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Hey what’s up you guys it’s, Nathan with freedom influencer and I want to show you in this video how: to drive traffic, to! Your affiliate offers absolutely free in this method honestly is what I believe the best method, that you could possibly use if you’re. Trying to drive traffic online for free now, there’s a caveat to this, and that is it’s gon na take some dang work. Alright. But if you’re willing to put in work and you’re willing to push through and hustle and be an entrepreneur right, then you can drive traffic.

The way that I’m gon na show you. I’Ve made thousands of dollars in affiliate by doing exactly what I’m gon na show you in this video. So I hope you like this video. If this is your first time on, my channel definitely subscribe. This channel is for entrepreneurs.

I cover a lot of mindset. and motivation for entrepreneurs so be sure to subscribe. If you want more, but let’s get into this video, I know it’s gon na be super valuable for some people out there, because some are going to implement while others make excuses, hopefully you’re one who implements alright. So, let’s do this, you guys I’m gon na jump over here to a platform. Alright, it’s called YouTube.

This is the most amazing platform to drive traffic, absolutely free. It costs you absolutely nothing to make a YouTube video like what I’m doing right now. This is free. I’M in my office, I just create the video, that’s all you have to do, but I’m gon na step you through and give you a little training in this video to show you that this works. So here’s what I want to do.

I want to jump over to yes, click funnels, and I want to give you an example of this all right I’ll zoom in here, and you can see that I’ve made with click funnels now almost coming up on two thousand dollars. Alright, I’ve made sixteen hundred bucks. Just made 38 38, so it’s a pretty cool gig right making money awesome, but here’s what I want to show you is that how exactly did I do this alright, so check this out? There is a book you can give away as an affiliate of clickfunnels and by the way you can do this for free its 100 % for you to sign up and you can start promoting products. So let let me show you something I did a video which I’ll show you here in a minute.

Actually, where is that video right here so make money online with zero inva investment, alright check this out. It’S got two thousand views and I posted this three weeks ago and in that video I talked about how you can make money with zero investment right. I give some very helpful information, but inside that video I also was promoting this book because because it’s free people literally only have to pay the shipping to do it right. So I want to show you something cool about this. From that video I sent people over to here, and there may be another video I’ve done before.

But most of what you’re about to see is from that one video where I promoted this so check this out. If I scroll down here, you’re gon na see just from the book funnel that 50 people 50 people have landed on this page that I promoted so you’re gon na get an affiliate link like I have mine up here, and I promoted this through that video. I sent people to go, get the free ebook, but the best part about when they buy this ebook. They then get put into a funnel right and there’s up , there’s other things, and so from that video. Alright, you know I sold two click funnels.

I sold the dot-com comm secrets book eight times, so eight people bought basically from me recommending this right. That’S the basics of affiliate , but check this out. This is where this is cool. Just from the book alone. On the back end, people buying other things through a funnel I made a hundred and fifty dollars in commissions, okay, so I want to show you guys a little bit more about how you can leverage this amazing platform called YouTube.

Alright, this is exactly how I make a good amount of money. Alright couple grand month right now, I’m making from what I’m about to show you from YouTube and that’s not including other little income streams, which also is mostly set up through YouTube. And when I mean other income streams, I mean the YouTube ads themselves right, yeah I get I make money there. Actually, I’ve almost made a couple thousand dollars with that, but that’s that’s so small compared to what you can really make as an affiliate marketer promoting affiliate products. Okay, so check this out, guys I’m gon na jump over here and the first thing that you want to do.

The first thing that you want to do is you want to do keyword, research, alright, and you guys this? Isn’T it’s really not that difficult to do? Keyword, research and honestly there’s a lot of videos. There’S a lot of content, there’s a lot of training. I even do a lot of training on this stuff because yeah some people don’t know it, but you can.

Literally, if you put your head down, you can master keyword, research and how to do it in only a couple. Sittings. Alright and then you’ll know it and then you know you can go back as refreshers, but you have to do keyword, research. You have to do keyword, research, you can’t just post a video up and say, buy this book and then not have any keyword, research and nobody’s gon na find the dang thing and a lot of times. You’Re, not gon na show up on search.

You’Re gon na show up in the recommended from YouTube on the side. So if you do that right with your keyword, research, then you can still show up on popular videos and get views to your videos. So I want to show you guys something and I’m just gon na go we’re gon na go over basics. You should be able to see this in the left hand side here, let’s just say that we are promoting a product on how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat alright, because there are some niches – and I know in Clickbank – there’s some health products in there That you can promote so how to lose belly fat fast. That’S what we say.

