Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website: Blog Marketing Ideas

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website: Blog Marketing Ideas

Hey guys welcome back, it’s allison if you’re new to this channel, there’s probably one thing you should know about me and that is at least among my close family and friends. I am notoriously known for being pretty frugal. I love saving money and my husband and i meticulously budget every single month, basically down to the penny, not basically literally down to the penny that personal fervor has definitely bled itself into my business philosophy. I apply the same personal financial mentality to my business, and so, if there’s a way that i can save money, i certainly will go ahead and do it as long as it doesn’t. You know cost me my mind um.

I will say that i am an advocate for maybe using facebook ads or paying for promoted pins throughout certain times throughout the year or maybe every single month, but i don’t believe that you have to do that in order to get traffic. In fact, i think if you can get traffic more organically and for free, then it’s actually better for your business. So in this video i’m going to talk about the few ways that you can get traffic for free to your blog, hey special announcement right now. My blogging course blogging to win is officially open for enrollment, and this is the last time that we will be accepting new students here in the 2020 year. So if you miss this chance to join this blogging course, you won’t get another opportunity until next year.

In 2021 – and i know you don’t want to do that so head on over to – to learn more information, i want to be very clear in this video, so here’s my disclaimer – i don’t want any of my viewers to walk away from listening to everything. I’M about to say thinking that this is like a magic potion, or that this is something that happens pretty quickly if you’re getting traffic for free, it means that you have waited a while, for it being a blogger, really just means that you need to be an Expert at patience because it just takes time, so this isn’t a magic pill. If you use any of these methods, it doesn’t mean that the traffic is going to happen. That’S not guaranteed it’s dependent on so many factors, social, media, algorithms or how you use that platform.

But then, additionally, it’s also not a guarantee that it’s going to happen quickly. In fact, i don’t think it ever happens quickly. If you started using one of these methods today, i would say give it a year to see if it’s really very fruitful results so be patient and then take everything with a grain of salt, because what works for some blogs may not work for yours. So it’s okay, if you kind of pick and choose throughout these options, okay, so the first way is through social media platforms. These platforms could include things like facebook, , tick, tock, instagram on and on and on.

And the important point to note in this is that anytime, you are building an audience on that platform. Number one do keep in mind that that audience that you’re building it doesn’t belong to you. So if facebook were to shut down or more realistically if they chose to shut you down because facebook’s probably around for a really long time, so it’s more likely that they would choose to shut you down for some random reason. Um then you would lose that list of followers. So keep that in mind.

It’S kind of like a kind of like a touchy subject for me, because i’m not a big fan of giving up complete control over a list of fans that i have put my blood, sweat and tears into growing okay. So that always makes me kind of nervous. But this is a good way to get free traffic to your blog, my favorite social media platform, and if i was starting tomorrow, if i was starting a new blog, i would probably only use this one to start out and that would be . In my personal experience that social media platform in particular, has performed the best when i compare it to facebook, instagram, etc, um, but again every blog is kind of different, and so your audience may or may not find you faster on a certain platform, but those that’s The first way you can get free traffic to your website. The second way that you can get free traffic is through search engines.

Obviously, this is where you would show up in a search result, so my tip when you’re trying to get free traffic through this way is to make sure that you’re using very good keywords, i will leave a down below. I believe i didn’t. I film a keyword somewhere. If i did i’ll leave it linked down below i’m almost certain i did, and the important thing is is there are a lot of really competitive keywords out there. So if you write, you know about a paleo grocery food list, there are certain keywords that a lot of other paleo bloggers are using, and so you might want to use those keywords, but it’s also important to search for other keywords that still make sense and still Apply to the blog post that you’ve written but are not dealing with as much competition so that you have a better chance of actually showing up on that first page in search results and then before i move on.

The second thing i wanted to mention in this category or in this area, is that don’t just look at as a search engine. I full on 100, look at youtube as a search engine as well. I know that it’s not um officially dubbed a search engine, but i do find that when people are looking for resources or they’re trying to educate themselves on something they will go to or they will go to youtube, sometimes they will go to but oftentimes. It’S and youtube, and so when that happens, um you are able to reach an audience. That’S just looking for education in a different format.

So if someone goes to google more than likely they’re looking to read about something and if they go to youtube, obviously they want to watch and learn about something in that way, and so what i love to use youtube for is just like a cousin of google. I know that i’m breaking all the rules and – and none of these platforms are actually dubbed that way. Nobody calls youtube the cousin of google, but that’s how i view it, and it’s worked out very well for me in that manner. Additionally, i like to look at youtube in this way, because you know when you write these uh or when you film these videos and you upload them, you can tag them with certain keywords so you’re putting in that you know, keyword, rich research. You are telling youtube exactly what it is.

