Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Drive More Traffic To Your Etsy Shop (10,000 Visits a month Fast!) 2021

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Etsy Shop (10,000 Visits a month Fast!) 2021

What’S going on people of the youtubes, I’m gonna make another tip video on about get more traffic to your Etsy shop, which eventually leads to more sales. Because people aren’t going to your shop or your listings, then you probably you’ve realized you’re, not having any sales, but the more people you get to see your listings, the more sales you’re gon na get just kind of how the funnel works. So I just want to share some and tricks and things that we’ve done. This is our third year of being on Etsy and in May we’ll start our fourth year, so almost three full years of being on Etsy and the things that we’ve done throughout the last couple years that have helped us to make it. So our garage is full of Etsy, so I’m gon na show this my computer screen and talk about everything and just kind of walk.

You guys through what we do and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I love talking to you guys and also feel free to subscribe. I don’t know if the buttons there or here or if you’re on your phone – I don’t know where you, you click, but yeah, subscribe for more content and more of our family and more business talks where you’re, just gon na keep putting things into this channel, and We love doing it. So, let’s get you over here and I’ll pick. You up we’ll see what we got rolling. So hopefully this looks.

Ok, alright, doesn’t look too bad, so I’m not super technical. I don’t know make it. So I like screen capture this or anything like the editing whatever. So I most the time I just upload the video from the memory card and don’t edit it at all. So that is what it is.

Okay, so we’re gon na start off and talk about where we’re at with our , so you can kind of see where we’re at so this is the last 30 days February 11th through March 12th, and this is kind of our slower season. Our busier time is, of course, towards Christmas and stuff, so in the last 30 we’ve had 23,000 and 10,000 visits so visits. This is how many people this is people, and this is how many things were viewed listings are shop, reviews things like that. So this is the one you want to pay attention to. This is 10,000 people in the last 30 days have viewed our shop or a listing or kind of played around, and this is cool once you get through a year and you’re in your next year.

You can see how much you’ve grown so compare this to last year. At this time we’ve grown 148 percent of visits, which is pretty cool, and then are just around the same, and you can also you have a little chart on that see. That shows you everything, so this is just in the stats, it’s a part of your shop manager and then you can edit things up here of what do you want it to say and everything like that and we have it just showing and stuff like that And you can change that right here on what you wanted to show, so how we did this, how we got 10,000 people to view our shop and our listings? Is we focus on so this? Also, if you scroll down this is also where those 10,000 people came from so direct, and you can see what that means.

It’S visits for people who came directly to your shop, using or by entering URL or clicking on a bookmark or email link, and so that’s 4,000 people. So I think I don’t know if there’s people typing in Etsy and finding us but Etsy is right here as well and that’s people finding us through search through other places and stuff on that, and then you have external. This is Google people just googling pregnancy, announcements and stuff, and we get a fair amount of people from Google and then social media is what we’ve been building this year and we get about five percent of our traffic. So five hundred people in 30 days from social media, which is a lot bigger than what it has been and the reason that it is bigger, is because my wife Kayla has been posting on our social media. Everyday and we’ve been really active on that and our Instagram stories she’s built a really cool community and that’s really helped boost up our traffic to our Etsy shop and everything like that.

So a couple things: if for you, if you’re starting out or if you’ve been going for a little bit – and you want to see your views increase, is you want to pay attention to what people are searching for and how they’re finding your shop? So we see that baby turbans or in the last 30 days 224 people searched that and came to our our shop and or that listing of our baby turbans. But then we see like pregnancy, announcement pricey announcement, the husband, so we want to take some of these keywords that we’re seeing in here. We want to add that to most of our listings, if it applies like crazy announcement, a husband, we can apply that to a lot of our pregnancy announcements that you could give to your husband of course and stuff like that, and you see there’s 58 pages of These keywords – and you can just go through and see what people are looking at, how people find you and then take advantage of those in your other titles and descriptions and stuff and then within so with your titles. You want to make sure.

