instagram or in Instagram. So, as you know, a Kylie Jenner started her from Instagram because you put up videos and she put up like small clips of videos and also she put up pictures of her brand, the Dutchman’s. We grew also. She had a family background or as well, and also she can established an Instagram and the other free traffic source that is trending now is tic toc with the YouTube he can stay away put in the affiliate link, so there’s no restrictions and all that you can Just straightaway put in your affiliate links below your video, but with Instagram, you can only put it on your by you, okay, on top, where you got your name and stuff only there you have to put in your affiliate links with tik-tok, you can’t add anything is Just like a traffic source where you can drive tic toc traffic to your YouTube channel or your Instagram account where you can put in your affiliate link. So you can drive tic toc traffic to youtube.

So, even if you don’t have a lot of videos there on youtube, you can just try and drive in the traffic to your affiliate link because tic toc itself drives in lure of traffic. So that’s another high quality traffic source and if your content is more targeted on tik-tok, it’s more likely that people are going to like check out your affiliate links. Ok, so these are the things that come under high quality traffic sauce, so the medium kind of traffic source. I would say I might even include Facebook as well in high quality traffic Souls, because you can even put up videos on facebook, so it can be interactive as well. So the thing with all of these three , FB, Instagram and pic talk.

The thing is like when you put people watch it and after that they don’t know like where that video is, but with YouTube. If you put up a video, it’s going to be their life long, you know, if you just put it on your channel, people can come and check it out anytime, but with Instagram and Facebook and tik-tok and everything it’s hard to find it. You know it’s all going to be jumbled up, so that’s the thing with YouTube. I really recommend YouTube guys for free traffic source to drive traffic to your affiliate link. So that’s the high quality traffic source, so the medium kind of ones, so I’ll even include FB in this Facebook in this okay.

So that also is a medium kind of traffic and the other thing is Pinterest. Okay, so Pinterest as well is a medium kind of traffic, but with Pinterest you need to link it up to your blog or to your YouTube channel. Okay, it’s just like a traffic source where you can drive in traffic, but there itself you can’t make money. You can put insert an affiliate link. Also, you need to be careful that your affiliate links don’t get banned, can put in your affiliate links with any of the pins that you put up on, but you need to be consistent, because this is all like image format.

Okay, with Pinterest with Pinterest, and all that it’s all in image format: it’s not like a video file because with YouTube, it’s more like a video file and people can engage, but this is more like an image. People can’t really engage with it. You have to link it up to a YouTube video or you can just put up your affiliate link as well. So that is why I put it in the medium kind of free traffic, so the other kind of things as well comes under this, like a snapchat and all the other social media like snapchat like Twitter, will no quality traffic source where you don’t have a like, Create content may don’t have to do content, marketing and stuff with the low quality is through with Quora. Okay, you just answer people’s question and you just link it up to bridge page.

So with all of these, you can add your affiliate link. You need to have a bridge page for that. You need to have a website. Okay, so bridge page is more like a landing page where you have to collect people’s email address to email, marketing and stuff, so I don’t want to go into in depth about it. So you can just I link up the videos and all that about email, marketing and stuff.

In the description you can go check, so you can also find two free website builders as well, so you can just opt for the free ones and you can get started with it. So Quora is basically like a Q & A platform. So, where people ask questions, you answer them so, in the answers that you provide, you can link up to your website. Okay, so that’s Quora and the other thing goes with YouTube comments as well. So YouTube comments.

You can drive traffic where you have to like comment on people’s post and everything, but I don’t hugely recommend that lots of people do that. It’S it’s mostly scamming. Don’T do that, but it’s all comes when I, because lots of people do this. So that is why I am cluded in this: it’s in low quality, so you won’t get like targeted leads. So that’s what I mean.

So it goes with all the comments with the people’s post and everything guys on websites on social media, everything, okay, those are all like low quality traffic that you get. So this is how you get traffic to your affiliate link. So I hope you understood the whole thing. I know what looks messy if you haven’t understood it, go through the first part of the video try watching it again and if you have any questions drop me a comment and I will get back to you. So that’s it for today guys.

I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you got some value out of this. If it did come in below saying that you did, and also if they haven’t sub champion sunset, subscribing and like I said earlier, if you want to start an online business and if you want use YouTube as a platform to drive in free traffic to your affiliate Link check out the first link below in the description, because I guide people on how to do that.


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