Get More Traffic increase website traffic How To Drive Targeted Traffic Using Facebook & Twitter Hashtags (6)

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How To Drive Targeted Traffic Using Facebook & Twitter Hashtags (6)

so using hashtags over at Twitter is super easy to do all you have to do is simply go up to the top here make sure you do your research first of course and that's why we covered that in the previous videos but assuming you've done your research what you can do is one thing is if you do let's say the doggie cake for example and I scroll down here and I find you know this person here we can see there's a one retweet here and we could you know click on this and we can respond to it with a hashtag relating to that and doing that is just simple it's just putting it into a sentence putting it hashtag right before just keep in mind that when you place a space right after that hashtag it's going to either create a new word or you can create a new hashtag but it's pretty much the same as composing a new tweet and then just placing the hashtag in here and while you're creating the hashtag if you type it in it'll give you some ideas on other hashtags that are being used so obviously in this tweet I could target golden retriever puppy and other keywords so obviously what you want to do is focus in on hashtagging keywords that are related to the main keyword so you don't want to hashtag the word awesome or the word all these other words you could if you wanted to to test it out but really hash tags are used to categorize conversations and things like that so doing it on Twitter is super easy to do and you can tweet it and then you can of course track it with the other tools that we'll talk about later

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