So let us go to this one, so we need to take out our Valentine’s, but you want to make sure you’re using every single word in the title if you can and just everything that’s associated with. So it’s a hello daddy whether this was Valentine’s pregnancy announcement. Personalized onesie gift box set with moccasins for husbands, so there’s the for husband. This is a bestseller on Etsy and then, of course we have our description. That’S really tells everyone what it is, so you want to make sure your description is pretty thought out and written out, and then we have our reviews, of course, and people with pictures of what it is.

So one thing is: is to study your stats and everything like that, and then also make sure your titles are full and they are popular search keywords that will get people to find your stuff so another that I’m doing there. Another thing that we’ve done to boost our visits is: we’ve used, a third party site called Etsy on sale, and it costs a little bit of money because you have to have like credits to use it. Every month looks like I can get free credits, maybe I’ll have I’m gon na see if I can put a link below that, can get us both free credits to use this. But what essentially it does, is it renews your listing and when you renew a listing, it boosts the listing a little bit up in the search results for people that are looking for you. So this renews the listing, that’s and you could set it to how many listings you want.

We have it like on nine or ten listings, and you can say how often we want so we have it going. I think twice a day and then it shows you what happens so we can see like our hello, daddy. It had 15 new views and 15 favorites on Etsy. In one day from that, we see that these turbines got 31 views, excuse me and then so on and so forth. So it shows you if it’s working or not and seeing if it’s having a lot of success or hello daddy seems to be a really popular one.

That gets a lot of love from this, so Etsy on sale again I’ll have I’ll see. If I can get a link of this in the description and that could help with getting your things boosted and everything like that, so the last thing that I want to talk about – that’s helped us and more traffic to our site is Pinterest. So we we still don’t know exactly use Pinterest we’re still new to the site. We again so with all this. We don’t pay for any advertising.

We’Ve have in the past like a very minimum, but that didn’t really help much. The only thing we technically pay for is renewing listings, let’s 20 cents – a listing. So that’s not really too much, but we don’t pay for facebook ads. We don’t pay for don’t pay for Pinterest or even ads on Etsy, and we rarely do sales on Etsy. Unless it’s Black Friday is probably the only one.

We really do sales and or we want to push out product, then we’ll do a sale but yeah. We just are diligent and posting and working on our titles and getting our name out there that way so Pinterest we try and just pin a pin every day onto our Pinterest boards and one way we really got our board going is we did a giveaway that, If you went to our Pinterest and pinned some of our pins, then you would be entered into the giveaway and what that does for our pins is when someone pins are pinned, then all their followers on Pinterest sees that see the pin and if they pin it Is just like a chain reaction of people pinning, and so we have some on here that have like 46 pins from the other day 106, and it just varies. But we had a one of our pins go viral the other year last year or year and a half ago, I’m not sure win, but it got over 4 million views not pins, but it’s got a couple thousand pins or 20,000. I’M not sure. I got a lot of pins, but that really helped generate views and traffic.

So you never know what post or what pin or what product or anything is gon na work. You just got to keep being diligent and making content and getting your name out there and just doing it every day. There’S no! I don’t believe in overnight successes. I believe that it just is day after day, day after day, day after day, day after day, and then you see the results and then people come in and they’re like.

Oh my gosh she’s big overnight you’re, like you, don’t know what we’ve done for three years. So the last four years we’ve been grind in and we still do every day, but as you can see, we’re at a point that we don’t need to do too much. But if we stop, then we’re gon na lose a lot of it. So we still are diligent at making sure we are keeping things going. So I hope this video helped a little bit so just kind of recap everything I’ve talked about one is you want to make sure your titles are full and use every word, and you want to study what people how people are finding you, then your Etsy stats And then make sure you’re using those same keywords, so people can find you even more.

You want to make sure that you’re posting every day on social media platforms, Instagram LinkedIn, Facebook Pinterest as on YouTube, we’re trying to get into YouTube a little bit more for us, mainly not like pushing our products or anything but just getting out more content and stuff. Like that so, and then also the the Etsy on sale, if you want to try that we’ve seen success from that and just helping us get our name out there and getting more views more favorites, which then lead to more sales. So again, if you have any questions, please shoot them down in the comments below again make sure to subscribe to our Channel. We love you guys and we’ll see you the next one. Peace

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