Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website (& Sell More Clothing!)

How To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website (& Sell More Clothing!)

What’s up, but it’s Rob this is apparel success and in this video here, what I want to share with you is how to drive more traffic to your clothing brands . You may only be getting 25 people 50 people.

Every single day to your and it’s, pretty unrealistic to expect to get a hundred orders every day. If you’re only driving 25 people to your and the industry standard for fashion is between one to five percent.

With a conversion rate on your website, and so what we need to do inevitably is drive more quality traffic to your website. In this video, I’m, going to cover every single way that you can drive traffic to your clothing brands website.

I’m, going to talk to you about the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, and then I want to talk to you about which one I feel is likely best for you. This channel here is sponsored by my buds over at brand crowd and if you aren’t a designer yourself and you need designs made for your clothing brand, then I highly recommend you check them out.

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Yours, if you’re interested, follow the link in the description because it’ll, give you a huge discount all right. There are two ways to drive traffic to your clothing brands website that’s. It there’s, and there’s paid traffic.

. Is your ability to drive people to your clothing brands website without spending any money? And you may be able to do this through the posts that you’re making on social media through giveaway contest that you’re running through celebrities? And influencers actually making a post about you and driving traffic to your website, which ever way doesn’t, involve you investing any money and people finding out about your clothing print.

Naturally, that is to your website, the other form of traffic. To your website is traffic that you’ve paid for. So, if you decide to invest a certain amount of money, you can actually decide to get your clothing brand in front of a certain amount of people guaranteed.

Now a really important point to make here is that both paid traffic and organic traffic to your website are equally valuable. So I don’t want you to think that one is better than the other. Organic traffic is something that you always want to be doing, and paid traffic is something that really you can only use if you have the money to invest in paid traffic and if you’re at the right stage on your clothing brands journey.

Okay, so I really want to walk you through this for my own clothing brand, the different stages of going from organic traffic and how I was driving traffic to my website organically. And then I want to talk to you about the paid traffic and where I’m at right now for my own clothing brand.

Okay. So basically, with my own clothing brand, the first two years we didn’t, spend any money really on Facebook, Ads and driving paid traffic to our website. And the reason for this was because we didn’t have a lot of money and we were basically just hustling okay, so it was like paid traffic.

Wasn’t an option. So how are we gonna get a lot of people to our website without spending a lot of money, and this is where I really came up with that Instagram system of engaging with a certain amount of people on a regular basis, and so what I did Is I basically figured out who my target audience is who exactly I want to sell to? I discovered where they’re hanging out on Instagram, and then I invested a certain amount of time every single day into engaging with those people to drive a certain amount of traffic to my website every day, and basically, even though I wasn’t driving millions of people to the site.

It was enough to get momentum for my clothing brand to actually get the ball rolling. So what I really want to tell you here is that, if you’re in that phase of having to drive organic traffic to your website, because you don’t have a ton of money to invest into Facebook Ads.

This is a really important period for you to go through and it’s all a part of the journey to achieving success for your clothing brand at the end of the day, and so let’s. Talk a bit about how exactly to drive this traffic to your website.

If you don’t have any money, the best method that I believe you can go about doing. This is through engaging on Instagram engaging on Twitter. If you’re, if you’re on Twitter and engaging on tik-tok okay, because right now, you can basically take into your own hands and decide every single day how many people you want to get in front of it.

‘s. Gon na require your own time, but I think this is absolutely the best way to drive quality traffic to your website. If you hop on Instagram, you can find accounts that are similar to your clothing brand.

They have a similar taste, a similar concept, and if you go to their followers, everybody who’s following that account is likely going to be interested in your clothing brand. That’s, just a list of people that you can reach out to and you can engage with.

You can like their pictures. You can comment on their pictures. You can send them a DM and I’m, not telling you to hard sell them here. Okay, I’m, not telling you to like hop into their DMS and be like hey, like we’d, really love to sell.

You wear clothing. Okay, it’s, not about that it’s just about getting in front of them. It’s about introducing yourself, and you want to display your brand. You don ‘ T necessarily want to be trying to sell your brand all the time.

Okay. So when you reach out to these people on, say Instagram, you find their account. You, like a bunch of their pictures. You comment on a bunch of their pictures. Organic comments like comments that you actually feel inside of you, if you think a picture is really cool there’s, a cool-looking dog.

If there’s like a nice view right something that actually is aligned with their picture and then in the DMS, if you wanted the M, then just reach out and say: hey, we’re, a clothing brand. You know it’s, really cool.