Actually you know this already came up. So your first step in in doing keyword, research is to know what your product is and then get in the mind of what that product does. For people, what is the problem that they have and in this case we’ll just say that we had a product that helps people lose weight, and you know that gave me an idea. I’M probably gon na do a video for you guys we’re in real time I’ll record myself, creating going through all this stuff, creating doing the keyword, research and creating a video that I’m gon na use to promote a product and I’ll do the whole thing it’ll be Like a case study, but in the meantime this is what you guys do so how to lose belly fat, how to lose belly, fat, okay and then, let’s just let’s continue with it. So this is where you can get ideas for what you’re gon na title.

Your video another place you can go is Google Keyword planner, okay, but this is a place. You can start right here how to lose and then I’m gon na continue on, because it’ll probably recommend more stuff to us, and it did so. Let’S just say: look at this: the reason that these are popping up is because people are searching for them, and I want you understand that that when you create videos – and you title your videos, what you see here, that means people are searching for them and that’s A good bet that you want to do that so how to lose belly fat in one week boom. I would do this alright and then what I would do is I would create the video create a helpful video. How well, how are you gon na, create a video right?

Are you an expert in this area and here’s the thing about this? You guys anybody can be an expert in any area. I know that’s a bold statement, but you know and a lot of people might lash out. So you know, you can’t know, that’s BS, you have the internet, you, you can be resourceful because the information that people are looking for it’s out on the internet already in the way that you can build a is by getting in diving in doing the work. Learning some things yourself from what other people have put out there.

Now you have the knowledge and then now you be the source. You go help. People stand by all right, you be that source. You guys and here’s the thing in so many people don’t understand the power of a personal brand and you can anybody. Anybody can make a six-figure business using the power of so of personal branding, just by taking information, that’s already out there and then using your voice to get it out there.

Now I don’t know what you’re passionate about but be passionate about. It find something that you’re interested in and then get your voice out there. You know that’s exactly how I’m building my youtube channel right here: freedom influencer, I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs. So I cover right here on this channel marketing mindset and motivation for entrepreneurs, and I want to help people who are one looking to start a business where it will give them freedom in their life and then to help entrepreneurs who already made that decision progress in Their business, so I found something that I’m passionate about. I’M building a successful, profitable online business.

Anybody can do it all right any seriously. Anybody can do it all right, that’s rant over. So the first thing you want to do is your keyword, research, okay, you’re gon na find out whatever it is. You’Re gon na now make your video. So let’s jump back here now you’re gon na make your video okay.

So this is your YouTube, video and then inside that video you’re gon na deliver. You know the good content alright boom and this is going to be helpful content right here and then here’s here’s key as well your keyword. It needs to be in your description, so you know you have the description down below the video, where you can talk about it right up here in the very top. This is going to be your affiliate link. Alright – and I usually put my keyword in there and then I will put an affiliate link or I’ll, give my free ebook, which, by the way I’ll make a plug for it right now.

You guys I will leave my free ebook down below, for you guys to grab. If you haven’t already, it’s called riches. I go through eight steps to building a successful affiliate market business online I’ll leave that down below 100 % free alright. So you leave a link right here. You guys and then in the video like.

I just did see I’m practicing what I preach. You ask you. Well you give a call to action. Okay in the marketing world, it’s called a CTA, a call to action. Alright and you’re gon na tell them click that link down there, because I have something for you now.

This can be an affiliate product. It can be your own course. It can be a free, ebook, a download a course. You know you can be creative with this, but inside your description, you want to have your keyword in here, sprinkled out, I’d, say at least two times at least, but you know I would say, do three times alright, depending on how much content you do right because Sometimes I’ll write almost like an article down there, which is not necessary all the time, but you want to sprinkle that keyword out there and then also you want to include it in your tags. Alright boom now the last step, and this is basically that is it you guys.

That is how you know you you make money with , it’s absolutely free to market. This way, you can drive a ton of traffic. I want to show you something on my youtube channel, real, quick, the power of this, the power of creating YouTube channel, so check this out. You guys right now. I have twelve thousand seven hundred and seventeen subscribers, but look at this look at the type of traffic of views.