This video is about in hopes that people can find it and google works with youtube in the sense that if you go and search for something they will oftentimes have videos that youtube has uploaded, or that has been uploaded to youtube that also cover that particular topic. So it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, so you’re, creating great blog posts that might show up in google and then, when you film and upload something in youtube, you may show up in youtube or on, when somebody searches for something or you may show Up on, depending on whether or not google shows your video or showcases your video as a search result, the third way you can get some free traffic to your blog is through being a guest on something, so this could be guest blogging, guest vlogging, if you’re In somebody else’s video, you could be on a podcast. Essentially any way you are being interviewed or showcased or featured in some way on someone else’s platform is a way to get people back to your own website.

Now the rule that i have for myself is anytime. I am you know, talking with someone else or posting a youtube, video or writing a blog post. I always want to make sure i am linking back to my website or to a subscriber incentive to get people on my email list again and again and again. I’Ve said it on this channel. My intention is not to be a youtuber as much as as it is to showcase all of the fabulous content that i’ve created over the years that help teach people so really all i want to do is just keep pointing people in the right direction and be Like if you’re interested in this go here, go there go here, go there, i mean that’s, why i always seem to be saying check the description box below, because i will link it down below.

I mean i’m sick of hearing myself say it, but i got a lot of content to link to so there’s always a way that you can help people even more, and so you need to make sure that you’re very verbal about saying i have content or i Have a blog post or i have xyz that can help you even more and here’s how you get to it, and it’s so important to be very conscientious about that, because sometimes it’s easy to fall in the trap of you know doing a guest, blog post or Being on a podcast or you know, putting up a youtube, video and kind of forgetting to link back to your brand. So the idea is to always send people back to your website or to your products, and so you want to make sure that you keep that in the front of your mind, you were talking basically on any platform, the fourth and last freeway that i’m going to Talk about today is getting traffic from your email list, so obviously this is not something that people can do from day, one because chances are. You don’t have an established email list, but if you have 300 people on your list, 500 1000. 10. 020.

000. Those people could be sent back to your website and that is free traffic. Now, when you send out an email and i’ve been guilty of doing this, myself um it’s important to try to avoid saying here’s what’s new and then just kind of being like there’s the link. Okay, go to it, um i’ve kind of changed. My tactic over the years because it doesn’t really like get anybody excited when i see an email from someone else.

That’S like! Oh hey. I see that you haven’t been on my site in a while. Here’S what’s new or you know yes, i took. I went on vacation and here’s what’s new um when i see something that says: here’s what’s new, i’m not really invested, because i don’t know what they’re going to be talking about.

I don’t really care um. This is not an individual that i know in person. So i’m already like a step away from that connection to them, but if they take a different approach – and this is something that i try to do with my own email subscribers and they say, do you want to learn xyz? I talked about it today. Here’S the video and the blog post that can help you learn more um when you kind of shift the focus and shift the way that you approach how to announce that you have content that they might be interested in and you go from saying.

Here’S what’s new to here’s: what’s you here’s what you can learn you’re doing yourself a world of good because you’re kind of telling them look! You may or may not want to land on my website, but if you’re interested in learning, more and kind of furthering your education in this particular category, then you’re going to find this blog post linked right here very useful, and that’s really what you want to do. I know that this video did not cover all of the many ways that you could get free traffic to your website. There are other websites that you can do. I know some people talk about posting on like medium.

om and then you know getting free traffic that way there are a lot of other ways that you can get free traffic. So don’t feel like the ways you or the way you should be getting. free traffic is limited to this video, but everything that i mentioned here were some of the ways that i have found have given me, the biggest bang for my buck, in the sense that they were more successful in bringing traffic than other platforms were for me. So that’s why i sit here and i recommend them because i either have experience with them or i have seen my students or my peers have experience with them and i find that it is more successful through these ways. So i encourage you to try some of the ways that i mentioned today, but i also encourage you to try something that i have never tried or that i have never seen tried, because you never know what the next big platform is going to be.

Or what is going to give you the best boost in traffic thanks so much for watching you guys. Please hit that like button. If you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe and tap the little bell that way, youtube will notify you. When i have new videos coming out, as always, i’m allison lindstrom, i will see you guys next time: [, Music ], you

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