We like what you’ve done here. You have a really cool account and that’s. It you don’t need to try and sell them. You know it: doesn’t need to be awkward people who try to call you on your phone to try and cold call you it usually doesn’t work because they’re like hey.

We want something from you. You definitely don’t want to come from that place, but that’s. What I recommend that you do? Okay, I recommend that you spend a lot of your time doing that in that beginning phase, because if this isn’t working for you, if engaging with people on Instagram liking and commenting and engaging with your target audience and just showing your brand to People isn’t working then clearly, there’s, an issue with your foundation and you need to go back and work on your brand concept.

Work on your website work on the posts on social media, and this is a constant thing that you need to be going through at the beginning phase. You will lock in eventually to the point where you have coming in, on a regular basis from the efforts that you’re, putting in engaging with people organically on social media.

Okay, you will reach a point with that. If you are constantly tweaking your brand and if you’re constantly working on figuring out exactly who your target audience is now, I know you’re, probably thinking where’s, that crazy, unique tactic that I can use to Drive all organic traffic to my website and what I want to tell you is that there really isn’t one.

Okay, it’s, hard work mainly, and obviously it’s, being smart, engaging with the right people and getting your brand to a certain point. You know on its own, but by doing that, you should be able to make it’s kind of like a diet right there’s, no unique crazy, fancy strategy, it’s simple! If you eat healthy, you’re, going to be healthy and you’re, going to lose weight.

It’s very much the same way when it comes to engaging with your audience on social media and trying to build up your base of customers. Okay, but it’s just being consistent with it. It’s, sticking to it on a regular basis that’s, really going to pay off for you at the end of the day.

Allow you to build up that base of customers and work your way into the paid traffic model, which basically looks completely different. So once your brand has accumulated enough customers and you have enough data, then you’re, going to be able to use look-alike audiences on Facebook and create similar audiences on Google Ads, because I believe that they’re called similar audiences on Google ads – and I really can’t – do enough justice for you here explaining just how powerful this form of targeting is with advertising.

I really believe it’s, the most underrated way of advertising that exists or that’s ever existed online, and I know that’s. A big statement, but the reason for that is that no human being on this planet can grasp just how unbelievably sophisticated Facebook is, and Google is when it comes to people’s, consumer behavior, social behavior, and so basically, if you upload your customer list To Facebook – and you create a look-alike audience, Facebook is gonna do a way better job than you ever could manually figuring out your demographics and your interests.

It’s, going to find people exactly like your customer list and in the most efficient way possible at the best times of day, when they’re, most likely to buy it’s. Gon na hit them right when they know that you know a previous customer that did this thing at this exact time bought at this exact time, and we just can’t even begin to fathom the that’s going on there With Facebook and Google, and so what I’ve been experiencing lately, is an absolutely massive boost in my own clothing brands, growth from using look-alike audiences, and so I’m.

Not just talking to my ass here really like in the past week, I’ve, gotten seven grand worth of orders just from using these look-alike audiences and basically spending like not not a lot of money at all on Facebook Ads and that’s, just because the targeting is so nailed in because our customer list has been uploaded and we’re targeting the perfect people for a clothing brand people who, obviously you know, will be interested and we have the right messaging because we went through That original phase, with my clothing brand, to figure all that out to figure out exactly you know what our brands about we’ve displayed all the customers on our website, so our brand looks really cool from that hustle phase.

You know – and we’re at this point now, where we can now start scaling up using paid traffic when you enter into the paid traffic model. You’re really gonna have to keep a closer eye on your expenses, because we’ve just introduced a huge new expense into your clothing brands, life which is ad spend before if you were just driving organic traffic to your website.

That ad spend never existed inside of your expenses, and so you really need to keep a close eye on how much you’re spending on ads. What your cost of goods sold are all of your other extraneous little expenses and make sure that your revenue is at the end of the day, much higher than your expenses, so that you actually have a profit and so that you’re.

Not losing money, so I really tried to give you a full picture of driving traffic to your clothing brands website, depending on the different stages that you might be at with your clothing brand. And so you know, if you’re in that beginning phase, then focus on the advice that I gave you when it comes to organic traffic and working Instagram, engaging with your target audience and driving that traffic getting your first customers so that you can Then move into the paid traffic phase and if you’re in the paid traffic phase, then really invest some money into those look-alike audiences.

I think that you’re gonna really really be pulling away. If you’ve got a lot out of this. Video smash, the like button for me and if you haven’t already check out my free clothing brand masterclass it’s, 100 % free to watch.

All you have to do to get access is, go to apparel success, column, slash, masterclass, watch the whole thing for free and if you’ve minutes at this point in the video, I want to tell you about the closed Facebook group that we have For apparel success there’s.


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