I’Ve generated okay, I’ve generated almost 1 million five hundred thousand views on this channel, and so, if you think about the power of marketing right in in driving traffic using free methods, because I know a lot of people – don’t have money to invest into ads right. Well, neither did I when I first started and that’s why I chose to use YouTube, because I knew the power of YouTube when I started it, but you have to persist, you have to keep going, but that almost one-and-a-half million views you guys has translated in doll. Thousands, okay and that’s something that if you’re, only monetizing you’re not gon na make that much. But I’m a marketer, and I know that I can make more money promoting products and making money with on the back end. That’S where the real money is made.

So, let’s dive in right here and so that is it that is it for driving traffic, you guys, but while I’m here I want to talk to you, because I want to help you with your affiliate marketing and, if you’re not doing this. What I’m about to share with you sure you can make some money, but I want to set you up for success, okay and here’s what you really need to do, and that is you need to be doing this right here. You need to be building an email list, that’s mail right there, mail time, Blue’s Clues. I never watch that by the way. Well, I’m not gon na say I haven’t watched it.

I mean when I was growing up. I didn’t watch it. There were other children who would watch it, I’m so all over the place today, but it’s all good. So here’s the thing you guys you got to be building an email list. You have to be building an email list, so I want you to think about this out of these right here, 1.

million views and I had no clue what I was doing as far as marketing when I first started you guys, but that right there has translated For my email list right now, I think it’s it’s. I know it’s over 8,000, but has translated to over 8,000 email subscribers 8,000 subscribers. You guys it’s not gon na, be before long before I hit over 10,000 email subscribers, which is pretty cool. If that sounds like a big number to you, I want to share something with you just a couple of months ago. I had about half of that yeah just a couple of months ago, and it continues to increase right now.

How many leads am i generating a day and the cool thing about social media and growing on, like building a channel on YouTube and continue to market? Is that this stuff compounds alright and over time, you’ll start creating more leads more business faster? And that’s why? I don’t ever want you two to stop, so I don’t know if you’re gon na be able to see this, but I’ll just hold it up anyways. So that’s my list and I’ll hold this up for a second, maybe back it up a second move it up.

So this is my get response app and I don’t know if you guys saw it because I can’t see what the the webcam seen. But if you, if you didn’t it’s eight thousand six hundred seventy-two and yesterday I generated 39 leads and three were removed. That happens. It happens every day, that’s fine, so my new balance was plus 36 just yesterday, so 36 new leads to my email, autoresponder list you guys in with that kind of growth and continuing to market. You can grow such a massively successful business, a massively successful business.

If you want to, but you got to want you have to want to because all this doesn’t come free like this whole video is about driving free traffic right, it’s not free. I lied. I lied to you. It’S not free. It’S gon na cost, you a hell of a lot of time and I’m just being honest, you guys it’s gon na take some effort.

It’S gon na take a lot of work. It’S gon na take vision and it’s gon na take hustling. Alright, that’s what this is. Gon na take – and I don’t recommend taking YouTube lightly because I don’t get on here – learn – get better you’re gon na suck at first, if you, if you’re, not creating content right now. What are you doing start creating be a creator?

And if you really want to be successful, whether it be affiliate marketing, if your network marketing, if your you’re creating your own products, you have to move out of consumer, you have to start being a creator and you have to even when you don’t want to. And you know here’s the thing. This is a perfect example of I’ll just say my dedication to my business in in my purpose. I did not want to make this video with you guys right now. I did not want to make this video with you guys right now we’re almost at 10 o’clock.

You know I woke up early this morning. I worked. I got to work early again in the morning. Wake up at 5:00 a.m.

I’M tired, I didn’t want to do it, but I know this is gon na help some people, and so I think this is worth it. Okay and you know what usually I’ll do the video a little bit earlier, but I’m I’m committed to learning and growing. If I told you, I’m I’m a professional everything I do and I’m an expert I’d be lying, I’m not so here’s exactly what I was doing before this video is. I was messing with paid ads all right. I am by no means an expert with paid ads.

I’Ve tried several different things: I’m not good at it yet so as an entrepreneur, you have to commit to the process of growing that’s what this takes. It takes action. It takes constant, growing and learning and knowing that you’re never the best, even if you are the best, it’s all about a mindset. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to help?

What kind of impact do you want to make? So I’m not gon na go off on any more tangents. You guys. I really hope that you got value out of this video by the way that app that I showed you and what I use for my autoresponder. I will also leave that down below.

I highly recommend start building your email list because at the push of a button right now boom I can send an email out to 8,000 people and it’s powerful you guys. So I hope this video helped you if it did definitely hit that like button. If this was your first time, first of all welcome to freedom influencer. I hope this was helpful and I’ll see you guys on the next video bye for now.

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